The chapter’s writing is complete. There’s no extra page nor more scene. Page 142 ends it. With this said, i wish Thalar, the editor of the story, much success is giving birth to our next overlord this week. Yes she is going to be a mother.

There will be a livestream with Kite and Lunareth as per usual at 2hPm. As to what will be drawn ; i’ve a rushed commission of a sexy Ariel coming out of a cake that is due for the 17th so that one will be done for sure. But it’s a single character commission so something else will be done. Perhap cutie’s concept will be completed if she’s around. If not what’s next on my list is Kelnoz for starlit but i haven’t got the details. Coming right after is Durlyn and Guilty’s carrion dual concept which could be sketched. Here’s an update on my list:

-Seldroko concept art for cutie
-Kelnoz for Starlitdragon
-daydream page for Lordpanther
-Pariel and guilty carrion joint commission
-Nathalee sharen 3 bodies. vlashrod
-Khora’s wolf + ssu girl.
-Gem’s waterbaloon fight 4 chibies
-zair final page
-Lordpanther queen
-lordpanther dark faen bear
-Durlyn : for the 17 june

And Dalvy had to ask a question with an obvious answer .


One Response to Ch47 writing complete

  1. Nori says:

    Good luck Thalar and Congratulations, may everything go smoothly and safely for you both!

    Also idk why but Snad’s nose looks super cute and very “boop”-able despite the HORRIBLE SHIT SHE’S ADMITTING TO D: