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[836] Artist: dorothyblueeyes | Title: HAPPY HALLOWEEN,TO ALL MY DROWKAKI FRIENDS!!!BOO!!! | Time: 246 min


dorothyblueeyes @ Tuesday, October 24th 2006, 12:25 PM

Yep,you all are such good artists, Happy Halloween!!!This is Death,with his Diploma in Taking Souls...or else,it's his "diploma in Murder",who knows. But,he's got it,and for Halloween,Death is the Head of the Parade. Ray Bradbury would love this. And,he would love all of your very good artists, here. Thanks for being so inspirational to me.Happy Halloween,and Trick or Treat!!I wish you lots of Treats,and candy. ( ^ ^ ) sincerely, dorothyblueeyes

tori_yuugi @ Sunday, November 5th 2006, 4:20 PM
i like the contrast of the cloak and the green bkgd

[834] Artist: manasa_dong | Title: Nite Dreams | Time: 23 min


manasa_dong @ Monday, October 16th 2006, 4:03 PM

Little Elf @ Tuesday, October 17th 2006, 7:57 PM
Well, your experimenting is swesomeness.

dorothyblueeyes @ Wednesday, October 25th 2006, 2:55 PM
very beautiful

Kia @ Tuesday, October 31st 2006, 3:27 AM
Awesome experimenting. I love the expression and color scheme. The hair is very pretty too. <3

tori_yuugi @ Sunday, November 5th 2006, 4:20 PM
i like the cricly thingies
kinda neat

[833] Artist: tori_yuugi | Title: drow | Time: 60 min


[View Animation]
tori_yuugi @ Thursday, October 12th 2006, 9:31 PM

hey! long time nosee
i have been on campus for over a month
and well i dont have a comp
i just stole my bf's comp for a bit
but i gotta run
nice to see everyone again
i will finish this soon...promise

dorothyblueeyes @ Saturday, October 14th 2006, 5:07 AM
Verry good start.

tori_yuugi @ Sunday, October 22nd 2006, 1:01 PM
okay finished
this is part of a story i am writing
she is half drow and...i dont know
but it was fun
i kinda like the hair

Anna Sophia @ Tuesday, November 28th 2006, 7:54 PM
SHE LIIIIIIIIVES!!! Well...I assume so, anyway. I LOVE how you did this. It reminds me of the scraffito (sp?) we used to do. I miss your wolves, but if I use my imagination, that fire under her hand looks kinda like a wolf face. :D

[832] Artist: stray kitten | Title: Swan | Time: 61 min


[View Animation]
stray kitten @ Thursday, October 12th 2006, 8:13 PM
Trying to rediscover oekaki.

Sumi @ Thursday, October 12th 2006, 9:55 PM
ZOMGS stray kitten glomp. T^T I missed you! I always loved your solids. This swan lady is just amazing. Very good anatomy around her shoulders, and you have some nice clean lines going on. x3

dorothyblueeyes @ Saturday, October 14th 2006, 5:08 AM
Yes,it reminds me of some art deco or art nuveau,or something.

Little Elf @ Tuesday, October 17th 2006, 7:58 PM
Wow, that's pretty neat! I'd never chose any of those colors to go together. You pulled if off nicely.

tori_yuugi @ Sunday, November 5th 2006, 4:21 PM
cool bird in the bkgd

[831] Artist: Sumi | Title: Kyon Sun | Time: 1093 min


Sumi @ Wednesday, October 11th 2006, 8:31 PM
This is a lot like my selenthian picture... x( Honestly, I'm not one for furries at all, with the exception of lion ones and this one. A few years ago my friend made me play Furcadia for a grueling 2 hours. My character was a white dog, I think her name was Hisui or something.
I always thought she looked really elegant so... redid her in warrior's armor? =D

Pooky @ Wednesday, October 11th 2006, 8:46 PM
Woah, it looks so nice. ^^ And she's all fluffy!

dorothyblueeyes @ Saturday, October 14th 2006, 5:06 AM
Absolutely beautiful;yes,such real fur,and real dog,and real picture.Great,Sumi!!

