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[660] Artist: mazilwolf | Title: Play with fire and you get burnt, playwith water, and you drown. Play with this girle and you Burn AND drown, BONUS! | Time: 47 min


[View Animation]
mazilwolf @ Thursday, April 13th 2006, 5:56 AM
a vengeful spirit prahaps.

tori_yuugi @ Thursday, April 13th 2006, 8:17 AM
i like the red hair...and i realy like the clothes its kinda cool looking...the broach is a realy good addition to the shirt too
still...i like the coloring of the hair it is realy nice

Sumi @ Thursday, April 13th 2006, 2:54 PM
Burn AND drown? Score! =D Nice shading, especially on her face. I really like the character design too. =3

mark @ Friday, April 14th 2006, 12:16 AM
wow this looks like the character was pasted on top of the background. nice effect!

Mouse @ Friday, April 14th 2006, 10:42 AM
I'm a sucker for piercings.

mazilwolf @ Sunday, April 16th 2006, 11:16 AM
Thankess for comments! ^_^

[664] Artist: tori_yuugi | Title: Mark | Time: 211 min


[View Animation]
tori_yuugi @ Friday, April 14th 2006, 12:54 PM

this is mark i am not finished
will finish in a little bit

tori_yuugi @ Friday, April 14th 2006, 1:17 PM
okay i am finished i had an emergency
i found my cat face down in a mud puddle and i had to take him to the hospital but we think he will be okay
this is mark he is my favorite charachter i've created
he is kinda the protector

Miraiangel @ Friday, April 14th 2006, 2:20 PM
Very nice pic, I love the hair all the details in it is awsome ^.^ And I like the ear, pointy, yumy =3 He looks really cool!
Hope your cat will fell better soon!

Sumi @ Friday, April 14th 2006, 3:46 PM
I hope your kitty's okay! O.o
I've always liked green hair... and admired those who could make it look good. T_T Mine always looks like moss or something. I like his clear iris too. =3

mark @ Saturday, April 15th 2006, 12:52 PM
yay for Mark!! that`s like the best-est name ever~! XD haha no bias there!!
(ok.. maybe a little...)

KHatch @ Sunday, April 16th 2006, 12:13 AM
The shading on the clothing is well done. I like the part on the shoulder.

[653] Artist: liuaishan | Title: ice princess | Time: 42 min


[View Animation]
liuaishan @ Saturday, April 8th 2006, 5:21 PM
wanted to do to something else than normal skin colour, so i thought of something icey... :)
still don't know how to blend colours better...
and I'm sooo sleepy. It's 0:20 AM here ^ ^'

Mouse @ Saturday, April 8th 2006, 7:41 PM
Hm. One way to blend colors is to use a lot that are in one shade difference, or have a hint of another color to them in areas depending on the lighting and what the object is.

Either way, I like the eyeshine.

Arisu @ Saturday, April 8th 2006, 9:42 PM
Wow those eyes are so sad and gorgeous! I like the way you colored them the most. :o Yes nice icy colors.

tori_yuugi @ Sunday, April 9th 2006, 6:23 PM
ICE! that is what it reminds me of...a couple years ago i saw this drawing of an ice fairy and she reminds me of that pic!
especially the eyes and the bg
it looks realy cool

Sumi @ Sunday, April 9th 2006, 6:49 PM
Who knew blue skin could look so beautiful? Your blending's fine! Personally I like being able to see strokes more. XD

liuaishan @ Monday, April 10th 2006, 4:02 AM
thank you everyone for your comments. I apreciate all of them!

mark @ Tuesday, April 11th 2006, 12:55 AM
Nice ice! Nice eyes! Ok bad pun T T
*gets beaten up*

mazilwolf @ Thursday, April 13th 2006, 6:00 AM
ahhhhhhhhhhhh, its beautiful!
such relaxed, yet menacing eyes.

i can see the way you used ice is amazing, but i dont know weather the significance was intended.
beautiful yet cold and has the abitlity to kill. her eyes have a somewhat 'cold' feel to them, and i dont mean that just by the colouring.
i hope you kow what i mean by all that babble.

liuaishan @ Friday, April 14th 2006, 6:03 AM
mazilwolf: waw your comment is astonishing. I didn't know one could interpret that much from such a small rendition. Well I first thought of purity, it's unusual to mix purity with coldness. I think the deciding part of the balance is given here by the expression on her face... like you said, cold looking killer.
You just gave me the idea of doing another rendition on her that could express more her character. Some better environment would emphasize that....
*goes to think of how to do it*
thank you again for your comment.

mark: why beaten up? I didn't notice it was a fatal mistake :P :P :) kidding :D

mark @ Saturday, April 15th 2006, 12:57 PM
heh, ok then... *revives* XD

[633] Artist: windblade | Title: stop that | Time: 256 min


[View Animation]
windblade @ Monday, March 13th 2006, 1:15 PM
not finished

Boakudi @ Wednesday, March 15th 2006, 7:31 PM
Looks great so far ^0^ I love their expressions <3

mazilwolf @ Thursday, April 13th 2006, 6:21 AM
omg! lol! you -Have- to finish this!
those expressions.... dude.... just.... hahaha.

[634] Artist: Arisu | Title: Song of Sunrise | Time: 118 min


[View Animation]
Arisu @ Tuesday, March 14th 2006, 7:52 PM
Not done, not at a stopping point either. Ah well, this will probably be off the front page 'fore I get a chance to work on it some more. I was planning to add some more details and sparkle. This was gonna be my sparkle picture.

