So, a couple pieces were done by readers about the last page.
First is a retext by Efude

Hellsion made what could be best described as shoujo comic book cover over the new ship. It’s special, yes, that’s the best word for them. Hellsion is the best at bringing things to a whole new levels.

Now i had this event in mind for a very long time. I was asked about this very thing recently, how far do i plan , well , for this specific event i know some notes were written about it 7-8 years ago. However those notes differ in a few things, one such thing is the location. I beleived at first the events would be happening in the council dome, where Quain and Zala would be negociating the peace. Instead things got moved to this Vloz’ress area as it felt the most right considering the forces at play. Just by being at the vloz’ress instead of the dome changes a lot of others details, such as where Zala run, who she meet and of course what’s to follow.

In other news, we’ve finally recovered some of the lost data from the laptop left in the usa. Meaning i can complete the next daydream page remake, hopefully on wednesday, if not thursday.
Also we lost most of monday traveling for the house search. The good news is that we did find what we were looking for. If everything goes well we’ll have a new location on the 22nd june. Which coincidently is Kite’s birthday. Best birthday present.

Since i’m making a post about fanwork , might as well included this piece by Lazey1 on Snadhya’rune.


5 Responses to Zala and Quain

  1. Ikaika Kekai says:

    Zala: *gasp* Quaintana-sempai! They ripped my skirt!!!
    Quain: Fear not Zala-kun. I shall craft you a new one from their neck skins!

  2. GEM76 says:

    I knew this was going to happen

  3. Pitdragon says:

    *reads post title* “… sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”

  4. Lewa says:

    In Hellsion’s colored picture, it looks like Quain is about to give Zala an impromptu mastectomy.

    • Obsidian Agent says:

      Really? ‘Cause to me, going by how Quain is holding Zala, and the look on Zala’s face, that what’s going on is closer to “Surprise Buttsex”.