Thalar @ Friday, October 27th 2006, 6:06 AM
I love this! I have a weak spot for white wolves (or wolf-like dogs) in any shape and form. This is beautifully done, more resembling a painting than digital art. She looks elegant and deadly at once :)

tori_yuugi @ Sunday, November 5th 2006, 4:21 PM
amazing! i love it
i love the head
and the armor looks realy cool

Theron @ Wednesday, November 15th 2006, 10:56 AM
I'm not one for furries either except when they're beautiful like this one ^^ Really snazzy work on her cuirass!

Relvane @ Sunday, December 17th 2006, 4:36 PM
I love the painting effect and the way you detailed the clothes. very nice!

[830] Artist: Mazilwolf-returned- | Title: saftey save | Time: 39 min


[View Animation]
Mazilwolf-returned- @ Monday, October 9th 2006, 12:09 PM
mum came home from work in a huuf
ill do more another time, sorry

dorothyblueeyes @ Saturday, October 14th 2006, 5:09 AM
good start,though,very.

[829] Artist: dorothyblueeyes | Title: Elf Who Has Lost Everything: "Loss" | Time: 149 min


dorothyblueeyes @ Friday, October 6th 2006, 6:22 AM

I wanted to do a creature who has lost everything,and is mourning;"Loss"; black and white worked out very well for textures,and it was the right mood; black.

Sumi @ Tuesday, October 10th 2006, 9:55 PM
Wonderful lighting, especially around the cheekbones and furrowed brow. You really did capture the sorrow.

Queen_Godzilla @ Saturday, October 14th 2006, 8:34 PM
He looks like a gargoyle, I think. The use of different textured brushes and tones gives the look of traditional media as well. Your values range is very good -- you ran from white to black and all that inbetween. Good job, you! XD

[828] Artist: dorothyblueeyes | Title: "No-Face" Kaonashi | Time: 137 min


dorothyblueeyes @ Thursday, October 5th 2006, 5:03 AM

Very hard to draw guys.

[827] Artist: Basil | Title: Boo! | Time: 190 min


[View Animation]
Basil @ Wednesday, October 4th 2006, 4:03 AM
I spent so long drawing this. And I am so unsatisfied. *sigh*

dorothyblueeyes @ Thursday, October 5th 2006, 5:05 AM
It's beautiful; but I know what you mean,I tried so hard to get Miyazaki's characters,and I did not do a good job either. Yers is fine.

Sumi @ Tuesday, October 10th 2006, 9:57 PM
Aw, I liked where you were going with your first sketch, and then with the blonde hair in the back. The space background is awesome though. I love how you blended reds and purple-y fuschias together with the black.

[826] Artist: Sumi | Title: vampire | Time: 38 min


Sumi @ Monday, October 2nd 2006, 9:35 PM
I was... trying something. <_<; I dunno if it worked or not, but it sure doesn't look like what I had in mind.

DinKelion @ Tuesday, October 3rd 2006, 7:40 PM
People tend to make vampire fangs look too large and kinda goofy in most pictures (Even in flims, I might add) But this one looks pretty sweet! Those fangs have a frail kris like look to them. Or maybe it is the eyes and soft nose that is making me think otherwise O.o;. Beautiful picture anyways, the color scheme is absolutally eerie! (in a positive sence!)

dorothyblueeyes @ Thursday, October 5th 2006, 5:07 AM
Wow, I love the subtley. (??spelling)It so subtle.Very very beautiful, and rich, too.And she looks very forbiding, too. great.

