I’ve put a marker where the chapter’s end; Page 142. I’m working on page 136 right now. So close… The chapter at the worst could have stretched to 143 before our move but with what happened today(page being very late), that one day difference might be a wise thing to keep. Next chapter with the beldrobbaen is being plotted, though it’s hard to put some serious work into it until we move on the 22-23 june.
Some progress on Cutie’s commission. It felt wrong to go by another day without some progress on a commission, however how little.

From Noris , Waes as magical girl.


4 Responses to Page 142

  1. Sarai says:

    Beldrobbaen? *Dusts Sarai off*

    • khora2150 says:

      Unfortunately, the five cameo characters appearing in the Beld chapter have already been selected. Sorry :(

  2. SFI/Bwoman says:

    So much Waes *purrs*