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[115] Artist: darkrose | Title: Pixie | Time: 208 min


[View Animation]
darkrose @ Thursday, January 13th 2005, 6:11 AM
GRAAAAAR!!! OK, well the real purpose of this drawing was to express my intense frustration at NOT BEING ABLE TO DRAW. I have no tablet, I don't plan on owning one, everything digital I do is with a mouse. So I'm home for the holidays, away from my own computer and using my parents', and their mouse is RIDICULOUS. Even when you change the mousepad the dang thing sticks, skips, lags, cuts out, and any number of other nasty little things that make oekaki damn near impossible to do. And thus I decided to play with the imprecise art of watercolors, because I can make a whole lot of little clicks and swipes to try and do a picture without having any lineart or details (believe me, I tried to do both but to no avail).

*sigh* Ah, well. This didn't turn out half as bad as I'd expected it to, although I'm still not all that fond of it. I couldn't get the color smooth enough for my tastes, and the mouse kept skipping whenever I'd try to do little things like the nose or the eyes. Thus, the timer is actually acurate on this one, I have no idea what it is but it's true whatever it is. *Ahem*, this is a pixie from a new story I'm writing. Sort of based off the picts of the ancient British Isles, they are blue and have wierd hair (rather the texture of spaghetti, most keep it in cornrows or other such devices), large noses, small pointed ears, and they stand between two and three feet tall. They don't wear many clothes, living in a very tribal shamanistic kind of setting. Big deals for them are wearing plants around their ankles and wrists (and in their hair), large earrings (gold preferrable, because it's shiny and they LOOOOVE it), and generally decking themselves out in as much nifty stuff as possible (pearls, beads, shells, gold stuff), oh, and ceremonial tatoos for every occasion, name, social thingus and whatnot. This one is rather young, which is why she has only one large string of pearls and one large gold earring, with just the naming tatoo upon her forhead and her clan tatoo under her eyes.

Wow that was a long intro... comments welcome, although take this with a grain of salt because I was having a great deal of trouble. Thanks for your time!

catboi incubus mishi @ Thursday, January 13th 2005, 2:39 PM
Hey, darkrose! Glad to see you back! x) You did this with a touchpad? Hot damn, girl. xD I'm not going to go too hard on this, merely because I know it was pretty hard enough to draw in the first place!I think, if I had to find some 'problem' with this image, I would say her forehead - it juts out a lot and sort of bothers me. ^_^; But aside from that, this image is nothing short of beautiful! I love the shading, it's so tangible and her earring looks real. Great job! :D

Kaede @ Thursday, January 13th 2005, 8:23 PM
Wow, I personally thing your really really good with watercolors. I really like thespixie things, this one is very beautiful. Her eyes are nice to look at, and her lips are just beautiful. Even though you were stuck with a mouse that that, this turned out really really good. Your really good at realism. =0

celestial crou @ Friday, January 14th 2005, 4:38 AM
Dude i SO know what thats like. And i know how you can 'fix' that mouse prob. If by some crule twist of fate you and that mouse should cross paths again. LOL At least it sounds like the prob i had with my mouse. You have to take the ball out and then look inside the mouse. There will be these little roller things that make the mouse move. up down and the right left. If you find what look like well....a black rubber band with puffy stuff around it thats your prob. Thats all dead skin and C_ _ _ thats been flatened into a thin strip. So you have to remove those thingies and the mouse will work good as new! If not that....lo siento cause i cant help you. NOw im no comp wiz but thats what works.

Now for the piccy. This is a beutiful mix of colors. The BG is mellow and soft with complementary colored fairies? And the vine boarder....Thats quite elabrate for having absolutly no control over the mouse. The skin is shaded and highlighted to add depth which pulls the figure out. The BG and the FG work fantastic together. And the hair. We dont see those very often. Kudos to you!

darkrose @ Friday, January 14th 2005, 5:20 AM
Thanks Crou, although guess what? It's a lazer mouse! No ball to remove... it's just a crappy mouse. Ah, well... thanks for the help, though.

PS: Mishi, this better? I straightened out her forhead a little more, thanks for that. I missed it when eyeballing her before (but that's what these boards are for, right?) and while I was at it I decided to give her lips more definition and give her a nose stud. Just for fun <{^.^}>

catboi incubus mishi @ Saturday, January 15th 2005, 3:12 AM
Hoyes, much better! She's so pretty. x) I love the addition of the nose-ring. :3

Starisan @ Saturday, January 15th 2005, 4:35 AM
Hi! I like her eyes they are very realistic. The nose looks pretty well done too, maybe just a little wide at the top...great job with the jewelry, it looks very metallic. I like the effect of the blurred background, it makes it more photgraph like, to focus on the frontal image. The corn rows are a very unique and good looking idea. The nose stud seems to fit in with her character, I like that attention to detail. The symbols are nicely put as well, the are subtle but get their point a cross. I really like the way the neck turned out. Nice One!

Queen_Godzilla @ Friday, February 18th 2005, 12:20 AM
Gnome people. Like the Nac MacFeegles in the Terry Pratchett books, eh?

For something that was made with a mouse (and a glitchy one at that) this is freakin' incredible. Really. I feel that the painting style accurately represented the elements in the picture in terms of texture and lighting. She isn't flat, but rather 3-D. Aah, and so many little details like the nose ring and the eyelashes! Aya!

All I can think to critique is that her neck might be a bit short, but she's a stocky fae breed so that's probably not a problem.

[113] Artist: Carbuncle | Title: Siren Song | Time: 1093 min


[View Animation]
Carbuncle @ Wednesday, January 12th 2005, 12:38 AM
why a siren? I dunno why I guess I feel like singing... well it's not finnished so it looks iffy!!

Carbuncle @ Wednesday, January 12th 2005, 1:04 AM
okay well the site is being weird so I'll have to work on it later...

darkrose @ Wednesday, January 12th 2005, 10:54 PM
ooh... shiny hair... *so pretty* finish soon!

catboi incubus mishi @ Thursday, January 13th 2005, 2:35 PM
This is very pretty so far! I just love the shading on her hair, but what bothers me is her lips - they seem a little too big and her mouth seems almost .. off from them. I don't know if that makes much sense, but I hope it does. ^_^;; Do finish soon!

Starisan @ Sunday, January 16th 2005, 8:41 PM
THis hair is wonderful. This picture has a lot going for it and I can't wait till it's done. Sorry, I have to agree that the mouth seems a little awkward but I really like everything else! Yeah! keep going, keep going!

Prismatic @ Thursday, February 17th 2005, 11:04 PM
Wow, I really do hope you come back and finish this someday. Seriously, the hair is soooo pretty! It shines and sparkels and I love it. Her pose is pretty good too.
Please come back?

Carbuncle @ Friday, May 6th 2005, 8:29 AM
arghh!! I think Ima have to lose alotta work on this one because my connection is being gay and wont send it....ughh I think I might be sick..:(

[110] Artist: AlandarrKarimises | Title: What is that? | Time: 81 min


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AlandarrKarimises @ Tuesday, January 11th 2005, 3:10 AM
Adult because it's not completed.

Two people looking at something. What is it? A diamond? A puppy? Bigfoot's footprint?The world may never know.

Kamourian King @ Tuesday, January 11th 2005, 10:52 AM
gah i thought it was Kento ^^; your chars look too much alike... do you want me to wait till your done coloring or start my skech.... (( the crap befor i start my line art))

AlandarrKarimises @ Wednesday, January 12th 2005, 2:02 PM
Uh, when I go to re-touch it, it's all messed up. Everything's black and I can't undo it or white it our.

Kamourian King @ Wednesday, January 12th 2005, 4:51 PM
everything?? even MD?? you can use a different color and redraw over your lines and then put the black ones on the 1st layor

AlandarrKarimises @ Wednesday, January 12th 2005, 11:11 PM
Even MD. It all black except for a few blue lines and white splotches

darkrose @ Thursday, January 13th 2005, 2:42 AM
ooh, I had that happen to me once. I was so upset, I'd already put more than four hours into that piece and when I went to try and retouch it it was ALLL purple. I eventually had to go through and redo the purple by hand, but then I had some lines left to go by... if it's all black I don't know what to do about trying to fix it. Maybe you could take a screenshot and finish it in another program? Or something?

Kamourian King @ Thursday, January 13th 2005, 11:08 AM
epp, well ill try to go in and see whats up.... and i dont mind go though MD and redraw him.....

yes, go over the lines.... or if its buggin you alot BH16, then screen shoot it and draw your part in photo shop 7 (( i beleve you have it on your comp))

but if we do that, is there a way the mods can upload it to here??