dorothyblueeyes @ Friday, October 6th 2006, 3:19 AM
Sumi, I just looked at this picture again,and I have to say, you really have subtle tones,and gradations,that I can not even come near.I know I am over-done,and obvious,and most of us even here are not too subtle. I started to look at the tones in the picture, and that more is concealed,than revealed,and it is a great lesson to me. The sense of "hiddenness"and "danger" that the darkness gives,is what makes the whole picture work. wow. I'm just curious , who's fine art do you admire?Do you like to study lighting of all kinds, in painting?Do you like to look at a lot of very old oil painting, classics, of all kinds, that are masters with lighting? I can make out the background of shaded mountains, and the way they blend into the front picture, but I happen to know that something like this is not that easy to do. It may look easy, but it's much harder to under-do a picture, and go for such dramatic darkness,and really convey a feeling of danger with it. "Mysteriousness." You can just barely make out the fangs, just barely. She is mostly hidden, so you can not really know who or what she is.

Hmm..reminds me of a really good vampire or horror movie,where the vampire is lurking in the dark shadows, and the cinematographer wants to just "hint"that she is there,and ":hints"that is is so dangerous,and shows just enough of her, to show that she is also probably beautiful.

Is this a departure for you? I just really love it. Sorry for oggling it,and bugging you,but this is really something I would expect, in some ways, to find in a museum gallery,or painting gallery. Humph!! You are really onto something. Have you heard the expression "tone poem"? Almost like an illustration for an Anne Rice novel. Ok, I'll stop over-commenting, but I just wanted you to know, you are really really good,and very talented. I do not say that to just anyone. "Mood" and "delicacy" and "sensitivity" is not a very wide-spread characteristic even in the art world.

Having seen a lot of art history, I can tell you, that the pieces of art that really last, are not the ones with the best technical perfection, or accuracy, they are the ones with the most ":mood" and "sensitivity" and "expression of emotion" and "studies of light."The Mona Lisa?It's her "mood" and "expression", "lighting." It is when the artist captures a combination of feeling,and delicacy that you only can marvel at. That is really what we call "genius." Not particularly technical perfection or accuracy. Umm..have you ever seen a copy of Van Gogh's "The potato eaters"?(peasants eating a meager dinner.) I can name many others. I'm a descendent of Swiss, I tend to like Durer,and Rembrandt,and 15th century Flemish painting,but there are many Oriental, Japanese, Chinese masterpieces,and masters, too. Plenty of them. I've seen the Asian Museum in San Francisco, California,so I am associated with many Asian masterpieces. Years ago, I tried to study Chinese water colors;I loved it, but I was no master at it. I marvel at the huge Japanese or Chinese landscapes, usually on silk. Ok, ok, I'll stop rambling. I just wondered what art,and artists, you liked,and what ever influenced you.

I just wanted, also, to encourage you along the lines, of this picture, and I do not know if you realize how good it is. No one else here seems to catch onto it,but I am almost 60 years old,and I've seen a lot of art and artists. There are millions, literally billions of people who call themselves "artists",but in actuality, there are a mere handful who are truly good. A-hem, may I have your permission to have a copy of this picture? Do ever sell copies of any of your work? This is something I would like to have a copy of ,to eventually hang on my wall. --or on my computer. Ok, ok, I over did it,but I am very taken by it,and just had to let you know. I am sure other people on this site know you are good,and there are a lot of good artists on the Oekaki sites, but you definitely seem to be getting to be one of the best.

Don';t get a swelled head but ,you should know when you are good.I've been staring at this picture for at least a half hour, I still like it. ha ha.
Ok, sign me up for your fan club. Thanks for listening to me, Sumi, and please, keep up this good work. Umph! heh heh. I just LOVE this picture. (( ^ ^ )) Looking forward to seeing more of your work, in the future, whatever you do.

Thanks!!! sincerely, dorothyblueeyes, in Eugene, Oregon, USA, retired cartoonist,artist, and cooking teacher.

[825] Artist: Harlequin | Title: It's Colorful Sure...But What IS It? | Time: 90 min


Harlequin @ Friday, September 29th 2006, 4:14 AM
I have no idea where I was going with this...other than it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Piccolo @ Saturday, September 30th 2006, 7:51 PM
I love the hat! It looks great! And the shading on the skin is so smooth. I feel like this guy is getting ready to hit the jazz bar or something.