Florida vacation is going to happen in a couple'a days. I'm happy like a little kid!

Yeah vacation.
Miss you guys and your nice comments! :) :)

(Edited on March 18, 2006, 8:30 pm)

Arisu @ Tuesday, March 14th 2006, 7:54 PM
Oh yeah, this is meant to be like my last picture because I wanted to do two things with it but could only do one... because there wasn't enough draw space. :( and I've still got it in my head. So this is my redo.
Yeah redo!

(Edited on March 14, 2006, 7:57 pm)

Boakudi @ Tuesday, March 14th 2006, 10:03 PM
BEAUTIFUL composition, pose, and colouring *A* This is just gorgeous <333333

Sumi @ Tuesday, March 14th 2006, 11:28 PM
Would you look at that anatomy. I hope you have a blast in FL. =D In the meantime, I'll admire your mad high-lighting skills that somehow blend perfectly into your solids. <3

Traditions_Chains @ Wednesday, March 15th 2006, 2:17 PM
Have fun in Florida! till you come back *stares in awe* the hair... the skin.. the dress... *wanders off muttering about someones awsome skills with the shiney-ness*

Kia @ Saturday, March 18th 2006, 1:28 AM
This is probably one of the best oekaki's I have ever seen. If this was on an oekaki I was admin at, it'd be archived. Because this is just one of those things I think should be saved and treasured. :3 It is very lovely in every aspect. The coloring, the flow of ht ehair, the anatomy and profile. Most of all, I love the extreme, glittery highlights on her. Just to perfect. This is beautiful. Lovely background too. ^_^; *Drools*

The_Infamous_Pumpkin @ Wednesday, March 22nd 2006, 2:16 PM
Verreh sexy~ I really really love the shines in her hair and skin. I luff it~!

tori_yuugi @ Friday, March 31st 2006, 9:27 PM
you know you make that position look so easy to draw! i have been working on a pic strangly similar to that and i still can get it! major kudos to you! oh and i love the highlights in just the right places... mkaes it realy come alive 8)

mazilwolf @ Thursday, April 13th 2006, 6:20 AM
wow..... the light over those mountains. the movement. it captures the imagination!
her hair also.... the lighting youve used.... its just fantasic!

[638] Artist: Kia | Title: Aegoric | Time: 63 min


[View Animation]
Kia @ Thursday, March 16th 2006, 4:55 PM
I decided I wanted to try the alien thingy, so I sat around during math, thinking up an alien..thingy. Har. Came up with this. Don't know how impressive it is, but it was fun all the same. I don't normally get so creative. I usually stay in the human world. Haha. So it was fun. My friend told me to name it Aegoric, so I did. Mwah. I'm still trying to figure it out. I know it injects a poison into the body of it's prey and then feeds off it's insides with it's long tongue. It uses it's claws to rip at it's prey too. The females and males are attached to one snake like body. Males have the spikes, females don't. Ok crap. I stink at this alien stuff. *sobs*

Boakudi @ Friday, March 17th 2006, 2:08 AM
I LOVE all the purple, and the way you highlighted it <333 Awesome job on the design as well, it's very creative xDD

Sumi @ Friday, March 17th 2006, 3:39 PM
How gruesome. I love it. Very nice monochromes, but that splash of red blood adds some pizazz =D!

Queen_Godzilla @ Sunday, March 19th 2006, 10:57 PM
I can't see the practicality of having a species that constantly has to have incest to survive, but, uh, other than that the character design is wonderful.

I like the sketchiness of the purple lines. It makes it look like it was done with pencils and whatnot. That probiscus is scary, though... o_O

Theron @ Wednesday, March 22nd 2006, 7:50 AM
Mruhuhuhuuu! The proboscus... I love the shape of it's head and the dual eyes :3

The_Infamous_Pumpkin @ Wednesday, March 22nd 2006, 6:36 PM
Omg. It's tongue makes me happy. I want a tongue like that..-Hugs it.- :D Great job. I love it's face. Really creative~ <3

mazilwolf @ Thursday, April 13th 2006, 6:18 AM
creepy. they is attached?!
awesome! >_<''''

[640] Artist: Jennifer, The Blue Narian | Title: SafetySave | Time: 213 min


[View Animation]
Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Friday, March 17th 2006, 2:41 AM

Yikes! Comp wigging out. Going to restart real fast and finish this.

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Friday, March 17th 2006, 8:35 AM
It won't let me edit it. O.o

Any way the title was supose to be "I'm Irish!"

This is a combo gift for Almalthia and a HAPPY ST. PATTY'S DAT to all of Drowkaki!

