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[320] Artist: kestrelmas | Title: Avatar | Time: 1093 min


[View Animation]
kestrelmas @ Wednesday, May 4th 2005, 12:28 PM
Been awhile since I've drawn here... ::waves:: hi guys! No, it didn't take as long as it says... I left my computer for two days. I did this as an avatar for someone, and what better place to draw a drow? ^^ Okay, off to leave comments. Talk later!

Lady_Sea @ Wednesday, May 4th 2005, 7:34 PM
I think my jaw dropped when I saw this- No, I'm pretty sure it did. The shading is excellent and you kept true to your light source. The hair is so delicate looking, you can practically feel the silkyness of it. And that jewelry- Must I rant about the depth of it? Awesome job, especially with the facial structure.

Prismatic @ Wednesday, May 4th 2005, 7:36 PM
This is absolutly amazing! The depth and shading is so well done, it is beautiful. I love the use of greys with just the bit of color in the stones and eye. Which I must add are wonderfully done. You did a fantastic job capturing the ligth source. The hair and feathers just astound me. Really they are fantastic. I love their ear.. and lips. And well, just the whole thing. You should come around more often.~~~

Kaiera @ Wednesday, May 4th 2005, 10:00 PM
Goodness gracious...that is one beautiful drawing! I think I like the hints of red amongst all the grey best :D seems.....symbolic in a way

darkrose @ Wednesday, May 4th 2005, 11:41 PM
ok, wow. This is so awesome... the textures and the depth of it all and those bright red gems... just had to comment on this one! *skips back to play WoW*

kyokurrychan @ Thursday, May 5th 2005, 1:57 PM

This is beautiful work, amazing, really it is. It's just perfect. So dark and dreary...

mazilwolf @ Thursday, May 5th 2005, 3:38 PM
oh wowowowowow! this ia amazing. all the greys make the reds stand out much good! the detail is so amazing... all looks so soft and then the jewls looks so hard and cold in comparision... its beautiful!

Phyr @ Thursday, May 5th 2005, 4:32 PM
this is absolutly amazing. and that's about all i can say cuz i'm speachless. O.O

Verna_Venisa @ Thursday, May 5th 2005, 5:00 PM
*saves immediately* this is absolutely beautiful. I love the greyscale with only a hint of color in the gems etc.The feathers in the hair look beautiful too. Gorgeous :D

The_Infamous_Pumpkin @ Thursday, May 5th 2005, 5:12 PM
:o -Dies- This is so beautiful, I died. Congrats. You killed me. >>; Kidding. I love this so much. The ruby things stand out, as well as the eyes. <3

Segzhan @ Thursday, May 5th 2005, 9:31 PM
Arara... @___@

Such a perfect pic... LOT better than anything I could do with any art program...

Carbuncle @ Friday, May 6th 2005, 8:17 AM
This picture is sooo Awesome I love drows! the colors are very pretty and the texture is very nice I like how you used red as such a contrast! It definantly looks like an awesome profile pic :) wish I had friends that would draw mine for me XD Keep up the awesome work

Chinh @ Friday, May 6th 2005, 2:53 PM
nya!! I remember you!! T__T where did you go?? oh well, Welcome back!!!!!!! (^__^)/ I luv your art!! (*___*)/
gorgouse (misspelled? LOL)...... wahh....I want the jewelery there...all shiney and beautiful....and the feathers...omg...and the hair.....O___O the shadings and coloring rocks!! <3

Sumi @ Sunday, May 8th 2005, 12:14 AM
Beautiful textures, especially in the strands of hair.

Little Elf @ Friday, May 13th 2005, 7:00 AM
Oh wow! This is really beautiful, though I know you heard that already...The textures are really nice, and the highlights are great. Her jewels really got me, so shiny and they really stand out. Um....yeah, the whole feel to this pic is awsome. I think her ear needs to be brought up a liiiittle bit though. Wonderfully wonderful job. XD

christabel @ Sunday, May 22nd 2005, 6:14 AM
BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAUTIMOUS! :d Seriously, seriously lovely! I adore the delicate features/strands ofhair/feathers... uwah! ;v; so gorgeous! and those gems are SERIOUSLY rad! *hug'ms the pree*

The Blue Sorceress @ Wednesday, May 25th 2005, 11:22 PM
This is really great. I love the details of the feathers and the hair. They look very realistic.

Renmazuo @ Thursday, May 26th 2005, 10:34 PM
So detailed!It makes me think of stone somehow....The red jewels are colored really well, i wonder how you made them look so pretty!>_<

Totchi @ Friday, May 27th 2005, 8:15 PM
WOW!!Teh Colors and shading are AWSOME- - everything is so perfect!

Arshes @ Tuesday, May 31st 2005, 10:39 PM
Immediate reaction: "HOLY---! *jaw drops and stares*

No, really. I envy you your talent! This is just amazing, the hair and the shading and the feathers and jewels and... just. wow. absolutely amazing!

Emperial @ Sunday, June 25th 2006, 3:07 PM
*gasp* Incredible. :O

[296] Artist: The_Infamous_Pumpkin | Title: My Snow Coverd Hills. | Time: 269 min


The_Infamous_Pumpkin @ Thursday, April 7th 2005, 10:00 PM
Sorry. I know it's uber sloppy. x___x; And not too detailed in coloring. Ish meh character. Hes a Seraph who gave hisi all to the person he loved, then later on got betrayed and has nothing left. ;_; I love him so much.

mazilwolf @ Friday, April 8th 2005, 6:56 AM
is not to sloppy, better then mine at any rate.his eyes are kool yars. who does he love? and his cheeks are kool, my friend is demanding to know what he is holding, but i dont think he is holding anything much. the fur in his coat is nice and cosy-looking! and the snowy background is good, yars, my friend thinks the same.

sylphide2 @ Friday, April 8th 2005, 4:11 PM
Colours are so soft ^^ nice job for lineart

The_Infamous_Pumpkin @ Friday, April 8th 2005, 5:48 PM
>>; Oh, There is nothing in his hand. There just balled up to himself to give the appearence that hes cold. >_> And He loves his X-Boy friend.....who's a total Pric* >>; -Coughs and scutters away-

(Edited on April 8, 2005, 6:31 pm)

(Edited on April 8, 2005, 6:31 pm)

Neko Girl Star @ Friday, April 8th 2005, 6:41 PM
awww...that is so sad...I know how it is when my ex girlfriend and I broke up...
I think this is lovely

kyasha @ Saturday, April 9th 2005, 11:08 PM
Love the clean lineart :) Her hand is a bit too small ...but the colors are so pretty :D

Verna_Venisa @ Sunday, April 10th 2005, 2:24 PM
I love the pastel color scheme, it makes everything look so *o* I particularly like the background and the eyes.

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Sunday, April 10th 2005, 5:28 PM
One day I will learn to draw nice smooth lines and color with suh gentle softness. Till then, you keep up the good work! There is some small problems I'm sure your all ready aware of, but over all it's very nice.

Relvane @ Thursday, April 21st 2005, 3:56 AM
The pastel colors are very pretty together.Great job on this pic! :)

Prismatic @ Monday, April 25th 2005, 6:49 PM
I thought his hand was balled up because he was trying to keep himself from crying. He looks so sad.. his expression. And his eyes, aww. Poor lil guy. I really like the soft colors and the fluffy clothes. and of course his face is my favorite part. Neato little specks of light about him as well.~ I wish I could give him a hug

christabel @ Thursday, April 28th 2005, 6:16 PM
o.o really really simple, but I love the softness. *pets* it makes me happy-- even though zer person pictured looks anxious-like. ;v;

kestrelmas @ Wednesday, May 4th 2005, 12:42 PM
So soft and pretty... I love the pastel colors you used...

Segzhan @ Friday, May 20th 2005, 10:27 PM
That pic is so sweet... Simply gorgeous.

[286] Artist: olsie | Title: The Chase | Time: 194 min


[View Animation]
olsie @ Thursday, March 31st 2005, 7:56 PM
I am gonna leave it at this...finish it up in photoshop...and post it on Deviantart :) (mainly because i fear it excessing the limit. >>; Always happens when I go 'all out' on an oekaki)
Inspired by the DDR song 'Kakumei'

(Edited on April 13, 2005, 3:41 pm)

Neko Girl Star @ Sunday, April 3rd 2005, 5:47 PM
which DDR song? hehe...I love DDR..I have my own dance pad and DDR max too..I'm sad that it doesn't have butterfly on it...

it looks good so far...but a bit sketchy...But I know you're not done so I won't say anymore ^_^

olsie @ Monday, April 4th 2005, 7:04 PM
I like DDR too...I just advanced up a level to standard recently and I'm working my ass off to get to heavy.... on the controller. I could never use the dance pad....I have a story and a half of DDR at the mall XD
The song Kakumei is the one I got inspired from...I think it makes real good chase music!

Kamourian King @ Monday, May 16th 2005, 8:21 AM
i think it looks good like this ^^ there is one song in my mind that reminds me of this... Escape by Journey..

Segzhan @ Tuesday, May 24th 2005, 6:50 PM
Wow... the shading, the pose, the atmosphere...

Everything's amazing on that pic. o.o

[275] Artist: Neko Girl Star | Title: Star Wonder ~Dancer~ | Time: 174 min


[View Animation]
Neko Girl Star @ Tuesday, March 22nd 2005, 1:38 AM
phew...almost done...well..it'll take me a while yet...I hope everyone will like it...yes thats a pole and yes she's pole dancing. She's my character

Totenmaske @ Tuesday, March 22nd 2005, 1:58 AM
Very nice so far, keep up the good work, though her being a furry character I don't know if I would mark it adult if I was you are not but I am glad you did. Keep up the good work, the slightly hidden line art really works well with this so far. Really I like it as is (though the background seems a little off in the colouring then if it was finished) the wonderful way the pink (a colour I don't normally like at all) really seems to bring the pose of the character into focus. Just had to let you know that I like this so far. ;3

(Edited on March 22, 2005, 7:03 am)

Harlequin @ Tuesday, March 22nd 2005, 2:35 AM
*points* I see a pink naked anthro lady...with a pole...this makes me laugh in ways you can't possibly imagine.

Yes, laugh in a good way. Now finish it! lol

Malena @ Tuesday, March 22nd 2005, 9:18 AM
I think this looks great so far. For some reason I keep seeing the play Cats running through my head. :)

krypto @ Tuesday, March 22nd 2005, 5:14 PM
hey, this pic is great!! the pose is awesome!! omg, i really do like it! nice! hmm... just like that, do you go to tokidoki?

Neko Girl Star @ Tuesday, March 22nd 2005, 6:22 PM
yes I go there, however I don't think I will anymore since no one comments on my art...that's why I like it here...*blinks* Archived? I'm not even done...archived? really?? *bounces, being Archived one of her oekaki-life goals*

krypto @ Tuesday, March 22nd 2005, 7:24 PM
congrats on archive!!

The_Infamous_Pumpkin @ Tuesday, March 22nd 2005, 7:41 PM
I like this, she looks really lovley. What catches my eye most are her tails. I like how theres three of them. ^^

HuntressD @ Tuesday, March 22nd 2005, 7:51 PM
Very nice poledancing. ;3 I like her pose very very much. :) STrangely, I can't remember when was the last time I saw a poledancing oekaki on any board. XD Woohoo!

