The main commission for today. Queen Shiori, the last of the queen serie for Lordpanther. Only 4 days late on schedule…

Cuteness for Acedraws by Kite

Giveaway for Cutiesquiggoth

And the progress on Smokehammer crazy idea. It’s hard to tell in the sketch but this is a pool of bananas.

No challenge as it was only us two today. First two artists only stream in a year at least. Hopefully Lunareth will be back next week.
On today’s stream we miss a third livestreamer as our usual partners all happen to be unavailable at the same time during this early summer. I will be attacking soem unfinished commissions and begin a new one while Kite will complete today’s comic update. To watch, keep us awake, or just plain hang out, drop by our multistream!


2 Responses to saturday stream

  1. smokehammer says:

    Somewhere snorkling in all those bananas is the Chiquitadile. A far, far more fearsome creature than Bearshark.

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Why is there a pool of bananas there in the first place???

    Fruit-fixated self-defence-instructing sergeant: Hah! Think they can get the better of an army man, eh?! Well, this deadly pit of pointy bananas will deal with them! They’ll come mincing out here, lah-di-dah, and fall in and be cut to ribbons! Or maybe- *cringes, crosses legs* …so, victory will be mine! Ahahahahahaa! Right, I’d better get out of range – they might try to throw one of these things – they’re still deadly even at extreme range. *scuttles off to hide*

    Needless to say, disappointment and frustration would follow.