Sumi @ Monday, October 2nd 2006, 8:54 PM
It's good to see your art again, Harle! <3 I've always loved your smooth lineart. I do believe your elf is sporting an incredible dashing hat. =3

DinKelion @ Tuesday, October 3rd 2006, 7:35 PM
The colors certainly are new! But I like the hat, and his hair is so nice! (I have a think for pale yellow to redish brown, ooh well!)
He definetly looks like he came from the mafia or something. :3 Which, I might add, is something I am also interested in. Great coloring anyways!

Basil @ Wednesday, October 4th 2006, 12:36 AM
Oooh, I lovelovelove the hair and the stripey hat! Very pretty!

dorothyblueeyes @ Thursday, October 5th 2006, 5:08 AM
Yeah, this is neat.Very nice.

[824] Artist: dorothyblueeyes | Title: "Okusare", "Stink Spirit" | Time: 154 min


dorothyblueeyes @ Wednesday, September 27th 2006, 5:50 AM

The Stink spirit in "Spirited Away"that causes a lot of trouble. ha ha. so cute!!

Starlitdragon @ Wednesday, September 27th 2006, 11:12 PM
I like those crazy browns. His mouth's kind of cute too, in an oozy kind of way.

I -just- watched Spirted Away last Sunday. For the second time. It was effin' fantastic. I loved the music, and the gorgeous, gorgeous eye candy. Good way to spend a couple hours. XD

Piccolo @ Saturday, September 30th 2006, 7:52 PM
Poor guy, look what we've done to him.
You did a great job actually making him look goopy and muddy! It really looks like the mud is slowly flowing off of his body.

Sumi @ Monday, October 2nd 2006, 8:56 PM
Awesome, this looks just like him. XD The drippy, sticky mouth was always my favorite detail on him, so I was glad to see you included it. ;3

Basil @ Wednesday, October 4th 2006, 12:51 PM
I always felt so bad for him in the movie. You did a really good job making him look muddy and oozy and... stinky! Bravo!

dorothyblueeyes @ Thursday, October 5th 2006, 5:09 AM
Thanks for the comments, he was so much fun to do,and a great challenge.

[823] Artist: Piccolo | Title: Hello... | Time: 111 min


[View Animation]
Piccolo @ Monday, September 25th 2006, 10:46 PM
Oh man, I can't believe I just drew that! The second I saw the Miyazaki theme I thought of this Totoro and then I realized he needed something cute to be poking... so why not a Kodama?

Neko Girl Star @ Tuesday, September 26th 2006, 4:08 AM
That is so cute ^_^ I wonder what a demon Totoro would do o.o' I want a kodama...>>...maybe it will keep my plants alive since any I get die no matter how hard I take care of them ;_; Or a Totoro to just make them grow...without any effort..hehe...^^

dorothyblueeyes @ Wednesday, September 27th 2006, 2:42 AM
OOOOh, wonderful spirit, great totoro.love it.

Starlitdragon @ Wednesday, September 27th 2006, 11:14 PM
Hehe, that kodoma wins cute points! I just love the curious expressions on both subjects, it's just adorable!

I also like that greenish branch that kodama is sitting on. Sweet picture!

[822] Artist: Segzhan | Title: L | Time: 74 min


[View Animation]
Segzhan @ Saturday, September 23rd 2006, 6:45 PM
If you don't know who that is, I'll have to try hard not to shun you. ;p

He is, to my modest opinion, the greatest comic character ever. I fell in love with him as much as it is possible to fall in love with a fictionnal character. ^_^

(Edited on September 23, 2006, 11:52 pm)

dorothyblueeyes @ Wednesday, September 27th 2006, 2:44 AM
Ah,good I love it.great shades.

Starlitdragon @ Wednesday, September 27th 2006, 11:10 PM
I love his hair. The 'L' in the back is trippy quite trippy.

:: Feeds L some sweets :: He's my favourite, too!

