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writing of ch53-54 has begun

November 14, 2017 by

Writing has begun making for an exciting time of planning that no doubt take many months of our lives to complete in comic form. Its too early to estimate length as of yet. Part of the writing however included 5 chibi pages for kite to produce this week while i wrap up my writing and […]

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That candy cane is unsanitary

November 12, 2017 by

Commission for Lordpanther of Faen and Ariel as sexy santas and a candy cane. Today’s 15 minutes art challenge was persona 5 art style in honor of the new art book i,ll be studying for a while: Blacksanz:: enferen: Kite: Nori: Petite: Sygdom: Tranquil: Giveaways For Tranquil: Sygdom for Shadowformed: Tranquil for Nori: Bonus Dt […]

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The burning man

November 11, 2017 by

One more bite the dust , or fire in his case. This one for Macabre as well who has 3 ssu babies . This leave 2 urgent ssu cameos concept to do! Urgent because i’ve to start working on the next chapter starting monday. Saturday however i’ll be working on sexy santa Faen with Ariel […]

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Kiel is looking back

November 10, 2017 by

There is 2 new readers on discord binging through the entire story and bringing Kiel back. She had to say something: Fishy love for Darkvolt: Can you tell my page was easy for once? I got to draw stuff for fun. and an adorable ff14 mount from Kite. So soft, so shiny.

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she got fluffier

November 9, 2017 by

One more bite the dust! Dalvy’s speaker is done. 3 more ssu to go with friday being maca’s next one but saturday i’ll do regular commission and if there is time left it’ll be a sketch of the next concept.

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Magic star man

November 7, 2017 by

Concept art for Sunhawk complete! Just illusion and light effect made into stars and moons. And Kite did a grumpy cat boy. Of course.

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November 5, 2017 by

This saturday stream was a productive day! With two concept arts worked on: Tiny ssu for Macabre: Concept in progress for Sunhawk. Bonus Darkvolt characters turned drow from mimaneid’s kavahini and jaal’darya: Today’s 15 minutes challenge was “flying” which most people ignored the 15 minutes part: Adira: Basileus: Beanie: Enferen: Existentialtoast: Gojikins: Macabre: Mizumomo: Nori: […]

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its been a while

November 4, 2017 by

Since we’ve seen him: Sponsored cameo from Macabre. Tirade, now in winter clothes and having left his sarghress life behind. I’ll do another concept art on saturday’s stream!

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The first of the chapter 53 concept art, this one for Vlashrod. Following the new templates for concept arts from now on. So yeah , if you got a cameo with concept, this is what you get. Kite’s giveaway for Farex: and a chibi portrait from her of Wasila for Metzger. That tongue!

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Cameo aftermath

October 30, 2017 by

The final cameo count is 55! Thank you to all the great supporters of drowtales! I will begin on the concepts art starting wednesday at a rate of (hopefully) 3 a week for the next 3 months. The current chapter is due to end next week. Cameo portrait for Sekhriat. One of the last from […]

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