Neko Girl Star @ Tuesday, March 22nd 2005, 10:04 PM
DONE!!!! anything that seems off, please tell me and I'll fix it ^^

Sumi @ Wednesday, March 23rd 2005, 6:25 PM
Nice movement and anatomy in her torso and especially her shoulders. =3 Watch her knees though.

Neko Girl Star @ Wednesday, March 23rd 2005, 7:00 PM
I know, knees and toes are the worst ><

Little Elf @ Thursday, March 24th 2005, 11:50 AM
Wow, this is interesting. She's very pretty, and pink is a great color. The BG looks nice too. Also, the shading great. I really like her hair! It's so detailed! The pose is nice too.

Prismatic @ Friday, March 25th 2005, 3:01 PM
Excellent pose. Hehe I love the spotlight on her. You did an excellent job shading. It's nifty that she has skin as well as fur. And three? tails~ rocking...

mazilwolf @ Wednesday, April 6th 2005, 7:35 AM
i hate being mean!!! this onje is sooo great. but it is one probolem. her shinbone looks bendy. but the rest is so great! her body shape and pose are seemingl;y perfect, and she looks so soft 'n' fluffy! the star like thingsd on the bg are pretty kool too, as is the soptlight.

[268] Artist: Emperial | Title: Duke Daerinnid de Soto | Time: 216 min


[View Animation]
Emperial @ Friday, March 18th 2005, 4:19 AM
GAAAAAAAH this pic started out looking cool and then right towards the end it started to suck but SEE I POSTED IT. Now excuse me I think I'll go off to the corner to sob for having ruined it. I cannot do Daerinnid's face justice. I just can't. ;_;

kyokurrychan @ Friday, March 18th 2005, 12:29 PM
i don't think it looks bad *blink blink* I like it a lot. The shading is awesome, and so are the eyes. i just adore how you did this.

The_Infamous_Pumpkin @ Friday, March 18th 2005, 2:54 PM
-smacks- This my friend, looks amazing. There is nothing ruined about it. T_T I'd give my feet to do realism this well. x.x;

Kari Maxwell @ Friday, March 18th 2005, 10:02 PM
I see nothing wrong with this. He looks... aweseom. I love the realism to it. And the shading kicks major ass. Great job, I love it.

Neko Girl Star @ Saturday, March 19th 2005, 3:43 AM
when I saw this, my jaw dropped...this is amazing....your detail is awsome...*bows her head to you* beautifully done

olsie @ Saturday, March 19th 2005, 3:16 PM
Very very nice face structure; I think it's a perfect face... especially around the eye area... it's very cool :) The coloring technique makes this all the better.

HuntressD @ Tuesday, March 22nd 2005, 7:58 PM
No no, it doesn't suck, it's a very amazing picture. :D I especially love how the hair and eyes turned out... and that ear.. >_> ..say..can I nibble on it. >:)

Little Elf @ Thursday, March 24th 2005, 11:26 AM
Oooooooooooooo sexy! X3 This is some kickin' realism! The way you colored it is sooo cool and all scratchy and stuff. I love it!! ^_^ The bg is cool too, and the little bit of green lighting is a really nice touch. I could comment forever, but I think you know I really like this, and you didn't ruin it as much as you say you did, or at all! I love it! =3

The Blue Sorceress @ Sunday, June 5th 2005, 6:55 PM
There's nothing really wrong with this is you ask me. It turned out very nicely. I like the way you shaded this; the way you used lines for it is very nifty. The hair is particularly well done, I think.

[262] Artist: The_Infamous_Pumpkin | Title: Hellu~ | Time: 1093 min


The_Infamous_Pumpkin @ Monday, March 14th 2005, 3:49 PM
Hey ^^ Im new here and stuff. Had an account for a while. I dre this picceh for a friend cause, they drew me one first. ;_;..Uhm. o_o. I know. The lack of creativity in the background kills me too. >>

(Edited on March 14, 2005, 8:55 pm)

missjtsang @ Tuesday, March 15th 2005, 1:11 AM
Nice outfit design!! Very cute ^^ *hugs* Welcome :) I love the textury background alot. And the border at the top left is spiffy x3 *stares at the design*

Kern @ Tuesday, March 15th 2005, 2:58 AM
Welcome in the oekaki board!

Phyr @ Tuesday, March 15th 2005, 7:05 PM
Welcome! ^_^

this is amazing! i love your shading and line art and . . . stuff.
Welcome! ^_^

Mouse @ Wednesday, March 16th 2005, 7:43 PM
Welcome! First thing that caught my attention here was the horns, since they stand out against the black. Love the smooth coloring, and the details on the clothing in particular.

mazilwolf @ Thursday, March 17th 2005, 11:55 AM
hey ho there and welcome! those eyes really stare into me, xD so cute!!! oekaki yes yes. anyway welcome to the board!!
^__^ draw soon again nice pic!! yup yup!!

Little Elf @ Thursday, March 17th 2005, 4:25 PM
Woooooow! Very pretty. The shading and the blending with it is superb!...I never use that word...anyway, I like the thing(s) on his head...horns? His eyes are pretty! this is really beautiful over all and stuffs like that. I LOVE your handwriting. I wish i could write like that!!

Neko Girl Star @ Thursday, March 17th 2005, 4:48 PM
wow!!! welcome...your detail is amazing and the eyes stand out so well! You'r coloring is excellent...I love the clothes and the bg...you did a wonderful job

krypto @ Monday, March 21st 2005, 10:34 PM
terrific job! the eyes are very nice :D

The Blue Sorceress @ Sunday, June 5th 2005, 6:56 PM
I like the arms and the horns on this little fellow. His expression is very cute!

[200] Artist: Jennifer, The Blue Narian | Title: Love Notes | Time: 199 min


[View Animation]
Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Monday, February 14th 2005, 5:16 AM

It was supose to be Lei, the boy version of me (can be viewed here: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/5677870/ ), but after I did the face and started on the hair, I realized it looked nothing like him.

So I played with it some more and realized... it was Nicholas!

Your all familiar wit my Christmas Angel Noel (can be seen here: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/13726884/ ), well this is his rencarnation, the very Americain, Garfield loveing, Angelic Librarian turned Guardian Angel. This is a MUCH younger version of him. Go here to see an old 1997 version of him: http://www.angelfire.com/art/ryuyujin/Nicho.html

He's giveing all of Drowkaki little valintine notes because thats how I view V-Day... a time to make everyone smile any way I can!


(Edited on February 14, 2005, 11:33 pm)

catboi incubus mishi @ Tuesday, February 15th 2005, 1:05 AM
Awesome image, Jenn! I always always love your images, and this is no exception. I love the lack of lineart, and the angel's happy expression. x3
Happy Valentine's day! :D

Phyr @ Tuesday, February 15th 2005, 2:30 AM
Wow. this is really really cool! i love the angel and your coloring style. ^_^ great job. ^_^

darkrose @ Tuesday, February 15th 2005, 4:28 AM
Whee! Pretty! I love your shading style so much... it's always so clean and nifty, and this has such an amazing sense of flow to it. So happy!

KHatch @ Tuesday, February 15th 2005, 5:43 AM
The linelessness of this is wonderful! I'm in love with those pants, in particular.
Great perspective and shading and everything!

Prismatic @ Thursday, February 17th 2005, 9:07 PM
I agree with your views on valentine's day. That day.. at least I should say earlier in the day I had all the people I care about come over and cooked a big meal for them and gave them all a card~
I really like this picture. He has such a nifty pose. And of course your use of solid shading is amazing! And lineless. Really this is fantastic.
I really like his expression and his shoes! They're both rather detailed. and the coloring in his wings is great.

windblade @ Saturday, February 19th 2005, 10:59 AM
As always, your work is really, really cool-looking! You have a great understanding of fabrics physics, the folds look great, and the way his shirts is blowing around really gives the impression of movement and "falling"... Happy valentine's day (late!)

(Hee, he must have the same hairdresser as Northe!)

Karasu @ Monday, February 21st 2005, 1:33 AM
OH my gosh, this is so beautiful for having almost no black line art here. Not that it's a requirement for beauty, but it shows a skill that few can perfect...and I think you're pretty darned close to perfection here. I love how you captured the motion, honestly, I think it's just fabulous. I think that the hand (and I know its really hard to do that perspective for a hand) needs a LITTLE work, it seems a little out of proportion for the perspective. But. You know. Whatever you think, you be the artist! otherwise, I think you did a spectacular job here and I really like this as a fav of yours!

Verna_Venisa @ Monday, February 21st 2005, 12:12 PM
This is so awesome *o*! Your style is so original and fun *stares*

Amary-chan @ Thursday, February 24th 2005, 8:41 AM
love your style, great use of block coloring. the pose and composition are set up very well as well

Crest @ Friday, February 25th 2005, 6:53 PM
Love the design of the image. The wings are really nicely drawn out and I think the hair looks awesome. The flow of the shirt is nicely protrayed and I adore the way you colored the image with the lack of some lineart. I like the shoe. XD

[199] Artist: darkrose | Title: Valentines Day | Time: 197 min


[View Animation]
darkrose @ Monday, February 14th 2005, 3:56 AM
Happy V-Day, everyone! Here's to every person who's going to spend the day of lovey-dovey cuddling sickness locked in their rooms with computers, video games, and single serving pizzas. Cheers!

This is Melia, she's a Djernak which is a creature of my own devising. Basically they're low elves as upposed to high elves, they are shorter and stockier than high elves, with longer ears (ususally with fur although in some circles it is expected for that to be removed) and long tails tipped with fur like a lion's. The fuzzy thing beside her is Simalea, her familiar. All Djernak are born with a nickling (that creature's kind) familiar that they live with until death. They resemble a fox, but not as long or as lanky, they have longer fur, larger eyes, a shorter snout, smaller paws, and two antannae that glow according to mood and lighting. Also they have a pair of small and cute (but funcional) pink wings on their backs.

Melia was taken from her home as a smaller child and brought as a slave to one of the elfin cities, where a rich and somewhat perverted old elf bought her and took her to his private castle to be raised in his harem. She is the favorite, and all her needs are taken care of and so she has no reason to run away. She still misses her brother on occasion, though, as in his picture.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tigerhawk @ Monday, February 14th 2005, 4:15 AM
I really like the hand ....thingy.Forgot what they're called. the outfit is really nice as well as well as the coloring. But I do believe the head is shifted too much to the left. Doesn't look right in my sight. Detail is very well done.

Kaiera @ Monday, February 14th 2005, 10:52 PM
I like the story that goes along with the piece....very creative. In the piece itself, I love the highlighting, particularly the reflection from the moon. Nicely done

catboi incubus mishi @ Tuesday, February 15th 2005, 1:10 AM
I really like the story behind the image and her pretty harem outfit. I love how you did the sheer material with watercolors, it looks very pretty. This image looks almost like an illustration out of a story, like 1001 Arabian Nights. :]

KHatch @ Tuesday, February 15th 2005, 5:48 AM
The idea and design is awesome. I love the shading on her tummy and hair.
The outfit is lovely and the little creature is so cute! *steals*

Prismatic @ Thursday, February 17th 2005, 9:11 PM
Oh so pretty! And what a neat idea for a sub-race. It seems you put a lot of time into developing it.
The anatomy on this is very well done. Am particularly fond of her hand and the proportions of her face. All the details in her jewelery and clothing is wonderful! It's such a cute outfit, and as has been stated before I like how you used watercolor for the sheerness of her clothing.
Her lil friend thingy is so cute. It's eye is wonderful~ I wish I could see its wings. I love pink wings. -drool- It looks like it's trying to comfort her as she's thinking of her brother.
The softness of the background is really pretty. I like the soft light of the moon, and the buildings in the far off distance~

Amary-chan @ Thursday, February 24th 2005, 8:33 AM
very nicely done, the texture on the cat's fur is very nice, and its good that you used color instead of black for shadows, very smart!

