Stream videogame character request was the merchant from Moonlighter. Great game mixing zelda and managing shop.

Portrait of Goji’s D&D character who always check doors

giveaway for Darkvolt of the snake version of chrys

Hotdog art challenge!

Concept art commission for Guilty carrion of his firbolg

Commission of Altesh vs Chigusa for Thrair and Thrair

Commission for Reefireparot of a clan symbol

Commission in progress for Vlashrod of his nid chilling

Stream videogame character request of Freya from FF9

Stream videogame character request of Kirby having DEVOURED LUIGI.

Mimic pillow, because.

Our new twitch emote, neige grumps

Commission for Vierranv for his girlfriend. A lalafell of FF14


Time to compile the stuff done in the last week! Just as a reminder, our saturday streams will continue on twitch for @Gaming_artist and @chocolaterebel

Kite’s D&D character, Moist, the slimefolk. Dark elf version she doodled as well since the party went to the underdark and she mused what her character could look like.

Commission for Sinon , some twitch emotes of adorable nya.

Giveaway for Beaubarbare

Giveaway for Folclor

Portrait of Macabre’s D&D centaur character.

Portrait of kite’s D&D slime character.

Commission of ELkantar for Samuraicowboy, his character through ages.

Giveaway for Sinon of a cat atom

Warm pic of sister freide from Dark souls 3

Challenge pictures turned excuse for a birthday gift for vestahound.

One of the random thing of the week streams was hotdog because people send bits to feed kite. Hotdog is now a thing!

Picture of the goodboy from Maca, thanks!


A gift for macabreabra
And Kite finished this super detailed mermaid in a fishbowl for lordanther.


Commission for Reefireparrot of a bird in clothes.
And a tribute to Zoe, best eldritch girlfriend from Monster prom, a game i was streaming on the thursdays for a month.

The goal is to start every stream with a warm up non-commission something. This is one. Not the first time i kick myself into doing a daily thing, we’ll see if that one sticks! feel free to suggest game character ideas if you come to our monday, wednesday and friday streams.


Dancing dwarf

March 3, 2019 by

Norin is back from the hospital and has resume her daydream story! Welcome back norin. As for some bad news, i’ve canceled my picarto membership. Its been many many years of weekly streaming on that platform and it carries many memories but, i think its time to move on.The service has had its share of […]

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The big commission for Theo’s monster hunter group is finally complete! Feels like 2 weeks since i begun on it — wait, it was 2 weeks. Beside that i tried experimenting with two idea. the first is to paint within a silouettes. Aka, i do an outline and throw colors in. This was done on […]

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Bottom of the barrel

February 16, 2019 by

This week was really unproductive . I’ve even cut off all week days stream in the process but thankfully Kite is returning this week! I do miss her. These two were the only artworks i’ve done that weren’t pages in the whole week. Kind of sad. Both were D&D character concept, Chiri as tiny angry […]

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monster hunting madness

February 10, 2019 by

Massive commission in progress for a monster hunter group. From drafts To sketch To flat colors Another monster hunter idea i had in my mind which i had to sketch. But unlikely i’ll ever go ahead and paint it considering my current workload. Concept art commission of a naga lady for Beanie. Chiri and alt […]

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February 4, 2019 by

The next magical girl chiri chan sponsored by Lordpanther went up. And i did try to make a chiri in kimono for fun but the more detail i put in the more i realised how much more details it’d need to look good so just ended up leaving it unfinished. Beanie’s concept art in progress. […]

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Lots of mega post of late?

January 29, 2019 by

Kite is leaving on saturday to visit her family who has a serious medical condition to attend. Which mean it’ll just be me for 2 weeks starting that day. What does that mean for the comic? no shading or highlighting for one thing! On that topic, Norin also have a serious medical condition of her […]

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