Working on the last page(142) of that very long chapter. Which mean we’ve working on this chapter for 7 months! Holy shit. Well, it’s about to be wrapped up and that little fantasy world is going to be changed from that chapter onward. One thing is Sarv, one of the main antagonist since the prologue and instigator of a lot of shit that is going on, is now dead.
Honestly i’d have added 1 more page to this chapter. To bruise up Sarv and Quain both. Get Sarv slapped a few more time. Quain to get a few more rock to the face, dent her armor more. Make it feel like they’ve been at it for a lot longer! It’d be more meaningful for these old antagonist. But, i’m out of time. The deadline for this chapter is for me to wrap it up this friday. Next week we will be too busy moving in our new home to do anything else.

Sarv, second daughter of Diva got her due, a blade to the head.
She used to be regal back in the first chapter. Back when Sharen could hold big dinner and they could be pretentious enough to exile someone with only being being their attitude.
She used to be a major threat to the Sarghress advance. After all she’s the one who lead the black sun into Chel, increased the Sharen forces with this and the slaves recruitement to a number big enough to halt the Sarghress all together. Gave them a long trench warfare to dig through.
Even setup some fake figurehead to keep the Beldrobbaen in an alliance that’d cut the sarghress held territories into two. Maybe that plan wasn’t the best thought of, especially when trusting a certain imperial guard whose loyalty is kind of fuzzy. In the end Kiel desire to be a hero ended that alliance. Now Kiel lost her home, and perhaps her clan all together , so karma is a bitch.
Then things fell appart. She had to retreat from Quain’tana second legion coming the long way around to destroy her makeshift colony, her black sun base, her exit point to the surface which concidently was a city by itself. Sure we’ve only shown only a few panels of this but losing an entire city had got to be painful. In the end she made her stand with her daughters before the dome, the traditional seat of power in Chel. And got her ass kicked by her own revenge seeking niece.
Then begun the siege of the dome. She fell pretty low then, i remember commenting that she hit the bottom of the barrel at that point. There wasn’t hope for a come back at this point, she had regrets for her actions and wished her mother back. Didn’t happen. She disappeard, rescued by the same questionable imperial guard.
They found refuge near the Sharen home to watch the Sarghress advance against the alliance from the west that had just arrived. It was bound to be epic, and Sarv had pretty much nothing left but her life to change things. That’s when she got offered the blade. A poisoned one, that Nirnaya just happened to have.
With the whole victory and dashed hope that Zala would stand against the sarghress attackers , she made her challenge. And failed, because of her own sister. Betrayal really bited back hard for that character. But then she betrayed first. Everything that came after was just consequence of her own actions.
Or is it. After all Snadhya was the one leading those three backstabbing sister. Sarv tried to save her clan after their mother died , while all her sisters tried very hard to see that the old sharen clan wouldn’t survive. Sillice is out for revenge, Nishikanta ended up breaking free, Zala is willing to sacrifice the sharen legacy for the sake of coming on top, and Snadhya, well Snadhya, she does a lot of things. Some obvious, some not so much. Still hurted though, as i bet Sarv was hoping her elder sister would come to the rescue at some point.
So there you go, years of Sarv in a nutshell!


16 Responses to Sarvswati memorial

  1. SFI/Bwoman says:

    *hugs Sarv in the afterlife*

  2. Pariel says:

    Goodbye Sarv, you’ll be missed.

  3. Metzger says:

    Sarv will be missed, now I’m off to punch Nirnaya in the face *runs away armed with a heavy gauntlet*

  4. Dalvyserran says:

    Sarv’swati T_T

  5. smokehammer says:

    No tears for Siksi guys. She died as she lived – AS ONE FUCKING BAD-ASS MOTHERKILLING DRAGON !!! *Roars for an hour*

    • smokehammer says:

      Also, Ive wanted that concept art for ages man! So many thanks for posting it! *Runs off happy as fook! …after roaring some more* XP

  6. Navian says:

    A shameful end! It’s too bad, if she’d only surrendered instead of attempting [i]another[/i] regicide, she might’ve had her chance to seek forgiveness from Diva. Somehow, I can’t imagine her sisters ever showing such honest remorse.

    • smokehammer says:

      Nobody offered her any quarter that I saw ??? And Diva is dead as far as everyone knows, but even if she wasnt and she forgave Siksi, what good what that have done? At least this way she died trying to destroy the problem (Quain) that had pushed her to such extremes all along. That purity of action to the end, at the cost of her life earns more forgiveness than begging for it ever could. There is no shame here, only redemption. She will be remembered with honor forever.

      • Navian says:

        To answer your question, Sarv’swati wouldn’t have died fighting for a lost cause, and she would have proven that at least one of Diva’s daughters wasn’t an irredeemable schemer with infinite ambition and no conscience. She died as she lived, for the most part–bound by treachery, spite, and arrogance. It’s fitting, but I don’t see ‘redemption’ in it; the end of her life came with one more mistake in the same vein as the first.