Piccolo @ Saturday, September 30th 2006, 8:13 PM
This is fun! The tones are pretty sweet. One little thing that bothers me though is that his neck line stops before the bottom of the page and that in some places I don't feel the shadows are deep enough. I think you did a great job on the shape of the profile though, looks awesome!

[821] Artist: manasa_dong | Title: What's Inside is What Counts | Time: 46 min


manasa_dong @ Tuesday, September 19th 2006, 3:25 PM
I wanted to draw a panda for awhile now... too bad it's not cute like I originally thought I'd draw it...

DinKelion @ Monday, September 25th 2006, 2:30 PM
Uh, It certainly doesn't radiate a :cute: look. I think it's leaning more to a bad-ass kind of appearance. I can almost imagine one of those fine claws flipping the veiwers off. :3 lol, good picture any ways!

dorothyblueeyes @ Wednesday, September 27th 2006, 2:45 AM
Very good ,don't worry about it, we like it.

Piccolo @ Saturday, September 30th 2006, 8:17 PM
Very fun picture, well, fun might not be the right word. Reminds me of all those cartoons where the characters use bearskin rugs to scare others. I like how he's like checking out his claws too!

[820] Artist: dorothyblueeyes | Title: "Muta" of "The Cat Returns" sketch | Time: 55 min


[View Animation]
dorothyblueeyes @ Sunday, September 17th 2006, 5:27 PM

A version of Muta a cat from the Cat Returns,which I did not see,but this cat really looked deady nasty in the movie photos.Sorry,is this a white cat?

Little Elf @ Tuesday, September 19th 2006, 2:01 PM
Aw, he's cure! =3

manasa_dong @ Tuesday, September 19th 2006, 10:11 PM
Haha, I think he had a patch on his face... I can't rememeber, but it looks like him otherwise. He was the coolest character minus the Barron. Nice job <3

dorothyblueeyes @ Wednesday, September 27th 2006, 2:47 AM
Thanks, I did not see the patch on the original drawing, but he must be a fearsome cat, huh?

Piccolo @ Saturday, September 30th 2006, 8:19 PM
Muta is so much fun in the movie and you totally caught his attitude, reminds me of the part in the movie where he gets sat on. Nice picture!

[819] Artist: dorothyblueeyes | Title: "Pom Poko" the movie | Time: 173 min


dorothyblueeyes @ Sunday, September 17th 2006, 4:28 PM

Well,I went to the website,.and tried to sketch the characters from "Pom Poko",which were delightful.Wish I could see the movie;From black & white sketch of them,I did this simple painting.The muzzle(the light area on the face)does not stand out enough,though.Plus,very hard to contour and shape him.(her?)owww,I think I got the head shape wrong. I still do better with real drawing tools,paper,pencil,than I do software.I do not often copy other people's cartoon characters,either.These,however,from the movie are so delightful,wonderful,I wish I could do a better job. I invite others here to trydoing characters from these movies,causemany of you are more accurate than I am,with software; go ahead,give it a try,this "Pom Poko"has delightful little critters in it, I love them.

dorothyblueeyes @ Wednesday, September 27th 2006, 2:49 AM
Uh, could someone please tell me if this is a bad job, or are these characters just kind of hard to do? comments, at all? It's ok if you are critical but not to be mean. I accept criticism.

Piccolo @ Saturday, September 30th 2006, 8:52 PM
My first suggestion would be that if you don't think the muzzle stands out enough, then add something to it and try to make it stand out more. Maybe showing more shading on the underside of it (the lower right I'm guessing would be where the shadow would fall) and some highlights. You could also put the shadow that the muzzle would cause on the face into the picture, because then you would get the idea that it comes out from the face. I don't know these characters so I couldn't tell you if they're easy to draw, but I always find it very hard to draw someone else's characters and to make them come out right. One trick that works for me is to keep in mind the personality of the character I'm drawing and really try to bring that out. That way even if the little details aren't right the feeling of the picture as a whole usually works out.
I hope that was helpful.

dorothyblueeyes @ Thursday, October 5th 2006, 5:14 AM
Thank you for the comment;yes,I find it hard to do someone else's characters, too.

