Alright this week update schedule is a mess. lets try to do aim for something more steady next week. And btw, i’m curently drawing the last page of the chapter. Yes it’s already over. Monday i get on chapter 52 and face the problem that not all defenders have concept arts yet.

A dice rolling bot was installed in the discord.

And we’re twitch affiliates! Woo! Let’s hope we can make our first emote soon. We’ll keep doing special events on twitch in the months to come and it seem so far people enjoy the Use your word mini game at the end.

Saturday 2hPM, we Jam some Art! Everyone is welcome of course. And if you’re new just jump over to our discord where there’s a voice chat for this:
Each hour we’ll have a new style challenge.

Zair concept art was completed.

Kite colored one of Darkvolt’s chi.

Soulcode drew Reka saving her princess once again. Blushing Ariel will be carried away to safety.


Yup, late pages. Kite is still coloring the next one and since the last one before that was also late that’ll lead us to miss an update this week…

Concept art for Navian.
And today’s was Darkvolt’s birthday. So we spoiled him on stream with his fluff:

At the end of the stream with did the Use your words game again. Seem like people had fun. because of this we’ll also try Card vs humanity on may the 15th.


This saturday is the next art jam! If you’re planning to join us drop by our discord!

Giveaway from saturday for Thrair by Kite. This is the exemple of why we’re going to reduce the giveaways to saturday only for a while as this chibi? 2 hours. Kite can end up doing giveaways all week during streams.

Concept in progress for Apura

Concept in progress for Zair

Cat girl tax.


Shinae as empress, a commission for Lordpanther which kite colored because my shading looked like shit XD. Thanks kite, you saved my butt.

Today’s challenge is “Clan leader as TMNT”









For Beanie:

For Vlash:

For Thrair: Thrair was mean and named octobear “poopy baby” thus he will wait for it. That, or Kite just need more time because she helped me with the commission.

Kite will work on monday’s page, i will do a commission of Shinae and Chrys and Lunareth will do the next queen of butts. The mid stream challenge is “turtle” and there will be 3 giveaways at the end of the stream! Give us your strength, we’ll need it.


Long hair

April 22, 2017 by

Saturday stream will be with Lunareth. Fourth streamer is undetermined at the moment. The stream will end on a session of Use your words with anyone who wish to participate. Kite’s take on Zuhur for cortez. Look at him, tiny blinking sharen prince for a Dutanvir princess to capture. Concept art for Guilty is complete. […]

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So much chocolate!

April 21, 2017 by

The first update of daydream extra archive by Mau is up and it’s an entire page no less! Finally “drow in the rain” is made a thing. Thank you Swedishkitsune for the chocolate care package! you’re awesome. And here i thought you were going to pull a prank and send us fermented fish can ! […]

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chibi hands

April 20, 2017 by

With a doctor appointement taking our afternoon away on wednesday we couldn’t do much artwork-wise. But, i’ve asked Kite to draw the next page. This is the precious thing she made: Beautiful. Character devlopement, plot twist, drama…! We had to end fallen princess in daydream and now we’re offering two new stories to pick from. […]

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Yes we live still

April 19, 2017 by

Friday we’ll do the arena game Domina on the stream where the chat participant will be pulled into the game. The regular art will be done after the game. Concept art for Cutiesquiggoth. Giveaway for Enf. Also a cameo to come. Because there was nothing for a few days on daydream i’ve made a little […]

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Saturday stream

April 15, 2017 by

Commission for Lordpanther of Nishi on the beach. Bonus harpy from Darkvolt Zuhur for Cortez from Ssapdra: Today’s theme was “bird” and the winning idea was “Chirinide in chocobo outfit”: basileus: Darkvolt: Kite: Macabre: Soulcode: Ssapdra: Tallsharis O.O : Giveaways: For Distablish: There was other giveaways but i don’t have the pictures. Darkvolt, Ssapdra and […]

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April 15, 2017 by

Darkvolt took a screenshot of Minuit with the fat cat plushie during today’s stream. What’s the purpose of this? Cat tax, don’t think about it too much. Another thing from today’s stream is that we tried domina which pull everyone from the chatroom as fighters. It was hilarious, lets try a serious run at it […]

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