Livestream with Kite and Darkvolt tomorrow 2hPM.
Progress! On B-woman commission with the page being fully linearted.

Tiny Nau the pocket knight because lunareth love his romance lately. Do you like that Kiel and Nau are finally getting together?

Beautiful Ssu beach scene with Keychain and Kharu.
But Chiri would love to steal that hat.

And Kite made a demon book. Because it’s cute and quick. Two thing she love.


2 Responses to Beach, Waes, tiny nau

  1. SFI/Bwoman says:

    Love the page!! :D

    And Waes has more wardrobe on that one page than she had in the entire run of the comic XD

  2. Gunbird says:

    I’m going to work at 2pm so I’m going to miss the stream tonight.