Not as much to show for this week! mostly due to our internet instability that led the big saturday stream to be canceled early on. We just seem to be dropping most frames as randomly our upload speed can drop to a tenth of a megabyte . Ow. Barely enough for a discord voice chat. On the topic of going down the forums will be going down soon! To be replaced with the official discord entirely
As to artworks, here is what we have done:

Commission of a twitch badge for samaris

Giveaway for Azakarrfox

Spiderverse commission for Lordpanther

Birthday gift for Silvertea of her FF14 character

Commission for Leo of his hm, i don’t actually know! dude with gun and knife

Concept art for Soulcode of his reka. I really should go and finish the remaining concept arts…


Magical girl chiri next page was put up, sponsored by lordpanther.

My piece from january of chirinide in ff14 finally got colored through a new week day mixer schedule. we now stream earlier on tuesday and thursday on that alternative platform where i will work on things that aren’t commission.

this is also where i made this gif emote. The thing pop on screen and shout gao when the viewers click a button.

Now for the birthdays!

Makezu’s birthday

Beanie’s birthday

Adira’s birthday.

Some called it “Art fight” on our discord. This is Darkvolt’s bug character.

Concept art for Martin was finished:

Giveaway for Farex of his owl demon:

Commission in progress for Reefireparrot of Shinae in killalkilloutfit.

And finally the saturday art challenge was “airship”. I went Kiel’s turtle airship

while Kite did a baloon fat cat. Which sadly is the only picture she drew all week. She has one more unfinished piece which she has been working since april for Lordpanther. Hopefully soon!


April coming to an end and spring is around the corner. I’ve struggled to find the time to do the bonus videogame artwork unfortunately.

Starting with Kite take on the sunset challenge. And, one of her most popular picture with thousands of likes on twitter. People really resonate for her wish of a great fat cat.

Giveaway for Folclor who is one of my players in the d&d campaign i run. Here is her character. A golem engineer.

the saturday art challenge was sunset. Somehow ended up with luigi because–

i memed up Luu’s picture. Too tempting

Concept art in progrses

Videogame character request was a prinny eating a doughnut

Commission for reefireparrot of Snadhya crossover with kill la kill

videogame character request of a yukinko from FF14

Commission for Beanie of his character in space age setting.
kite has done many more emotes during the last week but none that she compiled for online release yet. Still, two giveaways from her

One for lordpanther of cat Chrys. Totaly should be her new design.

And one for blacksanz.


18 years, its like a life time on a project and one so near completion. The current chapter will lead to the climax and then, yeah, just one more chapter. Lets hope we can pick up a faster update rate to get that story going.

For now, here is the 4k textless version of anniversary artwork.

I’ve recently got back to GMing D&D sessions set in the DT universe. On the second session i felt like creating a new city, for the fun of it and giving unique opportunies to the players using it.

I present you the new city. Built in one of the mist rivers ravine it has several things to make stand out beside its local “sheeps”. First, food is cheap, the agriculture community is strong with meat and tuber vegetable easy to come by. It has an industry powered with railroads that serves the 4 districts, bringing workforce fast and cheap across. Locals have access to jump platforms in the main district with gliders available for both rent and own for those needing individual transports. Most importantly of all : its not fucked up like Chel and its constant clan wars. This one has two Val families, no military force visible while the local yellow hoods serve both as policing force and railroad maintenance.
The sheeps are big insectoid that carries soil upon which lichen grows. Once resting its just look like hills on the field and once active it can be compared to a crab of which yes the meat is crab like too except with a wild rabbit earthy flavor. The lichen can be sheered to make fabric.

As for the yellow hoods! Kite plays one, a train loving girl nammed Poncho. With her power she can do some rather unique things in this city that would be odd for Chel.

The art challenge was “Bunny”

But we also went Vierra which is the final fantasy bunny race. of which i drew Chrys.

Speaking of Chrys, here is the work for her new design:

Design 8 will be the one kept, at least thats what is decided right now

Beanie’s commission in progress

Lordpanther commission of Diva and the divas

Commission for Mullet and Makezu of Sillice.

For vesta:

For magos


Cat no banana

April 16, 2019 by

And here i was trying to be better about posting the new art everywhere– Yet i missed updating this place last week! Cat no banana needed an icon For a set of emotes she made for our gaming discord and her stream channels. There’s a cat no banana in there. But then she had to […]

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April 6, 2019 by

With pax taking 4 days it disrupted the commission progress a bit but we’re back on track. The sole news of the week is Kite has tried Mixer after having explored the possibility back at PAX, this saturday we will do a multistream on that platform. With 0 followers there that’ll be… interesting to see. […]

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All the commissions

March 28, 2019 by

Racing to get ready for our PAX east travel! Meaning no stream until monday. At least a lot of work got done in the meantime! Some of the twitch emote work Kite got commissioned for. She had a lot, and she doesn’t always post them. Much adorable. She did a vierra Chiri And her Record […]

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March 23, 2019 by

TIME TO MEGAPOST!!! Stream videogame character request was the merchant from Moonlighter. Great game mixing zelda and managing shop. Portrait of Goji’s D&D character who always check doors giveaway for Darkvolt of the snake version of chrys Hotdog art challenge! Concept art commission for Guilty carrion of his firbolg Commission of Altesh vs Chigusa for […]

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Time to compile the stuff done in the last week! Just as a reminder, our saturday streams will continue on twitch for @Gaming_artist and @chocolaterebel Kite’s D&D character, Moist, the slimefolk. Dark elf version she doodled as well since the party went to the underdark and she mused what her character could look like. Commission […]

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Mermaid for purchase

March 6, 2019 by

A gift for macabreabra And Kite finished this super detailed mermaid in a fishbowl for lordanther.

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