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[268] Artist: Emperial | Title: Duke Daerinnid de Soto | Time: 216 min


[View Animation]
Emperial @ Friday, March 18th 2005, 4:19 AM
GAAAAAAAH this pic started out looking cool and then right towards the end it started to suck but SEE I POSTED IT. Now excuse me I think I'll go off to the corner to sob for having ruined it. I cannot do Daerinnid's face justice. I just can't. ;_;

kyokurrychan @ Friday, March 18th 2005, 12:29 PM
i don't think it looks bad *blink blink* I like it a lot. The shading is awesome, and so are the eyes. i just adore how you did this.

The_Infamous_Pumpkin @ Friday, March 18th 2005, 2:54 PM
-smacks- This my friend, looks amazing. There is nothing ruined about it. T_T I'd give my feet to do realism this well. x.x;

Kari Maxwell @ Friday, March 18th 2005, 10:02 PM
I see nothing wrong with this. He looks... aweseom. I love the realism to it. And the shading kicks major ass. Great job, I love it.

Neko Girl Star @ Saturday, March 19th 2005, 3:43 AM
when I saw this, my jaw dropped...this is amazing....your detail is awsome...*bows her head to you* beautifully done

olsie @ Saturday, March 19th 2005, 3:16 PM
Very very nice face structure; I think it's a perfect face... especially around the eye area... it's very cool :) The coloring technique makes this all the better.

HuntressD @ Tuesday, March 22nd 2005, 7:58 PM
No no, it doesn't suck, it's a very amazing picture. :D I especially love how the hair and eyes turned out... and that ear.. >_> ..say..can I nibble on it. >:)

Little Elf @ Thursday, March 24th 2005, 11:26 AM
Oooooooooooooo sexy! X3 This is some kickin' realism! The way you colored it is sooo cool and all scratchy and stuff. I love it!! ^_^ The bg is cool too, and the little bit of green lighting is a really nice touch. I could comment forever, but I think you know I really like this, and you didn't ruin it as much as you say you did, or at all! I love it! =3

The Blue Sorceress @ Sunday, June 5th 2005, 6:55 PM
There's nothing really wrong with this is you ask me. It turned out very nicely. I like the way you shaded this; the way you used lines for it is very nifty. The hair is particularly well done, I think.

[267] Artist: mazilwolf | Title: buh bye 'n' merry easter!!! | Time: 34 min


mazilwolf @ Thursday, March 17th 2005, 12:52 PM
jhust a lilly dooodle.... i'm on holiday for two weeks sooooo buh byeeeeeeeeeeee!
oh, yeah 'n' merry easter
later dudes!!!

Neko Girl Star @ Thursday, March 17th 2005, 4:46 PM
bye bye ^_^

I like the hair...its a little scetchy and I can't tell if that's her hand or what...I like her expression, very cute n.n

The_Infamous_Pumpkin @ Thursday, March 17th 2005, 9:01 PM
Aww the smile is so cute..^^ and I like the markings. Bai bee

kyokurrychan @ Thursday, March 17th 2005, 10:04 PM
aww, cute expresion. whats she holding? <blink> ah, well.. bai

mazilwolf @ Saturday, April 9th 2005, 8:13 AM
she holds nothing, but has a deformed hand... lol is too small.....

[266] Artist: kyokurrychan | Title: awww gaia love <3 | Time: 324 min


[View Animation]
kyokurrychan @ Thursday, March 17th 2005, 10:52 AM
Yeah, I know,its not done yet, i just have to go eat lunch and I'll come back and work on this... and homework. XD arrghh..

Neko Girl Star @ Thursday, March 17th 2005, 4:47 PM
aww...that's so cute...I can't wait to see it done...it looks lovely...I like the grass and the rest of the bg ^_^ the moon is awsome

The_Infamous_Pumpkin @ Friday, March 18th 2005, 2:53 PM
Aww thats so romantic *_* I luff her foxeh tail ^^

Little Elf @ Thursday, March 24th 2005, 11:21 AM
This is done right? It's soo cuute!! The shading is great. Could use some work with your tones, but couldn't we all? X3 I really like the girl's eye, it's so pretty! The grass is really nice looking, and the moon ish cool! The stars are also very pretty.

[265] Artist: Neko Girl Star | Title: Ice Queen and Ice Drygon | Time: 124 min


Neko Girl Star @ Thursday, March 17th 2005, 12:27 AM
Oh goddess I hope I can re-touch this...

there is a story to this...one I just made up as I was drawing...

if the thing doesn't let me re-touch, is there anything I can do to continue editing it and have it here still?

Neko Girl Star @ Thursday, March 17th 2005, 2:01 AM
I am going to die...I can't edit it...*sighs and whimpers* someone help please?

Kern @ Thursday, March 17th 2005, 3:04 AM
Like the rule page mention, you need to use the applet with - animation - in order to be able to use the resume feature.

mazilwolf @ Thursday, March 17th 2005, 11:52 AM
aww, no worries, i know the feeling!!! it looked so good so far though!!! poor you.
i love dragons and the girl looks very interesting, id love to hear the story!!! too bad you cant re-touch, i hate that kind of thing!!!

The_Infamous_Pumpkin @ Thursday, March 17th 2005, 3:55 PM
aww. ;_; too bad you can't finish it. I really wanted to see a finished prodect too, But oh well!. the line art looks really good still.

Neko Girl Star @ Thursday, March 17th 2005, 4:45 PM
if I edited it in paint shop or something, could you upload it? I've seen some pics like that on here...