AlandarrKarimises @ Thursday, January 13th 2005, 11:12 AM
KK- woah, the BG is all black.....well have to erase it and redraw it..... but wait till someone fins their part.... i have alot of free time so i can probably fin MD by saterday

[109] Artist: celestial crou | Title: Inu/sessho 's father | Time: 114 min


[View Animation]
celestial crou @ Tuesday, January 11th 2005, 1:36 AM
This pic is in anticipation of the third movie. I just bought the second and thought i would read up on the next one. Which by FAR sounds the best. I wont spoil anything but i will say that there is supposed to be a little bit about the past in the movie. Hence the pic. I found two great sites for images so if anyone wants them just ask.

darkrose @ Tuesday, January 11th 2005, 6:09 AM
Ooh, nice. Love the hair, it's so very silvery and pretty. Nifty site with pretty pictures? I'm always interested...

KHatch @ Tuesday, January 11th 2005, 6:35 AM
The shading on the ivory part of his back is very nice. I love his hair.

kyokurrychan @ Tuesday, January 11th 2005, 9:09 PM
I know i'm gonna cry when i watch it... i just know it. ^^ awesome drawing by the way <3

Kaiera @ Wednesday, January 12th 2005, 12:04 AM
it's Inu-papa! :D I love him, I do. I personally cannot wait for the 3rd movie, papa's awesome. Beautiful drawing, I like how his back is turned to the viewer...cool effect :)

Starisan @ Wednesday, January 12th 2005, 1:44 AM
wah! suspense. Now to the art. I really like it, the position is one that isn't used a lot so it's fresh. I agree, the back is done very well and the shadow under the ponytail is really good too. OOO and the shoulder pad thingys (sorry don't know what to call them), they are awsome because they are so dramatic. great job as usual.

Kage Kitsune @ Wednesday, January 12th 2005, 1:58 AM
ooo....I now wonder...XD Inuyasha doesn't really resemble his father does he? I like the furry cloak and his hair ::pets it:: and the ears are cooooool!

celestial crou @ Wednesday, January 12th 2005, 3:06 AM
But i prefir the "lord of dogs site" more (2nd one listed). Really pretty pics. Amazingly i though they were better then the "official IY site" ones. They are generally bigger and have a better focas. so YEA!!!!!!!!

AND on the second one it shows the shared characteristics of father to both sons. Quite interesting. As far as i can remember the eyebrows are shared between IY / father and in Full demon mode IY has the same strips on his face. Well. you can read the rest i'm sure. really cool..

Kaede @ Thursday, January 13th 2005, 8:05 PM
Ive only seen the second Inuyasha movie, and I need to see the first then the third.
Yay for the Daddy. He looks awesome, even though.. this is just his back. Really great job on the coloring and the moon .=D

Starisan @ Saturday, January 15th 2005, 4:38 AM
wow, that planet turned out awesomely!

catboi incubus mishi @ Saturday, January 15th 2005, 3:45 PM
Ever since Inu Yasha became popular in the US, I stopped following it. xD; This is a nice image, although the positioning of the white cloak .. thing.. bothers me, because it make his shoulders to look different sizes. But I like the pinky-red moon, it would have been neat if you had a slightly pink glow on him. O:

[107] Artist: Verna_Venisa | Title: Elves rock my socks | Time: 130 min


[View Animation]
Verna_Venisa @ Tuesday, January 11th 2005, 12:37 AM
Oi!! I'm new here *waves enthusiastically* ^_^ Well I'm quite happy with how this turned out, even though the bg sucks major monkey bums. ><

Lady_Sea @ Tuesday, January 11th 2005, 2:05 AM
FINALLY. You have joined!! I'm so happy XD.
My, you really have improved within the past year. Your figures are becoming more life like and are beginning to grow characters of their own. This is really a beautiful image. I really like the woody red colors in this and the sage green eyes that compliment it. The art on her chest is simple but very original and unique all in it's own way. I'm getting proud of you kiddo ^_^. As for a tad bit of cc, clean up your line art in some places. That's about it, can't wait to see some more images produced by you.

darkrose @ Tuesday, January 11th 2005, 6:07 AM
Ooh, pretty! Welcome to the board! It's so red and nicely... good job!

KHatch @ Tuesday, January 11th 2005, 6:38 AM
I really like the design on this. The outfit and the facial features are pretty. The hair, it's so flowy! Nice shading on the face.

Kaiera @ Tuesday, January 11th 2005, 4:24 PM
oh very pretty :D I love all the red! Red is such an awesome color, I must say. Cool little tatoo(?) on her chest too....kinda reminds me of a snake of sorts. Is it significant in her history or something?

Verna_Venisa @ Tuesday, January 11th 2005, 7:57 PM
Thanks for the comments everyone ^^... this character is brand new, but i was thinking about making a redheaded elf a few days ago. The tatoo i dunno about. I pretty much just drew it because i didn't fell like putting in the effort to make a necklace and her neck looked bare, but 1/2-way through drawing it i decided to possibly represent the 4 elements (hence the colors). Mabye she could be a mage of sorts? ^_^ We'll see

Carbuncle @ Wednesday, January 12th 2005, 12:43 AM
Hia! and Welcome!!! I"m glad you joined you seem to have good talent!! the colors are very pleasing to look at! I like the kwel dress too!!! the element idea is facinating!! keep it up!!!

Starisan @ Wednesday, January 12th 2005, 1:41 AM
yeah! Elves rock my socks too. This is a very cool piece. I like the shine in the eyes and the red color palette, very passionate. The eyes may be a little high...The earings are awesome and the skin tones and shadows are very good.

catboi incubus mishi @ Saturday, January 15th 2005, 3:54 PM
Welcome to the board! :3 This is a pretty elf. Something about her face seems odd to me, I think it might be how she's slightly cross-eyed. Also, I think her nose could use a bit more definition, since it seems you're going for a slightly more realistic than cartoonish look. I think, for her collarbone, you could have used just watercolors to make it less harsh. Same goes for the tattoo - it looks more like it was drawn on with Sharpie than tattooed, I think if you smoothed the edges with watercolor is would look more realistic. Just one more thing, I promise, and then I'm done - the curve in her hair at the top of her head seems to go out a little much. :o Anyway, I'm a fan of reds and silvers, so I'm digging her outfit. x) Again, welcome to Drowkaki!

Kaede @ Sunday, January 16th 2005, 2:52 AM
Hi, welcome to the board. -waves-

I personally like the nose, and the hair is very nice. I really like her bang.

Kage Kitsune @ Thursday, January 20th 2005, 1:29 AM
this is pretty cool. I like her clothes and the tattoo on her chest. The background is kinda crummy...

[104] Artist: KHatch | Title: An Invisible Argpoodle | Time: 428 min


[View Animation]
KHatch @ Monday, January 10th 2005, 6:28 AM

This one is pretty much self explanatory.
Argpoodle is the master of illusion, so if he deems a note pinned on his chest as camoflauge, then he wills it so. The poor guard read the note, and it was like 'Poodley wasn't even there. Never saw it comin'. Heh.
NOW comments are welcome. By far I think this is one of the more complex ones...I really got tired doing the shading tonight. I have a migraine and my first day of class this semester was rough. BLAH! TIRED!!!
Yeah, 'Poodley's hand isn't connected to the groin, nor is he in a position to have ever connected, but we can pretend.
And the knights are Purple Dragons from Suzail. They're after my drow in our game.

(Edited on January 11, 2005, 6:37 am)

Kage Kitsune @ Tuesday, January 11th 2005, 11:47 AM
YEAH! Go Argpoodle!! XDDD OMG I want to be a part of your D&D group so bad, just to see how all this stuff ever came out ::falls over laughing:: I saw this yesterday and was like....YES!!! *dance* stupid purple dragon knight peoples *giggles* lovely shading as always KHatch!

Jennifer @ Tuesday, January 11th 2005, 6:55 PM
I am greatly enjoying your little Argpoodle and friends comics. They are so cute and funny. Your characters in these comics are so colorful.
I must say, my favorite parts of this comic are the expressions. Argpoodle's naughty expression, the shocked expressions of your drow and the knights, and of course the victim's "urk" expression are very funny.

Verna_Venisa @ Tuesday, January 11th 2005, 8:04 PM
XDDDDD this is awesome! The concept is so simple but the outcome is hilarious. I love the expressions on the char's faces ^_^

darkrose @ Wednesday, January 12th 2005, 6:30 AM
...wow... that's, uh, er... amusing... in a seriously funny way. I think you should have a webcomic, in which you publish the glories that are your gaming session comics. These are truly amusing. Yes, well done too, but mostly just, well, amusing. No other word to describe it really, except maybe LOL!!!

