This saturday stream will be different from the usual. People in the chat will be able to throw ideas of chibi pages; deleted scene, parody, extra epilogues. Anything that seem suitable. Cameos may appears in them but no ideas based solely for the sake of a cameo appearing will be kept so think of ideas that goes beyond a choice of character. Lunareth and i will be doing as many as we can within the 6 hours livestream in order to fill next weeks update as the current chapter ends on monday. Plus we’ll lose internet for 48 hours, and our drawing tools so… Regular work will resume on the 27th with the new chapter begining either on the 29th or 30th.
Personaly i’d like 5 pages to be done this saturday. We’ll see if we manage. As for Kite she’s coloring the last page of the current chapter.

Dalvy requested a Nishikanta and there she is. I’m not taking more requests as the move will start 2 days from now. By the time we’re setup in our new permanent work space i’ll have to work hard on completing commissions.


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