Haven’t updated in while but at least i was somewhat productive. Finally reopening after effect to try to dust off the skill.
But first of all. kite. has. Worked. 2. months. on . this:

Two months on one chibi illustration. I’m glad she’s done with it.

Meanwhile mine are much simpler in scope. The discord community voted for Ariel blending with red background.

I did a chiri playing beat saber for the beat saber streams.

Birthday gift for Sygdom.

D&D naal , and an alt version about the gear of rats.

She is also the featured character for my stream’s music overlay. With an animated version.

Another simple animation meant as a stream reaction test graphics.

More D&D Naal with a scared goblin

The 3 composition for Farex’s commission. I do a lot of those, that end up never posted once a commission is done. Speaking of which:

Commission for ssapdra! Crystal girl in a field of huh…crystals?

Stream giveaway, which i was told to leave unfinished for them to color

Commission for thrair of a chibi page which ended up used as emergency update.

New overlay for the twtich stream.


Two private commissions worked on this week , both set to private so i can’t share the result.

Birthday request for Vierranv of his bunny character turned into an emote.

A personal challenge of doing a comic strip in about 10 minute in a very simple style

A couple ideas of animations to get back to the topic

My take on Darkvolt’s design of Naal.

more buns, this time for Khuja.

Commission sketch for Thrair. Early phase of a comic page to come.

Progress on a commission for Samuraicowboy. Sabror versus his character.

there’s been a couple fanarts in the last 2 weeks!

Koildorath by Sygdom, memed up naruto style.

AshWaren by Vestiline

Asira malika by Vestiline

Kiel , Naal and Nau alternate version by Darkvolt.

And last, a very surprising fanart from @francescadare !


Only one commission to show for the week. This forsaken(FF14) version of Guiltycarrion’s character. Its not the only commission i worked on but the other two were NSFW ones the client want kept private.

Trying to break the art funk i’ve offered on discord two series of possible artworks.  The following were done in result.

Kiel in a sea of demons

Kite’s character witha  fat cat.

Chiri framed in fire… because i saw the fire soldier series.

Faen merging with the white background. All four meant to play with a framing composition.

Some meme and fire emblem  3 houses fanart to wrap up the week.

Sadly nothing from kite.


thanks for the feedback, Farex and Vilx.

I will be trying to get out of that artfunk. restart streaming even if i’m alone , to do commissions and pieces to advance my skill. It is tough. During artfunk i feel everything i do is subpar and the internet hiccup is not helping but got to try.  I hadn’t posted anything i’ve done on social medias for a long time, finally today i posted the newest piece.  We will also do on twitch and discord this saturday afternoon a get together with the creative of the community to draw non commission artworks. See if that boost motivation. A sort of art jam revival in a way.

Commission of a FF14 sin eater for Tsunflower

Concept art for Beanie

Birthday request for Mizumomo

Commission for Reefireparrot of the beldrobbaen teacher.

Giveaway for Tallsharis

My contribution to Kite’s art challenge of the serpent.

Ariel and Mel starwar crossover kind of for Farex.

As for Kite, she did an update to her D&D character in Gojikins’ campaign

and this adorable bouncy animated serpent.


Questioning streaming

July 26, 2019 by

We haven’t streamed on twitch for more than a month now. Thing is, its not just the weekday streams that had issues but saturday streams on mixer as well, internet issues and getting new guest artists is difficult. Giveaway and art challenges takes more time away from the actual worktime that would be devoted to […]

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sin eater

July 17, 2019 by

Not many artworks for the last week as our sleeping schedule is madness at the moment and my art challenge of saturday turned into two complicated artworks. These 2. Chiri and Chi(kite’s), made sin eaters(ff14). A twisted angelic figure that’s all white with black spots for eyes. It was fun to draw something unusual like […]

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July 7, 2019 by

Sadly our internet has been chancy of late, making streaming even more irregular than it was. The last stream devolved into rainbows stripes. Discord voice chat going red as well. Fun times! Still artworks got done: Kite’s D&D character design. Art challenge “Light and dark” screeeeee, a new emote for discord. Kite’s take on a […]

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Kite’s birthday and Hel

June 25, 2019 by

It was Kite’s birthday on saturday and for this we took the day off. No multistream and a quicker easier Chibi page in consequence for monday. This was my “birthday card” to her. With all the D&D of late, i figured it could be about our characters always ending together no matter the worlds. On […]

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June 13, 2019 by

With discord now offering server boosting we went and made more emotes and new animated icon. The last will not be used as kite’s is much better. Commission and giveaway for Guilty of his character for my new rp campaign set in Hel. Another city far away from the current events of the comic. and […]

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June 4, 2019 by

Turn up i missed one at first but here are the last two cameo concept art for the chapter. Both nids. Now the stream giveaways. For Enf and Vlashrod. Some D&D characters art, one of which for Kite as part of art challenge: An illusionist using painting to perform the illusion. For Gojikins’ campaign And […]

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