Next livestream is chibi pages special. Be there next saturday to help choose the mini stories that’ll go online during the week of 22-27 june!

Concept art for cutie.

Work in progress for Durlyn. Ariel explodified that cake.

Work in progress for Pariel and Guilty.

Work in progress for Lordpanther. Modern Chrys and Shinae, don’t trust that drink Chrys. I think Shishi spiked it.

Two more sketches were in progress , one for Pariel, and one for Khora but neither will be completed.

For rune:
For Pariel:
For Tsukipotato:

Challenge, turn up only us 3 did it this time. The topic was “Clan leaders using ipad”, turn up we all thought alike:
In the grim dark, there is only selfies.

Livestream, now extra fat with cat. On today’s menu we have one sexy Ariel in a cake, a naga concept art, one serving of Lunareth drawing some sexy Chrys and Shinae and one mighty kite to do monday’s page. To watch, summon fat cat, or just hang out, drop by our multi stream channel.
Start at 2hPm east. Follow our channels to get a notification.


7 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Moatl says:

    Good girls go to heaven, bad girls everywhere. ;)

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Questions for Seldroko: How do you feel about fanboys? Or fangirls? How about vore fetishists? And how about a large crowd of all of these descending on you? Well, they’re coming from that direction… >;=)>

    That Ariel-cake looks yummy! I wonder who made it?

    Ariel: *ahem* You don’t knead cake mix – you only do that with dough for bread.

    Faen: Who’s making this cake, me or you? Besides, when the mix includes such a fine pair of buns… ♥

    Now I can just see Faen standing in the background just out of shot, in her chef’s apron and hat, admiring her favourite Sarghress as she emerges from her creation.

    Faen: And I’ll be there to claim any leftovers! ;-)

    As for iPads, my first thought was Quain force-feeding them to people who annoy her. Next thought: Ash’waren, by contrast, would probably have kitted out the entire Sullisin Dome for wireless, and would have added “microblog queen” to her list of titles…

    “Lunch, third course – spicy tiktikki.”

    “For afters, the big water-pipe, loaded and ready.”

    “New: my gold and lapis lazuli nipple cuffs – a snip at 1500 ada.”

    “Selecting companionship for tonight: image 1 of 20.”

    “Nagas – I love ’em!”

    “Xy’tin and Ba’Dal share a private moment. (…oh snap! ;-)”

    “A visit from the ever laugh-a-minute Smilin’ Quain Val’Sarghress.”

    “And daughter Ariel: she’s coming on nicely! ;-3”

    “My own little Faen’arae, kitted for WAR! (note to self re. gift ideas: new shield, fitted armour, knife/dagger, mini-crossbow, SEALING STONES)”

    “”You blew 1500 ada on THESE?!?” Quain appreciates my fine things.”

    “Who’s that lurking? Invite them in! :-)”

    “Xy’tin (with Ba’dal) goes to greet her old charge. :-D”

    “Glompage! My little bear stwuggles in vain! :-3”

    “”Can’t you put that thing down even for a moment??” I’ll get back to you on that, Quainy… :-P”

    “”And stop ****ing snapping me!” Angry Quain is grabby!”

    “And another iPad lies vanquished at the hands of Quain’tana Val’Sarghress. Just as well the memory cards always survive, and she can’t attack the cloud… yet! … :-o”


    • SFI/Bwoman says:

      LOL, Can I use some of those Ash-statements in my Ipad-fanfic? :P

    • CutieSquiggoth says:

      Greenwood Goat said:
      Questions for Seldroko: How do you feel about fanboys? Or fangirls? How about vore fetishists? And how about a large crowd of all of these descending on you? Well, they’re coming from that direction… >;=)>

      To which I shall reply:
      Fanboys are a bit strange. You’re not the icky zombie boys I was fighting all those years, you’re whole and intact somehow. But you’re still the enemy and it’s all really quite strange.
      Fangirls are fine, just remember that I have a wife and kids back home :)
      Vore people can get lost though. I eat live food as it helps with digestion, and there’s just something nice about feeling this small cute thing wriggling around inside my stomach…
      A whole horde of them descending from –> that way? We form a firing line and I get Direct Fire Control on the line :) Artillery solves all of your problems :)

  3. Eyeofthestorm says:

    Only there for the first half of the stream, it was fun. :)
    I also tried to participate in the challenge:

  4. gd1 says:

    Soo… someone does know about warhammer 40k. A pity we haven’t seen any chibi crossovers of wh40k and drowtales.