The aqua one is Robby Rabbit from my Adventures of Denver Bear story. He thinks he's all bad-ase. ^^;

The brown one is Almalthia herself all stuffed animal-fied. ^_^ She's anoying poor uppity Robby. ^^;

Sumi @ Friday, March 17th 2006, 3:43 PM
Uppity is such a bunny word. XD Happy St. Patty's day to you too! I love the Luney Tunes-esque circle they're coming out of and the luck-of-the-Irish bg. <3

Boakudi @ Friday, March 17th 2006, 4:48 PM
CUTE x3 I love the idea, tis cute <33 And you shade eyes gorgeously xDD

Kia @ Saturday, March 18th 2006, 1:23 AM
This is real cute. :D I love the brown thing. The green eye just.. is drool worthy! Them coming out of a circle kinda reminds me of loony toons too. xD

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Wednesday, March 22nd 2006, 4:32 PM
Sumi and Kai:
Yup, was supose to have a Looney Tunes feel. ^_^

And yes Sumi, uppity IS such a bunny word. :D

mazilwolf @ Thursday, April 13th 2006, 6:17 AM
one thing:

[657] Artist: tori_yuugi | Title: New Zodiac | Time: 112 min


[View Animation]
tori_yuugi @ Sunday, April 9th 2006, 6:14 PM

well i redid it
i realy isn't as good as the original one is but i cant finish that one so i did this one
but it has the basic over all thing of it
but yah
i dont know if the figure is a boy or girl so i leave that to your imagination

Arisu @ Sunday, April 9th 2006, 6:17 PM
Wow I'm amazed that you redid a whole picture. And you still kept an attention to detail. x_x every one of those (runes?) is shaded and everything. Kudos!

tori_yuugi @ Sunday, April 9th 2006, 6:21 PM
danca the zodiac is kinda interesting in its mythology so ...yah merci

Sumi @ Sunday, April 9th 2006, 6:50 PM
That's dedication for ya. O.o I love the shading in the Zodiac wheel's different sections. You also did nice work with the folds of cloth. =)

ObaBear @ Sunday, April 9th 2006, 10:11 PM
You have way more patience than I do, heh. I like the theme of the wheel showing the various signs of the Zodiac. 'Tis coolio.

olsie @ Monday, April 10th 2006, 6:34 AM
Olsie is interested. Always will love the Zodiac concept.
The simple dark background really adds to the character and the zodiac sign, it's kind of like, another dimension feel to me.

mazilwolf @ Thursday, April 13th 2006, 5:57 AM
yay zodiac!

me likes her dress much. wonderful colouring. shame you couldnt re-touch the original.
ive done that a fiar few times myself....

[628] Artist: Segzhan | Title: Alien Duo | Time: 82 min


[View Animation]
Segzhan @ Wednesday, March 8th 2006, 7:55 PM
Safety save!

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Thursday, March 9th 2006, 6:50 PM
The pixel work on the crab fellow is amazeing and I like the non-black line work. Can't wait to see this finished.

Mouse @ Tuesday, March 21st 2006, 4:46 PM
That's a neat eye. Loving how smooth the lineart is as well. I'll be watching eagerly for its finish!

Kia @ Wednesday, April 5th 2006, 4:21 PM
This is coming out sooo neat The linart is just amazing, and the coloring on the crab thing is wow. The toooones. YUM. This is great. :D

[623] Artist: windblade | Title: meteor rain | Time: 747 min


[View Animation]
windblade @ Sunday, March 5th 2006, 2:31 AM
Suggestion for a theme week: Non-humanoid aliens!

This lil guy here (who\'s about ten feet tall) is a Cursean (The old name of Curriaan came from someone who seemed to like them, but I was asked to change it), a psychic insectoid inhabitant of the planet Xales 3, from the ixalee system. Extremely intelligent, these creatures are also tougher than they look, and they need to be! Xales 3 has a lot of seismic and volcanic activity, and also gets pelted by the occasionnal meteor shower a few times a year. Oh, and it rains chlorhydric acid, too.

The yellow dots on his back are bioluminescent, and are mainly used to convey emotions. He is rather young, as can be told by the paler color of his exoskeletton. Older individuals are darker shades of blue, purple and teal. Females can be told appart from male by the size of the abdomen. Females with big \"butts\" are the most sought after, because this means they are more fertile.

(Edited on March 5, 2006, 11:45 am)

olsie @ Sunday, March 5th 2006, 3:49 AM
Your mind will not stop coming up with creativity XD
Awesome creature. I dunno what else to say.

Kern @ Monday, March 6th 2006, 5:49 PM
welcome back windblade. I hope your theme will be followed

The_Infamous_Pumpkin @ Tuesday, March 7th 2006, 6:56 AM
I want...oo;; To ride it~! It's so cute. n_n Your solid coloring is really good.

Sumi @ Tuesday, March 7th 2006, 5:01 PM
I dunno what goes on in that brain of yours, windy... but we need to bottle it and sell it for millions. =D
It's nice to see some of your solids again. You did the smooth textures beautifully, and that background is wow. =D

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Tuesday, March 7th 2006, 9:10 PM
Mega solid goodness. And I stand by my opinion you got a GREAT imagination windy!

Ikena @ Wednesday, March 8th 2006, 4:51 PM
Oooh nicee!!
I love the shading! awesome! and the bg is preeeetty!
And its an interesting theme, but.. I cant draw non human things! XDD

Kia @ Wednesday, April 5th 2006, 4:19 PM
Windblade, your coloring has always, always amazed me. I love this. So much detail, and such a neat alien. :D I love the colors used and the lineart. The detail to the background even, is jsut lovely. I love this.

[624] Artist: kyokurrychan | Title: in progress | Time: 79 min


[View Animation]
kyokurrychan @ Sunday, March 5th 2006, 4:06 PM
mature'd for its incompleteness

Queen_Godzilla @ Monday, March 13th 2006, 2:05 PM
Are you ever going to finish this? o_o

yukisukinomoto @ Tuesday, March 14th 2006, 6:29 PM
yeeahh.. i would but i lost my password o.o so its left dead.

