Commission of Ariel and Faen together for Gem76

Today’s art challenge was “small cute and fluffy”











For Vlashrod:

Darkvolt To Sekhriat:

Gojikin to Farex

Ebelisk To Beanie
lewd catgirl>
Ebelisk took one of Kite’s cute picture and made it special:


A new daydream story Monster Menagerie by a new artist; Ebelisk. Get in there and submit options/votes to show interest in the story!

Stream giveaway for Beanie and Akiba

Animated chibi gift for Sygdom. She is ever so helpful , she deserve something.

based on the discussion on twitch about unconventional monster girl where i tried to tempt Darkvolt with new ideas which i’ll end up doing myself. So, mechanical one giving her heart away. I will be trying to animate this one next week along with other artworks based on her and put it together as a video. May fail, may work. I hope my willpower will last through the learning experience.

Get a cute fluffy dragon to wrap things up!


Not much to show for today. I tried a new script called Squish and stretch which didn’t work as expected. Not having much time to work on a side thing like this i threw in a quick wiggle loop. Not quite interesting, so much so i haven’t posted it in any of the social media. Doing Kite style squish cute ball is harder than it look!


Kite has returned from the hospital on sunday and is recovering. Thanks to Mau for her birthday gift of an extra break day by making that animated comic page! It really helped us. Beside for bruises , some lingering pain and a tendency for laughting at her experiences, kite should be back to normal now.

Wednesday’s stream animation where i’ve practiced hairsway and cloud looping.

Kite did a twitch emote commission for VierranV.
And the gifts for my birthday, thank you everyone.




No kite

July 8, 2018 by

Kite felt some pain for days now and right before the saturday stream she had to be brought to the hospital. This time its not the usual checks. She still hover there right now as i’m typing this, her life isn’t in danger, she’s going to come back, it’ll just take time. So no stream, […]

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July 7, 2018 by

Newest animation from kite, a jiggly dodo! People were talking about female armors on the discord, here’s a quick sarnel trying it out. I was braindead at the time. Commission for Lordpanther of Kiel with a Feral. The two of them are fine but the background, ugggh. Yeah, would need to restart it. Kite is […]

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Walking fluff

July 5, 2018 by

LOOK AT THIS WALKING WIGGLY CHIRI! Done by Kite, she really polished that one for countless hours to make her first walking cycle as good as possible. And commission in progress for Lordpanther: Also progress on nie’s commission set to private.

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Cyber bun

July 3, 2018 by

Kite animated the giveaway for Sekhriat, gentle bunny fluff I’ve done a picture of Naal cyberpunk again, UNDER PEER PRESSURE. Along with a dozen more drafts of various ideas but this is the one that was kept. Still, here is 3 for the next commission: And Neh was made more “innocent”

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July 1, 2018 by

Commission for Farex of his Lamia in our darkest dungeon run, at the very last boss where she was sacrificed, except, its lewd. Today’s art challenge was “Cyberpunk” Beanie Blacksanz: Eltharrion with bonus stream story eltharrion Enferen Gojikin Kite: ssapdra Sygdom Titan: Tranquil Wife(Goji’s) Giveaways For blacksanz: From ssapdra to mowser in progress From Syg […]

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Angry bad dragon

June 30, 2018 by

Commission for Sekhriat of his dragon girl getting injured while injuring someone else. Took longer than it was supposed as i was the one feeling ill. No work on pages today, just commission and the following 2 pictures for fun: I felt like sketching Chakri, see how it would look. My sketch style changed a […]

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