Kern @ Friday, March 18th 2005, 1:57 AM
you can send it to me by email and i,ll upload it

Segzhan @ Sunday, March 20th 2005, 9:29 AM

This is totally gorgeous. Can't wait to see it finished.

[264] Artist: Malena | Title: Drystan | Time: 124 min


[View Animation]
Malena @ Wednesday, March 16th 2005, 7:57 PM
Still working on it, I just have to go now.

kyokurrychan @ Friday, March 18th 2005, 11:37 AM
looks like its coming along pretty well thusfar. <3

The_Infamous_Pumpkin @ Friday, March 18th 2005, 2:56 PM
I agree. This is coming along -really- well. I wish I could do front views.

Neko Girl Star @ Monday, March 21st 2005, 1:16 PM
wow...I love your coloring...it looks awsome...hehe can't wait to see it done. your shading is great

krypto @ Friday, March 25th 2005, 11:37 AM
the shading is incerdible. i love this pic very much :D

Malena @ Saturday, March 26th 2005, 7:26 PM
Thanks guys, I'm still working on it. Spring Break is turning out to be alot busier than I thought.

mazilwolf @ Thursday, April 7th 2005, 4:53 AM
ohhh, nice colouring. she/he looks very solomn indeed.

[262] Artist: The_Infamous_Pumpkin | Title: Hellu~ | Time: 1093 min


The_Infamous_Pumpkin @ Monday, March 14th 2005, 3:49 PM
Hey ^^ Im new here and stuff. Had an account for a while. I dre this picceh for a friend cause, they drew me one first. ;_;..Uhm. o_o. I know. The lack of creativity in the background kills me too. >>

(Edited on March 14, 2005, 8:55 pm)

missjtsang @ Tuesday, March 15th 2005, 1:11 AM
Nice outfit design!! Very cute ^^ *hugs* Welcome :) I love the textury background alot. And the border at the top left is spiffy x3 *stares at the design*

Kern @ Tuesday, March 15th 2005, 2:58 AM
Welcome in the oekaki board!

Phyr @ Tuesday, March 15th 2005, 7:05 PM
Welcome! ^_^

this is amazing! i love your shading and line art and . . . stuff.
Welcome! ^_^

Mouse @ Wednesday, March 16th 2005, 7:43 PM
Welcome! First thing that caught my attention here was the horns, since they stand out against the black. Love the smooth coloring, and the details on the clothing in particular.

mazilwolf @ Thursday, March 17th 2005, 11:55 AM
hey ho there and welcome! those eyes really stare into me, xD so cute!!! oekaki yes yes. anyway welcome to the board!!
^__^ draw soon again nice pic!! yup yup!!

Little Elf @ Thursday, March 17th 2005, 4:25 PM
Woooooow! Very pretty. The shading and the blending with it is superb!...I never use that word...anyway, I like the thing(s) on his head...horns? His eyes are pretty! this is really beautiful over all and stuffs like that. I LOVE your handwriting. I wish i could write like that!!

Neko Girl Star @ Thursday, March 17th 2005, 4:48 PM
wow!!! welcome...your detail is amazing and the eyes stand out so well! You'r coloring is excellent...I love the clothes and the bg...you did a wonderful job

krypto @ Monday, March 21st 2005, 10:34 PM
terrific job! the eyes are very nice :D

The Blue Sorceress @ Sunday, June 5th 2005, 6:56 PM
I like the arms and the horns on this little fellow. His expression is very cute!

[260] Artist: Jennifer, The Blue Narian | Title: March Babies HP Style | Time: 402 min


[View Animation]
Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Sunday, March 13th 2005, 3:37 AM

Okay done. I can't think of anything else to add to it that will look all right. O.o

This image is a gift to all the March Babies! That's EVERYONE with a birthday in March weather or not they are in the picture.

It's my very first ever Harry Potter fan art. And I'm crossing my fingers that it is also the last.

On top is mishi as a Gryffindor, then my friend Katie ( http://hellsbella.deviantart.com who shares a birthday with Kari) as a Slytherin, and thats me on the bottom as a... well... stupid muggle wearing her inocent UAA (the collage I go to) scarf that everyone seems to think is a Harry Potter scarf...

*grrs* That UAA scarf would only be a Harry Potter scarf IF in some werid ALTERNATE dimension Gryffindor and Slytherin get mish-mushed together..... >.>

Hopefully I got eye colors and hair right on everyone... I know mine really didn't come out looking like me. ^^;

So any way.... enough of my rambaling.


(Edited on March 20, 2005, 10:13 pm)

catboi incubus mishi @ Sunday, March 13th 2005, 2:06 PM
Oooh, Jenn! I love this so much so far! XDDD I'm excited.

The_Infamous_Pumpkin @ Thursday, March 17th 2005, 3:56 PM
I hope you finish soon. I really Like the one of the top. The positioning is really good, and I love the fact you didn't use bolded lines. ^^

Neko Girl Star @ Thursday, March 17th 2005, 4:49 PM
wow...this looks awsome so far...can't wait to see it done ^^

Almalthia @ Friday, March 18th 2005, 12:38 AM
I demand you finish this! *shakes fist*

Seriously though, it's looking wonderful thus far and I will comment fully and with length upon completion. *huzzah for HP!*

Kari Maxwell @ Friday, March 18th 2005, 9:00 PM
My birthday was Tuesday, March 15th...