Kia @ Wednesday, April 5th 2006, 4:16 PM
Aw. Too bad you couldnt finish. D: I loved the way this was turning out. It was looking so lovely. The flower in her hair was gonna come out real nice. I can already tell. :D
Well. I hope to see other stuff, finished stuff. ^^

[625] Artist: Jennifer | Title: The Return | Time: 118 min


[View Animation]
Jennifer @ Sunday, March 5th 2006, 8:02 PM
Been a long time since I 'kaki'ed. Lot of new faces. Don't know if some of you remember this little guy. For those of you who haven't seen him before, his name is Ari N'Rei, aka: the Candy Thief, Blue-eyed Devil Child, and Runt.

Kern @ Monday, March 6th 2006, 7:18 AM
Long time no see. Welcome back.

windblade @ Monday, March 6th 2006, 9:21 AM
ARI! I haven't seen him in a veeeery long time! Still as adorable as ever. Ooh, and it's the return of the scary red moon, too!

Something looks a little bit strange with the shape of his eyes, but I can't quite put my finger on it...

Sumi @ Tuesday, March 7th 2006, 1:54 PM
Candy for Ari and the Jennifer! <3 I've missed seeing your art around here.
Ari's cuteness factor has increased by 1434980 points, but he also seems to have the devilish side coming out of those eyes. Maybe he'll blow up the moon. =D

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Tuesday, March 7th 2006, 9:11 PM
Wecome back! It's so nice to see all the old faces comeing back and see the familiar characters. ^_^

Ikena @ Wednesday, March 8th 2006, 4:54 PM
OMG Long time no see indeed!! Ari!! waii! he looks so evil and mischievious!

Windblade: what looks weird with his eyes is that the white shinyness thinguies are not on the same side on each eye.. hmm.. i dunno if i explain it well.. hope you get what i mean.. One is on the right while the other instead of being on the right too, its on the left..

windblade @ Sunday, March 12th 2006, 12:11 AM
Ikena's right! The lights in his eyes aren't consistant! Wonder why I didn't spot that one...

Kia @ Wednesday, April 5th 2006, 4:15 PM
I remember you. :3 Welcome back! It's nice to see your art again.

Youve got such a unique style. I love the eyes so much, and the hair and the eaaar. I also love the background too. This is real pretty. ^^

[626] Artist: Jennifer, The Blue Narian | Title: Wishing on a Star | Time: 408 min


[View Animation]
Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Tuesday, March 7th 2006, 10:02 PM

Okay! All done!


Especialy Mishi and Katie!

I turn 26 tomarrow. ^^;

This is Patrick and Denver Bear from my Castles and Adventures of Denver Bear stories. For more info and even a flash animation, go here:

Castles: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/29432996/
And yes, if any one notices, this is the first time I've actualy drawn Patrick's eyes.

Flash Animation Teaser: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/30107293/

This is also dedicated to my friend Keneth and his best friend whom are haveing a hard time. There's always hope. I don't think even what's going on can tear you two apart.

And that goes for any one else who's haveing a hard time. Things can only get better after they've gotten worse.

(Edited on March 13, 2006, 6:47 pm)

Ikena @ Wednesday, March 8th 2006, 4:55 PM
OoOoh cant wait to see it done!

Sumi @ Monday, March 13th 2006, 9:12 PM
What awesome giftarts for so many peoples. =3 And happy birthday- I'll have to draw you a picture when my French homework is supposed to be eating my brain. You ownzed the solids, but I think my favorite parts are the hanging stars. Very nifty. =)

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Tuesday, March 14th 2006, 8:04 AM
Thanks Sumi.

Don't worry aboudrawing me anything though. School work comes first. ^_^

Sumi @ Tuesday, March 14th 2006, 6:20 PM
No. =)
I have the bigger version on my DA if that's too small.

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Wednesday, March 15th 2006, 11:52 PM
Ah... Sumi! THANK YOU!

Kia @ Wednesday, April 5th 2006, 4:13 PM
Eeee. I love this. :D
The coloring, and the expressions. I love the little bear. The heart sewn onto him is tre cute. This is lovely. ^^

[610] Artist: freakymary | Title: My little ones | Time: 80 min


[View Animation]
freakymary @ Tuesday, February 21st 2006, 10:35 PM
wow, been years since I drew in paintbbs. kind of rusty I must say XD SO i went with something simple.

The two puppies are my little ones :) the brown fuzzy one is cinnamon, the other is Laylah. They are both about 8 months old and are sisters. I love them both very much ^_^ and yes.. laylahs ears stick out like that XD looks like she is flying.

Not sure if anyone remebers, but over a year ago I lost a preciouse dog to me, baby. I had a hard time losing her and still do miss her. But the news is, laylah here is the neice to baby. So its like i still have a part of her with me now, and laylah is so much like baby in looks and attitude. Though she can never replace her, im glad to have gotten her and cinnamon.

Rigga Mortis @ Wednesday, February 22nd 2006, 1:04 AM
Heya, Mary. :) Good to see this place going again, maybe I'll send something in... X3 THIS, however, is VERY cute. I do remember that time, and I'm glad to hear you got these two. They look adorable in the picture, especially flying-puppy. The tongues are a nice touch, and I like the purple outline about the hair most. Nice to see your art again!

Ven @ Wednesday, February 22nd 2006, 6:52 AM
The dogs are totally cute, especially with the disembowled tounges.

celestial crou @ Thursday, February 23rd 2006, 10:40 PM
CUTE!!!! Your style has improved SO MUCH!!!!!!! the shading really brings out the 3d form of your character. And the puppers are adorable.