Crest @ Friday, February 25th 2005, 6:55 PM
The outfit is really nicely drawn and designed. I like the necklace she is wearing and the shine on it and the earrings. And the hand jewelry is cool looking as well. I like the little critter...it's cute. XD And nice pointy ears on the lady. :D

Queen_Godzilla @ Saturday, March 5th 2005, 1:46 AM
Well, as long as she's happy with her job I'm good!

First of all -- that costume really caught my eye. Eeeeeexcellent. I like the dangly beads and the heart design around the rim of the lingerie. A very detailed costume, for a very rich girl X3.

And good job with the implied city in the background. Just enough detail to specify what it is, but not enough to make it stand out overly much.

Nice lighting too. I don't know if it's the most effective as it is or not. Ah, well.

Her familiar is pretty unremarkable, though. Looks like a brown cat. Woo.

[198] Artist: windblade | Title: prince of butterflies | Time: 171 min


[View Animation]
windblade @ Monday, February 14th 2005, 1:38 AM
I needed to draw him again, even if I messed it up, because Dhell is Dhell.

This is the true design of his wings. He doesn't have them all the time, but that's what they really look like.

His story finally has a name. Yay!

catboi incubus mishi @ Monday, February 14th 2005, 2:11 AM
Beautiful, Windy. Your Dhell works always stand out so much, and this one is no exception. I love his pose, it's so sad, he looks like he's trying in a futile manner to crawl away from danger. I love the glow of white then blue around him, it's lovely. His blue blood always intrigued me, and you illustrate it so well. I think, if he were to have red blood, it wouldn't look as beautifully tragic. I love his wings, they're so beautiful and blood-splattered. His antennae are fuzzy and soft looking, they're actually kind of cute. x3; I like how we can't see his face, it really brings out a larger sense of pity for him. Poor pretty Dhell. *hugs him*

(Edited on February 14, 2005, 2:15 am)

Kari Maxwell @ Monday, February 14th 2005, 2:35 AM
Aww... it's Dhell! He's so cute... even with his blue blood. I like how you have the blue on his wings, it's really interesting. ^_^

darkrose @ Monday, February 14th 2005, 3:57 AM
Cool! He's like a moth! Nifty! I love the wings, beautiful job on those. They're so glowy and perfect... and Dhell really is very cute. The hands look phenomenal and the whole glowy thing is just nifty. Great job.

Tigerhawk @ Monday, February 14th 2005, 3:59 AM
i don't want to sound crule or anything or sound like I'm doing this cause I don't like you (don't get any thoughts in your head cause I don't) but you're always asking to be a better artist. iIn my point of view the neck seems a little to long, and the face. I'm not to sure why it's bugging me but I think its to oval. Can't really say. It could be the hair that makes it seem that way though. I can't really say what you were intending to do so I won't say it's wrong or anything. Because I believe you can do no wrong in art. Many artists would disagree with me but, eh, I don't care what they think.
Over all I believe it is a really good picture.

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Monday, February 14th 2005, 4:05 AM
Very nice lady. I think I like this design best for his wings. Not sure about the entenas, thier more moth like then butterfly and yet that sort of suits him. What I like best is the colors and the sense of light like his wings are almost glowing dispite or threw the blood.

Only thing that bothered me was his head shape till my eyes focused properly and I realized that was his ear. Then it looked fine. Sorry, I see things oddly sometimes.

windblade @ Monday, February 14th 2005, 1:51 PM
heh, I see some people have mistaken his ear for his face... I see what you mean, Jenn. It's a bit difficult to draw his weird ears.

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Monday, February 14th 2005, 7:18 PM
It would be a real easy fix windy. That strand of hair to the left of the ear? I asume it's supose to be infront. So simply curve it some to look more like it's behind the ear like the other strands in front are.

Ghislain WildCat @ Monday, February 14th 2005, 7:46 PM
Already commented on the pic on deviant, but what the heck. XD

Like I once said, I really like how you colored the pic! Especially on the wings. The shades of blue on the wings are simply amazing. ^w^ Oh! And the wings design is really cool too. ^w^ I wish I could draw butterfly/moth wings like that! ^w^

You're awesome windy! *hugs* ^w^

olsie @ Monday, February 14th 2005, 11:24 PM
I really like how damned smooth this came out to be! The wings are creative and very unique from most wings I've seen. The blood is also a nice touch; since it's blue; it really reminds me of winter colors :o

(Edited on February 14, 2005, 11:26 pm)

KHatch @ Tuesday, February 15th 2005, 5:52 AM
Dammit, as always, another glorious windy art.
The smooth likeart and beautiful shading make me mad! Grrr...
No really I think it's wonderful. I wish I could draw like this, you silly windy you.

Prismatic @ Thursday, February 17th 2005, 10:05 PM

Oh how pretty~ Prince of butterflies, I love that title.
The pose is nice, he's soaring through the air!
Wow.. his wings are so magnificant! And the coloring in them is amazing~ I also really like his feathery antenna. They're so cute and fluffy.

Tigerhawk @ Sunday, February 20th 2005, 2:27 PM
Well if it's an ear you should of said something. *pokes Windy* Then some of us wouldn't have made that mistake. Silly.

Amary-chan @ Thursday, February 24th 2005, 8:35 AM
the wings are wonderfully rendered, i like the coloring. the pose is nice though the head looks abit odd, maybe too long of a neck [men have shorter necks then women]

Queen_Godzilla @ Saturday, March 5th 2005, 1:38 AM
Man, I haven't commented on this yet? I really DO need to catch up!

I'd have to agree with Jenny TBN on the antennae -- they are more moth than butterfly and kind of distracting on Dhell there. I'd like it better with little or no antennae. But that's me.

It is angsty, though, so that's very Dhell. Good job on that *LOLz*

I've always liked his blue blood.

[197] Artist: Crest | Title: Cray in Trees | Time: unknown


Crest @ Sunday, February 13th 2005, 9:53 PM
Cray...again...this time he's hiding in some trees...naked... Okay, I have no idea why Cray is naked in some trees, but he is. XD

(Edited on February 13, 2005, 10:15 pm)

darkrose @ Monday, February 14th 2005, 12:19 AM
Cute! *loves* Wonderful everything here, from the lineart to the coloring and shading... although it looks rather like the picture was compressed somehow from the upload... that's kind of disappointing, because of how much it rocks. Yay mullet power!

Crest @ Monday, February 14th 2005, 12:32 AM
Yeah, it got compressed when I had to save it and send it to Toten.

Kari Maxwell @ Monday, February 14th 2005, 2:36 AM
Your art reminds me of someone... It really does. It's really neat as well. I like it. I like the background as well, it's all coolness and whatnot. -nods- Cute character!

windblade @ Monday, February 14th 2005, 3:46 AM
Wow, the bright hair colors and eyes really give life to this picture. The highlights in his hair are well done! I like the character design.

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Monday, February 14th 2005, 4:01 AM
I've always adored how simple and bold your solids are. And the colors just contrast and complemint each other perfectly.

now as for why he's naked in the trees.... *shoves the evil perverted side of her nature back in the closet" Gad! Sometimes an over active imagination is a BAD thing.

Kaiera @ Monday, February 14th 2005, 10:55 PM
ahh.....Cray looks wonderful as usual. Long live the mullet! I love his expression....looks like someone just stumbled upon his nekkedness. ...Speaking of which...he can hide in my bushes <3

KHatch @ Tuesday, February 15th 2005, 5:54 AM
The lineart is so crispy I just want to crunch it all up!
The way the hair falls on the shoulders is a nice touch, and the pretty highlighting is oh so shiny!
Very cute.

Prismatic @ Thursday, February 17th 2005, 10:10 PM
I like the color combination. They're cute. the lips and nose are really well done! The bright colors in this are great. And I like how their hair just has a sudden change of color. And the carrying through of red throughout other parts of the picture~
The background is all nifty like too. I like the solidness of it with all the little crescents

Amary-chan @ Thursday, February 24th 2005, 8:34 AM
i like your coloring style, very cell-like. your lines are very good and its nice how you used varying line width throughout, especially with the details

[193] Artist: Ikena | Title: The birthmark that bleeds | Time: unknown


Ikena @ Sunday, February 13th 2005, 4:18 AM

Mwee!! Thanks Toten!! =3 *huggles*

This took me like 3 hours to finish and I almost die when I thought it was lost.

Anyway, this is an old character of mine see her here http://www.drowtales.com/kaki/browsegallery.php?pic=32854&gallery=Ikena
I've been wanting to redraw her for a long time, she's all grown up now and such.
Altho she still doesnt have a name, I like Agatha but i dont know if that name suits a drow, what say you? any sugestion?

Well the marking in her forehead is a birthmark, she has the gift of foresight and the marking bleeds everytime she has a premonition or when she uses too much mana =3

Anyway I'd love to know what you think, and hopefully this is a I'm-back pic, I'll try to come here and draw more often! =]

(Edited on February 13, 2005, 4:06 pm)

kyokurrychan @ Sunday, February 13th 2005, 5:14 AM
AWESOME work Ikena. ^_^ i love it. its like. SHINEH!! <3 .

plus the hands are freakishly awesome. though i may just hate you for that. seeing as i cant do em for crap .

Well, once again, awesome work <3

Kern @ Sunday, February 13th 2005, 5:33 AM
hm interesting. Who is she?

Verna_Venisa @ Sunday, February 13th 2005, 4:54 PM
I like her birthmark, i wish I had a birthmak like that >< lol. Her neck does seem a bit long and it slopes rather ackwardly with her shoulders. her hands are amazing *_* I wish i could draw hands.

Crest @ Sunday, February 13th 2005, 8:34 PM
Beautiful artwork. She has such a lovely face and the eyes are so cool. Love the flowing hair and the shape of her body. And the symbol on her forehead is neat looking. :D

darkrose @ Sunday, February 13th 2005, 9:35 PM
Yay! Yes, come back more often! I always enjoy your artwork. The shading is wonderful, it's so hard to find a skinny girl with MUSCLE, DAMNIT! Heh. So good on you for that. Her neck is overly long, but to me that just looks like stylization, and if that's your thing then run with it. Her expression is distand and kind of blank, which I think goes with your descriptor. Her hands are beautiful, excellent with that. Also the hair, it's graceful and flowing and nifty! So welcome back (I hope) and staystaystaystaystay!

Jennifer @ Sunday, February 13th 2005, 11:57 PM
She's so very pretty, Ikena. She looks like she is about to have a premonition. The way her hair is flowing and the red background seem to show that her premonition will be a powerfully ominous one. I do like the name Agatha for her, even if it doesn't seem like a drow-ish name. You could keep the name, just have it spelled something like A'gtha.
Love your work always.

Tigerhawk @ Monday, February 14th 2005, 4:03 AM
pretty much what i commented on Deviantart, still love the hair. The eyes are very pretty and the outfit very spiffy. the shading is very well done as well as the lighting. background was a good choice.