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Saturday, March 19th 2005, 12:56 PM
Hay Kari! Thats cool. Your birthday is the same as Katie's. ^_^

Kari Maxwell @ Sunday, March 20th 2005, 12:09 AM
Haha, Jenn. Katie's the Slytherin, right? -grin- That would be my house as well. -snickers- Yay

Neko Girl Star @ Monday, March 21st 2005, 1:20 PM
thank you. hehe...I'm turning 19 on the 28th...I don't want to be 19 :( I was born 1986, easter sunday...this is the first year it's on easter again, easter monday, but I don't think I will have my b-day on easter again...2010 is the next time I have my b-day on a sunday....anyways...

I love the pic and the shading looks awsome...I love the hair too. hehe...go Harry Potter! I haven't read Order of the Pheniox yet...*sob* ack...I can't spell it either...anyway I'm ranting,

this looks awsome ^^ thanks

Little Elf @ Thursday, March 24th 2005, 11:18 AM
Yay you're done! I just love you're drawing style! The colors age really nice, and I like the poses. They're all so cute! There's a good sense of details and stuff too. Really nice.

[259] Artist: Ruka-poo | Title: Rai Rai | Time: 1093 min


Ruka-poo @ Saturday, March 12th 2005, 10:14 PM
xD Guess who was reading Fruits Magazine :O

If you dunno, it's a compilation of pictures of random fashion styles in Japan, lots of famous labels like MILK and stuff. I love that magazine xD One day I HAVE to visit Shinjuku D:

Anyway, this is my character Rai Rai - she's sort of the balance between good and evil in a comic story I've had in my head for a while and is a sorceress. Sort of. She normally has dirty blond hair and green-ish eyes. xD But I gave her contacts and a mohawk instead. It's just a doodle,so it sort of sucks 9_9 ..a lot. but I was drawing late at night and left in on overnight, then had work today so I didn't get to finish it until just now *die* so the time is EXTREMELY innacurate.


Neko Girl Star @ Sunday, March 13th 2005, 4:08 AM
ooo...I like her cloths and the bg, this looks cute ^^ and her eyes and hair look awsome...heh...I love blue...I like her lips...I always have trouble with that...^^

catboi incubus mishi @ Sunday, March 13th 2005, 2:05 PM
Heh. If you want the REAL crazy fashions, visit Harajuku. It's maddeningly awesome, and they have the best buys there. I spent over two hundred dollars when I was there two years ago. XD

Little Elf @ Thursday, March 17th 2005, 4:30 PM
Fruits magazine ish teh bomb! Yush. The eys shadow she has is very pretty. All those designs and different colors are such cool ideas ne? I really like this. .Green lipstick rocks my sock. X3 The BG is very interesting to btw. Nice job.

[258] Artist: mazilwolf | Title: shadowfox again?! you must be fed up of this by now huh.... | Time: 126 min


[View Animation]
mazilwolf @ Saturday, March 12th 2005, 7:46 AM
okies.... i tried to recusitete it, but it just died.... i am dum. really, i am so annoyed the layers merged and it really bugged me up on this one, sorry for the lameness of it all. there is so much wrong with it, i will just leave that area, in fact there is probably nothing good about it. hands up who thinks i shud deledte it?

thanks you guys... i really like you. xD

(Edited on March 17, 2005, 4:57 pm)

Malena @ Sunday, March 13th 2005, 12:10 AM
No Deletion! The line art is a bit sketchy bit I still think its decent. One should never delete there art no matter how much they dislike it.

Neko Girl Star @ Sunday, March 13th 2005, 4:10 AM
I love the boy with the brown and blue hair's pose...he's one you've done before as a wolf or something? it is pretty scetchy and you could spent some time on cleaning up or using layers or less solid lines...I like the board and the coloring...^_^

missjtsang @ Monday, March 14th 2005, 3:06 AM
Don't delete it :( I love the poses and it's really hard to put more than 1-2 characters in a single pic ^^ The watercolory coloring clashes with the solid lines a but but other than that, it's nice :D I like the guy on the right the most ^^

[257] Artist: celestial crou | Title: i wonder | Time: 168 min


[View Animation]
celestial crou @ Saturday, March 12th 2005, 2:22 AM
got plans...hmm.. this is just a very unique character in... my own little world. Im doing this without any real plan so there isnt much else to describe.

mazilwolf @ Saturday, March 12th 2005, 8:06 AM
her eyes are so shiny and i love her mask thing, really cool picture! ^-^

Malena @ Saturday, March 12th 2005, 9:10 AM
The eyes are kind of scary, But I like it anyway. :)

Neko Girl Star @ Sunday, March 13th 2005, 4:11 AM
oo...I love the eyes....I love the flower and her hair...and the outfit is awsome...I'm not sure about the white thingies...are they feathers or fighting lines like in comics? Anyway, as usual your art looks awsome

missjtsang @ Monday, March 14th 2005, 3:07 AM
Her eyes are ...wow. They caught my attention right away. Love her hair alot ^^ And that flower. Prettiness. *nods*

The_Infamous_Pumpkin @ Monday, March 14th 2005, 3:51 PM
Wow. >_< Shes really pretty, and I love her eyes.

Phyr @ Saturday, March 19th 2005, 7:42 PM
the ribons are amazing. so is your shading and line work.over all i just realy like this. ^_^

Segzhan @ Sunday, March 20th 2005, 9:31 AM
PINK! *glomps drow girl*

I am totally crazy about the way you draw eyes, Celestial!

DinKelion @ Monday, December 5th 2005, 7:53 AM
Super cute =3 I love the eyes! But where are her eyebrows? O-o; Her hair looks beautiful!