Sumi @ Friday, February 24th 2006, 10:52 PM
Amazing flying puppy =D!!! I'm glad to hear you have some furry friends to keep you company again - and such adorable ones! I really love the lighting you did on your back, tail, and leg. The fur textures are also very nice. =3

Harlequin @ Saturday, February 25th 2006, 12:30 AM
Omg it's the freakymary! SHE LIIIIVES!! lol This is good ladyface, the lighter lines on your little avatars back are perfect. You've gotten leaps and bounds better...and puppies!! Who doesn't love puppies?!

Pooky @ Saturday, February 25th 2006, 10:26 AM
How lovely! =D
I really like your style. The chameleon's hair looks so nice. And the puppies look so cute and fuzzy! ^___^
I like the simple frame too.

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Sunday, February 26th 2006, 5:49 PM
Adorably cute. Giveing me a tooth ache. ^_^ Wonderful water color look.

Kia @ Tuesday, February 28th 2006, 9:41 PM
Cute drawing Mary. :D I love your style. The linart, the coloring. It's all so soft and lovely to look at. ^^ I especially love the hair.
Im sorry about your dog Baby, but you two new puppies sound absolutely adorable. :3 Ah. I have a puppy. Hes a big boy though. Six months and craz-ay.Dx I can hardly handle him. haha. eh.
Anyway. ^^ Again, really nice style. I love it.

tori_yuugi @ Monday, April 3rd 2006, 3:36 PM
oooooooooooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute i love it!nice definition of colors and good job a muscle formation puppies are adorable too

[614] Artist: Harlequin | Title: Collaborative Effort | Time: 88 min


[View Animation]
Harlequin @ Friday, February 24th 2006, 6:25 PM
I still have a way to go with this one, I just need a break. Hopefully I can get the lineart hammered out tonight and I can turn this over to Windblade for colors. That would be the goal anyway.

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Sunday, February 26th 2006, 6:11 PM
It's a real good start and an interesting pose. Windy-lady is going to color? Wow, this should be interesting. Colaberative results are always neat to see. Can't wait.

windblade @ Monday, March 6th 2006, 9:29 AM
Oooh, I can't wait to color this, it looks really nice!

tori_yuugi @ Monday, April 3rd 2006, 3:34 PM
cant wiat to see the finished pic

[618] Artist: freakymary | Title: How to draw Female Breast | Time: 304 min


[View Animation]
freakymary @ Thursday, March 2nd 2006, 12:39 AM
NOO finished but cant upload it :( help? please? anyone?

(Edited on March 4, 2006, 10:33 pm)

KHatch @ Thursday, March 2nd 2006, 11:05 PM
He was cute =P

This is awesome, finish it because I'm lovin' the great comeback you've got! Also, congratz on the new puppers, I know how much it killed you to lose Baby =( God, we're up to four dogs now ourselves...

Sumi @ Friday, March 3rd 2006, 5:06 PM
The reign of the boobies has ended. D=
Fleshy claw bits! =D I love the textures so far... and that's just with the lineart! I think you should go ahead and use the colours that you chose. I've always had a soft spot for redheads. <3

Annie Felis @ Friday, March 3rd 2006, 6:04 PM
Awesome tutorial, and I like both ending images. Yes, I liked the little bug-eyed guy.

And while the How To Draw Manga books can help, honestly learning traditional drawing techniques for realism is the best route. Starting on realism and expanding from there is so much better than getting stuck in a rut by only drawing the way a book tells you.

freakymary @ Friday, March 3rd 2006, 7:22 PM
I didnt mean to go by what a book tells you, and you can tell obviously im not an anime or manga artist.

I ment was its basics on human shapes and tips are helpful. It actully goes for a realism style then a cartoon one. It just teaches how to draw the skeleton for start, on posing etc and how the body is shaped and moves.

Annie Felis @ Saturday, March 4th 2006, 12:11 AM
Well yeah, that's useful. It's just the bits like "Here's how to draw a girl jumping on a tramoline!" are not. XD

Kia @ Saturday, March 4th 2006, 1:02 AM
Thanks so much Mary! That was very helpful! I now need to go try for myself, and see if it all registered correctly. hehe :3

I love your unicorn gryphon thing. I cant wait to see it finished!

*goes to try boobie drawings. hehe. boobies*

Prismatic @ Saturday, March 4th 2006, 1:49 AM
Wow that was so helpful! Thanks hun, I enjoyed the showhow, and also liked watching you color. Yeah.. I have to agree that your little bug eyed guy was cute~~
I really like the pose on your grifficorn and the colors are pretty. My favorite part is its back foot! It just looks so cute somehow. I don't know if it's just me but I think the horn might need to come forward a little bit, it doens't look quite like it's coming out of the center of its forhead.
I can't wait to see this finished! It's looking so good so far.

freakymary @ Saturday, March 4th 2006, 6:46 AM
Thanks all for the great comments ^_^ sorry i havnt finished this yet, been doing some spring cleaning. I plan to finish it tonight.

Pooky @ Wednesday, March 8th 2006, 9:33 AM
It's quite nice! ^_^
I really like your coloring style. The face looks pretty cool, and I really like the eye. The pose you chose is cool too.

tori_yuugi @ Monday, April 3rd 2006, 3:33 PM
nice mixture of creatures! i love the colors too! NIFTY!

