I wish i could give good news. Some progress on the next project. Some cool animation or videogame we’re working on to explain a month gap between update but nope. Nothing. Lots of physical labor away from art in the last month with IRL getting in the way and bringing down art time and inspiration to the lowest in a long time. At least Darkvolt has something cool to show, a 3d render of the floating continent in unreal 5.

cat tax this time is a nose biting Bean


Hel is unfortunately not ready. I was planning and hoping for the anniversary release and here we are, Back down in update rate, web designs not done and it is already may. A lot of concept work was done, thats the one good news, much of it done by Darkvolt and to be released later. Our original plan for a short test story was scrapped for something more lasting although that mean more time need to be invested. As for DT’s epilogues there is currently 8 left to draw, if it were 2 update a week as it should be that would be fast but as it is now i do not know when this will happen. Hel test story will be released on the new site likely before these 8 epilogues are done.

Cat tax


DT’s 21th annivesary is next week and it is also nearing the end of the epilogue. My goal was to have had those epilogues finished already but alas the update rate was terrible. We still have some characters left and they are important ones. So, to do a DT special anniversary when last year’s special was to announce the next project? Doesn’t feel quite right. We decided to simply launch the next project site and wait no longer. We will put a story tease over on the new site that will serve as a style test for Kite and I at the same time. Now the question is will we be ready? thats a big if, i’ve pushed hard on the last week to start the designwork, register the site, do web design and plan the animation for its release. It was an intense week , this week promise to be just as intense and we’re already late on schedule . I won’t be sharing all the design work and prototype in this feed until the next update, for now here is the new region map:

For these previously designed areas.

This was the previous version of the city map from 2019. The squished bowl aspect was more of an artistic fail than anything intentional as each circle lay upon the next until the 7th. 3 years of RP in this setting allowed to test many ideas which now makes me fairly confident to be able to work with it for the next project. Unlike DT’s start, we have a lot of material ready and a lot of experience to make this right from the beginning.

As for the first chapter proper start, it will have to be once DT’s epilogues are done.

cat tax


Hints of spring at last, after one of the heaviest winter in term of snow yet. And unfortunately very little to report on progress on anything. Our updates on the epilogues got regular, that part is fixed! And i do intend to launch the next comic site in april still but no new concept, no new site– at best i keep up with pages and commissions. Meanwhile the time is running out to get ready for whats next– What was a whole year to get ready became 6 months, then it felt like everything was finally rolling onward to be ready then well, life i suppose , deadlines of many kind, now its just 1 month left. I don’t think the remaining epilogues are even going to be done within that 1 month. 2 updates a week, 4 weeks, thats 8 pages. Looking at whats left i got at least 16 left to do. Push hard to get them all done fast then focus on Hel prep full time while they go up? Could’ve, a long time ago, not with this daily commission weight on me however. Even commissions that used to be doable in a day now take 3 days. Quality improved for sure, at the cost of time. Time, time, time. Time is the key.

First live2d commission. Super limited due to the free live2d license
He getting chunky
The character darkvolt designed for Kau’s epilogue and daydream special.

2020 part 2 with a heap of snow

February 20, 2022 by

The whole world sure isn’t getting any better so far 2 months into 2020 part 2. But this is not why you’re here, you are here because the snow and rain has covered the world and you cannot leave in fear of the giant frost spiders. Understandable! Stay strong fellow humans with round ears, hug […]

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Hell froze over

January 30, 2022 by

Freezing cold every weeks lately. We bunkered up and faced our daily work but unfortunately failed to meet the challenge in full. Updates are still terribly slow and the new web site is a month late. Heres a proof it is coming however: Trying to summarize down dt landscapes and character into something neutral yet […]

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New Year 2022

January 9, 2022 by

A new year and half way through the epilogues. So soon we will begin something new and i fear i’m not ready. Too little time, too much to do! December has been a distracting month thats for sure , one plagued with severe art anxiety. I’m hoping that tomorrow with GDQ marathon running all week […]

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Holiday requests special

December 18, 2021 by

Its that time of the year! Holidays are upon us and Lordpanther is sponsoring another edition of the holiday stream where 4 of us, darkvolt, mau, i and Kite will be taking your requests from 2pm onward until we feel like we’ve taken enough. How to get yours? simply come to http://twitch.tv/gaming_artist after 2pm east. […]

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Animation november part 2

November 20, 2021 by

No progress on 3d learning, some progress on the revision of the web site thanks to Vilx, one step forward with game engine as an attempt at html5 mini game was put up on Daydream however there is a glitch that prevents the cursor from being replaced Html5 is possible, however it’ll need the web […]

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Animation month

November 3, 2021 by

The epilogues are well under way at a rate of 2 pages a week so looking at the list of requests i’ve received, Hel will likely start in february instead of january due to how many needs to be done. More time is fine, as i need to push the art style and practice other […]

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