[256] Artist: Malena | Title: First Attempt | Time: 33 min


[View Animation]
Malena @ Friday, March 11th 2005, 4:26 PM
Yeah trying to get back into the swing of things. Hi everybody. I was in the middle of drawing one of Fidorin but my browser died and I decided just to do this. I hope I wasnt too quick in making it.

mazilwolf @ Saturday, March 12th 2005, 8:08 AM
no worries from me about time!! i only have one major probolem with this pictuer, the eyes are out of focus and looking in different directions! but i do love her ears....

Neko Girl Star @ Sunday, March 13th 2005, 4:13 AM
yeah, the eyes seem a tad off, but I love the coloring...and the BG is awsome...I like how you shaded and sort of stayed with one tone on the elf thing...and using the purple makes it stand out...looks great

Prismatic @ Monday, March 21st 2005, 9:55 PM
I really like the shading of his skin it's all pretty. And the glowing textured thing is neat. Nice linework. I like the proportions you gave his face. And the ears are grande~

[255] Artist: Kamourian King | Title: Jason , the pyro Jadorian | Time: 75 min


[View Animation]
Kamourian King @ Thursday, March 10th 2005, 7:56 PM
not done yet... im feeling sick and i gatta go to bed... + im tyred >> ill fin this some time when im feeling better.. and this is Jason.... *drool* one of my hotist Jadorians and my fav blue dude to draw ^^ i like drawing Ver more =P

i hope ya ll have been doing okey on here :hug: i missed yous....

mazilwolf @ Saturday, March 12th 2005, 8:10 AM
yes, i agree smooth line art!!! yes yes, very good so far!!!

(Edited on March 12, 2005, 1:10 pm)

Neko Girl Star @ Sunday, March 13th 2005, 4:14 AM
hehe...yes smooth lines...me likey...hehe...I can't wait for you to finish!!!!

[254] Artist: Mouse | Title: Murder Concept #2 | Time: 307 min


[View Animation]
Mouse @ Wednesday, March 9th 2005, 8:35 PM
Blah. This was too big to take a screenshot of, so'll keep it up a while.

A murder is a crime of killing. A murder, however, also refers to a flock of crows. That is where he gets his name from. In many places, people use carrier birds to deliver messages, yet don't have proper protection for their landings. Thus the long gloves. If you look closely, between the mountain slopes is a crow flying with something barely visible clutched in its' talons.
Critisism is heartily welcome. I look to improve. Also, question: did I overdue the lighting? Does he look like he's purple rather than pale in somewhat reflective clothing?

bakabaka @ Friday, March 11th 2005, 1:34 PM
Lovely watercolor usage. ^_^ The entire concept with the crow is especially interesting as well. *nodnods* I didn\'t know a group of them were called a \"murder\". =3 Learn something new everyday.

Like I said, the watercolors totally rawk. You really know what colors compliment what colors. \'specially on the d00d\'s face. And speaking of, I really like the shape of his face. It\'s different. ^_^ *honks his nose*

Nice details on the bird too. =3 Amazing that you actually managed to get that message it\'s clutching in its talons to actually show from that distance.

<3 Great work.

(Edited on March 11, 2005, 6:35 pm)

Neko Girl Star @ Sunday, March 13th 2005, 4:21 AM
wow this is big...hehe...anyway, he looks cool...I love the bg, and the watercolors are AWSOME...I can't use them that well...I like the dark coloring...hehe

[253] Artist: Ruka-poo | Title: Crowley? ._. BUTNOT | Time: 90 min


Ruka-poo @ Wednesday, March 9th 2005, 7:14 PM
xD Yeah. Sorry this is crappy xD I was just doodling and I ended up coloring it and so I upload it! If it sucks too much you have every right to delete it ._o

Anyway...it started out as Crowley from Good Omens, only it didn't look anything like him and I think he has black hair and not brown hair and I dunno why he's shirtless and yeah I gave him a tattoo whee --whoo, runon sentence...

-coff- Yes. I decided that he's all OMG because Liger came!1one only.....that scene is completely different. I dunno xD This is just a sketch. don't take it seriously.

Look at his plant :O It has the FEAR OF GOD IN IT.
That's why it's so beautiful.


xD next time I'll post something GUUD. With better lineart.

bakabaka @ Friday, March 11th 2005, 1:36 PM
This is awfully cute for a doodle. *snickers* Those eyes are adorable.


Neko Girl Star @ Sunday, March 13th 2005, 4:16 AM
aww...hehe...he's cute...it's a bit scetchy, I love the little horns and your bg...the eyes look cool and he looks a little drunk..hehe...just because of the pink nose thiing...hehe

Prismatic @ Monday, March 21st 2005, 9:53 PM
Aww! he's all cute and stuff! I enjoy doodles sometimes~ I really like his expression he looks so perky. And! There's shiney spots in the picture~ Poor plant~

[252] Artist: kyokurrychan | Title: Sadness | Time: 37 min


[View Animation]
kyokurrychan @ Wednesday, March 9th 2005, 9:48 AM
New character ide *gasp* .. urgh..

Ruka-poo @ Wednesday, March 9th 2005, 7:18 PM
Aww D: Why's she crying?

Nice use of tones and stuff xD <3

next time you should add a background or something, though, because it is uncomfortably unbalanced ._.;

Either way, her eye is awesome xD and so is the hairstyle <3

bakabaka @ Friday, March 11th 2005, 1:38 PM
*tries to look past the picture*

Wish I could see more of the character. ;_; You should try to draw a full or half body shot, *nodnods*.

