The new story that won the next year of slot in the archive once occupied by the naga story is one about a what if story where Quain end up working for Zala. Considering the recent story turns in moonless, i’m not surprised this got some support. Here is what page 1 look like, though Zala look a tad too old to what her age is back then.
The basis for the Sharen sister will be this older commission from lordpanther::FlowerLadies1980

Now the second story to free itself(mist whale) has it’s story selection page in production. You can expect to choose the next story during this weekend.


5 Responses to Quaintana vel sharen

  1. smokehammer says:

    …And Snadhya still looks a bit too tainted for way back then as well. That’s the beauty of AU -it doesnt matter. XD

  2. Mute says:

    Who’s the lady next to Zala on the top of the page? She almost seems to have a Kavahini motif going on. o:

    • LordPanther says:

      That’s an Alternate Universe Faen that was raised and groomed by a demon called the Master.

      • Mute says:

        o.o is there some time shenanigans going on, then? Cause this seems to take place a long time before Faen should have been born, let alone be an adult, unless I’m misreading something x3

        • LordPanther says:

          It’s just the potential protagonists of each story talking to each other for a panel. Little things like space, time, and causality are inconsequential when compared to the power of the Force.