Where’s friday page? Tough question. It’ll go up by the end of the stream as the inked lines for it were lost to further hard drive malfunction. Catching up on the work lost meant Kite could not color anything and so we are now done with friday with a page that isn’t ready. But it’ll come soon as there might be just 3 more hours of work to do on it.
As for the stream, it’ll happen at the usual time, 2hPM. I’ve now quite a stack of commissions building up which need progress. I will prioritize the concept art if Thrair shows up, else i’ll do the commission for whoever is there and has one already pending. And if that doesn’t happen, well i certainly could wrap up that april’s daydream page! Regardless what we do , let’s have a productive saturday.
Some cute by Kite to fill the day.


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