[818] Artist: irot | Title: The Vampire & Her Companion | Time: 151 min


irot @ Monday, September 11th 2006, 5:41 PM
Hallo! My first oekaki here. :) Yes, it's hardly the middle of September and I am drawing Halloween bits. It's my vampire character Sebastiana looking much in the Holiday spirits and her long passed cat Petrarca in his ghostly state.


Sumi @ Monday, September 11th 2006, 6:22 PM
Hey, another from PA. x3 Welcome!
There's never a wrong time to be in a Halloween mood. I really love the muted orange shades you picked for her dress, and the foldes are amazing. Cute spider details too. <3
Hope you like it here. Remember to comment and draw lots. =3

Pooky @ Tuesday, September 12th 2006, 8:21 PM
I LOVE the dress! =3

DinKelion @ Thursday, September 14th 2006, 3:25 PM
Welcome to Drow Tales Oekaki- though I'm in no position of welcoming you... I don't have a wide understanding of Drow tales as it is (though I wish I did!)
This picture is wonderful. I like the gray scale colors and pale red, that doesn't look anything like pink. Her dress is beautiful too. :)

dorothyblueeyes @ Sunday, September 17th 2006, 1:46 PM
Very beautiful.

Little Elf @ Tuesday, September 19th 2006, 2:02 PM
That tree is going to amuse me for a while. x3 I love her ghosty kitty!

[817] Artist: Sumi | Title: Desert Selenthian | Time: 195 min


Sumi @ Sunday, September 10th 2006, 1:50 AM
I was invited to this thing.
I hope I get in. =o

Starlitdragon @ Sunday, September 10th 2006, 7:11 PM
I love the creamy colours. And pose. The background, especially the stone wall, is particularily lovely. Her hooves and ears are quite cute! Good luck getting in to wherever you'd like to go.

By the way, do you have an online gallery of some sort?

Sumi @ Sunday, September 10th 2006, 9:14 PM
soo.deviantart.com ;)

DinKelion @ Monday, September 11th 2006, 6:48 AM
Sweet... You even managed to give the character a 'long' look on her face- Freakin' awsome. Can't say much otherwise :)

Tenshi @ Tuesday, September 12th 2006, 1:24 AM
She's purdy Sumi!

My only crit is that with all the light colouring, she kinda gets a little lost with the background a little :o

Omfg the colours are certainly beautiful though~ I love that splash of red [for obvious reasons, its my fave colour! XD]

irot @ Tuesday, September 12th 2006, 6:12 AM
Beautiful and soft...I'm a sucker for sepia tones. I also adore how the feet/hooves are done. It's so soft and flowing. :)

dorothyblueeyes @ Sunday, September 17th 2006, 1:45 PM
Wonderful, even looks like a photo,or painting in oils. Reminds me of some creature out of Wizard of Oz books.

Mouse @ Monday, September 18th 2006, 6:16 PM
Lovely. Softly flowing colors and a subtle pallet.

Theron @ Wednesday, November 15th 2006, 10:55 AM
Argh mad Sumi skillz o0 I love the bright lighting

[816] Artist: Prismatic | Title: Foreplay | Time: 67 min


[View Animation]
Prismatic @ Thursday, September 7th 2006, 9:44 PM
So she's a little warped, and vicious, and most of the time intolerable.. but still one of my all time favorite characters!
It's been a while since I was here last, been too busy working. But I still always love stopping by and looking at all the new art, and new artists work.~

(Edited on September 7, 2006, 11:18 pm)

(Edited on September 7, 2006, 11:18 pm)

irot @ Wednesday, September 13th 2006, 6:17 AM
I think it's spiffy how it has a night theme yet the red glimmers through. However, it looks like there was some difficulty where to put shadowing, etc instead of just painting the dark color over her almost randomly. Perhaps some darker shadow on her face and armour...it's crevices and details also would bring it out more. Nice piece; night images can be tough! Good work.

dorothyblueeyes @ Sunday, September 17th 2006, 1:47 PM
Very nice, I like darker pictures, too.