KHatch @ Tuesday, February 15th 2005, 6:07 AM
The neck seems a little too long for me, but everything else is nice.
Her forehead thingy looks like the one off of what was her name, Kyo'nne? From Drowtales.
I love the shiny of it all. =)

Starisan @ Tuesday, February 15th 2005, 2:21 PM
Her hair is very flowy, like it is moving in the breeze.

windblade @ Thursday, February 17th 2005, 8:20 PM
eep, I can't believe I forgot to comment on this! I'm so glad to see you drawing again! It looks like you've improved since last time, too! Nice work with her long flowy hair, and her hands are truly beautiful.

[191] Artist: Queen_Godzilla | Title: Alucard and Venus Weed | Time: unknown


Queen_Godzilla @ Saturday, February 12th 2005, 5:37 AM
Hooray! Castlevania: Symphony of the Night fan art!

My first, really...

It's Alucard and a Venus Weed in the Reverse Crystal Caves.


(Edited on February 12, 2005, 5:40 am)

Cai @ Saturday, February 12th 2005, 1:52 PM
Aaah, I love this! Everything is so finished and put together. :3 And for some reason, I absolutely love Alucard's cloak and hair. Very nicely done.

The cat on his shield looks a bit unfinished, though, compared to everything else. I think it's because the lines are so much fainter.

But the effect of the... severed arm? is very impressive. :3

Ruka-poo @ Saturday, February 12th 2005, 2:19 PM
hwoa...I love the textures and stuff. I've never played the game before but my cousin keeps telling me how good it is xD Maybe I should look it up. I love the Venus Weed and Alucard's cloak xD <33 keep it up

Jennifer @ Saturday, February 12th 2005, 3:19 PM
This is so very cool. I love the look of the Venus Weed. The rose-like blossom she is popping out of is so very beautiful. I keep imagining her twisting out of the ground and emerging from her petally coccoon.
Alucard is cool-looking. His expression is almost like that of pity or remorse for the Venus Weed.

catboi incubus mishi @ Saturday, February 12th 2005, 4:24 PM
First of all, I must say that Alucard is just GORGEOUS. Mm. I love his expression and his design, he's a pretty pretty .. vampire, right? Or just a bishounen? X3 I like the Venus Plant, she's so pretty and I like the flower she's popping out of. The severed arm is amazing, I love the splattering of greenish blood. As a whole, this is very very impressive, as your work always is, QG! :D

Kari Maxwell @ Saturday, February 12th 2005, 10:05 PM
Holy crap.... I love this picture. I'm one of those Castlevania freaks. lol I loved the PS2 one, Lament of Innocence. I love it. lol I really like the texture to this piece. It looks more like it was done with silky materials really. I love that. Very nice.

Segzhan @ Saturday, February 12th 2005, 10:42 PM
This is just... Wow. I can't believe you can actually do that on an oekaki board.

Mind if I steal your talent? >.>

darkrose @ Sunday, February 13th 2005, 12:31 AM
wow... you always just blow me away with your artwork. I especially like the expression on the Venus's face as she gets 'sploded, and the cool nanchalance for Alucard. Beautiful shading, fantastic background... really, this whole thing is just amazing. All the little tinsy weensy details like the studs on the shield and the twist in the vine stalk and the clasp for the chain, the tie for the cravat, all of it. Fantastic, fantastic work here.

kyokurrychan @ Sunday, February 13th 2005, 5:15 AM
ooooh, awesome. I've never played it. But now i want to @_@ arucard..<cling> ^_^ heh heh..

Ikena @ Sunday, February 13th 2005, 5:24 PM
woah! amazing!!
tho i haveent played that game I know this guy from random fanart =3
I really like how you drew him, he looks so hot!
btw I looove how you shaded it! the black looks amazing! and so soft
The flower girl thing is cool too! again the shding in her hair is great!

Tigerhawk @ Monday, February 14th 2005, 4:05 AM
The line art as usual is very nicely done. WOnderful color choice. the hair is wonderfully detailed as well as that dude's outfit. Really like that I do. Great job on the chain.

KHatch @ Tuesday, February 15th 2005, 6:13 AM
You know, Queen G, I don't even have to say anything.
Favourite part is the stem of the plant thingy.

Prismatic @ Sunday, February 20th 2005, 1:38 PM
Funny, I could of sworn I commented on this picture a while ago. Anyhow.. this is truely a beautiful work of art. You put so much work and detail in it~
Your shading is so wonderful.. it's flawless, and blends together so well. And the linework seems perfect.~ The folds in the cloak are very well done. And I really like the chain!~ Neato flower thing of doom as well.

krypto @ Monday, February 21st 2005, 2:17 PM
holy crud,this is amazing!!! the characters are so well drawn omygod, the use of tones!!! you're so good! the bg is awesome too!

Malena @ Thursday, March 10th 2005, 8:50 PM
Holy Crap thats absofrickinglutely amazing.

DinKelion @ Monday, December 5th 2005, 7:51 AM
<3 huzza! Wicked picture, =3 Everything looks just so perfect O-o; I have nothing else to really say, just that is wicked cool.

[187] Artist: Karasu | Title: Maybe I don't WANT to be a demon! | Time: 37 min


[View Animation]
Karasu @ Tuesday, February 8th 2005, 12:38 AM
Cute, isn't she? I just got this image in my head of this rebel demon who wants to be a normal girl....heeehhhh

Queen_Godzilla @ Tuesday, February 8th 2005, 1:02 AM
And she has a demon name like Akasha Slashvixen (given to her by her mother of course) and so she wants to go by a normal human name like Mildred or Jenny. *Snrk!*

Haha, nice expression. She looks very bored, but also wry. The colors are everywhere in this picture, which is your style and why I like it. Just gives it more of a traditional medium's feel. Heh. And the added piece o' hay. Awesome.

Cai @ Tuesday, February 8th 2005, 2:58 AM
Personally, I like Mildred. She looks like a Mildred.

Anyway! I like the eyes, for some reason. I can never draw eyes with that expression... *cough* It's late, and I'm doing homework, so excuse any vagueness.

Oh, and I have a thing for curling horns. And the ones you drew are very very nice indeed, even being sketchy. :3

(Edited on February 8, 2005, 3:38 am)

darkrose @ Tuesday, February 8th 2005, 10:01 AM
That is... disturbingly cute. her expression is fantastic, and the little red snap barettes are a wonderful touch. Her hair is just the right consistancy, which is awesome, and the horns add just a touch of the not-normal that really sets it all off. The colors are warm and soft with just the right amount of contrast. Great job.

catboi incubus mishi @ Tuesday, February 8th 2005, 2:56 PM
Karasu, your work is always so fun to look at. I love how you always put the pink on their noses! <33 Her expression is cute, along with the piece of grass. XDD And her horns! Yay! You should really develop a story about her. <3

olsie @ Wednesday, February 9th 2005, 3:20 AM
You might have drawn Terry a long time ago...I'm not shure o-o I've looked on the net and there are similarties to my OC's so we'll never know. xD

Those Eyes rock; the creepy vibe rolls off them! Lovin' the simplicity of this and the coloring; in other words; great sense of style! Olive green Fits the theme :)

Totenmaske @ Wednesday, February 9th 2005, 5:37 AM
Karasu, I always look forward to your images, as some have said ? your images are always fun to look at. Certainly the colouring is more slap dash in some regards (only in the sense of some loose colour bleed here and there) but that really fits your style and the details always win out in your images to make the comment about ?slap dash? colouring mute. I like the overall look of the colouring though in all your images, it always seems to express a sense of motion or character. The effect overall is more like painting really the more I think about it. But I digress, what I think is really nice is the slight impression of a blur effect which smoothes everything out in a rather unique way that is altogether rather pleasing to the eye.

The main feature of this image that really catches the eye of the viewer, in my opinion, is her wonderful expression ? to me it isn?t one of boredom though, that has been said in a previous comment ? but one of disdain or flippant rebellion to authority. As in she seems to be more adolescent in her expression ? which I particularly love. Especially in the way you brought up her eyes just so, and the little well thistle in her mouth. The horns and frankly the shading overall in the image is very exceptional ? it creates such a strange but pleasing lighting effect all over. The way you did the rather overly pink nose and cheek and chin colouring is interesting. Overall even though this is one of our smaller pieces I think it has all the wonderful details that really mark all your pieces.

The little hair berets (boy I hope I?m saying that properly) are such a nice touch ? also creating this sense that she is a rebellious youth. I really like the way you curve the horns to frame the face ? the only issue I have though is the odd green colouring at the top of the upper left corner, though I believe this is showing that the hair is just ruffled around the base. Overall this is an exceptional piece and I do hope to see more Karasu! Keep up the wonderful work.

Prismatic @ Thursday, February 10th 2005, 9:58 AM
Oh~ This is so pretty. Your works always are. So nice and soft and watery. And thier noses are always pink! I love that.
The shading in this is so great. You even have single shadows for the single strands of hair. She's adorable.

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Saturday, February 12th 2005, 6:29 PM
I can so see this character wearing farmor overalls and leaning against a fence either around a feild or next to a farm house, tail swishing back and forth, and a Ko'd bull laying on the ground behind her. Don't ask me why that image popped in my head, but it did. ^^;

Ikena @ Sunday, February 13th 2005, 5:07 PM
woah cool! I really like the coloring and her expression!

KHatch @ Tuesday, February 15th 2005, 6:17 AM
Your quick crazy art never ceases to amaze me, you nutty Karasu.
I'm still in love with your style and flair for sketching such finalized works. =P

Starisan @ Tuesday, February 15th 2005, 2:16 PM
I really like the softnes that this exudes. Love the colors and I think that you used the borders very effectively. I like the way I can only see part of her horn because it seems to emphsize what you were saying about her wanting to be a normal girl. Kudo! I want hair like that!

manasa_dong @ Tuesday, August 1st 2006, 9:46 AM
I love the colors you've used.

manasa_dong @ Tuesday, August 1st 2006, 9:46 AM
I love the colors you've used.

[184] Artist: darkrose | Title: Mother of Night | Time: 129 min


[View Animation]
darkrose @ Sunday, February 6th 2005, 3:57 AM
Right, well I\'ll get back to this probably tomorrow. It\'s gaming night, time to take off... but I didn\'t want to lose what I had. This will eventually be the Dark Goddess Loriana from my world, I haven\'t yet decided if she\'s wearing a mask or if she\'s just adjusted her face to be metallic <{^.^}>. Any comments or helpful tips would be appreciated now while I still have room to change things!

Yay! Done! Took a rather different turn than I had expected... but I did her hair and then the stars just begged to be put in, and it kind of went from there. So yah, any comments helpful. Loriana, Goddess of Darkness and Mother of Night.

(Edited on February 7, 2005, 4:50 am)

olsie @ Sunday, February 6th 2005, 5:35 AM
Holy crap! Very very nice; the colors of the shades and highlights are perfect so far! :D

Starisan @ Monday, February 7th 2005, 3:17 PM
Great on the coloring, I could believe that it is her real face...If you think of it in terms of dawn being young and new, rebirth and night being the final stage of a day. I like the stars in her hair, my only comment would be that the day looks a little too bright to be heading into evening.

Karasu @ Tuesday, February 8th 2005, 12:41 AM
wow! How creative! I really love this, a lot! Since i live in new mexico, I should say that this is very southwestern themed. : ) you did a good job here on the shadng, but I think the eyes could have used a little more depth....the sunset is just gorgeous though! and I love the stars in the hair : )

Cai @ Tuesday, February 8th 2005, 11:11 PM
The metallic look of the mask/face is very very nice, though the shift from blue to gray to blue (forehead/upper face to lower face to chin) is a bit awkward. The night sky in her hair looks beautiful, though.