Kaede @ Thursday, January 13th 2005, 8:08 PM
Hehehe, this is funny.
I really really love Argpoodle. He is just sooooo grand. And then I really love the expressions, they are always soo fun to look at. And your COLORING. Aghhh its sooo good it eats at me and goes '-poke poke- im sooo cool that you cant do anything cause im cool' and im like 'arghahfdsgsdf I am defeated.' So I have to let myself be poked. Myep.

catboi incubus mishi @ Saturday, January 15th 2005, 4:01 PM
I love this, KHatch. xDDDDDDD The colors, the composition, the story, everything is awesome. xDDD Poodley is so freaking CUTE. XD

Starisan @ Sunday, January 16th 2005, 8:44 PM
hehe. this is preety funny and out there. Great job once again on the animation. I like the way you do the hair highlights and the expressions sell the stories wonderfully.

Shakaku @ Monday, January 24th 2005, 9:25 PM
*Cheers*Yay for ArgPoodle brilliance! The color scheme here is wonderful! Allt he expression are so well done! My friend would love this, she has once of those shirts that says 'You can't see me" and I think she woul dget a kick out of this!

[103] Artist: Kaede | Title: Blood Lust | Time: 426 min


[View Animation]
Kaede @ Monday, January 10th 2005, 5:40 AM
Mmkay done finally. Enjoy the crappiness. =D

(Edited on January 12, 2005, 4:32 am)

Starisan @ Monday, January 10th 2005, 7:58 PM
This is a very interesting image. The snake suggest something sinister has happened, the clean lines and colors work well. I just gotta say I like the simplicity of this.

darkrose @ Wednesday, January 12th 2005, 6:27 AM
"Search goods built eighteen to nineteen-thirties to the schalchten of the butcher"? Can't find that "schalchten" word anywhere, but I can't understand German worth a lick. I can speak it (as in pronounciations) because of a singer's training (by the by, Richard Strauss writes REALLY ANNOYING WORKS) and I happened to have my German dictionary open in front of me while I was perusing the site. So, interesting caption, what's it mean? Obviously the image is dark, with the red eye and snake (which looks totally cool, btw) and the overabundance of, well, black. Still, am interested in knowing what the saying means...

Kaede @ Wednesday, January 12th 2005, 11:10 PM
"Looking for a well-built eighteen to thirty-year-old to be slaughtered. The Master Butcher. "
Its from the song Mein Teil by Rammstein. I was listening to it while drawing this and it reminded me of shinzen, that line anyway. =0

catboi incubus mishi @ Saturday, January 15th 2005, 4:13 PM
Neat image, but I have to say - the chain really takes away from the image, I wish you had taken more time on it, it would have brought a lot to the image. ANYWAY. Because of the kimono sleeves, the snake seems to be more of an obi than an actual snake. You probably could have used some shine on it to make it more three-dimensional. Also, I wish you had put a little color in the elf's/man's/whateverheis's face and hand, or in the white of the kimono itself, to distinguish between the two. With the way the face is tilted, I think the eye might need to be a little teeny bit lower. But anyway, nice idea for an image, I always like your work. ^^

Kage Kitsune @ Monday, January 17th 2005, 2:00 PM
kreepy german and ebil snaky thing O_O;; I like his clothes and the snake kind of looks like a belt to hold up his hakama(sp?). The chain bugs me because it doesn't really look like a chain much, just some kind of metallic winedy thingy O_o; other than that tis pretty cool!

[102] Artist: Carbuncle | Title: erm.. ring? | Time: 48 min


[View Animation]
Carbuncle @ Monday, January 10th 2005, 4:15 AM
ehhhehehe well meh friend Chloe is doing a report on the Lord of the Rings so I drew this for her visuals... so don't kill me...*^_^*

darkrose @ Monday, January 10th 2005, 7:09 AM
who'd kill you? I likes it. Good job with the script... and you definitely tried to get a good shine on it. I think you might work some more on the lighting of metal, which is tricky and it behaves in a very wierd way. Still, beautiful detail in the writing and the little red shine across the front...

Starisan @ Monday, January 10th 2005, 1:01 PM
Hey that's cool. I like the evil aura resonating from it. The coloring is good to, I think that the softer lines give it more depth then harder ones would.

Verna_Venisa @ Tuesday, January 11th 2005, 12:42 AM
*o* shiny....... *reaches for ring* this is really nice, i like the swirly-aura effect, the only thing i have to say bad about it is that you may want to be a little neater with your coloring (well, unless you were going for that effect) ^_^. Very pretty

KHatch @ Tuesday, January 11th 2005, 6:40 AM
Nice job, I think. The writing is very pretty. I also like how it seems to be glowing. Yay for LotR!

Kage Kitsune @ Wednesday, January 12th 2005, 1:57 AM
This is kind of messy but aside from that the writing on it is great! odd but great ^_^ I like the kind of glowy affect.

Kaede @ Thursday, January 13th 2005, 8:01 PM
Wow really good job on the writing. It looks grand. =D

catboi incubus mishi @ Saturday, January 15th 2005, 4:16 PM
The One Ring. O: I like the slight glow coming off of it, and how it's a dull gold, almost like it's a little tarnished.

[100] Artist: KHatch | Title: Four Good Reasons Why... | Time: 330 min


[View Animation]
KHatch @ Sunday, January 9th 2005, 8:21 AM

Four good reasons why Argpoodle should not be allowed to lead, be in charge, or decide ANYTHING. All four events happened in my game and the bottom two panels both occured last night, about half an hour apart. He died in each of these situations, and the first, third, and fourth times, I was able to heal him with my clericy goodness, but the second time, he was DEAD dead, and I used divine intervention to bring him back. Woohoo for necromancy!
Yay for idiot gnomes!
EDIT: The notes pinned to 'Poodley's chest say, in order, \"You can't see me\" and \"I'm not the gnome you're looking for.\"
He was being invisible. Or something. Yeah.

(Edited on January 10, 2005, 4:12 am)

Rigga Mortis @ Sunday, January 9th 2005, 5:27 PM
*Snerk.* Oh, man, this reminds me of when my friends and I role-play tabletop. This seems quite...similiar, in some ways. Brilliant art as usual, so very comicy and hilarious. Argpoodle is the coolest gnome EVER. Your Drow looks so cute in the first panel, too, her big eyes and expression just transmits surprise perfectly.

darkrose @ Sunday, January 9th 2005, 7:57 PM
That is the coolest thing EVER! Heh, my figther character was nominated to be party leader because he was the only one that no one despised. He's fifteen and still has to learn the ropes of being a good leader. Although in his eagerness to learn the diplomacy and tact to be a truly great leader he somehow ended up with a natural 24 CHA... woops. Ah, well, mobbage here we come. Anyway, he did some of these things. The whole 'ok, here's my rational---ERKG" thing, and the flame doors too. After the first couple tries we found an ingenious method of unlocking the door, then tying a rope to the handle in such a way that it would open when pulled a certain way, then we pulled really fast and ducked down around the corner, allowing us to escape the flaming death. Whee! Your gaming group looks like so much fun...

Kage Kitsune @ Sunday, January 9th 2005, 9:55 PM
oh gods...::smacks head against table she's laughing so hard:: your group sounds so much like my old one XD!!! I love how Argpoodle really looks like your boyfriend (basing this off your avi). I hate it when doors have those ward spells on them, don't you?? XD I like Morandi XD awesome blood to KHatch XD all around awesome all together!

Sumi @ Sunday, January 9th 2005, 10:47 PM
LMAO! This is priceless. 7hp. XD The past few comicish pics of Argpoodle you've been doing lately are the best. You did an awesome job with shading on this one and I really like how the cowpig's expression seems to change from frame 1 ro frame 2. Nice work.

Kaede @ Monday, January 10th 2005, 12:37 AM
OMG, I love Argpoodle. He is a smexy shorty!

I really love the expression, especially the two top ones. They are just so fun and make me full of giggliness. My favorite is the second however,just.. omg 'Halt? HALT?! You can't ask US to halt. ' hahaha xD Whew. It reminds me of someone Im not sure who though. -Ponders-

Lady_Sea @ Monday, January 10th 2005, 11:10 PM
Very comic! Quite hilarious indeed. Your comic skills are very good ^_^. Scene by scene art can be tedious and require hard work, but it looks like you pull it off with style and with fun in mind. Awesome. The expressions are priceless and I like the fire and the small captions you put in which adds to the humor XD. :Locked door::Another locked door: XD.

Jennifer @ Tuesday, January 11th 2005, 7:01 PM
He reminds me of that character from 3X3 eyes...the one who gets killed, but resurrected, often.
These comics really do brighten my day. It seems like there is never a dull moment when Poodly is around.