[815] Artist: Jennifer, The Blue Narian | Title: Awakened Beast | Time: 878 min


[View Animation]
Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Monday, September 4th 2006, 6:30 AM

Safety Save

Lets see how many actualy reconise these old characters of mine as I draw them. hint.. I once had a contest here for folks to draw them... which I need to re-get with all of you that entered! I owe you pictures!


Clothing all colored. Line art tweeked. now to start on the background.

(Edited on September 27, 2006, 6:56 pm)

Prismatic @ Thursday, September 7th 2006, 10:20 PM
This is looking really great so far! I love the depth of color, and the expressions are so fantastic!
Is the boy your dragon boy? I think I sort of remember them. Looks like he's getting ready to protect his friend perhaps... but what are they looking at?

dorothyblueeyes @ Sunday, September 17th 2006, 1:49 PM
Very good big project; I find it hard to do big projects. Looking at an approaching dragon?Wonderful skin tones.

[814] Artist: Starlitdragon | Title: Urahara | Time: unknown


Starlitdragon @ Tuesday, August 29th 2006, 9:52 PM
Here's to a headshot of Urahara from Bleach, done with Shi Painter Pro. My internet connection seems to have an allergy to the oekaki boards here, and seems incapable of uploading on its own. Thank you very much Sumi, for recovering my picture for me!

(Edited on August 30, 2006, 7:40 pm)

Sumi @ Wednesday, August 30th 2006, 9:22 PM
Glad to upload it. =3 I'm really diggin' the awesome blending you did in his hair. I also like the glowing uhthethingthatIdunnowhatitis in the background and the flecks floating around.

DinKelion @ Sunday, September 3rd 2006, 10:41 AM
Wow! I could write a page of all the things I like in this image!
First of all, the main object is unbelievably hawt.
Next, ohwow I love the soft glow in the corner, and how there are pale green embers/residue from something like a fire. It makes the picture look haunting, in addition to the snow dark like background. I really like this picture. :) You did an awsome job.

Prismatic @ Thursday, September 7th 2006, 10:26 PM
Your blending methods work really well here! It really gives the picture a softer feel. The colors look really great, always have liked the charcoal greys with brighter greens.
Your glow effect is marvelous.~

irot @ Tuesday, September 12th 2006, 6:14 AM
The green glimmer and lighting give it a wistful feeling, and the painted technique helps it flow. LOvely job; great sig by the way too.:)

dorothyblueeyes @ Sunday, September 17th 2006, 1:50 PM
Great luminescent quality.

Basil @ Wednesday, October 4th 2006, 12:35 AM
Ooh, very nice! Soft light and shading. I really like his facial structure. A lot of people seem to like Bleach- Maybe I should give it a look! Thumbs up! <3

[813] Artist: dorothyblueeyes | Title: People of the Moon,a Fantasy. | Time: 68 min


dorothyblueeyes @ Tuesday, August 29th 2006, 8:40 AM

In this fantasy,the Moon People spin the clouds and light beams that cover the full moons,and make them safe for witches to ride the night sky.

Tenshi @ Tuesday, August 29th 2006, 11:59 PM
Ooo! Fascinating story!

I love the contrast, yellow vs. purple :D

rock on!

Sumi @ Wednesday, August 30th 2006, 9:19 PM
Spooky, but just a little. I really love the flow of this picture, almost as much as I love the tones. =) I have this thing for tones.

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Monday, September 4th 2006, 5:58 PM
Very different. Wonderful use of color and tonage. I like the over all whispy feeling.