        • smokehammer says:

          She’d already proven all of those things in the “why” behind her actions. Dying trying to kill Quain with nothing left to lose or gain simply reinforced that she wasnt just pissing in the wind for selfish gains. She wanted a monster gone at all costs. Maybe she could have lived to fight another day and been more successful but she was already in her 700s, and lets face it, that would have been way outside the scope of this story. So she would have just disappeared. That would have been ok with me too, but it didnt go down that way.

          • Navian says:

            It seems to me she was still trying to win, was convinced she still could. Even in her final fight, she didn’t go all out: She was posturing, aiming to demonstrate the righteousness and superiority of her moral position. She wished to humiliate Quain’tana, and to end her with panache, not to slay her at any cost.

            Sarv’swati was ‘unselfish’ in that her world revolved around her clan and its legacy, not just her own. Still, her world revolved around those with rank and privileges that she deemed legitimate, and that’s fairly close to self-centered, given how important Chel’s commoners are in practice, and how delicate the balance of power was.

            As an aristocrat, Sarv wasn’t about to hunt vermin barehanded as a starving rebel like Quain’tana after regime change; she would not sacrifice her pride and dignity to destroy an opponent by means of a self-led guerilla warfare campaign. She might have swallowed her pride to undo the damage she herself dealt to Sharen strength and stability, but by the time she realized she had contributed to it, the fall of her clan was almost complete.

            I think that given the chance, Sarv was all too eager to shift blame back onto the ‘miserable wretches’ who resented Sharen rule, and the ‘demagogue’ most of them rallied behind. By striking at them, she thought she could supress the idea that rulers can be held accountable for their intrigues, and vindicate herself after ‘bursting their bubble’. This seems not to give the unranked and untitled population of Chel anywhere near enough credit, and to give Quain’tana far, far too much. So, I’d still say she missed her chance for redemption when she called out this last challenge–the divine right of motherkillers is not really something to vindicate.

            Still, if Sarv’s ‘might makes right, so long as it’s by my rules’ philosophy were to bear out in the end, I’d have to see this as a triumph–by those rules, Zala’s betrayal of Sarv was fair game, and thus she deserves anything she can extract from the ruins of her family. It’s tricky stuff.

          • smokehammer says:

            *blinks* Sarv took a poisoned blade, blew threw mana like it was her last day on earth, and pressed the attack throughout the fight. She was surely trying to kill Quian at all costs. After all, even if she had been victorious, there was no way out once Quain was dead. Sure she was trying to prove a point as well -to Quain’tana. Notice how she addresses her only and admits Quain may be the next ruler of Chel. Then she tells her truthfully: you cant play to the wretches of society and have a society.
            I dont think Siksi was ever coming from a purely “might make right” stance at all (that’s Quain’s stick, notice she was the one posturing – Sarv didnt make a “I will end her speech”, or claim it wasnt about her – that was Quain). No, Siksi was the one who believed in the old system of ambition, education and station make you prosper as well as strength. The system that had all the rules about laying off non-combatants, that there were rules for duels, ways Vals should behave, the Clan was everything, ect. Now she bent many of those rules to preserve that way of life, and that was her undoing. She laid down with snakes and didnt expect to be bitten. But in the end, she stood up in the old way, had her last say and died a good death.

      • The14th says:

        Why offer any quarter to somebody who charges up and challenges you to a duel?

  7. junglefowl26 says:

    Shame about the deadlines, but I can understand how you guys would be utterly sick of the chapter and not wanting to drag out it more for an extended fight.

  8. The14th says:

    Live by the sword, die by the sword. Once you enact one grand betrayal, the rest just come easier. And after Diva “died”, the conspirators all turned on each other. For could you really trust a backstabber? Surely Sarv and Zala had to have thought that at some point. Snad on the other hand seems to have planned their deaths from the very beginning.

    One traitor down, two to go…

  9. Jack Butto says:

    Out of all the three main traitors of the Sharen legacy, Sarv comes in the middle ground for me as while I dislike Snad’s methods she does stuff in a way you got to give credit where credit is due and as for Zala I dislike her since she smug bitch that thinks she is invincible due to her lineage and supposed cunning. Like Cersei from Game of Thrones, but a has a lot more sense yet still a bitch none the less. Anyway, Sarv is probably one of the only sisters, at least out of the three traitors anyway, that doesn’t use deception or back stabbing as her main method to getting things done.

    I mean she does use it like as a last resort or when she faced her mother, but in the end she is more like a dark version of Quian. A person who uses might and her own strength of will to compel others to follow and uses said power to maintain order through out Chel. However like Kern explained things were not destined to be and she was forced into an unwinnable situation by her own sisters who in the end betrayed her just because they wanted to be top dog. While Sarv in the end only wanted to see her mother one last time….

    So yeah, Good-Bye Sarv. May you find the peace in the next life and happiness as well.