Even what I see of the character looks great. =3 Love the hair, and the shading with the tones. Interesting eye coloring as well. *chews on her*

You should try a background too. It'd add a lot to the pic. ^^

Neko Girl Star @ Sunday, March 13th 2005, 4:19 AM
yes, a bg would be good...I like how you used the tones and the eye looks so cool....is that makeup or is she sad? it's a she right? I can't tell because I can't see more of the face...if you made a wing or somthing to fill the bg, it would seem more purposeful...but that's just me ^^'

Segzhan @ Sunday, March 20th 2005, 9:30 AM
Aww.. She look so sad.... ;.;

Prismatic @ Monday, March 21st 2005, 9:51 PM
I agree that a background would add a lot to the picture. I like this. It looks like maybe she's peeking around a doorway or something just enough to see something that's making her all sad and stuff. I really like the eye, and the use of the blue for the forhead dots. Nifty hair style as well~

[251] Artist: Tigerhawk | Title: Moriona-Gaurdian of Time | Time: 89 min


[View Animation]
Tigerhawk @ Wednesday, March 9th 2005, 12:58 AM

THIS IS NOT A GIRL!!! Moriona is a GUY! I repeat a GUY! (please read the description, if you have any questions please ask)
Remember my blackish-purple asperi/nightmare? Well I decided to add a twist to a story I\'m working with and we needed a character to be Time. The most powerful of all characters in the story. I thought a were-horse would be awesome.there was already a werewolf involved so why not. Mori is human with red eyes which have been passed down through his tribe as well as the ablility to morph back and forth from that crazy horse mix to human. A \"rouge\" werewolf killed everyone but him (cause he was out hunting) and Moriona seeked revenge. Moriona was to young to know what the secret to transform in-and-out of the form was so he was stuck in his horse form. For years he hunted this werewolf and eventually found him and saw he had bit a half-elf. Moriona tried to stop the werewolf from doing his bidding but was to late but had left a very nasty wound on the werewolf and broke his ribs. The Half-elf was Kal. later on in the story he figures out how to become human again. Aramil, the drow main character in the story, ends up not liking Moriona and becomes jealous of him as well because Kal\'s attention goes straight to Moriona instead of him when he just starts to develop something for her.
\"No girl can resist a \'pony\', a very sexy \'pony\'.\"

(Edited on March 22, 2005, 4:30 pm)

Ruka-poo @ Wednesday, March 9th 2005, 7:19 PM
:O I've always loved poses like this...can't wait until it's done xD I'm sure it will be very very lofferly.

Mouse @ Wednesday, March 9th 2005, 8:03 PM
Oooh.. I've had a case of featherfetish lately.. Delicious pose and anatomy, too.

bakabaka @ Friday, March 11th 2005, 1:42 PM
A werehorse, huh? =3 I'm interested to see what her other form looks like.

Great pose. *nods* And all of that hair is just lovely. Her olive complexion really goes well with the dark color of that long mane she's got.

One thing that seems off to me is the position of her legs. Particularly (her) right one. Seems like the knee should be facing the viewer instead of away.

Even so, great pic. =3 The character's hawt.

mazilwolf @ Saturday, March 12th 2005, 10:16 AM
verrry nice! i do rember your asperi/nightmare good for you! she look awsome all dark and dangerous

Neko Girl Star @ Sunday, March 13th 2005, 4:23 AM
ooo...she's sexy...I love the pose...I love how it's so dark...it looks so kool...*paws* I want one...hehe

missjtsang @ Monday, March 14th 2005, 3:10 AM
Oh :D Cute pose and the mischevious expression she has is really nicely done. Her thigh muscle doesn't look that right but everything else looks awesome ^^ Love the hair alot.

Prismatic @ Monday, March 21st 2005, 9:50 PM
Oh! Very feminine. I like 'im. Nifty story as well~ I love it when people include stories and history and what have you~ I like the slight variations in his hair and the matchingness of the boots. The background is nice and shadowy. I really like the expression as well as his pose.~

krypto @ Monday, March 21st 2005, 10:36 PM
terrific shades, tiger. it's very nice and the hair, simply awesome :)

Tigerhawk @ Tuesday, March 22nd 2005, 11:32 AM
Since when did I say Moriona was a girl?

[250] Artist: Prismatic | Title: unfinished | Time: 63 min


[View Animation]
Prismatic @ Monday, March 7th 2005, 9:16 PM
not done yet.

mazilwolf @ Tuesday, March 8th 2005, 1:10 PM
*bilnk blink* rainbow coloured hair!
*shifts awkwardly trying to ignor butt*
geez, i am so perverted, ingnor me... but yeah, i like the hair colours!!! ^_^: heh..... heh....

bakabaka @ Friday, March 11th 2005, 1:46 PM
Butt! ^.^

This is very pretty, and has a kind of old-fashioned beauty to it. I love the colors and the pose she's in. Tasteful nudity rawks. *nods* You pulled off the rainbow colored hair and wings? very well, 'cause it doesn't look out of place and goes with the picture surprisingly well. ^_^ Nice soft pastel colors.

Neko Girl Star @ Sunday, March 13th 2005, 4:26 AM
very nice pose...and I agree about the wings...and the ear looks cool...I like how you kept it all soft and gentle like...her butt seems a bit akward, her arm is a tad skinny, but I never noticed that until I kept looking at it...I love the hair too...very nice

Queen_Godzilla @ Tuesday, April 12th 2005, 7:34 PM
I love the colors and how wispy this is, but I cringe at the anatomy.