Prismatic @ Thursday, September 7th 2006, 10:22 PM
I like the little explanation/story you wrote to go with this. I've always loved those colors together, and I think they set the mood perfectly.
I'd feel safer with them out and about~

irot @ Wednesday, September 13th 2006, 6:13 AM
I like the colors; very luminescent and flowing; glowing but not to bright. They look like they could be one of 'em Spirited Away spirits. Very pretty.

[812] Artist: DinKelion | Title: Aigra | Time: 1093 min


DinKelion @ Sunday, August 27th 2006, 11:29 AM
Hah hah, Timer lies. I kind of left the window open for the night and into the afternoon. And I had lost my interest after I reached coloring because of family related problems. Got into one too many fights with my dad. :/ Oh well. Character of mine. Aigra, the Djinn.

Pooky @ Sunday, August 27th 2006, 11:32 AM
Eh. This wasn't here like... a minute ago. XP
Well, whatever. I think it looks nice. The face is absolutely cool. That eye looks amazing. And I like the hair too.

Tenshi @ Sunday, August 27th 2006, 1:54 PM
omfg Ruuunnneessss!

I love Runes, I use them all the time XD
I love the use of grescale in this. And the rules give the cloth some pretty wicked texture.

Over all, very VERY nice!

My fave rune is Tiewaz, the arrow. Rune of the spiritual warrior. Im going to be getting it tattooed on my left wrist soon [come my next paycheck!]

Sumi @ Sunday, August 27th 2006, 3:25 PM
I'm really diggin' the light lineart. Runes are always a plus too. x3

Anna Sophia @ Sunday, August 27th 2006, 6:30 PM
That looks freakin' awesome! Of course, I have no corrective lenses on right now, so I'm right next to the screen, but it's hard to miss that awesome lineart. I love the hair, too!

dorothyblueeyes @ Tuesday, August 29th 2006, 7:15 AM

Starlitdragon @ Tuesday, August 29th 2006, 10:13 AM
I'm in love with the eye style. The hair is beautiful, but what really made it for me was the random design at the top. Runes, runes, wonderful runes! Nice greyscale work. :3

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Monday, September 4th 2006, 5:57 PM
Wonderful solid grayscale work and nice line art too. The eye realy is captivating but what I really like is how those designs in his hair match th markings on his face. Not sure if i like how light the line art is in the clothing. Would have gone with a slightly darker color (but not as dark as the clothing) myself. Over all great peice though. I salute you!

Prismatic @ Thursday, September 7th 2006, 10:25 PM
I really like this! As has been mentioned before, the greyscale looks amazing, and I love the runes. They work with the folds really well.

[811] Artist: Anna Sophia | Title: Grimace | Time: 82 min


Anna Sophia @ Saturday, August 26th 2006, 9:38 PM
"I still see you..."
There are no lips, because my brother was pretending to be telepathic and said he knew I would draw lips...so I didn't! And y'know...I kinda like it this way. XD

Tenshi @ Saturday, August 26th 2006, 11:23 PM
Hmmm I wouldnt say its so much of a grimace as more a kind of sad "wtf?" look.

Almost scared?

I love the nose and the ear, theyre done so well!

Though I think it looks freaky without the lips being defined. Almost like a sombie :x

Still, I like it. Good job! Your sense of lightsources is awesome!

Sumi @ Sunday, August 27th 2006, 3:28 PM
I like the realism, but please mind the fantasy rule.

Anna Sophia @ Sunday, August 27th 2006, 6:32 PM
And, y'know...I was gonna make him a Drow but completely got carried away with the ear and forgot. I shall fix it forthwith! Sorry 'bout the mistake, Sumi.
Edit: >_< I am a moron. I can't fix it, because I didn't animate it. o_o I'm so sorry! Next time I'll do something ridiculously fantastic! I swear! *hides face in shame*

(Edited on August 27, 2006, 7:41 pm)

Sumi @ Sunday, August 27th 2006, 9:28 PM
It's okay, it's okay. XD Just makin' sure the rules were inforced.

dorothyblueeyes @ Tuesday, August 29th 2006, 7:16 AM
Very good,really nice.

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