Concept art in progress for Guilty carrion
And one for Durlyn

With bonus silly scene for Darkvolt. Because bug spray is the worst weapon against his bug girls.

There’s a little issue with daydream updates at the moment. Seem like most artists post holidays don’t have updates ready, i’m sorry about this and hope we’ll have something rolling in later today.


The big painted commission that followed up my old nergigante in more than one way. As the post of it on reddit is what led to this commission from Adrian Q for his love.
As a refresher , here was the nergigante one. It was animated slightly back in september:

Looking back on 2018 Monster hunter was my game of the year. I must have spent +200hours across both pc and Ps4 version. And i drew quite a few fanarts about it. On that, the art challenge theme was “food” so i went with a certain derpy frog.

My giveaway was for Guilty carrion:

I did another ch55 concept art, this time of Zuhur for Cortez.

I’ll do 2 more concept art in the coming week and begin my big 2018 best games collage.
Meanwhile Kite seem to have spent more of the week sleeping but she did doodle this scooty cat:

And made her top of 2018 artworks. All the cute!

Meanwhile tranquil gave me an artwork of Kiel.

And Sygdom gave me one of Sillice. So broody!


Happy new year, drow, creatives and sentient potatoes!
Let’s have another year of arts with , i hope, the least amount of artist anxiety over it!

compared to previous years
My favourite artwork of each month for the year 2018. it was a hard choice on some months and these are not always the popular ones either. For exemple my most popular picture that year was the Chompette comic by far. Yet its not pushing anything. It was just a chibi comic with flat colors.


I’ve started many little animation project and not finishing them is likely my biggest shame artisticwise. At least i’m going to start 2018 with finishing that quick Gris tribute. Good videogame, check it out. It’ll be in my 2018 best games collage next week.

On the topic of games, i was commissioned to draw another insect glaive versus lunastra. Due to my piece of Kiel versus nergigante, which, is in my top artworks! Loved that one.

Zuhur concept art in progress.

Commission for Mullet was put up on daydream. He was aware of the pink panty community event of years ago and wanted his character to be part of it.

15 minutes art challenge from saturday was “Cuddly romantic”

My giveaway for xenoanubis


Actually got back to work wednesday! And technically finished this one on sunday but couldn’t share it until christmas:

I was participating in a secret santa with the community, mine was for Ssapdra

I got this one back from Jess

Kite got this one from Sygdom
While Kite did this one for Vestahound:

Many of Kite’s commissions were never posted up as they are for twitch streamers emotes. but this one i could grab , a wow character:

In turn i drew this quick thing for Kite. Trying to do a comic with less than 2 hours is a challenge. Its her cat girl from FF14, Chi.

The next concept art for chapter 55 was done, this one for Dalvyserran

And i’ve done the twitch stream giveaway for Vlashrod

Which i’ve now missed 2 streams in one week due to terrible sleep schedule and to monster hunter’s behemot hype.


All the requests

December 23, 2018 by

22 requests were done for the holiday giveaway stream sponsored by Lordpanther! Let the flood of pictures begins: My co streamers art:

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December 22, 2018 by

With mau, Darkvolt and Kite is going to be giveaways all stream thanks to lordpanther on And i finished my secret santa for Sygdom’ event, though can’t share it until christmas day!

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Ring ring

December 20, 2018 by

Concept art for Vestiline that Thrair sponsored And my hype for Behemot coming to monster hunter this week! I’ve been looking forward to this one since the pc re-release. Also, i think i forgot to upload that one here? Demon cellphone animation.

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christmas ornament

December 18, 2018 by

Wallpaper version of the new chapter 55 cover! Its demon time , with concepts art for Lordpanther and farex! Plus Vlashrod’s commission of holidays Neh: The art challenge was “decorating for christmas”. Basileus: darkvolt Enferen Gojkins kite Sygdom Wife giveaways For Thiradil: Gojikins to Tranquil sygdom to mullet(I think) Tranquil to Sygdom:

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miqote and fat cat

December 14, 2018 by

Neither of those are the actual animated emotes commission Kite was asked to do, they are… unintentional side effect of her derping on after effect. Both are now available on our discord for abuse. Which made me want to pull out after effect for some quick derping of my own. Doing Kite’s character. Concept arts […]

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Giving a gift

December 11, 2018 by

Magical Chiri chan will go up on tuesday. but for now. Quick meme Chiri The 15 minutes art challenge was “Giving a gift” but also “Neige” artisticjaz Copperpheonix Darkvolt Enferen Gojikins Kite Soulcode Tallsharis Thiradil Tranquil vestahound Wife Bonus Neige from Kunryu Giveaway to Mowser For Eltharrion For Makezu

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