[617] Artist: Kia | Title: Janpancanran | Time: 51 min


[View Animation]
Kia @ Tuesday, February 28th 2006, 7:22 PM
I love rhyming Jans name with stoof. i r uh gud speler. Ahem. :D Anyway. This is my pirate girl Jan. I like practicing the female anatomy with her cause shes so feminine.She wears such tight fitting stuf and what not. Its like..cha. Shes so vicious looking to me. I love drawing her.

Anatomy wise, I know everything is really off. Especially the waist. xD You dont have to tell me how sucked in it looks. I know I know.

Over all I love how this came out though. Despite the many anatomy mistakes i\'ve made and my usual issue with drawing breasts too low, Im happy with this. It just kind of shows Jan. It presents her the way Id like her to come off sometimes.

Does anyone have advice for the breasts though? I\'m constantly being told I draw them too low and if anyone has any tips on how to help me place them just right next time, Id greatly appreciate it. :D

Thanks guys.-kia

(Edited on February 28, 2006, 7:34 pm)

freakymary @ Tuesday, February 28th 2006, 7:58 PM
Great drawing here :) i lov your style! such smooth coloring and lines. the hair is simple yet poofy and wavy ^_^ i really like your charecter jan looks like she has attitude!

about you want tips for the breast/chest area. I can try to help, but this is just my tips on how i draw females etc.

When drawing the skeleton/sketch for the body. The breast, no matter the size (unless you mean for them to sag) always are even with the armpit/under the shoulder area. You have them in the right place, but to long wise, the bottom should of been up higher just a little, really though you did good with this since shes turned at a angle.

just remeber if the shoulders move up, so do the breast. if shes leaning forward, they hang down more. so best i can say is just think of were the shoulders go, as to what shape to give them. If you like, on my next drawing i can do a animation to show a skeleton outline sketch so you can see what im talking about. :) i always love to help out people when i can.

Also, I used examples for these sketches from the book "How to draw Manga, Female Charecters." I recommended this book to anyone, it helped me a lot in drawing people.

(Edited on March 2, 2006, 12:40 am)

Kia @ Tuesday, February 28th 2006, 9:34 PM
Mary. Thanks for the comments and the tips. ^_^ They are very appreciated. It would be so great if you could do an animation for me to give me a visual. When you have time of course. :D I really do want to get this down and I think a visual might help me a bit.xD Again, thanks for the comment and advice.:D Im gonna think on thaat more, the next time I doodle Jan.

Prismatic @ Saturday, March 4th 2006, 1:51 AM
ooohh You like pirates too! Whoo~ I really like her face, the eyes and lips are very well done with that angle. And her outfit is cute! You do well with solid shading~

Pooky @ Wednesday, March 8th 2006, 9:30 AM
I really like her face and her hair. The you you did your shading is simple, but quite nice.
She's incredibly thin. O.o;;

Queen_Godzilla @ Monday, March 13th 2006, 1:35 PM
I actually like Jan just the way she looks now. I mean, really... Anatomy, schmanatomy!

The way her body is curved, mixed with her expression and facial features just screams 'VIXEN!!' Really, she's a regular Jessica Rabbit, you know what I mean?

I wouldn't change anything about this. It really just wins in its simplicity.

[620] Artist: Kia | Title: Jan | Time: 127 min


[View Animation]
Kia @ Saturday, March 4th 2006, 2:52 AM
Urg. Ive never done a pose like this before. I dont know how well I did with it either. I wasnt gonna send but despite all my possible mistakes Im really happy with it. I need to figure out a background now though, any suggestions?


Ook. Well. I really liked Mary\'s idea of Jan laying on a table or desk, ontop of maps. I\'m a little shaky though, unsure. I don\'t normally attempt backgrounds, or objects such as tables or chairs..walls..anything like that. Im not quite sure if I did this right, so far and Im confused on where to even begin shading a table. Im thinking maybe I should use the water color tool, but I messed up the layers pretty bad, so i cant. UGH. *stuffs head in blender*
I also took Ikena\'s advice and lowered the hair line. I hope it looks better now. :3


(Edited on March 4, 2006, 5:07 pm)

Rigga Mortis @ Saturday, March 4th 2006, 4:09 AM
That's REALLY cute. Her face is just adorable, coy and sort of knowing... I like the eyes and the lips are perfect. The nose seems to detract a little, but it also fits with the style. The lack of outline around her hair makes her face stand out all the more. Excellent folding on her shirt, I like what she is wearing.

She looks like she could be stretching or something. Perhaps a study or something behind her--getting up from reading.

freakymary @ Saturday, March 4th 2006, 6:45 AM
Your welcome on the tutorial ^__^ and it seemed It must of helped XD I did something right! lol

really though, GREAT pose! the position of the breast and arms is perfect. I like how you did the shirt also :) with the black tight skirt im going to guess it is?

She looks like to me, she could be laying down on her back on a bed of some sort. The hair seems to me like its laid on something :) so perhaps she can be laying on a bed, a table even with pirate maps around her/under her ;) no no shes not being naughty! lol

I really do love your style though :) the eyes and lips are so pretty, please do finish soon!