Her eyes also seem a bit unfocused for some reason. But overall, I'm impressed - I couldn't do something with watercolors like this. ^.^

Totenmaske @ Friday, February 11th 2005, 5:20 AM
Just to let you know darkrose, I?ve archived this image last night simply because I was really impressed with the overall look of this ? sorry about not getting to commenting in a timely fashion though. That being said I must say the reason I really like this image, is the fact that she reminds me of the ?Robot? in Fritz Lang?s Metropolis. There was a comment I thought, that said something about the way the transition of the faces blue seemed a little off ? but I don?t see it now for some reason, but I have to agree that there seems to be that kind of effect ? plus the eye seems a little out of proportion on the ?dawn/sunset? side of the canvas which gives it a rather wonky look mainly due to that eye. But still that does not mean that this image is anything other than exceptional.

That being said, I really like the overall look of the skyline, especially the nice cloud work is rather realistic with the way you have eased the overall look? not concentrating on fluffy clouds you seem to go with the more subtle indication of wispy work, which in my eye seems more realistic. The little sunlight rays are nice, as well. Frankly the image itself is impressive in this area more than anything else.

I also like the fact of the stars in her hair, truly come across as the coming of night. Everything seems to work wonderfully, except for the wonky aspect the eyes bring to the table not to mention that the more I look at it, the red lips seem to be a little too much colour for the scene ? taking away somewhat of the feel overall on canvas. But this I personally think is just my preference ? if you did the lips and eyes as you did the face (with that skin effect) I think the actual sense of transposing the two elements of night and day could have been brought further into the end product. But overall this is a fantastic image darkrose, hope to see more of the same attention to detail of the skyline as well as the face in general in your future images!

Prismatic @ Friday, February 11th 2005, 9:16 PM
This is a really beautiful piece of art. I'm loving it. Your use of color is so marvelous.
I really like the way it seems she's rolling in the night as the sun sets. Sort of reminds me of when Apollo rides his chariot to make the sun rise~ The stars in her hair are really pretty. She really does seem to be partially made up of the night sky.
The highlights and shading in her face are so good. There's so much depth there, she really does seem to be three dimensional. The softness of teh background is wonderful as well! I particualry like the rays of light coming from the sun.~~

Ikena @ Sunday, February 13th 2005, 4:45 PM
ooh nice! I must admit she kinda scares me tho!
I really like the colorings on the face, it looks so metallic! =3
the bg is simple but nice i like it!

Tigerhawk @ Monday, February 14th 2005, 4:10 AM
her face gives me the impression of metal. can't say to much why. but I do like the effect with the hair making the day turn to night.

krypto @ Monday, February 21st 2005, 4:03 PM
omygod, this so reminds me of the girl from the grudge o.o, she looks scary. oohhhh, me likey :D

[183] Artist: Harlequin | Title: Pin-Up Girl Verre? | Time: 464 min


[View Animation]
Harlequin @ Saturday, February 5th 2005, 7:10 AM
Aww...it's like a pin-up of Verre. XD!!!!! Adulted for...well...even though nothing is showing, blatant nudity. I realize the hands look more than a touch odd, hopefully I can fix those before I start actual lineart. lol

I realize my last oekaki, "Spiders" is still sans background, so technically not done, but I'm really drawing a blank on that one. I'll hopefully get it officially finished soon...along with playing a rousing round of "comment catch-up". I like games. XD!!

(Edited on February 5, 2005, 7:13 am)

celestial crou @ Saturday, February 5th 2005, 7:54 AM
those are perfict hands/fingers. and uh..i 'm gonna step AWAY from the pretty kitty. Nice line art. Are you gonna finnish this BEFORE it gets to the end of the page this time?

Harlequin @ Saturday, February 5th 2005, 8:08 AM
Well I'm going to attempt to...lol

darkrose @ Sunday, February 6th 2005, 2:47 AM
heheh... smexxy nekkid alien thingus boy makes dakrrose giggle. Work faster! *cracks whip*

Cai @ Tuesday, February 8th 2005, 2:42 AM
Would you believe I was working on a sketch last night that had the same sort of pose (except... more demure and less sexy)? And that it turned out so much worse than this? XD Harle, it's been said already, but MY those hands are amazing. o.o And just the anatomy... agh!

As a note, this is Kiyana, back from the dead :3

Totenmaske @ Friday, February 11th 2005, 5:26 AM
pose, phenomenal.... line art, fantastic... colouring, exceptional... background? WHERE IS THE BACKGROUND!! :3

I will comment more fully once you have finished this Harlequin... and I'll probably pester you to finish when I catch you staring blankly at the computer screen?

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Saturday, February 12th 2005, 6:27 PM
Wonderful pose. The perspective is good and the hands amazeing. Plus the colors compliment each other nicely between the blue hair and brown skin. Nicely done so far.

Segzhan @ Saturday, February 12th 2005, 10:43 PM
WAI! Your lineart and coloring are SO smooth! =D

kyokurrychan @ Sunday, February 13th 2005, 5:16 AM
hawt <3 i wants me a pinup of that. ^_^ hehe. awesome work harle

Ikena @ Sunday, February 13th 2005, 4:43 PM
Woah Harle! its amazing!
I love her pose and expression! her hands are supah cool! and the colorings is just.. wow!
I looove the movement of the hair and the shading of the skin!
her eyes are so pretty!

Tigerhawk @ Monday, February 14th 2005, 4:11 AM
I really like the detail in the hair. I still can't do that. nice use of lighting and shading.

darkrose @ Monday, February 14th 2005, 11:25 PM
Right. Girl. I knew that. This came out fantastic, the pose is excellent and the shading/lineart is so smooth.. the strands of hair are captivating, and the epression is quite amusing. It's your hands that really stand out to me, though... they're just amazing. The hands and the anatomy of her back, both. My only comment would be something about the back arm, how it folds. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but it seems somehow not right... dang, wish I could be more helpful, say something other than 'wow' but I guess it just wasn't meant to be <{^.^}>

Starisan @ Tuesday, February 15th 2005, 2:13 PM
OOO, this i seriouly awesome and creepy. I really like the position, you did a very good job with perspective on the limbs. I think the tufts t the end of the ears are a nice touch because they keep the color scheme going and the eyes moving.

Prismatic @ Sunday, February 20th 2005, 1:35 AM
Yaay you added a background! Really nice one even. The planks fit so well together~
Absolutly wonderful job on the shading. You always do a great job on that, but this one is particualry well done... as well as terrific line work. Her hair is magnificant. I really love the pose as well! Her anatomy is great~

Queen_Godzilla @ Saturday, March 5th 2005, 1:10 AM
I tried to check, but I couldn't find anything, so... I'll just go with what I can assume here. I am currently assuming that Verre is a girl. (I know that Sakmet is. Holy jibblies, maybe Verre IS a guy? I dunno!)

Well, if Verre was/is a girl you SHOULD be able to see part of her breast between her chin and her shoulder there. It's because gravity and her posture would cause breasts to fall forward. Now, I know you don't want to make it outright porn, but... eh.

And if it's not a girl, then... just keep that tidbit for future reference XD

Other than that... DAMN. XD You're putting a lot of work into the hair and the floor. Good job! I really, really love the hair -- it's my favorite color and it's really shiny too.

I always liked how you did eyes.

Very predatory pose. X3

[175] Artist: olsie | Title: Angered Terry | Time: 279 min


[View Animation]
olsie @ Tuesday, February 1st 2005, 12:19 AM
I will work on this later o-o;
like tomorrow or something...any suggestions to this so far are welcome.
EDIT: Almost done...:D

EDIT 2: Done! might add lil details here and there more later; thanks for the motivational comments so far :hugs: it's appriciated :D

(Edited on February 5, 2005, 3:25 am)

darkrose @ Tuesday, February 1st 2005, 4:48 AM
You know, sometimes it seems like you start your pieces a different way every time... it's kinda cool, keeps us on our toes. This is going to be another fantastic thing... you're so excellent with colors and shading and depth. I can't wait to see it finished!

Kari Maxwell @ Wednesday, February 2nd 2005, 1:10 AM
I like the no outlines to this. It's really neat. lol. It's pretty. I like the hair. Yay!

Ichumi @ Wednesday, February 2nd 2005, 3:47 AM
The tones on the face and clothing are beautifully rendered, I can't wait to see this finished! ^^ The blue shading is a great touch, too.

Totenmaske @ Wednesday, February 2nd 2005, 4:48 AM
I personally think you're art olsie, is just that, art - always evolving which is always pleasing to see on the board. You are always willing to try something new, and what you have here so far suggest something that will be very breathtaking when you finish - I personally look forward to what you do with this image, it is as if you have set a mood with the piece so far... I personally want to see how you build upon what you have so far... (holding off commenting more fully til you are finished).

catboi incubus mishi @ Thursday, February 3rd 2005, 2:28 PM
Oh, Olsie. I enjoy your art so much. :D This is gorgeous so far, I love the lineartlessness. <3333333

Segzhan @ Friday, February 4th 2005, 2:55 AM
Yay! Lineless art! Reminds me of my Photoshop work. Truly cool! =D

Prismatic @ Friday, February 4th 2005, 11:21 AM
Wow! Is this finished now? It is looking so so amazing. I really love this style you're trying out. I mean.. you always do really great shading, and I enjoy watching you constantly improve on your methods.
The softness and richness of color in this is amazing. You did such a great job carrying the light source from the flame through out the entire picture.~~ And the shadowing is excellent as well. Excellent job~

celestial crou @ Friday, February 4th 2005, 11:42 PM
the detail!!!!!!!!! wow. I must say the foilage is wow.... I love the way you highlighted his clothes for the fire.

Kari Maxwell @ Saturday, February 5th 2005, 12:30 AM
Whoa... you edited it. I like it even more now. Mrow. That's... great. Good job. Hehe, me like the bird there on the side. The glow's great as well. Pretty. This is probably the best I've seen from you. Keep up the great work.

Jennifer @ Saturday, February 5th 2005, 7:46 PM
Whoa, this is amazing. It looks like a painting. Everything in the picture looks like I could just reach out and touch it. His hair looks full and soft. The bark on the trees looks rough. I really like your picture, Olsie. Amazing and wonderful!

darkrose @ Sunday, February 6th 2005, 2:46 AM
wow... this turned out spectacular. I really love all the shading work and everything just goes so well together... the colors are fantastic and the overall image is just wonderful. Really really wonderful.

Karasu @ Tuesday, February 8th 2005, 12:49 AM
It's really weird. I think I actually did a gift art for someone (i cant remember for the life of me----_____-----) with this character here....it might have actually been you!!! XD ahaha...but that was probably like 1-2 years ago. Anyway, I like the lighting here a LOT. Hands down.

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Saturday, February 12th 2005, 6:23 PM
I keep looking at this and thinking of the colors used in some of Brad Holand (probaly mangled spelling) work. Nice bold and intense. Plus very acrylic painterly in feeling. In my opinion, one of your better works.

Ikena @ Sunday, February 13th 2005, 4:14 PM
Woah! supah cool!
I love the coloring and the fact that is has no lines, the shades are awesome too!
lovely kaki!

Tigerhawk @ Monday, February 14th 2005, 4:12 AM
This picture is really spiffy. Love the detail put into it. I think the little bird is cute. I really love the way you did the hair.

Queen_Godzilla @ Saturday, March 5th 2005, 12:45 AM
Wow, for your first (or not first; I dunno XD) lineless art, this is really good. I mean it.

