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[300] Artist: kyasha | Title: Kyasha | Time: 117 min


kyasha @ Sunday, April 10th 2005, 1:09 AM
Crap! I messed up her hand...T_T. Ah well....I like this piccy anyways. My original character, Kyasha in my fav game City Of Heroes!!! I enjoy the red :D

Neko Girl Star @ Sunday, April 10th 2005, 4:04 AM
wow this is beautiful..the cape looks a little off...I love her costume! And the shading is beautiful! awome ^^

Verna_Venisa @ Sunday, April 10th 2005, 2:22 PM
I like this, the highlighting on her skin looks nice. Her hips seem a little wide but i could be just me ^^ I like the Costume design as well

The_Infamous_Pumpkin @ Monday, April 11th 2005, 10:25 PM
wow I envy your coloring and clothing designs...*.*! Really cool!

Segzhan @ Wednesday, April 13th 2005, 9:23 PM
Wow, I really love that pic. Pretty red... ^^

The coloring is really good!

mazilwolf @ Monday, April 18th 2005, 2:36 PM
no, her hands look fine to me. yeah, she is cool, and so are her clothes! maybe is jus me... but her hairline looks to close to the top of her head. probably me seeing things funny, so just ignore... *hums and walks away*

Relvane @ Thursday, April 21st 2005, 3:52 AM
The costume and pose are great. The make up is pretty too :)

Chinh @ Friday, April 22nd 2005, 10:46 AM
\(^__^)/ wei!!! sucha cool piccy!! and the coloring looks all smooth and nice =D
nice lineart also and her hair \(^___^)/ so lovely!! all shiney and stuff...what schampoo does she use =P LOL

Prismatic @ Wednesday, April 27th 2005, 3:25 PM
Aww, I had a nice comment going, then hit the back button and lost it. I don't know how I managed that, but yeah.
That game looks like it'd be a lot of fun to play.
I really like the details you added to this, her outfit is awesome, especially with all those straps! and the shineyness of it is great. I want an outfit like that.
the shading on her skin is magnificant, really it looks great. And You did a great job on her features. I especially love her ears~~~ *nibbles* The pose is really nice. And.. wow I didn't even notice her hand until I read your comment. Too bad, but it's really not all that noticable when you take everything else of the picture into account~ Great job.

kestrelmas @ Wednesday, May 4th 2005, 12:40 PM
....WOW. AWESOME color and shading! Those skin tones were very well done!

[247] Artist: kyasha | Title: Kheldian attack! | Time: 184 min


kyasha @ Sunday, March 6th 2005, 9:36 PM
Uh..yeah. It's been a while since I drew here XD

Three of my characters from City of Heroes (that game rocks!!!). Got lazy with the water....meh :P

Loki @ Sunday, March 6th 2005, 10:05 PM
Wah! How cute! I love the colours and the BG is hilarious! XD cute!

Neko Girl Star @ Sunday, March 6th 2005, 11:59 PM
lmao...run forest run! heeh...its so cute...I love the girl who is eating the pocky's expression...and I LOVE the eyes

bakabaka @ Monday, March 7th 2005, 1:51 AM
The girl in the front seems to either be completely oblivious to what's going on, or must be in league with that flying upside down spider thing!


Anyhow. Even though you slacked with the water in the background, it still looks great. =3 Nice quicky.
Love the girl in the background's facial expression. XD I'd be running if something like that was chasing me. D'no how long she's going to stay alive if she keeps running through that water like that. XD RUN!

Great anatomy. *nods* 'specially the girl in front's hand. <3 It's hard to draw hands holding tiny sticks like that. Very pretty eyes she has too. =3

mazilwolf @ Tuesday, March 8th 2005, 1:07 PM
haha, the one in the backgorund... the face...
i love the way you splashed the water where she is running, and just what is that chasing her?
the one in front seems blissfully unaware and looks really sweet!! with the lolly pop and all ^0^ ohhh, so great!!!

kyasha @ Wednesday, March 9th 2005, 1:56 AM
The thing that is chasing the green haired girl is my Kheldian from Cityofheroes...basically...an alien! When you reach the highest lvl of 50, you get a chance to make an alien!!!!

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