3 chibi pages got done for next week. As well as the last page for the current chapter, already set to go online on monday. however we won’t be there to make the forum thread then, nor for tuesday update as we will not have internet access during the move.
Lunareth is working on a fourth that’ll go up for friday.

There were no challenge today but there were giveaways.
For nightpaw:
For Smokehammer:
For the one that Kite is doing for Kingraven. It is incomplete as she felt sick at the end of stream. I do not know when it’ll be complete but it’ll go up on the news feed when she does it.
That’s it, time to move. See you on wednesday with , i hope, photos of the new work space!. May that one last us many years.


On today’s stream, we draw comic pages based on your ideas. Parody, epilogue, what if, it doesn’t matter as long as it is entertaining and based upon the current chapter. With the usual giveaways at the end. To watch, participate, poke Kite, then drop by our multistream!


4 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. smokehammer says:

    Woohoo! Now I have the whole(official) family! Thanks again ! (must print and get mats so the critters can hang on the wall with Mom)

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    What is he presenting that dragon with? Are they… bananas? Like in the Monty Python Self Defence sketch?

    Sergeant: First: you force him to drop the banana! Then: you eat the banana! Your attacker is now rendered ‘elpless!

    Man: Suppose he’s got a bunch?

    Sergeant: Shut up!

    Other man: Suppose he’s got a pointéd stick?

    Sergeant: Shut up!

    Drow guy: Suppose he’s a war dragon?

    Sergeant: Shut up! Now you, Mr. Red Damson-

    Drow guy: War dragon. *pats war dragon*

    Sergeant: War dragon, right, come at me with that banana, come on, come on- *draws pistol, fires*

    Bullet: *stopped dead by dragon hide, drops to floor*

    War dragon: *Rrrrnf?* *swallows Sergeant whole*

    Sergeant: oi! oi! what’s this? you’re not supposed to eat anyone, only the banana! and… and… you’ve been bingeing on pineapples before you came here, haven’t you, and… you haven’t even chewed all of them properly! some of them are *sob* almost whole! and they’re all around me! aaaaggh, no way out! *bang* *silence*

    War dragon: *gurgle* *burp*

    Drow guy: *pats dragon again*

    War dragon: *sniffs air* *heads off to where the Sergeant planted the two hundred tons of gelignite, commences eating that*


  3. Durlyn says:

    Well, that certainly would have been a very different conclusion to the battle between Quain & Sarv, duel called off on account of interruption by adorable drowling XD….Though personally I would have liked to have seen the sonic boom fist collision instead >8D

  4. Moatl says:

    Found this little (German) Comic saying “…even IT-secialists have to move analogous.”
    Just to cheer you up! :)