Ikena @ Saturday, March 4th 2006, 4:06 PM
Well I think its pretty good for being the first time trying the pose =3
The only thing that stands out to me is that her hairline its waaay to up, (i mean if she tied her hair back she would have lots of forehead) other than that i like it a lot, specially her eyes =3

BG, hmm..? well... what about a lake with weeping willows and such? =P

freakymary @ Sunday, March 5th 2006, 7:18 PM
hm well it looks as if the shadow on her is coming from behind her head somwere? so perhaps there is a candle up there on the table we cant see.. as for shading the table, solids or water colors would look great with this. make shadows under her arms coming out, as if there is a candle up there somwere XD im sure it will look great however you do this.

windblade @ Monday, March 6th 2006, 9:26 AM
My only complain is that, while the shading on her face is truly delicious, there s no shading on the table/desk she's laying on. If it's not finished yet, then forget about my complain and just remember the bit about the delicious shading.

Not that I know what shading tastes like.

Sumi @ Tuesday, March 7th 2006, 2:07 PM
If you need help with shading the desk try following your original lightsource and looking up refs of wood textures.
Even without shading I knew this was a desk as soon as I saw that pulled out drawer. =D Too clever. Jan is such a cute redhead. I was doing a fanart of her for you, but my net crapped out.
So I hope you likes it stills. T_T

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Tuesday, March 7th 2006, 9:06 PM
Very simple but very elegant and solid goodness too! Well done indeed. Nice loose style. I rather like this peice so far. ^_^

Kia @ Thursday, March 9th 2006, 3:11 AM
OMIGODSUMI :00 *drools* I WISH YOU COULD HAVE FINISHED! It looks sooo great and its not even finished. Oh dear, I love it! Im gonna have to do something for you now! Thank you! ^______^;

Again, everyone thanks for the comments. Im going to look up wood texture and see if I cant get any ideas. I want to get this finished. x_X;

[619] Artist: Prismatic | Title: pirate | Time: 113 min


[View Animation]
Prismatic @ Saturday, March 4th 2006, 1:41 AM
not done

(Edited on March 4, 2006, 4:16 pm)

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Tuesday, March 7th 2006, 9:05 PM
Good start. Got some nice texture in the back. Curious to see what it looks like done.

[612] Artist: Ven | Title: Talkative Parasites | Time: 52 min


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Ven @ Wednesday, February 22nd 2006, 6:22 AM
There's nothing worse...

Just sketching out a T-shirt design
I'm not sure if I really like it though

freakymary @ Wednesday, February 22nd 2006, 9:27 AM
omg i just relized thats a worm in his ear 0_0. when i looked at this earlier i thought it was a ponytail or something XD

I love the lighting on this, with yellow and purple colors used. The face is perfect :) I loveing the eyes and mouth. He seems so seriouse, untill you look at the cute little worm XD

Segzhan @ Wednesday, February 22nd 2006, 3:08 PM
Ooo, great pic! The worm kinda reminds me of MAggot, in Corpse Bride. =3

bernandette @ Thursday, February 23rd 2006, 5:28 PM
OOOhh same here! anEways, i like how you made the pink out lines, and shaded with yellows- great anatomy!

Sumi @ Friday, February 24th 2006, 10:31 PM
Those solids make me smile. =3 Such bright, vibrant colours really bring the picture to life. I can't decide whether he looks angry or upset to have this little ear friend.

Kia @ Tuesday, February 28th 2006, 7:32 PM
You have got some interesting talent. oo;
I love the realism of this. It must be so hard to work colors like that. I love the pink shading and the expression. It definately is an eye catcher, this picture. :3 I love the little worm thing to. Again, another interesting concept.xD It would be great to see this on a shirt I think.

[613] Artist: Ven | Title: Adoption doesn't always work out... | Time: 66 min


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Ven @ Wednesday, February 22nd 2006, 6:40 PM
I'm just killing some time.
I hope this doesn't count as spamming
but if it does then delete away

Kia @ Tuesday, February 28th 2006, 7:29 PM
...I saw this... and just.. had no idea what to say.xD
It is most definately very unique of you, and I think the concept is rather funny. The expressions just.. crack me up. The big teeth and what not.
You also have lovely writing, by the way. :D

[606] Artist: Chime | Title: Pinion | Time: 167 min


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Chime @ Saturday, February 18th 2006, 11:51 PM

This is a really, really old character. Back when I had just started using Oekaki, I made what I thought was my masterpiece, and she was in it XDD
But without wings XD

I have a wing-fetish.

Sue me Dx

(Edited on February 19, 2006, 11:04 am)

bernandette @ Sunday, February 19th 2006, 11:09 AM
I happen to like her wings =3 thats a good scence you put her in, pretty tones

mazilwolf @ Sunday, February 19th 2006, 11:59 AM
wow, the tonal shading is like, amazing!
and i love thas shading on her hair!
eeep, you missed colouring part of her ear (i think its an ear... XD)

Chime @ Sunday, February 19th 2006, 12:04 PM
Yeah, i noticed the ears a bit late ^___^; and i cant retouch it anymore. I fixed it though, its on my devart account ->


Sumi @ Sunday, February 19th 2006, 6:41 PM
What a cute little smile. ^-^ I like how you used tones to shade her dress to give it a more fabric-y feel... and the transparent sleeves! <3 I think I like your background the best though, the grassy hill gives the picture a calming mood, like you would get sitting outside on a perfect summer day.

Chime @ Sunday, February 19th 2006, 9:52 PM
Huur, It's loved by the Great Sumi-sama! I think im going to faint! XDD

lmao, but really, thanks for all your comments <33

freakymary @ Monday, February 20th 2006, 7:03 PM
Im loving the little yellow flower in front of her XD. Such a cute little charecter! you have a really great style! The wings are perfect, I love how the are shapped and colored.

