Both me and Kite reached the elderly age of 38. Get off our lawn. *shake cane*.
Unless our lawn is the only safe space, in which case feel free to crash here.

Now for the art of the past 2 weeks and half

The almighty new emote by Kite. A pso2 rappy.

Its pissed and it wasn’t technically the only emote but everything else she did was animating existing emotes.

Now for the art challenges.

I designed a cat gorgon  then made her fit the monster prom’s theme. All those kitties.

Draw an artwork for someone else. In which case i chose Luupetite and Jaybird.

Finally the color pallete challenge in which i tried to design a brother for my main helian.

Now for the commissions.

Concept art for Magicskyshark

Concept art for Macabre

Concept art for Leo

Book cover for Folclor

Folclor RP character in progress. 

Daydream page of Syphile’s remake is up on daydream. Sponsored by Lordpanther
Pregnant Chiri posing for Lordpanther.

Now for the personal stuff

Birthday gift for Madara

Birthday gift for Tallsharis

And a self portrait to go with Darkvolt’s personal challenge. My hair and beard has gone a bit crazy since covid started.

Now for the RP stuff

6 NPC for the Hel rp. Each one was a challenge to do them within 20 minutes due to time constraints. The mushroom one was by Kite. Basicly they are handout in roll20 for when the players meet the characters.

Now for world of eld stuff which became the name for kite and i pet project.

Birthday gift for Kite. Our characters enjoying icecream. Birth of the tallboi and the pentagram in the sky.

Gris at a cafe. This was a gift for Kite as well.

Tall boi with baloons.

Altair and Cat.Tallboi is piercing the sky.

Now for the gifts we’ve received:

Tallboi is going to get…really. Confused. By Darkvolt.

Epic medley of all the projects by Macabre!

Birthday gift from Beanie

Birthday gift from Kunryu.

Birthday gift from Sygdom
Birthday gift from Luu. More balloon for the tallboi!

Birthday gift from Tallsharis.

And two Sibelle artworks as part of gift art challenge. From Maca and Luu.


Who knew things would just get worse as the covid madness quiet down. Stay safe, do something creative and as the critical role team like to say, remember to love each other.

Look into this fat bird eyes. Be at peace.

Kite did two artworks about Phantasy star online 2. Her newest game of choice. Fat bird and robot space cat girl.

And Kite’s new RP character she use in her tuesday campaign, a grumpy medic.

Now to the commission:


Saga for Swedish kitsune who asked me to sign it…signing. Not something i’ve heard being asked for years and i used to scribbles something back when it was a thing asked at conventions. Felt like the right time to try to do a proper artist stamp:

Top were the ideas i brainstormed, then Kite refined the middle ones. Ending with the two final ones we kept at the bottom .Vertical cat outline and cat face which can change the expression of.

FF14 themed commission for Khuja of his vierra as titania.

He liked one of extra composition and made it another commission. The aftermath of the first picture.

NSFW commission for eucep that ended up on daydream. A dark elf.

Commission for Dalvy, her character’s colony child.

RP goblin character commission for Jordan.

FF14 miqote ninja commission for Deezy. With bonus bread expressions as bonus commission.

Commission for Tallsharis but for Crystal.

Now to the challenges. We’ve dropped the mid stream challenges to replace them with a week long discord held challenge. The first was  painting within paint splatter.

You can barely see the splatter in mine but the wolf was it.

Bonus…huuuh… challenge. How to draw a dragon.

Artworks for studies now.

Naal and Altair , modern version. Hard to explain this one… I wanted to experiment further with the painted sketch but make it heavy ink at the same time? Even though its sketchy. Sketchy ink? Heavy sketchy ink? The idea came from talking with another artist on twitch that gave an advice which i may explore more soon. For now, Altair is Kite’s RP character, Naal was his partner in the rp campaign which ended. We still liked them together and so when i saw a modern outfit that inspired me , i kind of mixed the two. so, birth of modern eldritch Naal and her cat wielding boyfriend? Another work of these two coming soon as Kite asked more of them for her birthday. Speaking of birthday.

For Luu’s birthday.

For darkvolt:

And now the Hel stuff.

Gift still for Xenoanubis. Black widow.

For macabre. Cinamon monster.

Twice! her favourite scorpion girl to ship.An artwork for my campaign, the lady in the dark.

and monster for the campaign, the bloodsuckers.

The group artwork for the campaign. All 5 players. Macabre, darkvolt, Ssapdra, Tsukiko. Eltharrion.

Fourth floor of hel all concept arted up.

New headwear for Helian. 

Birthday gift for Ssapdra of her Helian.

And now the fanart. From Kunryu

And Macabre. 


The news feed update rate has been slowed down over time as there were too little to update but damn if there isn’t a ton of pictures to post every time since april.

Lets start with the hel designwork. There are 9 circles , each of them i will need to at least make a piece to put my ideas down on “paper”

First circle was done during a themed environement art challenge. A hanging city. Lots of ropes and roots to keep it up.

Under is the lower city.

