Two suggestion of topics that we haven’t done yet were brought up by readers in a previous post. The topic of “drider” for the lack of a better word to describe them and a short history of Chel’el’sussoloth.

We tried the rock band microphone which worked slightly better. Unfortunately it was hard to bend over and both speak into it at the same time. We will need to find a second microphone for the next time. Our previous microphone which used to work so well have serious sound issue, sometime able to pick sound very clearly, while other time, you could smash it on a desk and it barely get a bleep.


7 Responses to Drowtales podcast: A short history

  1. Kalandrin says:

    Wait. Does that mean that Ne’kalsaider can reproduce? Or does the FFRPG ‘most Ne’kalsaider are sterile’ applies still? By the sound of the podcast, Ne’kalsaider can reproduce normally…

    Also, do the mentions of “Nek x Drow/elf” reproduction (with children based on the mother’s race) by Kite become similarly canonical?

  2. kern says:

    You missed the part about the hive. A Ne’kalsaider from the hive are not sterile.

  3. Kite says:

    yes, children of drow interracial couples will reflect the mother’s traits. a drow mother will have (normal) drow babies, and ne’kalsaider will have (normal) ne’kalsaider babies, and so on :)

  4. Hamilkar says:

    Thanks for the new podcast. It’s quite a tense situation in Chel it seems. To imagine all the Clans as gangs who take stuff from everyone, it is a pretty un-noble thing in essence, is it not? But it makes Baliir’s position much more understandable ^^. The part about the naga creation was also quite interesting.

    Also Kite was very clear to hear in this podcast. „Someone walking around with a fish head“ That made me laugh!

    Well it seems I have to listen to some of the old podcasts (again… stupid short time memory of me). I have to admit that I didn’t heard all of the podcasts completely, especially the very old ones. Since some of them have numerous topics (contrary to the title), a short summarization of the content of the podcasts would be very helpful indeed.

  5. Kalandrin says:

    Kern and Kite — thanks a lot. I didn’t miss the part, I just wanted to confirm this was canonical, as a Ne’kalsaider player in the RPG and all =D

    Awesome podcast. *praise praise praise*


  6. Pariel says:

    Hmmm, seems our characters need an overhaul then, Kalandrin.

  7. Kristina says:

    Yeah, very interesting! I had also wondered how/why the clans had taken everything from Baliir like he claimed.
    Need more topic suggestions?
    Orthorbbae – maybe like details on the classes the females take, other events that occurred during Ariel’s four years there like what was done for Naal’suul immediately after the demon massacre (her clan’s reaction)
    Drow sexuality – I remember an old world setting page saying that the majority of drow were bisexual, (straight, gay, lesbian were seen as unusual). Children often were ‘taught’ by family members. Outdated information now?
    Matriachical society – what kind of restrictions and punishments males are faced with be they commoner or val. How is learning the art of summoning kept female only (immediate death if caught, no teachers outside orthorbbae?) How did Ashu’athama Sharen avoid mandatory tainting, just by hiding out at Orthorbbae? How young was Nau’Kheol when he was tainted? Does Sabrror still get badly tainted/mutilated? (his appearance in chapter 8 remake versus chapter 9)