Your value range is excellent -- everything from black to white. Good, good. And that really works well with this, considering the multiple objects, the fire and the ... well, everything! XD

I like how it's all very smooth. And colorful too. Good lighting on ... wassiname's shirt. (Rocky? Terry? Gah! XD)

Wow. Seriously.

[165] Artist: Sumi | Title: Nera fanarts | Time: 1093 min


Sumi @ Saturday, January 29th 2005, 4:21 AM
Sorry it took so long. XD

windblade @ Saturday, January 29th 2005, 4:32 AM
*drops to the ground and worships* I honestly can't find a single thing to criticise about this. The background is amazingly detailed, the light from the window looks great (DUST MOTES!), and Nera's clothes look so... so... cloth-y! I love the stained appron, and the towel, and the knife-rack.
definitely my favourite of yours!


still wanna marry me?

catboi incubus mishi @ Saturday, January 29th 2005, 4:32 AM
Oh, lordy. I'm going to die happy. This is so beautiful, Sumi! Thank you so much! Nera is lovely, I love her face and her hair, the way it curls is lovely, oh, and her dress.. <3333 I just am in love with this. Her apron! Oh god, the folds! Lordy. <3333 I just love the light shining in, and the pots hanging from the ceiling, and all the details.. like the folded bits of paper sticking out of the cookbook. Wow.. just, wow. I'm honored to recieve such a wonderful fanart! Thank you again! <333333333

Kern @ Saturday, January 29th 2005, 4:38 AM
fairly amazing oekaki picture. Very well done background and textures.

Kari Maxwell @ Saturday, January 29th 2005, 4:39 AM
Holy... Oh my god... this is beautiful! You have much patients to work so long on a picture. It's really, really lovely. I love the lines in the wood. It's all very nice. -nods.- And you even did little lines in the book too. Gods... I want your patients.

kyokurrychan @ Saturday, January 29th 2005, 8:05 AM
ah, awesome as always <3 ^^ i love it, the scene is great as is the character herself. Youre art is always so awesome!!!

Jennifer @ Saturday, January 29th 2005, 7:03 PM
This is such pretty fanart. Mishi's character looks so sweet as she's reading her recipe book. I love the details you put into this. The cookbook looks worn and well used. I like that you put diagrams onto the pages, it gives the book realism.

darkrose @ Saturday, January 29th 2005, 10:32 PM
I love how many details you pay attention to. Things like the textures of everything from metal to wood to leather to terrycloth and paper, the lighting (complete with little dust speckles giving the room a very homely feel), the composition (something interesting in every part of the picture but the lines and general focus are drawn to the main figure {or perhaps the book...}). This feels like a real place that really exists, which I think is important in a good picture. Helps people relate to it more. If I could critique anything at all it would be her face.. it appears that her chin is tilded down, her focus is on the book, and everything about her posture indicates the tilting of the chin except her hair, which still seems to be in the position of a fully level chin. Maybe if you took the hairline down a little bit it would help, but only if that was indeed what you were going for. Like I said, this is fantastic. Excellent work.

Basil @ Sunday, January 30th 2005, 2:11 AM
... Sumi, there are no words. Bloody gorgeous, is all I can think of. Mind-blowing.

christabel @ Sunday, January 30th 2005, 9:43 PM
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! This is too fricking beautiful! o.o Seriously! o.o I love it so veddy veddy much. Your background-drawin' abilities = FANTASTIC. :3 What a loverly fanart.
I totally adore your stuffs, Sumi. ^^

Segzhan @ Friday, February 4th 2005, 3:13 AM
...Wow. Gorgeous. Can't think of anything else to say. Just.. Wow.

Prismatic @ Friday, February 11th 2005, 10:25 PM
Wow! This is so great. And I have to mention again that you are one of my favorite artists. Yeah.. I always always love your art. The detail in this one is soooo amazing.
I mean wow, from the stains on the towel and the writing in the book, to the folded peieces of paper in it and the planking on the wood. Even the knives have a lot of detail~
I love her pose and expression. And her outfit! Especially the sleeves. I want some like that now.
The background is beautiful. and you can even see the particals of dust in the sunlight~ I think this is one of my favorites of yours.~

Queen_Godzilla @ Saturday, March 5th 2005, 12:08 AM
Man, I seriously can't find anything wrong with this.

It's a very strong composition. Gypsy girl isn't standing around staring off into space, she's tying on an apron and getting ready to cook. It has implied action!

Not only that, but the textures. My. GOD. The slats on the wooden table, the fluffy towel, the crackled pages, her be-wrinkled clothes, the glass jars, the motes and the light! Holy HELL, Sumi.

Ah, I found something -- the window light should reflect more on the surrounding area. Including gypsy. Other than, that... DAMN.

Totchi @ Friday, May 27th 2005, 8:23 PM
wow the details are so pretty-- Great job on the coloring

dorothyblueeyes @ Friday, October 6th 2006, 3:42 AM
Yes,and the lighting behind her, falling thru from the window. Kiddo, you have got "it." duh . I am just a stupid little American key-pusher, ha ha. Love this.

dorothyblueeyes @ Friday, October 6th 2006, 3:42 AM
Yes,and the lighting behind her, falling thru from the window. Kiddo, you have got "it." duh . I am just a stupid little American key-pusher, ha ha. Love this.

[163] Artist: Crest | Title: Singing Elf | Time: unknown


Crest @ Friday, January 28th 2005, 7:24 PM
I'm having the worse luck with sending pictures. >.<,

Just a singing elf...my brother says the head looks too round and he doesn't really like it, but oh well... I like how it came out, but then again I am blind in one eye...so I may not see what he sees. XD

(Edited on January 28, 2005, 10:05 pm)

Kari Maxwell @ Friday, January 28th 2005, 8:03 PM
Hey... that looks really cool... I like the toneage for the shading. Looks really good. ^_^ Your art is really neat.

darkrose @ Friday, January 28th 2005, 8:27 PM
Yay! That's awesome! Beautiful toneage... cute design, lovely lineart, and all spiffy in grays. Uber props to you!

catboi incubus mishi @ Friday, January 28th 2005, 11:04 PM
Aw, she's pretty, Jennie! I love the tones, they look just awesome. :D

kyokurrychan @ Saturday, January 29th 2005, 8:05 AM
coolies @@ i'm jealous, i really suck at tones ><

christabel @ Sunday, January 30th 2005, 9:44 PM
This is FRICKING gorgeous! X3 I love how your style has grown. It was badass to start with, but it's somehow gotten even BETTER. o.o LOVE.

Tones = win.

Ichumi @ Monday, January 31st 2005, 4:15 AM
This is beautiful, the contrast in this is fantastic. The eyes are especially gorgeous. :3

Kwetha @ Wednesday, February 2nd 2005, 9:31 PM
this is such a cute image! The neck seems a bi thin, and throws me a bit, but the eyes, the eyes! they're so shiney and they stare at me, and the eyelashes are so...mascara-advert-ey. I really like the varying thinknesses in the lineart, too. But, where's her right (our left) eyebrow?

Prismatic @ Friday, February 11th 2005, 10:06 PM
Very very good! There are very few people that can do pixel shading as well as you. I envy your skill! hehe.
The lineart on this is so crisp and clean. Yep, crisp indeed. Even if that word can't normally be used in art. I dunno.~
I like the layers of the background, all nifty like. And their eyes are really good.
And the hat!~

[148] Artist: Ashi | Title: The Tunnel | Time: 290 min


Ashi @ Monday, January 24th 2005, 3:03 AM
Been doodling at this all day on and off.. so the timer is waaay out of wack. Oh well.. fun times. Glad to be back on board! (No pun intended.. okay, maybe a little..)

Kern @ Monday, January 24th 2005, 3:17 AM
Welcome back Ashi. Very well done oekaki picture. Like the folds and the cute face. Look like a doll.

Ashi @ Monday, January 24th 2005, 3:21 AM
Kernel! *hugs* Been forever... and thanks!

Kern @ Monday, January 24th 2005, 3:27 AM
ack X_x that nickname :p don't push me to make you one X3 *hug*

Ashi @ Monday, January 24th 2005, 3:31 AM
Oh, you already have one for me. 'Pest' (even though you admittedly don't use it much aloud.. but I know you do!) Alright, I'll stop now before the oekaki board turns into an open forum. ;p

darkrose @ Monday, January 24th 2005, 4:02 AM
Ashi! Wow! It's been forever! I so missed your artwork... and what an opening piece, too! The colors are brilliant and the whole style is just fantastic. It reminds me of a little drow Claudia... hehee. It's great to see you back!

Crest @ Monday, January 24th 2005, 7:01 AM
That is an awesome looking drawing. Her face is so beautiful to look at and I really love how the hair looks. The clothing/cloak has folds that make the picture stand out so much. And the colors are a great choice. Very pretty. =3

Chime @ Monday, January 24th 2005, 2:37 PM
The dress...... . .. . . ..... Its amazing. Detailed, awesomely colored, and the color choice is great as well O_______O

I love the whole thing. The face, the hair, even the bright light at the end of the tunnel. Lol.
Awesome. Bring us more art!


Starisan @ Monday, January 24th 2005, 5:03 PM
wow, thisis so beautiful. I love the iridescent like effects and the face is great. It is a very mysterious piece. I really like you unique idea with the cloak with bows.

KHatch @ Tuesday, January 25th 2005, 5:52 AM
Oh wow.
The BG is so bright and shiny....
And the shading on the drowess is just magnificent! the folds and the cowl and the beautiful face and eyes...
I want her, can I keep her???

Ashi @ Tuesday, January 25th 2005, 6:38 AM
Take her away, KHatch!

Oh, and nice to see you too, DR! :3

catboi incubus mishi @ Tuesday, January 25th 2005, 9:13 PM
Nice to see your work again, Ashi! :) This is very pretty and I like the lighting, it's really well done. (:

Kwetha @ Wednesday, February 2nd 2005, 9:12 PM
my god, LE stunning-osity. The cloak, and hte shading on the face is just WOW. There does seem to be a bit of colour bleeding htough, where it turns from the red lining to the greeney-purpley rest of it, and it does detract a bit from it being so otherwise awesome.

[125] Artist: freakymary | Title: Dragon-Horse | Time: unknown


freakymary @ Tuesday, January 18th 2005, 5:54 AM
Thanks toten for uploading this :)

I drew this a few days ago actully, but just now had toten upload it. It was supposed to be a female looking dragon, but some of the features remined me of a horse.

also please i ask dont point out the front leg that is bent. Ive had enough people at SA and on AIM tell me its bent wrong, looks odd or out of place. its leg are not based on a horse, i want to make that clear.

(Edited on January 18, 2005, 6:01 am)

darkrose @ Tuesday, January 18th 2005, 6:13 AM
OK, so no comments on the leg thing. Still, this is a BEAUTIFUL image. The colors are so soft and vibrant, the details so perfectly in place. The dragon-horse-thing looks perfectly at home in this environment, very calm and peaceful and so free. Lovely work, freakymary! Welcome back!

KHatch @ Tuesday, January 18th 2005, 8:51 AM
I love this a lot! So pretty and smooth.
While I can see the horse and the dragon in this beast, I also see human. The way the front legs are done is, to me, reminescent of the thighs of a humanoid. That's what I see. It didn't bother me at all, I think it's great!
I really like the serene face and the flowing gorgeous hair. More arts, freakymary! I loves your stuff.

