We’re moving everything that is left from our old house on tuesday and will be back to work only on wednesday. That,ll be a day of work lost that may affect this week schedule.
Feral Naal for Lordpanther by Darkvolt. The final of the Naal special.

Cutiesquiggoth demoness by Darkvolt

And gem76 page is completed.
Now let’s see the commission schedule :
-Lordpanther Chiri vs Keychain
-lordpanther Quain and Zala in a Kissing Action Movie Poster look.
-Bwoman kelnoz x waes comic page
-Seldroko concept art for cutie
-Kelnoz for Starlitdragon
-daydream page for Lordpanther
-Nathalee sharen 3 bodies.Vlashrod
-Khora’s wolf + ssu girl.
8 left to tackle.


One Response to Feral Naal

  1. Laerei says:

    No problemo, buddyo. You are not slacking from work or anything, you have a legit reason to not being able to work, thus no need to worry about a whole day of lack of updates.

    Speaking of which, will you ever take a week or two of actual vacation? Seriously, it’d be fine by me if you took a whole month off every summer to recharge, travel, see the world and enjoy fine things in life.