Carbuncle @ Wednesday, January 12th 2005, 1:07 AM
I love to read these little snippits of your game they are so facinating!! I love your awesome style of coloring!! keep it up!!!

catboi incubus mishi @ Saturday, January 15th 2005, 4:24 PM
Man, I'd give just about anything to roleplay with you guys. This is freaking hilarious. XDDDD Poor Arg'poodle. XD Ohh, I just love your art, KHatch. <3

Starisan @ Sunday, January 16th 2005, 8:46 PM
aww, I feel sorry for him, but I also burst into silent laughter when I read this (Iwas at school). I think the flames are very good. I think I would have liked it if you had put the "roast" and "toast" in type, but otherwise, hehe

[99] Artist: Kaede | Title: Muro | Time: 196 min


[View Animation]
Kaede @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 10:43 PM
Tis Muro, Shinzen's brother. Mwhaha


(Edited on January 9, 2005, 1:13 am)

darkrose @ Sunday, January 9th 2005, 6:11 AM
And again with the kickass shading... <{^ ^}>;; OK, so these folds are AWESOME. Beautiful job on getting them to look just right. And the background is beautiful and simple. He looks a little exasperated... heh, poor guy. Nice job!

KHatch @ Sunday, January 9th 2005, 8:27 AM
I am WAY in love with the folds! This is so pretty. I love your clothing. The face is nice and the hair is cool too, but the clothing! ACK!

Kage Kitsune @ Sunday, January 9th 2005, 9:58 PM
you've gotten sooooo much better Kaede I love this!!! I want those green clothes...Your shading it awesome! very Inuyasha-esque. I like his face a lot and the stars! ::le gasp:: so awesome and that moon is so cool too!

catboi incubus mishi @ Saturday, January 15th 2005, 4:26 PM
Not very fantasy, but very pretty. I've always loved the combination of brown and green, it's so soothing. <3 I love the stars and the moon. Very nice. <3

[98] Artist: Magias | Title: not finish ^^" | Time: 54 min


[View Animation]
Magias @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 8:23 PM
marked adult because it's not finish i'm sorry to leave it like that but i have other things to do now ^^"

Tigerhawk @ Sunday, January 9th 2005, 2:29 AM
Wow thisis so awesome looking. Finish this. I love her horns and wings (how they're drawn)^^

KHatch @ Tuesday, January 11th 2005, 6:42 AM
God, the lovely lineart! Please do finish this, don't let it become a backburner dead art...

catboi incubus mishi @ Saturday, January 15th 2005, 4:28 PM
Looks pretty good so far! I'll comment more thoroughly when you're done. ^^

[97] Artist: Kaede | Title: Shinzen | Time: 190 min


[View Animation]
Kaede @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 9:48 AM
Mmhm, since I never finished the last one. Here he is again. Sorry for the cruddy backround.

Starisan @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 4:17 PM
The lighted background is nice. I like the suggestion of wings, I get the feeling that he is self conscience.I like the pattern of his robe. What are those types of robes called? I don't know too much about the tradition. It seems a very moody drawing. Smiles to you.

Lady_Sea @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 8:47 PM
I agree, this picture does give off a very moody feel. He almost reminds me of Sesshoumaru from Inu-Yasha. Especially with that design on his shoulder and the hair and eye shape. But it's plenty enough of your own style to make it your own character. The bright green color of his eyes is also something to look at. They glow they're so bright, and it pops out nicely with the matching background. Nice job.

Kaede @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 9:42 PM
Well bascially what you see on him is a plain Kimono, the only difference is he is wearing Hakama pants over the kimono and has it tied with date-jime belt.
He looks like Sesshoumaru-sama because he was at first based on the character but sort of involved into his own. ^^

Carbuncle @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 10:29 PM
ohh wow the thing that drew me into this picture was tha beautiful GREEN BG!!!!!! I love green! And his eyes are just soo intense! I do like the traditional style clothing ! (It's neat to know all kinds of those things!) allthough I do think the face is a little long it adds so the solomness of this pic I hope you find your style soon I like this one but it all depends on you ...

darkrose @ Sunday, January 9th 2005, 6:09 AM
I like the green theme in the background, it's almost 'matrix' like which is interesting and cool. It makes me think this character has a very scientific mind. I like the design on the kimono, too, with the simple black moon on the shoulder and the plain black and white everywhere else. You know I think you're really good at this Japanese clothing style, but you could always improve. Maybe you could find some really awesome sites that show you the different pieces and how they go on, with pictures? Your shading is fantastic here, and the whole thing fits together very nicely.

KHatch @ Sunday, January 9th 2005, 8:28 AM
Again with the clothing, very nice, and I really like how you shaded the face and gave it detail without any solid lines. I can't seem to accomplish that. YAY for shiny green wings!

catboi incubus mishi @ Saturday, January 15th 2005, 4:30 PM
Pretty. ^^ The way his kimono hangs makes him look like he has droopy breasts. xD To avoid that, don't start the curving of the kimono so high next time. His face bothers me a bit, though, because his eyes are so small and high, and his nose is really low. O: It makes his face look disproportionate. D: Anyway, he's pretty. ^^~

AnimeCanuck @ Sunday, January 23rd 2005, 5:42 PM
I love the ethereal wings. They're so pretty. It's neat how you made them match his eyes - they're really a part of him. Draw more of this character. He's intriguing!

[96] Artist: Carbuncle | Title: Lets have coffee... | Time: 190 min


[View Animation]
Carbuncle @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 9:10 AM
This is for a friend ! Well... its not finnished BUT it will be okay ?okay well the one on the left is me the one in the middle is Chloe (the one this is for) and the other one is my big sis Amber! (jus' in case you were wonderin *^_^* )

Starisan @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 4:20 PM
hehe, caffine time! Good start, there is definately a friendship that is obvious between these characters. Reminds me of ood school days, although I don't have a tail (wish I did sometimes). I like the unique style that each one has. I think the gesturness of the start gives it a movement which is always cool. So far the perspective looks right on every thing. Can't wait to see it go further.

Carbuncle @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 10:33 PM
okay it's now finnished well sorta I still need a BG but I'm not on my computernow so you'll have to wait... I need tips for it too!! (Because I'm like BG defisiant) *^_^*

darkrose @ Sunday, January 9th 2005, 6:06 AM
I like it. From the different styles in clothing and color choice to the different animals to the scrawlings on the coffee cups, you can really feel the different personalities of these three girls. The leneart is pretty good and the shading is well done. I think you have good talent, I'd love to see something with more time spent on it. Not that there's anything wrong with this piece, as I said I like it a lot. I just want to see more <{^.^}>

KHatch @ Tuesday, January 11th 2005, 6:44 AM
OMG this is too cute. The uniqueness of each character is very nice and creative. I particualrly like your own character, since I love Carbuncle. Well, actually, in my comic book Carbuncle gets eaten by a dragon, and well, in my short stories he always dies, but hey I still like him! ^_^;;
Very good job on the shiny in the hair.

Carbuncle @ Wednesday, January 12th 2005, 6:36 PM
well the carbuncle race is kinda facinated by death so they tend to die alot... but not me no!! Thanx for the comments *^_^*

catboi incubus mishi @ Saturday, January 15th 2005, 4:32 PM
Oh, Carbuncle, this is just adorable! XD All the characters are so cute and their poses and expressions are just, well, adorable. I especially like the girl on the far left, with her neat hair and sea green ears and tail. ^^

[94] Artist: olsie | Title: Happy Birthday Terry | Time: 778 min


[View Animation]
olsie @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 11:20 PM
5th year of Terry and Odjin existing in our minds.... 5th year of Lee and Tina in February... and Tamp's second birthday is ..today xD.
I honestly spent that much time on this comic; I still have to add in details here and there o_o.
Odjin is Kaiera's Character.

(Edited on January 14, 2005, 12:45 am)

Carbuncle @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 10:25 PM
ohh yeah floating cake rocks!! I just love the way you draw so clean... and I cannot do solids whatsoever so thats another good thing about this pic! I don't like that her jaw line was erased but it still looks okay.... finnish soon okay?

darkrose @ Sunday, January 9th 2005, 8:01 PM
And oh, the rockage. I love to watch you finish your pieces, so many cool things go into completion. There are so many nifty things I wish to comment on, which I will when you are done! (I'm being a good little girl and holding my tongue <{^_^}>)

Kage Kitsune @ Sunday, January 9th 2005, 9:59 PM
finish soon! and why is the cake black?

olsie @ Monday, January 10th 2005, 12:58 AM
- The color was odd on my computer when I was coloring it

Kage Kitsune @ Thursday, January 13th 2005, 12:44 AM
hey...wasn't Odjin the guy who tried to kill us in the first RP?? O_O;; ::runs::

Kaiera @ Thursday, January 13th 2005, 3:04 AM
heee.....you drew him x3 I love you Olsie. <3 I have to own your soul now. Excellent work so far, Tamp's expression is great! I can't wait to see it finished....great 5th birthday pic :D

By the by, for including my little maniac in your comic (you make Odjin look so wonderfully evil) I shall do something for you! -many hugs and much love-

catboi incubus mishi @ Saturday, January 15th 2005, 4:36 PM
Olsie, I'm in love with your art. <3

[93] Artist: Kaede | Title: Kikyo-Shikon no Tama | Time: 87 min


[View Animation]
Kaede @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 8:15 PM
Ok yeah, this is crud, so many things wronggg with it. And this time it isnt my imagination, I just know it. I guess I should expect since im trying to mold a final style. Ive been through so many its drving me crazy and I just want to make a style and stick with it. v_v -waves benji around- evil pictureee.

