First is the commission for Lordpanther of Chiri vs keychain, completed.

Second we have a new daydream story. Daydreamers chose the slavemaster story to our surprise. It had few votes when suggested but was the clear winner after the story selections were drawn. Now to make this stand out from the old slavemaster story we had to brainstorm quite a bit. We came up with the idea of a queen in a competition to build the biggest of harem to live up to the boasting she made the mistake to do. So a more lighthearted take on collecting a harem with quirky characters.

And to anyone who is curious. It’s done now, our old house has changed hands. By tomorrow we’ll know if we have another home waiting for us a month from now , or not.


3 Responses to Queen o butts

  1. Pariel says:

    Ouch. Hope things get better soon!

  2. Synathra says:

    “Naughty” is an affinity now?? Hm, I may have to tweak Syn’s character a bit… ;-P and I don’t understand why those butts don’t count. What elven lady doesn’t like a bit of tail on the side?

    Bonne chance avec les maisons. :-)