Errisandra @ Tuesday, January 18th 2005, 4:38 PM
She is stunning to say the least. Love the shading, the background, the style, the pose...needless to say, everything!

Kari Maxwell @ Wednesday, January 19th 2005, 4:35 AM
Oh. My. God. Mary! This is beautiful! Your creatures are so cute. I want one! ^_^ I love your background also, very nice. The front arms of your creature are different, but, I like it. Pretty. ^_^ And no, I didn't mean different of "ONG! It's bent wrong!" I actually meant I like it because it is different. It makes it more interesting.

(Edited on January 19, 2005, 4:37 am)

Starisan @ Wednesday, January 19th 2005, 8:55 PM
Wow, there is a lot of detail here. Wonderful. The hair is great and so it the anatomy (very accurate). I have mentioned this before but I really like the blur background effect because it really gives the feeling of depth. Very pretty and very magical.

Kage Kitsune @ Thursday, January 20th 2005, 1:26 AM
This is awesome! I love the dragon/unicorn's face the most, the eye is wonderful and the hair aww the hair ::pets it:: the background is kind of vage and fits in with the mist and everything ^_^

Chime @ Thursday, January 20th 2005, 3:34 PM
Ahh, another one of Mary's creations. As always, the style is wonderful. The water seems a bit strange, like a wave is about to loom over the "dragon" . The reast of the backgground, however, is wonderful - your trademark taxture-use is lovely ^^
The shading on the body is great, but the hair draws the attention away. It looks slightly out-of-place here, but still, Wonderful work ^^


Kaede @ Saturday, January 22nd 2005, 1:00 AM
You are so amazing Mary. This is awesome. I love your color choices, and then your coloring itself is amazing. The horse-dragons eye is just beautiful. I really love that backround too, the water is awesome! =D

Crest @ Saturday, January 22nd 2005, 8:49 PM
That thing is so cool looking. I want one. XD The background is really nicely drawn...love the grass and the rocks. Nifty creature. :D

Jennifer @ Saturday, January 22nd 2005, 8:59 PM
This is so very beautiful. I love how she stands out from the background. Her eye and facial features remind me of the Last Unicorn. She has such beauty and grace. I am in love with your background.

Shakaku @ Monday, January 24th 2005, 9:17 PM
Beautiful setting and beautiful creature! Smooth and gentle shading. It's awesome. I know you said that people keep sayimng the front -leg- is wrong, but I also realize that yeah, it's suppose to be that way. I think whay confuses peple is the fact the way the paw curls under. not really the leg itself. Also the front legs have slightly thicker shading which draws your eyes to them. The anotomy is very well done and the over all look is excellent

Queen_Godzilla @ Tuesday, March 1st 2005, 9:16 PM
Hey Mary.

First of all -- the background is quite lovely. I believe your usage of textured brushes for the landscape was excellent. It really brings out the textures present in nature of such objects. Hoorah!

The dragon is really lovely too. Unique design for something, having two sets of backlegs.

As for the legs -- I think it's not the arms per se that throw it off -- I think it's the shoulders and the way the arms stand with it. I honestly don't know how to move that shoulder, but I think that's the problem; that's where I'm getting that artist vibe.

[68] Artist: Ghislain WildCat | Title: Unwanted | Time: 119 min


[View Animation]
Ghislain WildCat @ Saturday, January 1st 2005, 7:49 AM
This is a pic to show what my mood was for the past 2 weeks for me. I know some of you knows what it is all about, but I'd rather not explain it here since it's pretty personnal...

kyokurrychan @ Saturday, January 1st 2005, 7:54 AM
waaaaaaaaah, that pic makes me uber sad ;.;

Darkrose @ Saturday, January 1st 2005, 9:20 AM
aww.... I wanna pretty kitty. Of course that's how I've gotten into my current predicament, with two cats that HATE each other and one that's more neurotic than a Jhonen Vasquez character... but alas. Your picture is so sad.... hopefully you'll feel better soon <{^.^}>

Kern @ Saturday, January 1st 2005, 9:35 AM
aww poor kitten *pick him up and feed him*
Well i guess you holidays sucked :/ sorry to hear about that

Harlequin @ Saturday, January 1st 2005, 10:07 AM
Well, I know a little bit of what happened. And I've gotta say, I can see how it'd be damn depressing, but don't let that cloud of saddness stick around too long. It's harder to move on if you dwell too long. Though I'm really one to talk about that...

I think my favorite part of this...is the condensed breath. See, that's the type of thing I would forget, and it's those little details that just make an image look right. I like the snow gathering on the tops of the wings, and the flaps of the box, sort of shows how long this little guy has been outside. I love the fur markings, and with a subject so small I personally think it's a bit difficult to get a decent amount of detail as well as color depth in. But on both fronts you've done an excellent job. I like the piece, it's really well done, what inspired it...well, not so much.

Feel better soon Ghis, just don't stay broken up over it for too long.

(Edited on January 1, 2005, 10:23 am)

windblade @ Saturday, January 1st 2005, 3:35 PM
oh... my... I don't think I ever saw you draw something this depressing, Ghis! But at the same time, I have to say it's one of my favourite of yours. Poor Ghis kitty! *puts an umbrella over the box so you don't get snowed on, and a large fluffy blanket so you don't freeze* Feel better, 'kay? We care about you.

Carbuncle @ Saturday, January 1st 2005, 4:03 PM
AWW! this is so sad... I'm sorry about you r Holidays... I hope you feel better soon!~~~ I love the texture of the box and the paper they look damp..the snow is alittle clumpy, but I think I'v seen snow like that... overall a wonderful (sad) pic!

Kamourian King @ Saturday, January 1st 2005, 4:36 PM
thats really sad Gris.... illl give the kitty a nice home to stay ^^

oni shi @ Saturday, January 1st 2005, 9:16 PM
*snug hug* i dunno whut happened but we luv you! *cuddles kitty* beautiful image i love everything

Olsie @ Saturday, January 1st 2005, 9:17 PM
Optimism is the key; and drawing this type of mood out helps ease the bad thoughts.
It's a great picture; you did a wonderful job with the quality. The mood makes me feel all sad inside though :/

AnimeCanuck @ Sunday, January 2nd 2005, 4:21 PM
This is the most heartstring-pulling, emotional picture I've ever seen you draw, Ghislain! *pat pats* Feel better, okay? All the tiny details on the kitten are amazingly well done. And he is soooo cute! (But it's sooo sad!!!!!) Just remember that you're never alone, okay?

Kamourian King @ Sunday, January 2nd 2005, 8:10 PM
congrats for the arcive ^^

Lady_Sea @ Sunday, January 2nd 2005, 9:31 PM
Aw. I'll keep you in my prayers ;_:. I hope whatever is wrong gets better.

This is really such a depressing pictures. I'm back on my kitty obsession and I want another kitten ;_:. The snow was really nicely done. It has that frostly cold look to it with the blue mixture. The sign behind the kitten was also done well. It has this tattered, beaten up city street like look to it. Did that make sense?
Nicely done. *steals the free kitten*

Starisan @ Monday, January 3rd 2005, 11:32 PM
It looks like you were feeling lonely, I'm sorry if that's the case. I think this image has a beautiful glow to it and the ralism is great. The box definately has depth and the Kitten seems to have good substance in the box. Great technique and a powerful feeling that comes across.

KHatch @ Tuesday, January 4th 2005, 8:19 PM
I already told you what I think. =)
I like this piece, though. The emotion is well expressed and the kitty is well drawn. The taped up note is just wonderful, but yet so so sad.
I like it. It's sad, but I like it.

celestial crou @ Wednesday, January 5th 2005, 5:02 AM
indeed. This is depressing. Such a cute little kitten. Kinda reminds me of my cat when he was a kitten. Malnurished and pitiful and yet the only thing he wants is to be loved. This is a very emotional piece.

The snow is colored nicely. adding varaitions. The old box is ...well..old and ...a box. Nice job shading the box and creating the soggy falling apart apearence. and the bricks and sign are shaded nicly as well.

Basil @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 11:54 PM
Such a sad picture... It's gorgeous, but so sad... Feel better, Ghis. The Drowkaki kids are always here for you. <3

[58] Artist: windblade | Title: secret santa pic | Time: 101 min


[View Animation]
windblade @ Thursday, December 30th 2004, 1:01 AM
Mwahaha... dramatic lighting.
Merry Christmas Kaiera, from your secret santa windy! ^^ 'tis Odjin... I hope he's recognizable. I think he's up to no good...

Darkrose @ Thursday, December 30th 2004, 1:11 AM
ooh, cool... I love the secretive, shadowy lighting and the almost luminescent white fur on the cape... I also love the little frost things on the (window?) and that look... *shudders* I agree, he's up to no good. SCARY! But awesome pic...

Kari Maxwell @ Thursday, December 30th 2004, 1:29 AM
Hehe, he looks evil. I love it though. lol especially the wisps around the opening that he's jumping through. It's awesome. Hope Kaiera likes it. ^^ Loverly shading as always. ^^

Kage Kitsune @ Thursday, December 30th 2004, 1:48 AM
I'm loving that cape windy! and the frost is pretty cool too. He's reminding me of the grinch, only much sexier XD I like those green pants ^_^

Kaiera @ Thursday, December 30th 2004, 2:02 AM
Oh my goodness!! *_* It's phenominal! Thank you so much!!! I love it! I could easily recognize him. Mainly because you captured the "evil" persona so well :D Again, thank you and Merry Christmas/ belated Happy Birthday =D -huggleofdeath- ^___^ this just made my day!!

olsie @ Thursday, December 30th 2004, 5:17 AM
That's a great depiction of her character XD it's so awesome in the spirit and evilness to boot; makes me wish I couldve entered that ScSa thing o_o

relzilla @ Thursday, December 30th 2004, 6:01 AM
Wow. This came out really nice. I like the colors you used. The perspective is awesome -- the lighting just makes it look cooler. XD Great texturing, as well. *Pets the cloak.* XB The only thing I'd really change is the sky. It looks a little.. I dunno. Bare. Maybe add a few clouds. The stars also look a little rushed. Other than that, it's really great. ^^

ChronosKit @ Thursday, December 30th 2004, 7:42 AM
Mwuahahaha! *grabs socked feet* So cool!

Skittles-chan @ Thursday, December 30th 2004, 8:51 AM
Awesome perspective. For some reason the legs really stick out to me. It seems like they're the most difficult part to draw when doing an image with such an angle, but you've done them masterfully. The folds in all the bits of clothing are really good too - again, I noticed the legs first, particularly around the knees, but the cape as well, especially how the fuzzy bit's been shaded.
I'd be a little afraid if that came down my chimney though.

Rigga Mortis @ Thursday, December 30th 2004, 7:16 PM
Windyyy. Your watercolours are so awesome. The folding and shading on that cape is so wonderful and I like studying it. :D Same with those...frost-curls (?) around his feet. That is a very interesnt and awkward-looking perspective to draw from, but I think you pulled it off perfectly. His eyes and expression are creepy, fitting really well with this image, and I like how his hand is supporting the bag. :D Really well-done, Windy.

oni shi @ Friday, December 31st 2004, 10:31 PM
windy as allways this is beautiful i love the little feet printy things hehe and the angle is just awsome, i love ur coloring and lineart so much! *snug hug*

Ghislain WildCat @ Saturday, January 1st 2005, 8:01 AM
So dark and evil looking! XD
Oh! And I can't help but notice all the cool effects you did with the window like those frosty twirls and the shape of the feet being pressed against it. ^w^

Kamourian King @ Saturday, January 1st 2005, 4:56 PM
man, Windy, this is one of your best ^^ i bet kaiera will love this ^^ and your shadeing in this is sweet

AnimeCanuck @ Sunday, January 2nd 2005, 4:39 PM
What's he doing in the cold wearing only socks?

