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Red everywhere

May 24, 2018 by

We took tuesday off but wednesday was busy with work once more: A piece for Lunareth’s birthday and the commission for sygdom below: Much red! Kite worked on animating her Shan cat boi version:

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May 22, 2018 by

I’ve flat colored the magical girl page considering it was the least NSFW piece i could do on twitch. Thankfully two SFW commissions came in the meantime! Also Mau finished the giveaway for Tallsharis:

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May 20, 2018 by

Good progress on magical chiri page given that i had only 4 hours on it! (NSFW) The fifteen minute challenge was “Tea” basileus: Beanie: Darkvolt: Eltharrion(text) eltharrion Enferen Gojikin Kite: Mau Soban(Text) soban Ssapdra Sygdom Thrair Tranquil Sygdom threatened to drink Chiri-tea so i had to draw the issue to that: Giveaways for eucep: (NSFW) […]

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May 19, 2018 by

Commission for Vlashrod where i experimented with the colors. Mostly i wanted to aim for a desaturated look with some high saturation points. Every time i tried before it got too dark so kite suggested a different way for this. To be specific, the dark colors were manually selected , there’s no multiply in this […]

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Tentacle lady

May 17, 2018 by

Commission for beanie of a lady who really love tentacles. And B has made the fat cat into a plush! A much larger one at that from the look of it.

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Demon nurse

May 16, 2018 by

A piece drawn for fun! The demon nurse with a fast animation to make it pop. I have them on my mind because they’re coming of course, The tower is their home and they want to help. Also a whole bunch of new wallpaper from Kite:

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Commission for a twitch streamer Vivian of an emote. Adorable fat puppy from Kite. Commission for Thrair of a fallout 4 crossover. Preston Garvey giving a quest, but then he has a target on him right there with 95% chance to hit.

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May 13, 2018 by

Commission for Metzger of an old chapter scene where Zala would mourn the loss of her daughter. Today’s 15 minutes art challenge was “Mask” Basileus Beanie Darkvolt Enferen Gojikins Kite Psychoburgundy runac Sygdom Thrair Titandarwin Tranquil Vestahound Giveaway for Navian: Darkvolt to tsukiko Kite to Sarai(animated) Tranquil to Swedish Bonus Golem love from Sygdom , […]

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Angry baby

May 12, 2018 by

Commission for a twitch streamer done by Kite. Bonus blinky animation. And she couldn’t resist drawing something adorable from FF14 too. On our twitch stream Cortez is the first winner of the new giveaway Mimic boss battle, getting him his own emote of angry baby zuhur. Which i hear is already a think on a […]

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Join the wolf pack

May 10, 2018 by

The previous post is in an efforts to better use the social medias , by having a list of important links underneath each artwork. I’ve yet to find out how to use these on facebook and twitter though. The first would block posts with links and make it less likely for anyone to see them. […]

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