It was bound to happen someday and i admit to have had an emotional time drawing the final page. By monday it’ll be done and so will be my work on DT proper. Kite will still be coloring the pages i’ve done, as to when she will be done that i can’t say for sure. My hope was for late september beginning of october ; though she is on page 71, which i hope goes up tonight. This leave 5 pages uncolored. If she does 2 pages a week that means in 2-3 weeks it over. But if she struggles, it could be at the end of october. In the meantime i’m not wasting this chance to prepare–

Prep work a plenty. Setting up the event tree from beginning to end, clarifying lore points that were vague, adding a new region because the west of the hel region was blank . Even on the very old map from 10 years ago the landmass was abruptly stopping on the west side, this now changes, at the last minute. But is it truly last minute if there is no way any of these lands are going to be used within a year of work? I suppose it may not. Just like those mythical figures I’ve been designing, none of them will appear on the first story arc. Still they felt important to scope out the work. By having the people at the bottom and the people at the top, there is a range in between for the nameless characters to come to be. Just like having a beginning and an end to a story help flesh up what happens in between.

Most importantly though was the work on the Week 1 update that received some coloring work. week 2 was sketched and my aim to thumbnail every week updates till the first story is completed, and so before the first update goes up. Though because first impression is so important its likely i will revise the first week update again and again before its finally ready. I’m refering to “weeks” now because these pages are gigantic, mini chapters of their own, to go online every week. The web site i’m told is almost ready too, just needs an uploader. And lately i’ve been using DT updates and daydream updates as studies to get the vertical layout right. Still much to learn on that front, to make comics look good on cellphones and tablets. After so many years thinking of things horizontaly.

Final cameo epilogue. I’ve not received any more inquiries and as they things really quieted down around i don’t think any more will come in. I will likely take all the cameo epilogue and put them up as one in the archive.
cat tax


News, good news. Progress in general with web site, streamlining, story and I’ve begun drawing pages for the next story . We even have an ending at last, something DT lacked for a long time. Events tree(which dt never had) , writing and notes from beginning to end with so many named characters and designs made over the years. Now. would that have been better many months ago? For sure. Originally my hope was to launch this thing in april and here i am late august rushing this as i’ve only 4 pages left to draw of DT. There is few more than that coming as Kite needs to colors some of those i’ve already drawn. Still it isn’t much left. Like a looming meteor.
So big transition coming that makes me quite nervous. hoping for the best. A smooth transition, a launch of webtoon that won’t fail, web site that doesn’t crash, even the server needs an update. And daydream, that one is my biggest concern as there is a gigantic database transfer which has not been touched yet nor can i handle it myself. I expect that some features won’t be ready on time on that front.

As to the key on how to make progress, it was to dedicate days to the development of the project instead of juggling DT page, daydream, comission, study — leaving normally no time to try to prepare anything else. An obvious thing but the juggling does need to happen to pay the bills

And , flashback from 10 years ago, that this has been a long time coming. This is from the story selection that lead to We are ferals being a thing instead.


Progress! At last. Writing for Hel begun , web site coding has begun as well. I will be able to start on the prototype pages and complete Daydream redesign. The later is very pressing. Lets get things done this month because time is running out! Even if some reminded me i missed a character epilogue so there is a bit of a delay on that front. The thought that there is around 2 more news post to be made until this is all moved to a new site is making me feel like the next project is a meteor about to crash, one that i must catch while juggling other works. Technically i am done with all characters epilogues now, its just that my partner have several pages to colors before they are all online. Including the missing cameo from last year!

All there is left for DT’s story is this important festival the characters were talking about. DT was inspired by the games i played in my childhood, Final fantasy 6 being the prominent one. Many characters point of view , each having their stories that end being woven together. Empire, magitek, airship, end of the world reconstruction. So its no surprise i also wish a scene that feel like a classic rpg finale. Even if the funding for DT is long gone and the financial pressure is quite heavy at the moment, i want this project to be wrapped up nicely before i say good bye to it.


There were quite a few speculation on discord regarding whether the page of Ariel striking the dragon was the final page. The meant to mirror chapter 1 page 1 of Ariel reading about her mother’s made up exploits. Not yet. For one thing, Faen doesn’t have her epilogue yet. 3 secondary characters have to appear in the last arc as well, this last arc will be featuring a group from the next generation. As for progress on the next project? none, none whatsoever. June entirely disappeared due to real life obligations. At this point i can’t fool myself that i will be ready in time. Only once DT is over will i have time to launch whats next. And moving daydream is all the more urgent as well

On the more special gift side for my birthday was this puzzle game by Talsharis featuring the void cat . Playable at :

For Kite’s birthday. All her D&D characters from the last year.
Mel piece by sunblinked. Fan pieces are rare these days with things being wrapped up, thank you sunblinked.

Cat tax. Bean is now 1 year old and fill his entire bed. Still round though!


June’s heat

June 6, 2022 by

I wish i could give good news. Some progress on the next project. Some cool animation or videogame we’re working on to explain a month gap between update but nope. Nothing. Lots of physical labor away from art in the last month with IRL getting in the way and bringing down art time and inspiration […]

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spring delay

May 3, 2022 by

Hel is unfortunately not ready. I was planning and hoping for the anniversary release and here we are, Back down in update rate, web designs not done and it is already may. A lot of concept work was done, thats the one good news, much of it done by Darkvolt and to be released later. […]

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Hel incoming

April 11, 2022 by

DT’s 21th annivesary is next week and it is also nearing the end of the epilogue. My goal was to have had those epilogues finished already but alas the update rate was terrible. We still have some characters left and they are important ones. So, to do a DT special anniversary when last year’s special […]

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Buried deep in melting snow

March 17, 2022 by

Hints of spring at last, after one of the heaviest winter in term of snow yet. And unfortunately very little to report on progress on anything. Our updates on the epilogues got regular, that part is fixed! And i do intend to launch the next comic site in april still but no new concept, no […]

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2020 part 2 with a heap of snow

February 20, 2022 by

The whole world sure isn’t getting any better so far 2 months into 2020 part 2. But this is not why you’re here, you are here because the snow and rain has covered the world and you cannot leave in fear of the giant frost spiders. Understandable! Stay strong fellow humans with round ears, hug […]

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Hell froze over

January 30, 2022 by

Freezing cold every weeks lately. We bunkered up and faced our daily work but unfortunately failed to meet the challenge in full. Updates are still terribly slow and the new web site is a month late. Heres a proof it is coming however: Trying to summarize down dt landscapes and character into something neutral yet […]

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