Great angle, and use of dramatic lighting & shading. Brilliant as usual! ^^

(And he's just sooooooo eeeeeevil!!!)

Starisan @ Monday, January 3rd 2005, 11:42 PM
This is another one that has a totally awesome animation. It's a unique and tough angle. Good job

celestial crou @ Wednesday, January 5th 2005, 7:24 AM
Sweet! IThis definatly sets a different mood to the norm of christmas. Kinda like futurama and the santa-bot. Lol. then again i have this nightmare before christmas tune stuck in my mind. I like the diffferent perspective. But i would have liked to have seen a more toned sky.

Harlequin @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 5:23 AM
Can I just say...I love the perspective on this one? The whole bottom of the feet up is just...SO COOL!! Now...I'm assuming he's standing on the equivalent of a skylight, and what has otherwise been called 'fur' is really the frost on said skylight. The reds in the cape are really nice, they really show a nice folding of the fabric where it's gathered around the neck. The white edging...well...the blue used on it certainly makes it look textured. Very interesting look. I really like it...just like I like those green pants. Seriously...I want a pair of pants in THAT color green now. In addition to being a gorgeous pair of pants...the shading does that textured thing. I really like how you do that, it just makes the clothing on the characters seem more real. Same thing with the shirt, more of that nifty texturing. Awesome contribution to the secret santa project Windy. It's very nice! It makes me smile like a not so sad panda! XD!!

kyokurrychan @ Sunday, January 30th 2005, 5:02 PM
ebil? ^^ i likes it a lot. hehe. awesome perspective. and the feetsies are dont well against the glass <3

[45] Artist: Sephie Strife | Title: ....meh. | Time: 426 min


Sephie Strife @ Monday, December 27th 2004, 6:01 AM

I have way, waaaaay too much time on my hands. T_T Stupid rain.

Well this is my Gaia avatar character thingy. I know there are a lot of details that I didn't take the time to fix, but my brain has just shut down. >.<


Rigga Mortis @ Monday, December 27th 2004, 7:38 AM
Your Gaia avatar is cooool. Those coat cuffs...gaah. *Stares.* Just wicked. The hair is awesome-pretty, the colours especially, and really flow with the outfit well. Nice folding on jacket and pants---and I just noticed the hints of tones and texturing, awesome. :D This is so gorgeous. The clouds and rain are my favourite part, though.

LunarMnM2004 @ Monday, December 27th 2004, 8:51 AM
Love this picture! you did such a good job coloring it!
The hair is cool as well!
^_^ so neat!

Kamourian King @ Monday, December 27th 2004, 4:17 PM
soooo pretty ^^ i love the texture you used.... and your coloring O___o really awesome XD

Sumi @ Monday, December 27th 2004, 4:29 PM
XD My Gaia character is still dressed in rags. I agree, very nice textures and I really like the different coloured lineart. it's not a look that I can get to look nice like this. ^_^; Cookies for you for throwing some tones? in there too.

AnimeCanuck @ Monday, December 27th 2004, 8:07 PM
Cute! I love this funky colouring style you chose - the colours complement the pic very much. Looks excellent. ^^

Ikena @ Monday, December 27th 2004, 10:42 PM
how cute! I love the pose and expression, the coloring is nice too! =3

Darkrose @ Monday, December 27th 2004, 11:55 PM
It's so pretty... the lineart with the colors looks so very... psychodelic. The colors! Mwahaha! It's so bright and contrasting with the background, it's very striking and a really awesome effe ct. I also love how you thickened the lineart in places for extra shadows and detail, that looks really good... and overall the image is clean, well composed, and thought provoking. Kudos.

Skittles-chan @ Tuesday, December 28th 2004, 4:00 AM
The folds in the clothing are what astounds me most =3 The effects are rather nice, too. Your style of shading is pretty unique and cool, and the the character is really neat as well.

Ghislain WildCat @ Tuesday, December 28th 2004, 7:59 AM
A catgirl, nice colorful lines, shiny stuff, nice background... and lots of BLUE. ^w^
I feel like I'm gonna like your drawings! XD

KHatch @ Tuesday, December 28th 2004, 8:21 PM
I really like the solid lineart in colours other than black. The way you made everything so blendy and used like, all the tools available (watercolour, solid, tones) is just great. The rockybricky wall is my favourite part of all. That and the fuzzy parts =P

relzilla @ Tuesday, December 28th 2004, 11:31 PM
Aww, the character looks so sad.. ;; *Hug.*
I agree that you did really well on the textures here. ^^ I also like how the bright colors on the character contrast with the gloomy background. (That you also did very well on. o_o *Pets clouds.* :D *Gets dreanched.* Arrg!)

oni shi @ Sunday, January 2nd 2005, 12:59 AM
i love the linart, and the coloring. hehe sometime i should do my avatar on gaia but itsnot they way i want it just yet so i need to wait lol

Carbuncle @ Tuesday, January 4th 2005, 3:35 AM
ohh kwel this is awesome!! the brightness contrasts with the BG the bright colors really give it a punch although I must say where is she getting all that light ? ohh well I still like it!!

Chime @ Wednesday, January 12th 2005, 6:50 PM
Beautiful. I love the colored lineart, Its great =3

Lookit the texture *___* Oh my gawd, theyre beautiful. The pants and gem especially are nice *3*
The fluff on the edges of her jacket are so realistic ^-^ Nice job


kyokurrychan @ Sunday, January 30th 2005, 6:53 AM
awww. kawaii. thats a cool way of outlining.

Totchi @ Friday, May 27th 2005, 8:19 PM
This is cool. I like the lines and coloring alot! The rain is cool too.

[33] Artist: Jennifer, The Blue Narian | Title: What Child is This | Time: 1093 min


[View Animation]
Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Friday, December 24th 2004, 9:08 AM

First, Thank you guys for the encouragment on the image I deleted. Sorry to disapoint because I did delete it, but I\\\\\\\'m not ready to finish that image yet and it was mostly a test to see if Drowkaki was working again.

But! This image I will not delete because it is going to be a combo Christmas Gift for Drowkaki/Birthday presant for Windy.

I felt ambitious.... lets cross our fingers and hope I can pull this off and don\\\\\\\'t get carried away with coloring agian.... Need to keep this one simple. ^^;

YArg.... why do backgrounds always turn my mind to mush? This scene is supose to be a winter one (with snow and all) but I can\\\'t think of what to put in the background of the right pannel. O.o

Help? Any sugestions?

(Edited on December 25, 2004, 8:25 pm)

This... is... takeing... longer then I thougth it would.... and I\'m useing the simplest coloring style I know that still looks good! >.<

Ah well. Almost half way done... I don\'t like Noel\'s wing over the two pannels on the left any more... might change it.

Still oprn to sujestions on the background. ^_^;

(Edited on December 26, 2004, 1:26 pm)

(Edited on March 3, 2005, 8:52 am)

catboi incubus mishi @ Friday, December 24th 2004, 4:34 PM
Looks awesome so fsr, Jenn. ;3 I can't wait to see it finished!

LunarMnM2004 @ Friday, December 24th 2004, 5:32 PM
I wish I could draw figures outa my scribblin.... <cry> Anyways I like it ... looks llike it gona be very interesting. Finish!

AnimeCanuck @ Friday, December 24th 2004, 6:25 PM
This looks like this is going to be some kind of romantic picture. How sweet! I can't wait to see the finished product!

Rigga Mortis @ Friday, December 24th 2004, 7:05 PM
Amazing what you're able to form from just doodled scribble-bases. Oh, this looks like it will be so cute when its done, the lower-right-hand-corner position looks difficult to draw!

HuntressD @ Friday, December 24th 2004, 8:05 PM
O.o I'm actually surprise that you're able to make forms out of scribbles, I always was so bad at doing that at school! I can't wait to see this finished..

Rasen @ Friday, December 24th 2004, 9:07 PM
Nice poses so far. Hope to see this done soon, looks like the beginnings of something good. ^_^

Skittles-chan @ Saturday, December 25th 2004, 12:36 AM
The figures are excellent. I have no idea how you got them from the scribbles, but that's amazing. ALmost like something you'd see in those tutorial books. The poses and anatomy are suberb so far, too. In the largest panel, though, on the right, his form should widen again toward the hips. His legs and bum look too small.

celestial crou @ Saturday, December 25th 2004, 6:53 AM
What happened? i am wondering why the character needs to be carried. i am so curious. and they look so cute together! i must see this colored. and perhaps a summery of whats happened? J/K LOL....yea like anyone has time right now with the holidays. WOnderful figures and i really hope you can get this done. The line art expresses so much already.

Darkrose @ Sunday, December 26th 2004, 1:15 AM
hmmm... oh! It's Dhell! Woops... I was going to suggest a lovely 'going to heaven' type scene, with the angel picking the little boy up out of the snow, but we can't go and kill Dhell, now can we? <{^.^}> So maybe just something lovely and Christmas-ey... like a pretty tree, or even the manger from Jesus's birth! That'd be really cool, like the whole 'angels bringing the good news' kind of thing. Yepyep, that's my suggestion

celestial crou @ Sunday, December 26th 2004, 3:08 AM
PRETTY!!!!!!!!! Its colored now and its even better then i had hoped! Hmm...Right panel.....I think a sunset with lots of prety reds and oranges over a mountain. That would bring out the green and blue tones of the cloths quite nicly. And your so is FAB!!!!!!!!!! Its is definatly snowy. yes......snow.....so pretty....its a pity its cold and wet though.

Alex @ Sunday, December 26th 2004, 11:42 PM
Looks utterly amazing! I especially like the upper left panel, wonderful perspective and hand. The wing semi-covering stuff looks neat to me, I vote for keeping it.

TigerHawk @ Monday, December 27th 2004, 1:27 AM
The coloring is wonderful. Hope you finish soon

LunarMnM2004 @ Monday, December 27th 2004, 8:49 AM
I love everything!

Sumi @ Monday, December 27th 2004, 5:59 PM
Wow. O.o; Sumi thinks Jenn should do more of these. Awesome transparent effect of the wings. Can't wait to see this done. =D

AnimeCanuck @ Monday, December 27th 2004, 8:31 PM
Oh wow! This is really beautiful. Nice job on the wings, as well.

Hmm... for background ideas... How about snowy ground in the foreground, fir trees topped with snow (and snow falling) in the middleground, and a starry night sky with some elongated fluffy clouds and a full or near-full moon for the far background (as you move up the panel, 'cause it is long!). This looks really amazing! You rock, Jennifer! ^_^

Ikena @ Monday, December 27th 2004, 10:23 PM
Its looking awesome so far!!
I love all the panels! I cant wait to see it done!
and for the bg, well.. it could be a forest or something and far far away there was a city like a pretty and shiny angel city either in the clouds or a city like rivendell.. =3

Lyserg @ Tuesday, December 28th 2004, 4:48 AM
it's very well started, I love the mood and the big plans of the faces...
I dunno how to say that...

kyokurrychan @ Sunday, January 30th 2005, 6:46 AM
awesome work on thise. @_@ green clowies on the face? @_@ kewl

dorothyblueeyes @ Tuesday, August 22nd 2006, 6:47 AM
Very beautiful.

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