A brand new years and hundreds of artworks to do! I feel bad i never finished the big 2019 games of the year artwork. A whole year went by and the task of drawing dozens of games mashed up in one artwork was too daunting.  If i have an art resolution for this year it would be to build a portfolio and make artworks for it that explore new themes. Possibly some that explore possible new projects for after DT while pushing my commission work range.  As it seem it’ll be an important for our career in the future.

But for now, a look to the past. Choosing my favourite artworks of each months. May was… hm, lots of nsfw and concept arts so the choices were slim.

Its already been a week since we’re back to work . The first art challenge of the year was to attempt the destiny 2 class monochromatic art style. one color painting, yet trying to make it stand out. I went queen ariel with the color red.

While kite did her destiny character. 

Now for the commission done during that last week.
One for mullet, space age related.

Another for Farex, of his characters dressed as Mel and Ariel.

Giveaways. One for lordpanther because he had none during the holidays

Kite’s last 3 giveaways from the holiday special.

My secret santa for solitary agent. I did get one in return but sadly lost the link. 
And kite’s gift art for one of her friend.



First , glad you guys enjoyed the current storyline resolution. And happy early holidays to everyone. We’ll be leaving on monday with one last page before the holidays break. We’ll be back to work on the following monday the 30th december.

Thanks to lordpanther for sponsoring the annual giveaway stream. It made for a busy stream.

Kite took 8 requests while mau, darkvolt and me each took 9. Some have yet to be done as we ran out of time on stream to satisfy all the requests.




Whew. Now on to the commission:

For beanie. Since its NSFW its up on daydream. A mix of CSP and sai was used for this one.

And a late giveaway for Ssapdra. i am working on a last minute artwork for Sygdom’s secret santa but it can’t be shared until after the holidays

The minion challenge kite did last week without the frame:

and a new emote:


The yearly event where everyone get a free request from 4 artists live is incoming, thanks to Lordpanther’s yearly patronage.

The event will take place on twitch this incoming friday at 2pm east time zone on https://www.twitch.tv/gaming_artist . There will be a multistream link to feature me, Kite, Mau and Darkvolt all together , however as Mau and darkvolt have not streamed to twitch before its not possible to have that link ready as of now.

How does it work? Simply come, hang out and make a request by providing a reference. It will be assigned to one of the 4 artists. The event will last 4h30 so hopefully 36 requests will be fulfilled that day! What happen if there is more? Unfortunately nothing, at some point lordpanther will stop taking requests and that’ll close the event. There is only so much we can draw before running out of energy.


Now on to the artworks drawn this month!

Kite finished her dark knight picture. Got to love the fat cat.

Then came the minion challenge. Using a meme template from FF14.  She drew Chi, i drew Chiri. If only she could have a fancy armor in DT as well.

The other art stream challenge was to draw ourself as pokemon. Kite kind of made herself as both trainer and pokemon. I went more litteral.

Octarya, a commission for Lordpanther

The next novel cover for Foclor. To come out in january i believe.

Birthday gift for Tranquil.

Birthday gift for FoclorGiveaway for Nyutek and Leo. This saturday’s stream giveaway isn’t done yet. But ssapdra won!

Another fluffy outfit challenge, this time of Faen in winter’s garbs.

Concept art for Guilty carrion.

Concept art for Thrair

Concept art for Xaine. There’s more color to them nowadays but the price also got higher.

Heres one FF14 themed commission for Leo.
Samuraicowboy got a demon smut piece done, only visible on daydream. And lordpanther got a Gailen x slimegirl only visible on daydream.


3 personal piece from Kite, including one that she started at the beginning of the year:

both ff14 themed. Meanwhile her masterpiece “fashion” themed art challenge. Much fashion:

and mine for the challenge. The outfit was chosen by ssapdra:

One of the two commission for lordpanther this month was magical girl Chrys:


The progress on Folclor’s next novel in progress:
Birthday gifts! first for kunryu, then Tsukiko

Not kite birthday but she got one too! I just wanted to draw something cute with a big scarf.

Comission for beanie of a Gnoll
Commission for Feywildknight that is NSFW and only available on daydream.

Commission for silverthorn of the same goblin character as last time.

Commission for Dalvyserran of her D&D character putting makeup on.

The giveaways, first for Thirdadil then Sygdom.
wedding present for Eltharrion and tsukiko

A 5 minute quick piece for a raiding buddy

And finally an adorable animation from Thiradil of Faen in a basket.



November 10, 2019 by

Unfortunately the servers weren’t the most stables of late. Power outage issues led the server to go offline 3 times in the last 2 weeks. Although kite was productive on her side project. Coincidence? Or her raise to power at draining electricity, you decide. For lordpanther, a much overdue Ramen baliir and Sara . Her […]

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first novel cover complete

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Kite’s personal art of late has been focused on her roleplay sessions of late. starting with one showing the group of the one i’m participating in with her. This one set in a 80s alternate reality. Her unfinished one with a crossbow study. For my part some big commissions of late. including two novels covers […]

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cat emotes

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The pages of late are very hard with large crowd and many characters involved in brawls , between that and being sick for a week i’m falling behind on my pages work. To give us a breather,  we’ve done a chibi page to wrap up the weekend. And now to the art compilation! Four more […]

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fanart challenge

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To start the week of arts update, we have Byleth from Fire emblem 3 houses that kite did by joining me in the art challenge for the first in a very long time. For my part, the challenges were the pig boy from Demon hunter, Inosuke(?) Which i redid because i really didn’t like the […]

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long time no see

September 14, 2019 by

Haven’t updated in while but at least i was somewhat productive. Finally reopening after effect to try to dust off the skill. But first of all. kite. has. Worked. 2. months. on . this: Two months on one chibi illustration. I’m glad she’s done with it. Meanwhile mine are much simpler in scope. The discord […]

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angry bun

September 1, 2019 by

Two private commissions worked on this week , both set to private so i can’t share the result. Birthday request for Vierranv of his bunny character turned into an emote. A personal challenge of doing a comic strip in about 10 minute in a very simple style A couple ideas of animations to get back […]

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