Sadly our internet has been chancy of late, making streaming even more irregular than it was. The last stream devolved into rainbows stripes. Discord voice chat going red as well. Fun times! Still artworks got done:

Kite’s D&D character design.

Art challenge “Light and dark”

screeeeee, a new emote for discord.

Kite’s take on a ff14 fat cat sin eater.

Commission for Wife of her D&D character in my campaign set in hel. Fallen angel type.

My take on the art challenge “light and dark”

Commission for Vlashrod. His new Dt character with snad

Commission for Wanderheart.Elven lady in armor.

Me… huh, coloring one of kite’s old tablet sketch she found

Giveaway for Xaine

Art challenge “Plant”
And kite’s take on the challenge:

Big comission for Beanie and Vestiline, monster hunter themed:


It was Kite’s birthday on saturday and for this we took the day off. No multistream and a quicker easier Chibi page in consequence for monday.

This was my “birthday card” to her. With all the D&D of late, i figured it could be about our characters always ending together no matter the worlds.

On the topic of D&D, here is Hel, a new city set in the DT world setting across the ocean. The place where the dire wolf come from and basicly a place where tainting has gone so bad that there are no untainted. Everyone has merged with their demons and their descendants built this city. A city of “demons”. Its an interesting experiment to do something drasticly different from the Chelian setting.

She finished her commission for Lordpanther.

An art exchange with Darkvolt, where i drew naga Chrys for Darkvolt and he drew Chiri as a vierra. Snake for bun.

Commission in progress for Beanie and Vestiline.

My failed attempt at doing an emote, again.

Commission for Samuraicowboy. Not a cameo!

Birthday gift for Luu

Commission for Zarannya, not a cameo!


With discord now offering server boosting we went and made more emotes and new animated icon.

The last will not be used as kite’s is much better.

Commission and giveaway for Guilty of his character for my new rp campaign set in Hel. Another city far away from the current events of the comic.

and makezu’s character…

On the topic RP, there is another that began where we are players. With Naal getting another version of herself designed. Below is all the players and some NPCs.

Just doodling the new link as i was watching E3.

Commission in progress of sandaur:

Birthday gift for Ssapdra

Commission for Folclor.

Giveaway for magos.

And finally, the final page of magical girl Chiri chan sponsored by Lordpanther was put up! 3 years on this project. And now a much needed break for Lordpanther on his monthly commission.


Turn up i missed one at first but here are the last two cameo concept art for the chapter. Both nids.

Now the stream giveaways. For Enf and Vlashrod.

Some D&D characters art, one of which for Kite as part of art challenge:

An illusionist using painting to perform the illusion. For Gojikins’ campaign

And a wizard whose tools perform the spells. For Kite’s campaign

Commission for Leo of his FF14 aura

And some bunny hype!

kite’s giveaway for Mullet and Ssapdra

Then her art challenges:


Bunny hype

May 25, 2019 by

A reminder that saturday streams now take place on mixer. Everything else is the same, okay maybe there’s more screen destruction going on : Gaming artist on mixer So much adorable from Kite this week! commission for mullet New discord emote for the Vierra hype Kite’s new D&D character, a kirin. Which I’ve added my […]

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internet down

May 15, 2019 by

Not as much to show for this week! mostly due to our internet instability that led the big saturday stream to be canceled early on. We just seem to be dropping most frames as randomly our upload speed can drop to a tenth of a megabyte . Ow. Barely enough for a discord voice chat. […]

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Turtle airship

May 7, 2019 by

Magical girl chiri next page was put up, sponsored by lordpanther. My piece from january of chirinide in ff14 finally got colored through a new week day mixer schedule. we now stream earlier on tuesday and thursday on that alternative platform where i will work on things that aren’t commission. this is also where i […]

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Luigi meme

April 30, 2019 by

April coming to an end and spring is around the corner. I’ve struggled to find the time to do the bonus videogame artwork unfortunately. Starting with Kite take on the sunset challenge. And, one of her most popular picture with thousands of likes on twitter. People really resonate for her wish of a great fat […]

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18 years, its like a life time on a project and one so near completion. The current chapter will lead to the climax and then, yeah, just one more chapter. Lets hope we can pick up a faster update rate to get that story going. For now, here is the 4k textless version of anniversary […]

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Cat no banana

April 16, 2019 by

And here i was trying to be better about posting the new art everywhere– Yet i missed updating this place last week! Cat no banana needed an icon For a set of emotes she made for our gaming discord and her stream channels. There’s a cat no banana in there. But then she had to […]

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