We Are Ferals subscriptions

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Subscription amount: USD/month

Be part of the village - 1$/month

You get an account opened on weareferals.com that will allow you to upload your avatar, pet photo, and participate in group actions.

Be a leader - 5$/month

You get the ability to submit your own action for other users to follow. (includes all the previous perks)

Be a hero - 20$/month

You get the artist to design your feral character from your input or from your pet’s photo. There’s no wait for your character to show up in the comic, you get the picture submitted to you along with a cropped version for your user account avatar. If you choose to provide a postal address we will ship to you a professionally printed copy of your character's portrait. (includes all the previous perks)

Be a legend - 50$/month

Some ferals become heroes by bringing shinies of unbelievable… shinyness. Okay, so, they don’t always know what these things do or what they are, but what I’m getting at is that the glory of these ferals is short lived. One-time success is great. But being successful every time is much more awesome. Be they famous or infamous, these legendary ferals will be treated as canon characters in the story. Some will be used as villains, some as sidekicks. For this option, the artist will do a concept art of your character. Which will be professionally printed and shipped to you if you so desire. This rank is for those who are truly committed to the cute little ferals, those who are there for the long run. (includes all perks up to adventurer)