Livestream at 2hPm with Kite. Third livestreamer is uncomfirmed at the time. There’s several commissions needing completion. let’s see the schedule:

-Kelnoz for Starlitdragon
-daydream page for Lordpanther
-Pariel and guilty carrion joint commission (in progress)
-Nathalee sharen 3 bodies. vlashrod (in progress)
-Gem’s waterbaloon fight 4 chibies
-zair final page
-Lordpanther queen (in progress)
-Crossbow woman concept
-smokehammer plushie fight

So let’s wrap up one of the 3 in progress and do Gem’s sketch. I don’t have Starlit’s details.

That little project from years ago that was up for community selection just got completed. The last round of voting closed up and the next story selection begins. Whatever win will not have that history behind it. As Summoner was one of the 3 stories i meant to do on the side with Drowtales that ultimately got recycled for daydream. Personaly i think it was a success. It just not a story i’d like to drag on for too long. If the daydreamers want to bring it back someday they can, but for now , we’ll leave it closed. We are ferals was another of those story for selection, which right now, really need updates. Come on Darkvolt, come out of hiding.

Kite drew this today, it’s huh, yeah…


3 Responses to giant dragon third leg, summoner 2 years

  1. Dalvyserran says:

    I’m glad kite noticed that ability from the Trex mobs in forelands :)