Livestream at the usual time saturday 2hPm with mid-stream challenge and usual giveaways at the end. As to the commissions to be done.

-Bwoman kelnoz x waes comic page
-Seldroko concept art for cutie
-Kelnoz for Starlitdragon
-daydream page for Lordpanther
-Nathalee sharen 3 bodies. vlashrod
-Khora’s wolf + ssu girl.
-Gem’s waterbaloon fight 4 chibies
-zair final page

Look like i’ll be sketching bwoman’s page. and doing Cutiesquiggoth concept art!

Today’s daily challenge was “character’s catchphrase” though i failed to think of one so Faen is making one up.
Kite made it a 30 minutes challenge in her case. But it is pretty.

Luna made a new comic about her Ssu love between Keychain and Kahru.
that poor templar is in constant threat of being molested.

Also, Darkvolt drew a “What if” we are ferals was made of stick figures after a discussion regarding webcomic details level.
Clearly this is much superior.


One Response to Catchphrase and ssu love

  1. Lunareth says:

    whaaat she is innocent as a snowflake