Her butt is awkward, and her shoulder seem slanted in an odd direction against her hips (and possibly her shoulders aren't wide enough either.) The face also needs to have the proper profile contours. Please continue to draw and study anatomy.

[249] Artist: KHatch | Title: Wii (POOPER!) | Time: 288 min


[View Animation]
KHatch @ Monday, March 7th 2005, 12:47 AM

The "pooper" is what my boyfriend said to put in the title.
This is Wii, pronounced "why." He's a raptoran, he's my b/f's new D&D character, he's all birdy and stuff.
ALL DONE! I'm not sure I like it too much, but it's cool. And don't worry, Argpoodle will be back soon, and his crazy antics will continue to amuse all for many more days to come!

(Edited on March 13, 2005, 5:37 am)

bakabaka @ Monday, March 7th 2005, 1:48 AM
This looks great s'far. *nods*

I really like the perspective job on the wings. <3 And the wings themselves look fantastic too, of course.

=3 From the color I'm seeing in those piercing eyes of his, I can't wait to see this colored.

Lovely. Finish!

Skittles-chan @ Monday, March 7th 2005, 7:58 PM
It looks so much like a pen/pencil skets =3
The wings do look really great, and I love the colour of his eyes. Looking forward to seeing it completed.

Prismatic @ Tuesday, March 8th 2005, 12:58 PM
Oh you colored it in! It looks really good. I liked it when it was a sketch with just the brilliant eyes as well. I like the softness to the coloring and the fantasticlly bright colors in contrast to the dark background. Neato feathers growing on his arms.~

mazilwolf @ Tuesday, March 8th 2005, 1:12 PM
i want wings!!! *snuffle...*
i like people with wings alot. yes yes.
th sky looks really stomy in the background, i love a good stromy sky, me.
and the face is shaded really really well tooo =0 i like how he has little feathers stinking out on his arms and the angle of the wings is amazing yes yes.

Ruka-poo @ Wednesday, March 9th 2005, 7:17 PM
o___o whoa

I LOVE the feathers. like...whoa. xD It's so cool! And the background's awesome too!

Can't wait untill you finish <333

Tigerhawk @ Wednesday, March 9th 2005, 7:54 PM
the clouds are really spiffy, very nicely done. The coloring is coming out really nice too. Can't wait til it's finished

Neko Girl Star @ Sunday, March 13th 2005, 4:28 AM
oh...my...god...this looks AWSOME!!!!! every little detail is so perfect! I can see his ribs, the feathers are awsome...the bg is just as good...I love the head feathers...this is amazing....

missjtsang @ Monday, March 14th 2005, 3:09 AM
The detail in the wing's unearthly *_* Love the shines and the hair :D Feathery ^^ The eyes have this intense look in them too ^^ *stares*

mazilwolf @ Thursday, March 17th 2005, 12:57 PM
now i see it done i want wings even more!!!! -.- they are so cool, all the detail... and the shading on the face is amazing. his eyes are also really piercing and the ears are good too, you have detail on this picture and i for one love it loads and loads and loads....n loads...

[248] Artist: bakabaka | Title: Divine Rest | Time: 334 min


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bakabaka @ Sunday, March 6th 2005, 10:17 PM
Been a while. =3

Had the urge to oekaki, so wah-la! Random nekkid cat girl with big pretteh wings. ^_^ For this being my first oekaki in a long while, she turned out pretty well.


(Edited on March 7, 2005, 7:38 am)

Kern @ Sunday, March 6th 2005, 10:33 PM
It's.....It,s a female! O_O bakabaka, you're alright?

Neko Girl Star @ Sunday, March 6th 2005, 11:58 PM
holy cow that is so sexy...can I eat her? *giggles* she's hot...I love the pose...it looks amazing! I can't wait to see it done...the anatomy is perfect....

Skittles-chan @ Monday, March 7th 2005, 8:01 PM
Very nice =3 I've always liked the simplicity in your shading. The cloud looks really nice; very soft and fluffy.
The only thing that bothers me is her boobs. They look kind of unnaturall for small ones. Maybe it's just me =/ Havent seen very many of em yanno.

mazilwolf @ Tuesday, March 8th 2005, 1:15 PM
I LOVE TEH TAIL!!!!! oh sooo soft....
and her hair is great too.... love the way she holds her wings and her face is sooo sweet looking!!! she i lying on clouds, is she not? if they are clouds they sure look comfy! i might take a snozze on one if you dont mind... ^__^

Neko Girl Star @ Sunday, March 13th 2005, 4:29 AM
*paws at her screen* I want one...can I have one? I want one...*giggle* I love the coloring...just as good as the line art...kick @$$ job!

The_Infamous_Pumpkin @ Tuesday, March 15th 2005, 7:33 PM
Her tail looks fuzzeh! I want to hug @@; Very Nice shading. I like much.

Little Elf @ Thursday, March 17th 2005, 4:34 PM
Bakabaka you rule! The colors are so soft! It looks all fluffy. =3 You did very well the solid shading on her skin, and the soft shading on her wings and the BG. It's soo pretty! I love her hair, and just the way it falls. Very nice. ^_^

Phyr @ Saturday, March 19th 2005, 7:44 PM
uhmm.. wow. just wow.

Queen_Godzilla @ Tuesday, April 12th 2005, 7:28 PM
Beautiful cat girl. Honestly. Everything is so smooth and curvy and feminine, which works well with this. Everything on her is so dainty -- her lips, her feet, and her breasts. So small and cute! Lovely colors as always.

