Alas the art block challenge remained! Why do they last so long and why is it so cold already. Also why is the world still suffering this slowburn apocalypse?

Anyways, we all need bunnies, as many buns as we can;

Angry bun emote.

Looming Nadja(silvertea’s) emote.

Boop the snake animation from Darkvolt. Featuring Goblin Kiel and snake Chrys.Speaking of , whole gang for Kiel as goblins in Darkvolt’s universe.

Scary cute challenge by Maca is of Faen. Very accurate, true Bear nature.

And Kyo in a new outfit by Maca.
Now to the commissions.

One demon love comic page up on daydream for Lordpanther.

Novel cover progress for Folclor, to be completed on saturday.

PTP character returning as cameo, for Samantha.

Sev at the bath for Vlashrod.

Tiny halfling on opposum for Folclor.

Now for the personal arts
Birthday gift for Bam.

Two artworks for our FF14 raid group. A what if our characters are musicaly performing and and the draft of a very simple animation, for kIt eto flesh out.

Goblin Kiel and Naal, for Darkvolt.

The boop the snake challenge. No specific character there, just a normal snake with arms, you know, like any snakes would.
Maca’s helian for the scary cute challenge.

Kiel, Faen and Ariel for Eld, with modern  masks and horrible human ears. And one artwork for the helian roleplay : The mightiest enemy of them all, a rubber ducky crossing dimensions and turning furnitures into animated monsters.


We already feel the cold rising at night as summer come to a close. A short, strange summer. Lets hope for a good winter to come.

Unfortunately less art this time around. We’ve a plan on how to kickstart ourselves starting this wednesday, we’ll see if its stick!

Lets’ start with a dose of cuteness from Kite.

mermaid want to eat the fish, for darkvolt.

Kite’s new RP character. An alien cat who love mechas.

Now the commission.
Coffee loving D&D fighter for Ketty.

Concept art for Bluesilvercross.

Raging orc for Thepheonixking

Water snake for Lordpanther.

Upcoming Folclor new rp character. Cute little girl knight on a fierce mount.

now for the challenges and personal art

Storyboarding challenge. One about a cat.

Drawings something from a music video challenge, i went with Zutomayo study me.

A gift for Macabre.

A potential new icon for the discord , to be animated.  Darkvolt did this draft of the animation process.

And a quick set of buns for Khuja.


Art mega dump for the past 19 days of work. A lot fewer this time as i’ve hit an art block that lasted many days. Isolation from friends and fellow artists did not help with the recovery.  Kite is still struggling against her own art block which i hope she’ll find a way to overcome. If you are reading this, i hope you are spared the stress of whats going on out there and find the strength to persevere in your own personal growth.

Starting with the commissions

Snowballs fight between Kel and Mel for lordpanther.

Lady with armor design issue concept art for samuraicowboy

Old vloz plaything of Kharla that has rejoined the crew through Fame , for Sionyx.

Lover of Cheese and question marks to fight for the sarghress. Still in progress.

Chigusa and her new dragon in the colonies. For Dalvyserran.

FF14 Miqote dancer celebrating over a TEA victory, for Bam.

DJ bunbun emote for Khuja Only the first is the proper commission,e verything else is just me derping.

Zhor in Mel clothing for Reefireparrot

Daydream Demon lover page for Lordpanther.

Last of the commission,t his one in early stage. This one is from a reddit person who saw my work there and wanted her D&D character drawn. This is highly unusual, not just because of the source, but  because i had only a single line of text to design the character. Because of this i made 5 different composition in hope one of them would hit the commissioner’s expectation.Thankfully it did.

Art challenge: Sci-fi object

For which both of us went scifi fat cats.

Then the art challenge “Water:

The sharkmaid has a nsfw alternative version up on daydream.

Finally the art challenge “Plant”

For which I’ve done a hel Alraunae. Maybe Kite has done this challenge as a sketch but i could not find it.

Then there is our special projects work, starting with Eld:

Naal and Altaii in the rain.

Blanc is a new character , meant to be the one odd out in a world of eldritch. She may be the topic of  kyorl and angel soon.

Another Naal artwork with an umbrella mishap. More gradient on ink practice.

Hel works. Certainly a lot fewer this time, even had to delay the Hel based RP campaign due to a lack of progress.

On this 6th circle. Its a challenge one which will need a lot more work to design.

Maca’s potion seller which is only available on daydream due to its lack of clothing.

Etoile wrapped up in a Kimono by hands. A test for gradient mapping done in Clip studio vs manual gradient in Sai.

And to wrap up this mega post ; the gifts

Birthday Chigusa for Dalvy
Logo for Khuja

And sketchy mimic, a new tier of stream giveaway thats easier to defeat but wins the person a 5 minutes artwork instead of 30 minutes. This one Xaine won.


July proved to be a challenge. Always too warm with constant sleeps issues to rectify. We still haven’t fixed our update rate and believe me please its not for my lack of trying.Page 35 will be late unfortunately, it’ll come up friday morning. I hope we can get 36 by saturday night! Same for the daydream page Demon love commissioned by Lordpanther.

Now for the non comic pages work for the second half of july.


For Khuja, his FF14 bun.

Scifie drow in suit with his secretary for Beanie. Exploding rocking Kiel for Lordpanther.

Horns love emote for Farex.

Lewd shower scene up on daydream for Beanie.

Water monster hunt for Beanie.

Thrair’s second helian character. I like to call him hel Altesh.

Concept art for Dalvyseeran.

Me derping, trying to draw Shynt’s concept art even though i drew him months ago…

Folclor’s RP character full bloodhunter which i had posted the unfinished version in the previous post.

Finally the commission i’m working next on! A ff14 dancer for Bam.


Now for the personal project:



Fram aboard the Feral Floating fortress. For an art challenge of designing fantasy object.


Just an incoming new discord icon. Played with a few ideas on how to introduce a helian concept over Naal.


speaking of Hel:

The next circle. All underwater and saturated. Quite the challenge for me to make.

As for Eld(ritch) which is whats on our mind for practices of late:

Naal with her shadow friend. I’ve doodled quite a few ideas below of what i could do to break the artblock i’ve been suffering from in the past week.

We moved our work tablet to the couch for a few hours and i felt like trying to do a comic scene as fast i could. These were the result, naal meeting Altair(Kite’s RP character)

Trying to come up with the concept of Eld Chi. Another of Kite’s character. A cute pink one who can’t appear right on photos.

Brainstorming what Kiel and Nau would look like.

Now Shan has a problem with his reflection. Is he going to wear an eyecover to avoid that issue?

Kite certainly thought so. And there goes Chiri in Eld as well.


And the coffee place design.

Fat eldritch cat.

romantic eld Naal and Altair. Actually she’s rpobably going to eat his face.

Finally …Kite’s masterpiece. Too good.

Next is not a project of our doing but Xenoanubis begun with the Helltaker crossover i could not ignore.

I had to join:


Which led Darkvolt to join with dancing calico gorgon.


Now for the gifts and giveaways:

For DV who won a stream giveaway

Stream giveaway for Farex

For Silvertea:
Birthday gift for Seth. And holy shit were there a lot of birthdays.

for mowser’s birthday.

for Khuja’s birthday.

For thalar’s birthday.

For Lordpanther’s birthday

For madara’s birthday


And to wrap up this mega post… A cute little demon naal, from Tallsharis holding a brush:


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