Something though about the collarbone/chest area is throwing me off though 0_o im not sure if im looking at it wrong or something but it seems its a little low. Unless shes leaning forward? for the chest shows a front view, but from her colarbone and shoulders its like at a angel. Really though as a whole this is excellent ^_^

I agree also with the tones ^_^ great idea for adding textures to the dress!

Chime @ Monday, February 20th 2006, 9:43 PM
Yeah, the collarbones should be moved a little to the left, and the shading on her chest is making it look really wierd XDD

Plus I phail at anatomy Dx

Cynezero @ Tuesday, February 21st 2006, 1:04 AM
Wow! Lovely and skillful use of tones there on her dress. Her expression is adorable, she looks so happily content. :D

Love the texture on the grass and the dandelion in the foreground. The seeds blowing in the wind give it such a warm touch.

:sigh: Wish it was so nice like that here... it's SO cold right now! ;_; SO much snow and ice!

Chime @ Tuesday, February 21st 2006, 9:13 PM

'S so cold T__________T

cleric @ Saturday, February 25th 2006, 12:13 AM
so elegant. i think the dress and her hair stand out the most. very beautiful.

Pooky @ Saturday, February 25th 2006, 10:21 AM
I really like the background. It looks wonderful. =3
I love her dress too. Her hair looks quite nice, with the light reflecting on it. And I always loved feathery wings. ^_^

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Sunday, February 26th 2006, 5:46 PM
Interesting mix of textures. Nicely done. Those are so hard to pull off well.

[603] Artist: Ven | Title: I just love it when you sigh | Time: 86 min


[View Animation]
Ven @ Friday, February 17th 2006, 3:38 AM
Yup, just playing around
Thanx for all the comments on my last picture
I normally draw on a board where there are like 2 other people so I'm totally not use to getting that many responses.
that sounds sad...
But yeah,
timer is off though because I'm reading through my bio text right now

mazilwolf @ Friday, February 17th 2006, 4:21 AM
thst creepy fingure in the back scares me!
justa little critis that the face seems a littl oddly shaped... and the nose seems to be drawn at a different perspective.
other that that, its is an awesome geryscale piece! i love how youve drawn her hand!
you even drew her sigh, which is a nice effect!

Ven @ Friday, February 17th 2006, 4:32 AM
You're totaly right on all those crits. I'm to lazy to fix them though. Maybe tomorrow...
Once I fix the nose the face shuld look fine

mazilwolf @ Friday, February 17th 2006, 4:34 AM
mmmm, yes, lazyness gets me too...
hahaha ive just realised what the thingy in the back reminds me of!
MR. BLOBBLY! ARGH! *runs for the hills* he was so scarey!

Arisu @ Friday, February 17th 2006, 12:57 PM
Ooh this is so cool. Real nice lighting! I always find it hard to draw people close up and keep it looking as nicely as you did in this. Also, sweet background. I love the angle of the room and of course, the guy in the doorway.

freakymary @ Friday, February 17th 2006, 4:25 PM
wow, you have some talent! I love the simpleness to this with the gray scale. Great detail on the face with the lighting :) I cant never draw people like this, with the close up view and looking more human then cartoon/anime XD

The figure in the background scares me too 0_o like some old creepy horror flim of a guy coming in her house and killing her etc.

Chime @ Saturday, February 18th 2006, 9:37 PM
Great how it has absolutely no black, just a grey monotone.

OMG STALKER! XDD I love that insane smile there XD

Sumi @ Saturday, February 18th 2006, 11:58 PM
I dunno... but I'm in love with the nose. XD Her hand and her forehead look a little too small, like they were squished into the picture, but the rest of the proportions are very nice. =3 Awesome monotone solids. I especially like the shading around her nose and lips.

Pooky @ Saturday, February 25th 2006, 10:17 AM
Ooh, creepy. o-o
I really like the greyscales coloring. It looks awesome.

[581] Artist: Segzhan | Title: Safety save | Time: 100 min


[View Animation]
Segzhan @ Tuesday, February 7th 2006, 3:43 PM
Because "Muffin freak"was an atrocity. Chibi ariel holding a kitty. Will finish this evening.

Kern @ Monday, February 13th 2006, 3:18 AM

mazilwolf @ Wednesday, February 15th 2006, 4:08 AM
i love the kittys face! *wants to pet it*
its all... squishy!

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Thursday, February 16th 2006, 2:25 AM
Ahhhhhhh... That is so adorable. ^____^

right now it has a look of a Flash animation which is pretty cool. Can't wait to see what it's like when done.

bernandette @ Thursday, February 23rd 2006, 7:17 PM
oh they're so cute! love your use of tones, and ur kitty ^^

[608] Artist: bernandette | Title: Vampirez YAY | Time: 62 min


[View Animation]
bernandette @ Sunday, February 19th 2006, 12:12 PM
almost fin...
This isa vampire from a comic im writing :> bbl

Methanes_gal @ Monday, February 20th 2006, 1:43 PM
i love watching how you started out and then the more detailed parts ^^

Cynezero @ Tuesday, February 21st 2006, 12:59 AM
Eee awesome, love the character design... sorry to comment on it while it's still unfinished, just had to get that out~! :D

bernandette @ Thursday, February 23rd 2006, 5:17 PM
finished |D if you know who buffy is, it'll make sense... sorry ive been gone- im working on a tutorial:

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