Unfortunately the servers weren’t the most stables of late. Power outage issues led the server to go offline 3 times in the last 2 weeks.

Although kite was productive on her side project. Coincidence? Or her raise to power at draining electricity, you decide.

For lordpanther, a much overdue Ramen baliir and Sara .

Her new D&D character for my campaign set in DT.  Adorable owl.

And her other new D&D character for her brother’s campaign. She’s starting to have many.

This saturday we managed to get a new art challenge going, it was Discord emote again. Because its fun and our discord reached rank 2. We might changes some things regarding the voice chat of those streams soon using the feature of that new rank.

Then came a birthday picture for Macabre. Of her snake boi.

Then my commissions work. one for NJack of a concept art.

Then two for silverthorn, of a goblin. First time drawing one and i’m rather please of the result on that one.

Then my giveaway was also vierra Chiri as vierranv, a co raider won the giveaway and requested something that kind of mesh with the challenge.
Then for the end of october i had the last of lordpanther’s commission wrapped up. Ninja maid vaelia.

as well as halloween Neh. Which adult’s version went to daydream. I used a color palette for this one.


Kite’s personal art of late has been focused on her roleplay sessions of late. starting with one showing the group of the one i’m participating in with her.

This one set in a 80s alternate reality.

Her unfinished one with a crossbow study.

For my part some big commissions of late. including two novels covers for Folclor. The one below will come out on amazon next week if i remember correctly. I tried to tone down the manga feel of my usual art and intensify the painting but hm, lets say something doesn’t quite feel right with me. Whenever i try to do realistic character in a painted style this tend to happen.

NSFW commission for Lordpanther of Sillice. It ended up on Daydream. This one unlike the above start with my usual inks but with overpainting. 

On that topic of overpainting, this is the type where i apply the least of it. But still try to make the lines stand out more than before. A series of personal challenge with Ariel and faen in kimonos.

While these two are a commission for Lordpanther. Faen and Ariel with body type swapped. Buff Faen!

a temporary icon for discord. Witchy Naal.

Cat secretary. A design Maca made to represent what would my secretary  look like when taking commissions.

Videogame character challenges has taken a halt as i’m struggling to keep up with work. Lately i’ve had to color the comic pages, on top of my usual workload. So, only FF14 Lyna got done before i stopped the challenges.

Commission for Lastbucketknight, another ff14 commission but one DT inspired i’m told. Dusk elezen.

The giveaways. One for ELtharrion

One for Farex

One for Mowser

And the unfinished work that i will have to complete by the 31th october. The first is Vlashrod Neh summoning a spirit. 3 composition drafts as per my usual. This is always the first step of a commission.

Then battle maid Vaelia for Lordpanther. This is what a picture look like at the flat color stage. there is still 2 to 3 hours work to be done at that point.

Which…bring to mind that there is a problem with my commission pricing of late. I haven’t updated my prices since 2012 while cost of living has gone up, which , i’m not one to try to correct. I’d rather have steady work but there is a second issue; the amount of hours spent per pieces went up. What would’ve taken 4 hours now take 6. And its not because i got slower, its because i put more times to do extra steps. Compare my coloring of years ago with the coloring of now and the change is obvious. The question of what would be fair is yet to be determined… maybe just offer different pricing for different coloring styles? I can still produce black ink with cell shading fairly fast. While painting is a lenghty process.


The pages of late are very hard with large crowd and many characters involved in brawls , between that and being sick for a week i’m falling behind on my pages work. To give us a breather,  we’ve done a chibi page to wrap up the weekend.

And now to the art compilation!

Four more emotes from Kite for twitch and discord.

Commission for beanie of yafein’s slave, perl, from chapter 33. Up on daydream.

Two concept art for samurai cowboy. D&D and DT version of the same character? maybe.

The process of designing a book cover for Folclor. Still many hours needed to be put into it before it can look decent. Humans? shocking! i don’t know how to draw humans apparently.

A reaction to someone suggesting that Faen should play the tambourine. my mind was entertained by the idea of her just doing this while everyone is fighting.

And now my personal challenges from the twitch streams on gaming_artist. i let people suggest a character from a serie and then try to draw a fanart of it.
Kirby eating sans from undertale.

2b nier automata

pirotess from Lodoss war. Liked doing that one as i had done an artwork of her in 2012, back when i started doing daily art challenges to crawl out of a really bad slump. So bad i had forgotten how to color. Here it was:

Finally, a Yoshi one where  i had to draw mario as well.

And the stream giveaways. unfortunately haven’t finished the second one yet but here is ptitbaff’s:


To start the week of arts update, we have Byleth from Fire emblem 3 houses that kite did by joining me in the art challenge for the first in a very long time.

For my part, the challenges were the pig boy from Demon hunter, Inosuke(?) Which i redid because i really didn’t like the half chibi face i had stuffed behind at first.

Then performer Edea from bravely default

Julianne from Vaha1lla

Niko from Oneshot

As for the giveaways on the stream

For sygdom, twice! And she wants to come them so here is the first one she colored below:

This one is for Zomi:

As for commissions i tried to push my boundary some of late with overpainting. A vampire D&D character for james small:

Snadhya and her two healers for Farex, posted on daydream:

Concept art in progress for Mullet.

Concept art for Njack

Concept art for Guiltycarrion.

Now for the gift art. Both for kite with her new lalafell in FF14:

Silvertea who were streaming with us also gave a shot on the spicy chicken bite. Also this picture happen to feature Chiri and Shan. Thanks silvertea.

And on the topic of gift art i received. Here’s one from Maca of Kiel. Thank yoU!

And Adira’s reaction to the recent pages. Thanks!


long time no see

September 14, 2019 by

Haven’t updated in while but at least i was somewhat productive. Finally reopening after effect to try to dust off the skill. But first of all. kite. has. Worked. 2. months. on . this: Two months on one chibi illustration. I’m glad she’s done with it. Meanwhile mine are much simpler in scope. The discord […]

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angry bun

September 1, 2019 by

Two private commissions worked on this week , both set to private so i can’t share the result. Birthday request for Vierranv of his bunny character turned into an emote. A personal challenge of doing a comic strip in about 10 minute in a very simple style A couple ideas of animations to get back […]

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forsaken monk

August 24, 2019 by

Only one commission to show for the week. This forsaken(FF14) version of Guiltycarrion’s character. Its not the only commission i worked on but the other two were NSFW ones the client want kept private. Trying to break the art funk i’ve offered on discord two series of possible artworks.  The following were done in result. […]

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artfunk go away.

August 10, 2019 by

thanks for the feedback, Farex and Vilx. I will be trying to get out of that artfunk. restart streaming even if i’m alone , to do commissions and pieces to advance my skill. It is tough. During artfunk i feel everything i do is subpar and the internet hiccup is not helping but got to […]

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Questioning streaming

July 26, 2019 by

We haven’t streamed on twitch for more than a month now. Thing is, its not just the weekday streams that had issues but saturday streams on mixer as well, internet issues and getting new guest artists is difficult. Giveaway and art challenges takes more time away from the actual worktime that would be devoted to […]

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sin eater

July 17, 2019 by

Not many artworks for the last week as our sleeping schedule is madness at the moment and my art challenge of saturday turned into two complicated artworks. These 2. Chiri and Chi(kite’s), made sin eaters(ff14). A twisted angelic figure that’s all white with black spots for eyes. It was fun to draw something unusual like […]

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