Crest @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 8:35 PM
The face is so great to look at. Love how you drew the eyes and the expression is so nice. I think the drawing looks cool. Definitely like the hair. XD And that loose strand.

darkrose @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 10:37 PM
Ooh, I like a lot. Lovely detail with the strands of hair and the stitches on her kimono. I also like what you've done in the background with the stars, all the little glowy bits around the star look really nice. The things in the background are a little distracting, so much is done so cleanly and so beautifully that the watercolor creatures don't seem to fit. That's really the only thing I can think of that could improve this picture, except maybe some more work on fabric folds, but that's really quite good anyway.

AoD @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 3:42 AM
I've never been much of a Kikyou fan but something out this picture makes me like her a little. The way you drew her gave her a sense of sensitivity.. Not that usuall look that makes me want to slap her.. I love you for drawing the soul steaking demons too! ^.^ love this.

Sumi @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 5:10 AM
It's okay Kaede. Styles take time to get. I still don't have mine after 4 years, and I don't expect one to come to me soon. XD
I like the composition of your picture and how you captured the almost-sad-almost-mad ish look she almost always has. The soul stealers were also a nice touch. (I always forget about them for some reason. O.o;)

Lady_Sea @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 9:05 PM
It can be quite a depressing journey when searching for your style, but do not worry. You'll find it soon. Think of style as your own normal way of drawing and expressing yourself. It's just a matter of making it grow to really truly appreciate it. I think your journey is being reflected in this picture of Kikyo. She has this sense of distress or searching look in her eyes. Like she really doesn't know where to begin. As for commenting, I really like the clothing and hair. It's very neat and the shading as well too. The background doesn't distract from the character too much, but I'm sure if you put a little more work into, it would be top notch. Keep searching, you'll find your style eventually. ^_^

KHatch @ Tuesday, January 11th 2005, 6:47 AM
I love those little demons in the BG. The clothing is so nice, I love how you handle the Japanese style clothing. Wow.

[92] Artist: Crest | Title: Feel Free? | Time: 30 min


[View Animation]
Crest @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 7:16 PM
Angel who was captured when she decided to visit Earth. Weird image, but oh well. XD

Edit: It took me longer than 30 minutes...I just accidentally click on something that took me to another page. So I think it started its time when I went back to the drawing. T^T

(Edited on January 7, 2005, 7:18 pm)

Kaede @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 8:18 PM
Ffff. silly angel. Wanting to visit earth.e_e
-Pokes you with Spork Aka Benji- Nee your style.. its changed alot. This is really pretty. I love her face, and her hair, and of coarse the coloring. The shirt was colored so amazingly good, and I just love the pose all together. Nice job on the wings too. =D

Starisan @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 10:26 PM
Captured eh? Well she doesn't look to upset, was she captured by friends? Or maybe she's thiking that she can bust out of those ropes at any moment and that who ever captured her was silly...anyhow, I really like the drawing. I like that background cross hatching a lot with the bold lines. I like the markings that you put on her face, it seems to give it a cool ethnic feel. I also wanted to say that you did a great job with the shading and the highlights. I also like that her hair feels as thoughit has volume even though you don't highlight it. The wings are cool too! Nice one :)

darkrose @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 10:34 PM
For being all tied up she doesn't look all that upset... lovely picture here. I love the background and how you did the wings, everything is so clean and lovely it's too cool. Her face markings intrigue me, I like them a lot, and the folds on her shirt where the rope ties around are really well done.

AoD @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 3:43 AM
Oooo I love the wings on this.. No matter the style i can never pull off decent wings... I love how you color too her face really draws me in for some reason. Nice ^.^

Lady_Sea @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 9:48 PM
First off, I really like her wings *_*. I like the shape of them. The pose is really nicely done too. I really like the coloring on her face. The facial art sorta adds to the character. Good job ^_^

Sumi @ Sunday, January 9th 2005, 10:51 PM
I want to play with her poofy wings. <3 I really like how you sort of meshed the picture with the background with the ropes. You angel has such pretty hair and markings too. =3

KHatch @ Tuesday, January 11th 2005, 6:50 AM
Ooo, nice. The tones are well done here. I love the soft shading on her clothing and face. Such a pretty face. I also think she's about to let loose a hell 'o trouble for her captors.

catboi incubus mishi @ Saturday, January 15th 2005, 4:41 PM
Jennie! I was so confused when I saw this post before reading the comment - I was like, wtf? This person's art is Kaze's but the name isn't! D: Very pretty image, she doesn't look too upset at being caught. O: I love the soft colors. ^^

Queen_Godzilla @ Sunday, February 6th 2005, 4:39 AM
A very stylized image, more like it.

I love the soft coloring of the angel and her clothes. It's very airbrushed and smooth. She has nice body proportions and smooth line art too. It just works really well for me. I like her idealized wings and how they're not in color, but rather in straight black and white like that background. Interesting background pattern by the way. Looks like it could be a webpage graphic.

[91] Artist: Karasu | Title: mew | Time: 154 min


[View Animation]
Karasu @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 10:10 AM
Sorry, I just got so tired becase i started this and then had company over and when I came back to finish it I was like....wueh....=_= so now i go to bed! Promise i'll do one later with more effort!

Starisan @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 1:27 PM
Wow this is really pretty. I like the movement and soft colors. You used an interesting color on the highlight, I like it. She seems to have a very real expression!

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 1:31 PM
It's good to see yur work again. And don't feel bad. We all need to do some simple quick drawings once in a while. They can warm the hands and clear the mind.

She (?) reminds me of Himitsu from Wish3, an online comic I read. And mind, I see nothing wrong with that. In fact, I find it cool. Just goes to show great artists think alike. You can view the comic at http://www.wish3.net

Kaede @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 6:21 PM
Karasuuuuuu! This is awesome. I really REALLY love your style, I just havent ever seen anything close to it before. The eyes are so nice to look at, and the detail in the hair is awesome. I love the way you do your lineart, I dont know how you get it to look that way but you do and thats awesome. What I really like about this picture is the ears. I just want rub them, -squeeks- so very cute and adorable.

darkrose @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 10:32 PM
aww, but it's such a cute picture. It looks kinda unfinished with the yellow on her face and skin and stuff, but I still like it. Your eyes are always so real, just the right shape and amount of detail to look really cool.

AoD @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 3:46 AM
I wont those ears -Pinches them randomly.- I really like how you used the pink in the hair. The coloring on this is really nice. It's different from what i usually see and i mean that in a good way.

Sumi @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 5:00 AM
You used the bg colour to highlight things in the picture as part of your style in a lot of your pictures. It's something different to see and lovely all the same. I love your people because you style is between anime and realism. Beautiful hair and blue eyes.

Lady_Sea @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 9:57 PM
I really enjoy your art Karasu. It's absolutely beautiful. I love how you use the background color as your base coloring on from there on add the shading and highlighting as appropriate. Even your figures and faces are beautiful. Your line work is messy, but it's messy in a way that shows that it's your style and not rushed. Did I say that clearly? >.<. I like your mixture of colors too and the different tones. Lovely lovely work.

Carbuncle @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 10:44 PM
Ohh this is just too lovely!!!! I love you soft style it always looks soo kwel!! even though its all smearry it looks fantastic I eagerly await your next post!!!

KHatch @ Tuesday, January 11th 2005, 6:52 AM
Karasu, there you go again, making me envy your artwork. BAD KARASU!
The simple way you colour things really makes them so good. Realistic, animeish, slick.
I LOVE the nose.

Basil @ Friday, January 14th 2005, 4:13 AM
Curse you and your superior coloring skills.

catboi incubus mishi @ Saturday, January 15th 2005, 4:44 PM
Karasu Karasu Karasu. I love you and your art so much. <333333333 So so so so pretty. <333

[89] Artist: Harlequin | Title: Spiders | Time: 329 min


[View Animation]
Harlequin @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 7:21 AM
...there probably won't be any spiders in this...it's just the song I happen to be listening to. lol (Spiders by System of a Down)

Yes yes, another of my unfinished lineart posts. It'll be snazzy when it's done.

celestial crou @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 7:25 AM
O,o I LOVE THE FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shes like a singer! and the pretty flowing hair. HOW COULD YOU SAY YOU DIDNT LIKE IT?