The one critique I have is on the breasts. They seem to be oddly placed or some such. I know they're meant to be petite breasts, but there seems to be just something off about them. Maybe they need to be wider, or moved into a different position. I can't really tell myself.

[247] Artist: kyasha | Title: Kheldian attack! | Time: 184 min


kyasha @ Sunday, March 6th 2005, 9:36 PM
Uh..yeah. It's been a while since I drew here XD

Three of my characters from City of Heroes (that game rocks!!!). Got lazy with the water....meh :P

Loki @ Sunday, March 6th 2005, 10:05 PM
Wah! How cute! I love the colours and the BG is hilarious! XD cute!

Neko Girl Star @ Sunday, March 6th 2005, 11:59 PM
lmao...run forest run! heeh...its so cute...I love the girl who is eating the pocky's expression...and I LOVE the eyes

bakabaka @ Monday, March 7th 2005, 1:51 AM
The girl in the front seems to either be completely oblivious to what's going on, or must be in league with that flying upside down spider thing!


Anyhow. Even though you slacked with the water in the background, it still looks great. =3 Nice quicky.
Love the girl in the background's facial expression. XD I'd be running if something like that was chasing me. D'no how long she's going to stay alive if she keeps running through that water like that. XD RUN!

Great anatomy. *nods* 'specially the girl in front's hand. <3 It's hard to draw hands holding tiny sticks like that. Very pretty eyes she has too. =3

mazilwolf @ Tuesday, March 8th 2005, 1:07 PM
haha, the one in the backgorund... the face...
i love the way you splashed the water where she is running, and just what is that chasing her?
the one in front seems blissfully unaware and looks really sweet!! with the lolly pop and all ^0^ ohhh, so great!!!

kyasha @ Wednesday, March 9th 2005, 1:56 AM
The thing that is chasing the green haired girl is my Kheldian from Cityofheroes...basically...an alien! When you reach the highest lvl of 50, you get a chance to make an alien!!!!

[246] Artist: mazilwolf | Title: shadowfox brothers hell fire | Time: 135 min


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mazilwolf @ Sunday, March 6th 2005, 7:17 AM
*ahem* i had better explain....
i am currently making a comic called the shadow fox brothers, i n the top left picture, there is Matiko, the eldest brother, who is scared of pretty much everything.
in the bottom left is the younger brother, Hiroki, in his shadow fox form. beside him (the little wing thingy) is the hell fire emblem, (the baddies sign!) next to that is the crystal pendulum of the dowser, Takaharu. Takaharu is in the top right picture, showing off his new pendulum to Riyoka, the spirt medium/ shaman. i hope you like it and any comments are greatly appriciated!! ~.0

(Edited on March 6, 2005, 12:25 pm)

kyasha @ Sunday, March 6th 2005, 9:45 PM
The lineart can be tweaked a little. I like the range of colors you used in this piece! :)

Maybe work a little on that hand on the top left corner :) *hands are hard...I know* :P

bakabaka @ Friday, March 11th 2005, 1:48 PM
You used so many colors in this, which is very nice. =3 None of them clash with eachother. Great job.

The story sounds interesting. *nods* The jewel is spiff too, yus.

mazilwolf @ Thursday, April 7th 2005, 5:02 AM
is not just a jewl, is a dowsing pendulum. yars.

[245] Artist: celestial crou | Title: Dark elf encounter | Time: 155 min


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celestial crou @ Sunday, March 6th 2005, 2:44 AM
I am reading a good series right now and this is just one of his "species". He actually has a name for them...it starts with an M but i dont remember. ANYHOW ..... thats it.

celestial crou @ Sunday, March 6th 2005, 4:17 AM
ALRIGHTY. i think this maybe a bit confusing. The short version: Dark elves are supposed to hate humans but this one saved the girl. And then left quickly after.

NOW i did finnish this pic. The BG is green and all that. But its not showing up. If its not up by .....tomarrow ill redo it cause then ill know it didnt get sent.... stupid program...>,<

mazilwolf @ Sunday, March 6th 2005, 7:20 AM
she looks really suprised to see him!!!
and the shading is great, epecilly on her hair!! whats the tattoo for, or is it just a tattoo with no meaning? i dunno, ingnor my crazy non-sensical mind @.@

kyasha @ Sunday, March 6th 2005, 6:30 PM

Side profiles are usually really hard to get, but seems like you got it! Bravo! :)

bakabaka @ Friday, March 11th 2005, 1:51 PM
The blonde girl reminds me of something, but I can't think of who. >_O *hrms*

I like the dark skinned mysterious figure looks sexy. *rawr* ^_^ I've always loved solid black hair. *nods* And as has been mentioned, great profiles! =3 They're not easy.

[244] Artist: Phyr | Title: Warding off the Darkness | Time: 136 min


Phyr @ Saturday, March 5th 2005, 11:17 PM
well, long time no see... ^_^

my first attempt at an older Naal'suul. i coulsn't get the face at all. i gave up after the 5th or so eye. and i drew the coat wrong. (but i think it looks ok...)

but i still like it. ^_^

Kern @ Saturday, March 5th 2005, 11:38 PM
Hmm maybe you can add the face in photoshop or something like that? It would be easier.

kyasha @ Sunday, March 6th 2005, 6:29 PM
Too bad you can't redo...I would like to see a face :)

I like that BLUE! :O

bakabaka @ Friday, March 11th 2005, 1:53 PM
I was wondering why the person was faceless. >_>

Even without a face, the character looks interesting. The outfit is tres cool, 'specially the overcoat. =3 Spiff.

