Busy busy day that started at 3hAM. However the main commmission today could no be completed. Perhas I’m just tired from the schedule change or Keychain is working against me. But definitively check the Chiri artwork that kite painted. It’s quite stunning.
Chiri vs keychain, to be completed another day.

Pink fluffness Waes for lordpanther by Lunareth. It’s just a question of time before this end up in a daydream story.

The giveaways:

Daily challenge set by Valesse “Main comic male character in art nouveau”. We all knew it would be hard in 15 minutes and so we were all hoping it would be the one not to win. In perfect livestream fashion, random.org chose it. Lunareth couldn’t beat that challenge or more specificaly her software beated her during the challenge.
Does the fat cat count as a main comic male character?
Other members joined in. Such as Darkvolt, Dakla, Frozt and Tsukiko.

alternative daily challenge “Quain’tana on a pogostick” by Issnes

Finally a skilled artist came to share his art and ended up drawing me in the result. That was out of ordinary! Here’s Basarili’s tumblr.

On today’s livestream, Chiri vs keychain, Waes in pink and monday’s page. Drop by our multistream channel to watch us, stalk us, steal our sandwiches, and eat them.


10 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Obsidian Agent says:

    *sees Waes in frilly pink dress*

    Pffffttt… BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  2. Sionyx says:

    DARE I ask why Chiri’s frying pan has the Sharen dragon on the bottom?

  3. Ra'tatosk says:

    Darn it. Forgot my charger when I went to work, so no live stream for me. :-{(

    But no time to sulk, there is chocolate spongecake to be done. Hum de dum de… Ohhh, and licking the spatula afterwards, jay.

  4. Metzger says:

    and so Quain’tana has revealed her secret weapon, when the wolves are dead or otherwise gone the Sarghress will use Pogo-sticks instead and be invincible!!

  5. Greenwood Goat says:

    So, is this a cook-off? Or frying pans at dawn? Are fire foci allowed? Are we going to see a brûléed Keychain to go with that iced Chiri? Or will it end in a takeoff of all those old movie scenes, with one tied to the conveyor at the confectionery mill, the other laughing and gloating as her helpless enemy inches towards the enrobing machine…?


  6. Lunareth says:

    Keychain <3