Ren-Tsuna @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 1:19 PM
>_< Damn you Harle. Why cant I ever NOT adore your stuff! I think my screen is sick of being licked every time you post. =3 You simply MUST finish this

kyokurrychan @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 1:23 PM
awesome work harle. naa naa, did you finish that pic? i cant look because it still says youre not done but i dunno cuz youre starting another.

So who was it for? ._. youre secret santa is what I'm talking about. so. yeah. if not PLEASE finish, i wanna be able to look hehe

Starisan @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 1:28 PM
OOOOoooo, Ilove this, it reminds me of your the feeling I get from your avatar of yourself. The position seems very liquid movement. Great start.

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 1:32 PM
I have got to say, I think this is your best sketch to date anatomicly as well as dramatic poseing and movement wise.

I eagerly await the finished product.

darkrose @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 10:30 PM
cool. I love your lineart, your form is always so fantastic... lovely anatomy. I want to see it finished!

Sumi @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 5:02 AM
Awesome face structure so far.

Carbuncle @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 10:42 PM
HA! I really like this one I lurve your style but... I can't find any finnished ones!! PLAESE finnish this looks like an awesome pose!!!!!!! finnish finnish finnish!!!!!!

Basil @ Sunday, January 9th 2005, 9:44 PM
Must... See... Finished.

catboi incubus mishi @ Saturday, January 15th 2005, 4:45 PM
Harle, your art is super hawt. <3

Starisan @ Wednesday, January 19th 2005, 9:01 PM
WHOA! I am soo happy you added more and I can't wait to see it done. THE STYLE ROCKS! and it has a very errie feel to it, in a good way. wow.

ChronosKit @ Saturday, January 22nd 2005, 3:10 AM
ooooh....Hands lol. She's feeling groped much? Ummm..maybe something like the River Styx? ((river in greek mythology that leads to the underworld)) That would be snazzy

AnimeCanuck @ Sunday, January 23rd 2005, 5:41 PM
Shocking! The pose is amazing. I like the contrast of the skin tones.. the colouring and shading is really well done... Her expression is pretty horified.. I wonder where her pupils are, though. She looks almost like a zombie without them - if it weren't for the rest of her expression. And that hair! It's just GORGEOUS! Oh my goodness! So much detail is in that hair! It's lovely!
I agree with the person who said she looked like a singer.

Starisan @ Sunday, January 23rd 2005, 11:00 PM
whoa! wicked hair!

Prismatic @ Thursday, March 3rd 2005, 7:40 PM
Wow! I only just now saw this. It is so great! The pose is fantastic, and the highlighting in the skin to show the hint of her rib cage and all~~~ the hair is absolutly amazing! And their expression great. Of course as always you did a really great job on the hands~

[88] Artist: Crest | Title: Black | Time: 105 min


[View Animation]
Crest @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 5:50 AM
This is KazeKyou with a new name. Got kind of tired being 'ole Kaze. And I haven't kakied in a while, so I'm a little lost for ideas. Just a black and white image of an elf.

I may try to add something else into the blank space later when I can come up with some idea.

darkrose @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 6:23 AM
I don't know, I like it just as is, thanks. It's very simple, very striking with the beautiful shading on his face and ear and the plain black and white for contrast. Beautiful shading on that face, by the way. I think the highlights on his neck and collarbone could have been a little closer to the black lineart, but it's still fantastic with that lovely wild hair and the smooth detailed, well, cleanness of it all. Is that a word? Anyway, I just love it. Great job.

celestial crou @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 7:34 AM
I love love love that hair! *dies* *recesitates* *dies again* *recesitates* I love the flowy feel of it...so pretty. The shading is nice and smooth and the eyes. YOu even added their shadows. The clothing is nice too. Simple and clean. (KH reference) lol. I like it the way it is. to add more would make it gaudy i think.

kyokurrychan @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 1:27 PM
kawaiii... i love this coloring ^^ awesome work. and the face is cool too <3 great work

Starisan @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 1:30 PM
Hmmmm, I really like the style you did this in. I like the background simplicity with the accent lines. I like the cross hatch effect around the outside, it seem like a grapic design like

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 1:36 PM
Good to have you back! And nice change from your old stuff. Though it was good too. This is just a different style and it's always good for an artist to be versitile (mangled spelling).

What I like about it best is the contrast of the stark, flat black to the well blended/molded skin tones. It has a real nice design and/or cover art feel to it.

oni shi @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 4:12 PM
*glomps kaze* ahh its nice to change names sometimes the name u used before isnt the name u use now heh,(changed names aswell) i like the blackness and the eyes!
ps.i had no idea if u were male or female =_=;

Kaede @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 6:26 PM
-Pokes you with a spork name Benjiman- Know what?? Know whattttt.
Oh Ill just tell you. He is so cute. This rocks! I love his hair, and his neck, and his eyes and his nose and his mouth and his expression. The color job on his skin is just too good. I love love love this.

AoD @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 3:48 AM
Ears! -Is having a odd ear fetish lately.- I love those ears.. and yet again awesome coloring. I think the blank background for he most part makes him stand out more.

Sumi @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 5:05 AM
I love hair like this. ^_^; It's sorta... a fetish? Anyway, I really like the simplicity of the bg and the way you added tones in there is awesome, because instead of ruining the pic like I do it makes it look even better. >.<;

Lady_Sea @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 10:04 PM
What a nice character design. The name fits nicely with this character. I like his ruffled hair too, it's almost cute ^_^. As for critique, the background contrasts with the character far too much. It's the overload of white. It needs to be at least toned down a little. But overall, nicely done.

Carbuncle @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 10:49 PM
AWW... this is soo lovely I love the ultimately awesome shading it looks soo soo soo.... awesome!! it has such a lovely contrast with the white BG and the black clothes and hair I love it soo much!!! please make more pics soon!!!

Basil @ Sunday, January 9th 2005, 9:39 PM
Your style is so cute, and for some reason I really like how clean the tone outline of him is. Very, very nice. Lovely shading! Bravo!

KHatch @ Tuesday, January 11th 2005, 6:54 AM
Hi! Nice new name
I like the smooth shading. It's really pretty. And it goes well with the tones. You did a good job to mix the two.
I like his(?) Asian features.

AnimeCanuck @ Sunday, January 23rd 2005, 5:38 PM
I like how he's just staring off into the distance... you know something's on his mind.. Cool. ^^ Nice colouring of the flesh, too.

[87] Artist: AnimeCanuck | Title: Come Back!!! | Time: 45 min


[View Animation]
AnimeCanuck @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 8:12 PM
Inspired by something that happened to me recently... I'm over it, but it painted a very vivid image in my mind that I just had to draw. I've finally gotten around to it...

Please critique what I've done so far, as I want this picture to be the best it can. I will finish it later, and when I do I will explain it in much more detail.

It still pangs in my heart... So I want what I see in my mind's eye to come out on paper.

darkrose @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 9:11 PM
ok, first thing that comes to mind is that the arm reaching outward is a little too long. Also, when reaching, fingers tend to stretch out, not up. Try looking in the mirror and mimicing the expression, it's easier when you have a point of reference. The boot looks pretty good, but it's bent at an odd angle. Again, try playing with your own foot and seeing how it works. Hands are the supposed nemesis of the artist, although personally hands are second in difficulty to FEET. They're hideously hard to draw. Ooh, also maybe a reference pic for bird's wings, or find a wing style you like. The pair shown here look maybe a little too short...

Sorry, hope that's not too much to think about. It's a great start, good luck!

Queen_Godzilla @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 6:38 AM
You want critique? You got it!

Well, as Darkrose(?) previously mentioned you might want to reference your wings to be more realistic. Here's a reference:

And the crying elf's shoulder needs to be up higher, practically right under her neck. Here's a picture to show sort of what I mean:
http://www.fotosearch.com/comp/sby/sby184/33110LCE.jpg (Look at the lady in the stripey dress)

Also, yeah, shorten the arm there. And, if possible, widen the calf area just beneath the knee. Like so:
As you can see, the calf is widest near the knee, then narrows by the ankle.

The boot might be a little tiddy bit too small for the guy walking away too.

And, uh, the crying elf's face needs to be slightly bigger, I believe. Maybe it would be more pleading if she had her eyes open.

That's all I got.

darkrose @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 12:53 AM
ooh, nice reference pics Queen! The wings one doesn't work... is there a different link for that one?

