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March 3, 2018 by

Kite painted poogie from monster hunter and begun animating it. While i did Slainne vs Adira, the boob off to come. Based on a silly discord conversation. And the magical girl page in progress. Still need at least 5 hours to complete it: I’ll be working on the group picture on saturday’s stream however. The […]

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waving spider

March 1, 2018 by

Cute commission in progress for Farex. And the magical girl page in progress for Lordpanther. It’ll need another 6 hours at least to be complete.

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This is fine

February 27, 2018 by

Both commission for Lordpanther. The above is Nishi meme. And below is FF6’s celes. Which sadly i’m disapointed with. I had higher expectation but the composition in the end is lacking.

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explosive sara

February 25, 2018 by

The bombgirl commission is complete and up on daydream for being too lewd! And the commission for Khora and Dalvy that was done on friday. Friday’s night got hetic resulting into me missing the news update. and having to cancel saturday morning twitch stream. Ajay’s roleplay group commission compositions And Lordpanther’s commission compositions: Today’s 15 […]

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electricity loss

February 22, 2018 by

We’ve had several loss of electricity on wednesday including one lasting 6 hours which froze our butt a little. Nothing serious but it did force us to skip the wednesday’s stream and by extent the work on dalvy and khora commission. Still Kite had to draw something cute right? Palomu the fluffy bat from monster […]

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Skull and blood

February 20, 2018 by

Now that all the concepts are out of the way it is time to tackle the commissions! First is Dalvy’s and Khora’s comission of their characters murdering some black sun. Turn up i’ve given the wrong power to the lady, so it’Ll need to become some bone pulling.

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February 18, 2018 by

Saturday started with a new twitch stream time slot at 10am with FF6 as the stream theme. With this beautiful rendition of Luigi, i mean Sabin by darkvolt: Quite a few commission pics worked on today.: Progress for Ari’s bombgirl. Concept for Gojikins got completed Progress for dalvy’s and Khora’s picture. Today’s 15 minutes art […]

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Happy dwarves

February 17, 2018 by

Kite’s adorable palico is spreading like wilffire. It’s her most popular picture yet on social medias. That said, now the bad news is that over the last few months we fell to 4 updates a week, and now slipping to 3. Kite despair at her speed over the pages so its time to cut back […]

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February 14, 2018 by

Nona updated for the new chapter for Pariel. That leave only 1!!!! concept left to do. After that its just commission progress.

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Palico too cute to be legal

February 13, 2018 by

Kite was really into her palico of pupushes last saturday and spent many hours over the weekdends and monday to animate it in the most adorable way. She used it as a live2d avatar for monday’s stream. And magicskyshark concept was done. Leaving only 2 to do before this chapter’s concepts are all wrapped up.

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