Better luck with the eye drawing next time. ^_~

Neko Girl Star @ Sunday, March 13th 2005, 4:30 AM
I'm sure if you kept working at it, you could get the face...I love the clothes and the pose...nice ^^

[243] Artist: Queen_Godzilla | Title: Margo's Unicorn | Time: 189 min


Queen_Godzilla @ Saturday, March 5th 2005, 5:12 PM
I wanted to draw something, but didn't have an idea so I asked my cousin Margo what I should draw.

She said a unicorn running on clouds n' stuff. So I was like "Alrighty!"

She suggested the colors too. Heh.

Not my best, but hey!

Prismatic @ Saturday, March 5th 2005, 8:45 PM
This is super cute. Your cousin makes great color schemes. hehe... I really like their face, great expression on it! and the horn seems to be coming out of the perfect spot on it's forhead. I really love ther way you highlighted it, really seems like there's a light source shining directly on it~~ The rainbow colored glowing things of whee in the background are all nifty too~!

mazilwolf @ Sunday, March 6th 2005, 7:23 AM
its very sweet!!! the cloud looks really soft and pillowy where the unicorn is treading. i wanna sleep in the cloud!!!
wouldn't her mane fly back a little though, it looks a bit flat... also, her face looks too small for such abig horn ^0^ but is is still a great picture, all sparkly at teh back 0.0!!! ohhh.... pretty....

kyasha @ Sunday, March 6th 2005, 6:28 PM
LIGHTBRIGHTS! That's the first thing that came to mind...all those sparkly lights in the BG ...wow O.O

Nice lineart! You make 2 evil colors look good (purple and pink are evil!)

Skittles-chan @ Sunday, March 6th 2005, 6:37 PM
The setting sort of reminds me of.. well, this level on Pokemon Snap =/ lol not that it's a bad thing. Very fluffy and pretty.
I really like the shading, and the star things are colourful. The horn is pretty neat too. The only critique I have is that her main is a little too smooth on top, and it doesnt show a lot of motion.

Neko Girl Star @ Monday, March 7th 2005, 12:02 AM
this looks awsome...but I agree about the hair...and the legs look a little stiff...if the hair was more upwards, it would look like she was at a hard or fast run and her legs would be stiff as ment to ((yes...I draw horses...hehe...I love them)) but all in all, the lighing, the shading! its all awsome!

bakabaka @ Monday, March 7th 2005, 1:55 AM
Unicorn! =3 They're so pretty.

The way you have the horsey colored reminds me of a My Little Pony. Yellow hair and a purple body? X3
Great sense of movement with the mane flowing and everything. =3 And wonderful shading as usual.

Ah, and I can't forget the mention the cotton-candy-ish clouds. ^^ <3 the little puffs underneathe the unicorns hooves as it movies.

The_Infamous_Pumpkin @ Tuesday, March 15th 2005, 7:34 PM
Oh wow! This is so beautiful! I seriously love the shading of everything! The coulds look so fluffy!

[242] Artist: Karasu | Title: VHD fanart : Number 2 | Time: 811 min


[View Animation]
Karasu @ Saturday, March 5th 2005, 3:59 PM
Getting closer to what i'm looking to capture between the two...but not quite yet....=_=

Prismatic @ Saturday, March 5th 2005, 8:48 PM
This is beautiful! Your work is always all sorts of neat, and of course this is no exception.
The expressions you captured are simply amazing! They look so marvelous together, and the anatomy from what I can tell is fantastic. Very pretty use of colors.. and I like the shineyness on their faces. I hope to see more to come soon and that you do capture what you were hoping for!~

mazilwolf @ Sunday, March 6th 2005, 5:41 AM
wow, this one better than the last one!!!
i dont think it looks as dramatic though... but still good in the shine of the face like prismatic said.

(Edited on March 6, 2005, 10:42 am)

kyasha @ Sunday, March 6th 2005, 6:27 PM
Just a question...is the blonde one female or male? I see so many pretty boys in anime I don't know which is which hahahaha. >.>

Love the shiny-ness of their skin :D

Neko Girl Star @ Monday, March 7th 2005, 12:03 AM
oooo...again I love it...your first one was a bit better, but this still looks unbelieveable

Ruka-poo @ Wednesday, March 9th 2005, 7:16 PM
:OO I love the colors you use - and the sketchy look of the picture.

And the shinyness xD

keep it up, this is awesome <33

Mouse @ Wednesday, March 9th 2005, 8:07 PM
Don't watch the show or recognize the characters, don't believe I've seen them before either. Lovely faces, expressions.. It makes me curious about the show.

bakabaka @ Friday, March 11th 2005, 1:56 PM
I haven't seen this movie in ages. =3 Is good though, yus.

I like D's face especially. I love those eyes (more like eyelids) of his, just 'cause the placement is perfect. And the nooose. Wonderful colors are usual, too, Karasu.

The whole mood of the pic rawks. *chews on the girl's hair* Pretteh. =3

Queen_Godzilla @ Tuesday, April 12th 2005, 7:21 PM
Awh, you should try this again. It's so romantic and I'd like to see more of your attempts at it. Your attempts until you get what you wanted in the first place, even!

And, OH MY GOD, D's face. o_o So... well, romantic XD. It's very simple in terms of color and line, but so very expressive. I can't think of what else to say, except PLEASE TRY THIS AGAIN :D

It's a lovely subject. ^_^

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