Snadhya riding Mel. Valesse felt like teasing us with a different way of riding than the one the internet corrupted us to think of!

Zhor and Ariel by Riflow

Also, i present you CatTales. My future story will be all made entirely of fluffies!
Might just be insanity induced from today’s workload(which was rather insane by itself. i sent in my tax report 20 seconds before the deadline…)
That or i’m just blaming Lunareth.
So cheerful yet so not innocent.


6 Responses to CatTales Chapter 98 page 2 the fluffyning

  1. Synathra says:

    Chiri: “Pure thoughts.”
    Keychain: “Purrrrr thoughts, rowr!” :3

  2. Obsidian Agent says:

    You know, considering that Mel pretty much IS Snadhya’s pet, it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if Snad subtly had the Sul trio do that to Mel (mind-raping her into being a beast of burden as well as a love-slave).

    • Lunareth says:

      Nah… she would talk until Mel thinks it was her idea from the beginning and Snad is just a nice person who lets her find her true personality as a chair.

      i dont even want to know why i know this way of thinking so well. *leaves*

      • Obsidian Agent says:

        Luna, have you been talking to my Aunt Judy? Because she’s almost like a RL Snad. The only differences being (apart from species), that my aunt hasn’t killed anyone, isn’t in a position of power, and I can at least hold an intelligent conversation with Snad. Other than those points though, they’re pretty much the same.

      • suntiger745 says:

        Classic manipulator tactic, and Snadhya is a master manipulator.