Here's a REALLY AWESOME site I just found for wings... I think everyone could benefit from this. It's from right here in Alaska, at the Puget Sound University. There are wings from just about every bird you could think of with all the different color variations and patterns you could think of, textures, and all the pretty feathers. Enjoy!

[86] Artist: celestial crou | Title: wild child | Time: 171 min


[View Animation]
celestial crou @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 9:22 AM
This is a gift to harle. For no reason other then this somehow reminds me of her. Could be the grin. Or the odd odd hair. ....i think its the hair.

And his name shall be ....TILLEN! hmm...Tillen has a nice sound to it.
Is this a boy or a girl? dont know.

(Edited on January 7, 2005, 7:42 am)

celestial crou @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 10:38 AM
DONE! now its a dude. I think i will have him have some form of a relationship with Dante. Course if you just look at the head it looks better fem then mas. SO perhaps a sex change is in order. LOL. Should 'he' be a guy or girl? oh aand the BG is of a desert. I couldnt really show it. but i did my best. SO they (Dante=water, ???= fire) live within their elements.

Starisan @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 3:32 PM
Yeah! I love your colors so much, I know I just said that in my previous comment but this is so pretty! I love the eyes, they are very intense and the hat/turban is great too. I also like the wispy way that you did the highlights. Have you seen anyone from class lately?

oni shi @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 5:45 PM
i love the colors aswell, and the lighs and daeks of this imagethey are suttle but still there, i aslo really like the eyes :)

AnimeCanuck @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 7:20 PM
This is really cute! I love the spunky hair. What colours in the eyes, too!

Keep drawing, Crou!

Edit: Oh... and I thought he was a girl, because of the face, mostly. Only the chest makes me believe (barely) that he's a guy. Ahh... so these are elemental drow... I should have paid more attention. I hope you complete the set with Earth and Air as well! ^^

(Edited on January 6, 2005, 7:22 pm)

Loki @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 9:04 PM
BOY BOY BOY! This is such a boy! *drrools* You draw these (drow?) people so well, I really love the black skin. Heee His eyes are gorgeous too! Man, this is too good! *dies*

darkrose @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 9:14 PM
I think it's definitely a boy, just because I say so. <{^.-}> Anyway, so yah... I love this thing you've been doing recently with the nifty feathery shading goodness. I really REALLY like this style, it seems somehow different from what you did before, but I love it. And the expression is so cute, with the silly grin and the wide, bright eyes. He looks very eager. Great job!

olsie @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 11:59 PM
This character reminds me more of a girl then a boy for some reason... So I'm gonna have to go with girl about the gender thing. It's like a drow "Ed" from Cowboy Bebop.
Adorable eyes; as usual <3

(Edited on January 7, 2005, 12:02 am)

Crest @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 5:56 AM
That's one wicked way to do the hair. Looks awesome. Love how the eyes look, the color tones of them are really cool. Very neat coloring. :D

Kaede @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 6:30 PM
First off before I forget to say it, I love the way you draw eyes. They are always so nice to look at and like, the first thing I look at.
Secondly, his hair rocks. I love the way it is colored.
Thirdly, I love his expression, it is just so garsh darn adorable. =3

Lady_Sea @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 10:09 PM
I must say those eyes are absolutely ALLURING. So captivating. I can't stop looking at them. I really like the inner blue and outter green. It gives it a sort of deepness, yet bright and young feel. For some reason, this character reminds me of Relm from FFVI. It must be the hair style and headdress. Another thing I like about this picture is the painty look of the skin. Awesome work ^_^. *two thumbs up*

[84] Artist: Ren-Tsuna | Title: Happy birthday and Secret Santa to you two | Time: 157 min


[View Animation]
Ren-Tsuna @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 3:59 AM
It is finally finished! Its the Secret santa for Kari, and in addition to it, we have a birthday guest, Windy! Love to you both <3

(Edited on January 8, 2005, 3:27 am)

AnimeCanuck @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 7:18 PM
*snickers* I can't wait to see it finished, and to see their comments. Hehe.

darkrose @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 6:26 AM
heheh, ooh, I love the grins... mistletoe, eh? Gotcha. Gorgeous work so far!

kyokurrychan @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 1:27 PM
hehe, cuteso far niikun

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 1:37 PM
Wonderfuly bright colors so far and excelent blending with the shadeing. I eagerly await it's completion.

Those two will love this. ^_^

Starisan @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 10:39 PM
aww, cute. I love the way everyone chuckles before they comment. Like the expression so far. The coloring is fun too.

windblade @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 3:32 AM
ooo... *blushes* I like the little speech bubbles, and the hair texture!

>> do I have a right to be worried about where she's holding the mistletoe?

Kari Maxwell @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 3:53 AM
-cackles- That's funny. I love it. The hair's pretty. ^^ I'm worried where I'm holding the mistletoe also. XD

[83] Artist: oni shi | Title: silence and shadows | Time: 136 min


[View Animation]
oni shi @ Wednesday, January 5th 2005, 11:18 PM
ummm yeah another one of rikku, i wanted to put luna in with him but i just couldent get it to go right. he looks less cartoony here which is what i was goin for, its been a wile since i put this much effort into something :)

darkrose @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 2:03 AM
wooooow... purple. <{^ ^}> OK so all jok ing aside this is AWESOME. The metal effect is fantastic, the glow is amazing. The character looks very wild from his appearance, but those eyes are calm. His face is very set, he's obviously a stubborn character. The dark shading under his eyes makes him look formidable, but also maybe a touch weary. The clothing is fantastically designed, complete with jeweled necklace and fur trimmed doublet. The water in the background is immensely eye-catching, and his hair reflects some of the same shifting color and motion as the rest, it blends so perfectly. It's often difficult to make a character really fit into their respective backgrounds, but this is amazing. Good job.

KHatch @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 4:16 AM
I like this a lot. The image is still a cartoon, so to speak, with lineart and whatnot, but it's a very realistic one, with the shadnig and overall colouring absolutely superb. The nose and lips are especially nice, and the shiny look to everything is beautiful. I love it! Very nice.

oni shi @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 4:58 AM
hehehe i like shiney things haha i think i go over board with the highlight tool
thnx everyone for nice things said :)

celestial crou @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 10:55 AM
i really like how you do lips and noses. THe BG is cool too with all its neon pink glory. The hair is neat and wavy but i dont know what the curvy lines are on his head. I watched the animation but i still dont know. Wonderful shading by the way.

Starisan @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 3:38 PM
wow, this is cool, very futuristic. I like all the organic lines. It's got a watercolor like quality too it. I also find the electric like background interesting. I think you made a good choice with the green eyes because they are so different fron the rest of your palette so they stand out and seem to glow.

oni shi @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 5:37 PM
ahh hehe the glowy like strings an his head is like a head hand it on my other image of him but purple anf in this one i wanted it to seem as if it was falling off

AnimeCanuck @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 7:17 PM
First of all, all the detail in this is amazing. Second, I love the colour scheme - very dark and it works. Also the way you've hilighted and made thinks shine are very interesting and it looks uber-pretty.

The character looks genuinely sad, but.. more like just discontented... And you've got a nice background, even though I can't tell what it is. (I think it's a reflection of trees in water, right?)

Awesome picture. Really well done.

Crest @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 5:57 AM
Wow, awesome art. The coloring style is so cool and I love how you did the face. Pretty cool. The colors blend so nicely and I definitely think the clothing is cool. :D

Kaede @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 6:18 PM
I cant remember if Ive said this before, but your coloring is awesome. I really love his clothes, and armor. And not only that, his face is really expressionless and I like that. The backround also rocks, I really lik e the colors used in the backround, and all the glow. Awesome. =D

AoD @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 3:51 AM
When i used to stalk around the board before i joined i'd love seeing your art. The coloring, lines, all of it seems so great to me. I especially love how you do faces! MMmm I just wanna eat your works up... So good.. so good..

Sumi @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 5:15 AM
You know I love your style, right oni? *cling* You shading and lighting are delicious, plus you can do backgrounds. My favorite part has to be his hair... or his design overall. O.o; I always like to see your character designs.

Tigerhawk @ Sunday, January 9th 2005, 2:31 AM
Sweet Geebous ga'hoole! I love the detail in this picture. It almost remined me of Flaming Ketchup's art. Not exactly but some similarities. The glowing rocks (?) are really spiffy. You did more than an excellent job on this.

Queen_Godzilla @ Sunday, February 6th 2005, 4:35 AM
I absolutelye love the colors in this. It's not often that a landscape background is a weird hue. I love how everything has a glow to it. I dunno. Everything's luminescent, and I love luminescence. Really.