And further down is the forest canopy. Fourth to ninth circle to be worked on during the rest of june.

Etoile, a new character that came to be while drawing a different character’s horn incorrectly. An astrologian of sort, that the people on the discord serve seem to have really like. Check out the fanwork at the bottom of this post.

A new constellation based on Kiel,s demon friends. I’ve integrated the naal eyeballs, and the princess crown as part of the pattern. The spikes on the branches are meant to represent cityscape.

Brainstorming of flaura and fona with people on twitch. Dunno if any of them will make their way in the story but its good to have some background element works.

Now on to commissions.

Loving zombie for Dalvyserran

Demon love page on daydream sponsored by Lordpanther.

Goblin sniper pathfinder character for Gunbird.

Daxia concept for brianna.

Slime x Ariel for Lordpanther, up on daydream.

Now on to the giveaways.

Twin goddess for Tallsharis. kind of a giveaway, meant to encourage him in his writing.

Twitter giveaway for Sygdom. That was the first giveaway i made on social media . Unfortunately the event didn’t garner much attention.

Twitch giveaway for Swedish kitsune.

Now on to the emotes!

Cool Kielw ith sunglasses

Shadow cat eating the camera animation.

Now on the silly side stuff.

An interaction with Darkvolt’s mermaid character.

D&D naal with DT naal high fiving. That was a pose study.

Ketchup slime , because we were wondering what other slimes could look like. I’m not putting her in the helian work because it’ll never show up. Purely a what if.

Turning Kite’s chompette into a full proportion character because i loved her design.

Now on to the art challenges

Styles.  Drawing our characters in some other popular medias. Hellboy because helian, berserk because its hard, and darkest dungeon as bonus.

Kite’s take on the environement challenge. Mine was the first circle posted at the start of the post

And our Sailormoon redraw challenge. This was a popular challenge in the broad artistic communities.

Finally, the fanwork or should it be called friendwork? Dunno.

Dryad if she were to walk, by sygdom.

Flat glass bunny by darkvolt

Darkvolt gave a shot on too on the helian slime. An avocado.

Macabre encouraging the project with a little Naal.

4! artworks of Etoile by Darkvolt

And one by Kunryu.

2 by Ssapdra. Or at least her feet , to help design her shoes.


Lets begin witht he emote work for the discord servers. All these having to be something that work at miniscule resolution makes for a challenge by itself! Mostly cat emotes for their simplicity.

but one Chiri drinking a mocha snucked in. Althought of all of them this one works the least at low resolution. Still cute though.

There were 2 streams where i discussed hel with the people who came and designed some pops and bystanders characters with them

None of them confirmed but it was fun to go outside the usual constraints of DT. All of them just colored sketch for speed sake.
And on the topic of hel, here is more design work on that topic. I try to keep some done every weeks as i’ve no doubt the day when the project  launch will come too soon , one  i need to be ready for.

One with crossover with DT. I tried to visaulize humanity as a netherworld. The demon princes and princesses , the blobs, its all from the same place and from that extent , Naal as well.

Another one with DT crossover. The flood of demons often come from a netherworld thats an ocean. Mindless demon fishes crossing over only seeking to eat and from the summoners perspective they are infinite. I tried to visualize this one from an helian perspective.

This one was based on Darkvolt’s design for one of the angell/valkarye.

Kite’s little demon is getting recycled for Hel. Charcoal, chocoalte and mashmellow.

Kite’s rendition is extra melty!

A third constellation and this one very different. What about the netherworld with demon so vast they’ve consumed everything.  Like that big demon from chapter 47. This one would be a many eyed 3 headed dragon…? althought to what the heads connect to might not be a dragon.
Kind of following the trend of recycling Kite’s characters design for demons, her chompette rendition was so cute that i had to try to make an illustration of it.

Finally, here’s me trying 3 different artstyle as a challenge. it did feature one helian as hellboy style to the left.

that’s wrap up hel. 

Two more concept art got done, both for Durlyn, which is no surprise considering his two cameos gotes together.
Nuka cola girl for beanie commission.

D&D aasimar for Folclor. This one i tried something new by compositing photos intot he background. Not much of it is left in the end but you can still tell from the grass if you look closely enough! I don’t have that kind of brush. Kite would have though!

Commission for Mullet, obviously NSFW and thus only on daydream in full.

D&D bearman for Xaine. Snoowww overpainting.

Now for the giveaways.

NSFW Saga for swedishkitsune

giveaway for Meck of his character about to be eaten by a mimicNSFW rouge vierra for swedishkitsune

And I,m running yet another giveaway offer on twitter for people who go there and follow me. I’ve doubt it’ll work but some friends insisted i tried. Only cost me 1-2 hours of work to try.

Not quite a giveaway, more a 15 minute giftart for Darkvolt of his character as a feldian agent.

Beware, more cute cats below.

a painting of Neige as an elder god rising.

Two animal crossing rendition of my and Kite’s avatars.

Finally to wrap this post up! Some fanwork.

Helians by Kunryu:


NSFW one by Thiradil of the merchant.



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