First is Adira bun as a 15 minutes challenge. Because she had a bunny as her color picker during her stream.

Then we have Beanie’s commission. a zelda sheikah character.

Finally Kite’s birthday present for Durus. His Elezen.

I’ve started on magical girl chiri chan but for now i should do a cameo concept for wednesday’s stream and try to have the page inked friday. To be colored during saturday’s stream. Eucep, your commission will be next week after all.


I’ve tried after effect for the first time to animate Chi running after an easter egg(Last year FF14 event) that goes with the papaya music. After effect let me export video and animation of any size which is a huge plus. And it has a shit ton more features than live2d, at the cost of simplicity. Learning this will be much more of a challenge, onewe intend to take this summer. We’ll be trying other new software too , piskel for kite, and soundboard for me. The later will allow the streams to have sound effect on prompt. I swear i’ll try not to abuse it(too much).

I’m not sure what’s the next animation. Perhaps something non chibi? Taking a regular artwork then modify it to have something ongoing.

Also ssapdra sent her giveaway for B.


It was our first saturday stream opening of the voice chat channel to any creative wanting to jump in. I think that aspect of the art jam was a good thing to add to the event. If its something that gather interest and a topic catch our attention we’ll bring back the regular art jam. As it stands the giveaway at the end of the stream almost became an art exchange with so many artists offering to do a piece.

Commission for Lordpanther. No animation progress today but i’m happy enough with the piece’s result.

Monk was today’s theme. Winning idea was catgirl but it was done so often we chose to roll again to get zenyatta. Let say the cat girl part still phased in:














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Adira to mowser

Darkvolt to Vlashrod

Kite to Luu

Macabre to adira

Otakubri to hfar

Ssapdra giveaway to Iay will be done tomorrow.

Bonus piece from Adira that she drew on friday stream but i forgot to post up:

The ship had to be done…


Concept art for Macabre is complete. Leaving 5 nids to do.

And the art part of my gifts to kite is an animation of Chi chasing an egg. I’m trying to learn to use after effect on this one so it’ll take me some time to learn to do it properly. The advantage of after effect over live2d are many but the availability of tutorials out there is the main one.


Kite’s birthday

June 22, 2017 by

Today is Kite’s birthday! She leveled up and one of her gift for that day is…a day off! Also not working till 6hAM to get the next page up. So off to bed she goes and i will make a filler page during the day. As well as an animation i promise to her a […]

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June 21, 2017 by

Thursday is kite’s birthday and as part of her bday gift she is getting the day off. Wheter i do a filler or a smaller page by myself is yet to be determined. Might depend on wheter we get wednesday night’s page up in time. Concept art in progress for Thalar. Commission for Thrair of […]

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June 20, 2017 by

Today’s animation practice was to shift a background with the character motion and have an eyeball moving behind a eyelid mesh. Giveaway for Dakla Cameo portrait for Navian Shan in ff14 who is now partnered with Chiri. Concept art in progress for Thrair. yes, its just a regular dog.

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animating everything

June 17, 2017 by

Saturday stream aftermath was Busy because it did indeed take more than 1 hour to animate this! My next level practice for animation using Lordpanther’s commission as a base. Total work time was about 7 hours, twice what it would take to do this a still version of it: Mostly due to all the prep […]

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Nid slave

June 17, 2017 by

Kite and Darkvolt will be doing a 3D modeling workshop on saturday’s stream. I’Ll be doing Lordpanther’s commission then animate it. Lunareth will be joining us and while i don’t know what she’ll do, it’ll be sexy. Farex’s nid is done. Though it’s a character from the Jaal daydream story from years ago: One slave […]

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June 16, 2017 by

It was time to move away from the fat cat and go with something harder. I chose one of Kite’s chibi page with Vaelia in it that seemed like it’d be simple to do. In the end i may have put too much motion on the body though it was educative to try to distort […]

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