His eyes are kinda haunted. It's scary when you look at him. But OH, for those costume details! @_@ ... Lord. The hair string crown, the metal plates, the fur lining, the jewels, the patterned fabric, the spikes, the giant jewel. Whoa... There's so much in this picture. It's rich and I love it.

[81] Artist: celestial crou | Title: Drowtales dude | Time: 181 min


[View Animation]
celestial crou @ Wednesday, January 5th 2005, 9:13 AM
Donno how this will turn out. If you watch the animation i did an armor version of him and then stopped. Realizing that he was in water and ...well...heavy metal objects and water dont mix. Well at least for the one who wears them. So.....donno. I think i shall have him be another one of my characters. well a fan pic character. Cause he's a drow. I thnk ill name him Dante.

ANY WAY. this is a very belated gift to all the admin. people who got the Drowtales oekaki up after that worm. Thanks!

(Edited on January 5, 2005, 10:14 am)

darkrose @ Wednesday, January 5th 2005, 10:37 PM
sweet! Rock on with shading. You go. Beautiful lineart, and the hair and the background are wonderful, and the shading on his torso and the way you actually made his shirt look like it's soaking up water. Totally excellent. One other thing that wet clothing does is cling, a lot, making large tight wrinkes to itself and the skin and there's color bleeding (depending on the texture and weight of the fabric). Just something to keep in mind for next time <{^.^}>. That tree in the background rocks my world, though.

KHatch @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 4:19 AM
The face is so well done. I like how you have the shape of the head under the hair accutarely done, some people, including myself, have a hard time making sure there's enough head under the hair, or in my case a lot, there's too much head. o.O
The hair is pretty, and the tree in the BG is cute. I like it a lot. YAY!

Loki @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 5:27 AM
This is definately my favorite of yours! He looks so wonderful in the water like that, and the shading on his skin and shirt is beautiful. The hair is definately the greatest thing out of the whole pic to me, its so nice and different for a change, The go so well with his eyes and his hair and eyes together really give him a pretty and aquatic look, Well done CC! (can I call you that?) <3

Starisan @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 3:30 PM
Wow, this is gorgeous, I Love the smoothness of the lines. The subdued color choice for the background makes thegreaat colors in the front stand out really well. Your so talented!

oni shi @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 5:57 PM
i like ur style hehe *dies over wet bishi* hehe i like how all the colors ion this are related (blue and yell makes green) i find that to be very pleasing to my eyes i also like how is close are darker due to wetness

AnimeCanuck @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 7:13 PM
I really like this! His hair is cool, and ... I just get the feeling of "I'm a mermaid" from him... it's playing about in his mysterious eyes.

I just love how everybody's art styles differ, yet are all amazing in their own way here at Drowkaki. It's something that I love about this board!

Great picture!

Crest @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 5:58 AM
The hair and eyes are so wonderfully done. Definitely love how you do the hair where the tips fade into the white...or the white fades into the blue. XD And the face is so nicely drawn. Very neat. :D

Kaede @ Friday, January 7th 2005, 6:43 PM
=0.......-Benjiman The Spork:.......-
Wow. Me and Benji love this!
This is like, wow. =0
Ok first of all, I love his hair. It is sooo smexy, and nice dun, and the blue tip is lovely. I secondly love his gold eyes. I mean I know Ive said I love the way you draw eyes, but I love the face his eyes are gold more. I love gold eyes they are always so... beautiful. Theres no other word for them. Thirdly, I love his lips, you REALLY did a nice job on the lips, and then the detail to the chest is just grand! I really love his chest.
Now moving on to the shirt. I like how you darkened the coloring to show that his shirt is wet. That is some good detail, that..... >.>; I would of easily forgotten which perhaps is probably why I think it is so amazing. xD Or maybe im just easily amazed hm?...-_- Oh shut up benjiman.
Ok anyway ^^ Aheeem Yes, I must say this is probably my favorite drawing out of all your work. Other than that one picture of yourself. That one was smoking.

Tigerhawk @ Sunday, January 9th 2005, 2:33 AM
The coloring is the best and the tones, mainly on the skin.

Kage Kitsune @ Sunday, January 9th 2005, 10:10 PM
I really like this picture Crou!! I love his hair and his shirt. The eyes are spectacular! shading is also great but the white background doesn't seem to fit to me ::shrugs::

Queen_Godzilla @ Sunday, February 6th 2005, 3:44 AM
Dante! Wonderful name for your pirate drow.

I love the anatomy on this. I dunno. His face is very delicate and elf-like, very cutesy, very ... bishounen-y. And he's staring off into space! :D

The background is barren, but in a good way. It's subtle. I love how he's half-submerged in it.

[79] Artist: KHatch | Title: The Mystery of Argpoodle's Hat | Time: 88 min


[View Animation]
KHatch @ Wednesday, January 5th 2005, 6:39 AM

What is on the end of his hat, you ask? It is a COWPIG!! A mysterious cross between a cow and a pig. Yeah so it looks like a cow, mianly, but who cares.
There ya go, Darkrose XD

Totenmaske @ Wednesday, January 5th 2005, 7:09 AM
I really love the wonderful colouring in these images KHatch, and frankly the characters are superb. The fact that you had to explain Argpoodle and his hat just seems over the top ? but funny nonetheless. I personally love the cowpig? but that?s mostly because it looks too cute in that over the top tacky way.

The colouring in this image is just amazing, I love what you do with the background in particularly for each cell, and it is simplistic in presentation but so pleasing to look at. Especially in the frame with the hat, the way the hat seems to be radiating. The hat is very nicely textured through the wonderful colouring job not to mention the sense of lighting and definition of Argpoodle himself. The only issue I have, in the colouring department is the odd little circle of yellow, I don?t know if that is a mistake or simply something you wanted to explain in another image ;3 {Edit} Ahh you corrected it, nm then this image is simply a joy to look at now! I like the fact that Argpoodle himself is a little odd in the sense that he has a green and blue eye. Frankly the colouring is fantastic, that?s the best description I could apply to the image overall. It?s thick and playful, and that really carries the image.

The cowpig, well that just seems to be the whole focus of the image in the end, and something that reminds me of Gir?s little buddy Pig in Invader Zim? The things I apply to images astound me? so if there is no real link, just chalk it up to me being just plain freaky. Those eyes, and the little bells? for some reason, when I first saw Argpoodle?s hat I wanted to ask if those were utters or something? I think it?s a little more disturbing that they are bells?

Btw the way you wrote the text in this image, is fantastic, I like the way you have lightened the area behind the writing to help the viewer of the image see what you wrote. Even though I think your writing is very legible, that little addition is welcoming. Just a fantastic image KHatch and I do hope to see more of him, like your Merry Christmas image, this is just adorable.

(Edited on January 6, 2005, 5:58 am)

celestial crou @ Wednesday, January 5th 2005, 7:29 AM
COW PIGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats adorable. I love the bulging eyes and little ears and tail. Like i said i am gonna steal taht hat!

KHatch @ Wednesday, January 5th 2005, 7:45 AM
There YOU go, Totenmaske, I took away that spot of yellow that in fact was not supposed to be there, but somehow escaped my attention. YAY no more bad yellow. =)

Kaede @ Wednesday, January 5th 2005, 8:20 AM
Yay for the cowpigs!!!! Whoot!! You rawk KHatch did I ever say that? Well I say it now. This is so cool. Argpoodle is cool. And so is his hat, and especially cowpig. I want a cowpig now. I have to wait a whole nother year till my birthday. Now Ill never get a cowpig.

Anyway, yeah this is awesome. I really do love the way you drew his hat, and of coarse, as usual your coloring rocks!

darkrose @ Wednesday, January 5th 2005, 10:39 PM
ROFL!!! Oh, wow! This totally makes my day... I love cowpigs! I would totally do that, too.. wear a hat that is three times wider than my height with a large annoying jingly cowpig hanging from it... wah! Awesome. Thanks for the clarification!

oni shi @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 6:02 PM
alll i love the cowpiggy its so cute i want one hehehe, i love the solod shadeiing and i really love ur backgrounds!

AnimeCanuck @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 7:11 PM
Cute. I love the shape of the hat, and the cowpig is oddly cute. ^_^

relzilla @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 8:09 PM
Haha, that's wonderful. Such a cute little annoying ornament, that is. I want one! XD
I really love the vibrant colors you use. <3
I have to say that's the most interesting hat I have ever seen.

Basil @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 11:44 PM
Bwehehe! Looks like the piggies from Invader Zim! *Lovses.* Man, I wish I had a jingly cowpig on my hat. That would be totally cool. Awesome picture, KHatch! (I love the backgrounds, too!) Bravo!

Starisan @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 4:27 PM
riddle solved..I'm still confused...but I think the cow thing with bells is sooo cute! I love the way you do your backgrounds in the comics because they give each scene mood without being over powering.

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