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[447] Artist: diamand32 | Title: does it hurt? | Time: 328 min


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diamand32 @ Friday, July 29th 2005, 6:00 PM
yeah... yeah it does.

i dont know how his head can hold up horns that big :\

originaly i wanted to give him a more painful look but it came out looking like his eyes hurts and hes like "wtf are you looking at beeyatch?" =_= we'll... it fits his personality.

original character Drack, steal and die.

(Edited on July 29, 2005, 6:05 pm)

Tigerhawk @ Friday, July 29th 2005, 8:19 PM
ya, I was going to mention about the horns but you took care of that =D he looks like he saying,
"My eye! you stabbed my bloody eye!"
"but there's no blo-"
"Don't aruge with me! You stabbed me!"
"no I di-"
"*kills off the random person*"

The coloring is very spiffy, expecially with the horns and the background. I love the violet-blue color that you used for both the b/g and the wings, a very soft yet an attractive and somewhat a vibrant color :3 the details in the ribs are...a nice touch. Lets give him some food shall we? *stuffs his mouth with fattening foods* But all in all I love the background very much.

mazilwolf @ Saturday, July 30th 2005, 4:39 AM
um, i think his neck might be a lil too long. but, woot! OVERSIZED HORNS! i like that. a lot. and the colouring. *gives cookie* there, a present for you, and the wings o.o i have to get me a pair o those. i mean, there essential for stealing cookies, right ~.0.

anyway. i really do like this picture, its a fabuloso choice of colours you got goin' on. and, um, one last thing? his arm? on the far right side, it lookes a little... broken? @.@

kyokurrychan @ Saturday, July 30th 2005, 2:12 PM
great job coloring. @_@ the horns look a little far back but other than that, awesom

Chime @ Monday, August 1st 2005, 4:11 PM
omgz XD I'm having ribs, to-nite! :P

thats just plain smexy. The 1px lines, the uber-kewl shading (incidentially, how many shades lower do you go each time, If you dont mind my asking?)

the wing-skin fade/bleed is just plain coool. and those horns rock :P

Chinh @ Friday, August 5th 2005, 7:58 AM
*gasp* O.O.......such an awesome style!! *in love with it* whoaaa...........hahaha and the expression does say what you guyz have mentioned XD I saw this piccy last night and couldn't stop myself from laughing LOL the lineart and coloring are so well done also =D

KHatch @ Saturday, August 13th 2005, 5:27 PM
Oh wow.
Haha poked in the eye.
I really like the way you did the solid shading. It's amazing, especially on the chest/ribs area. Hehe.

[445] Artist: diamand32 | Title: uhg. | Time: 36 min


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diamand32 @ Thursday, July 28th 2005, 1:05 PM
._. his head is too big heis left arm looks tarded and the moon looks like somthing i found in a toilet.

:>i like his ears tho

o___O why is this archived? this is horrible! unarchive please D:

(Edited on July 29, 2005, 12:31 pm)

Kamourian King @ Thursday, July 28th 2005, 2:01 PM
XD DIAMAND!!!!!! i love you ^^ im sooo happy you joined ^^

Tigerhawk @ Thursday, July 28th 2005, 3:10 PM
Hey there, you're from Karmisies arn't ya? I've seen your work before, very nice *nods* Like the grass, and your coloring is very spiffy as well. His expression is also very cute.

mazilwolf @ Friday, July 29th 2005, 9:50 AM
ahem.... JUST WHERE ARE HIS HANDS GOING! lol. sorry
no, i do like his ears too and the shading is very good. and if you find stuff like that moon in your toliet... well.. lest just say you need to see a doctor. (either that or your toilet is just plein weird..) ^__^ nah, j/k i like this picture.but maybe you should do more to the bg? justa suggestion though...

Totenmaske @ Friday, July 29th 2005, 10:33 AM
Welcome to Drowkaki Diamand32! Boy I have an odd feeling I typed that out before? oh yeah I did! Like a few of your other images I have seen, this sharp style is very interesting ? the colouring is very nicely done, particularly where you have the shadows playing upon the neck and chest area. The characters facial expression is very pleasing in that forlorn look ? the ears I think enhance this really with their droopy look.

I have to agree with you that I like the ears the most in this image, they seem to be more detailed than the other aspects of the image ? especially in the sense of shadows bringing depth to them. What you could have added to the ears (which could be adding insult to injury concerning the character) is have a little tuff of white hair in his ears ? but visually I think I just disturbed myself with that so please ignore. The grass in the background seems flat and so does the moon, but I think that is what you were striving with the style anyway so that?s understandable.

The moon, well I don?t know if it would really fit in your statement as being like something you ?found in a toilet,? mainly because the unpleasant things we find in a toilet tend to be flushable and a rather nasty brown colour unless you are of course referring to those occasional discha?umm nm. I actually like the scraggly look to the craters on the moon. The colouring of the sky is nicely done with the variation you put into the blue leading up to the moon. Really adds a sense of depth to the scene ? the grass though ? well seems to confine the image more for some reason?

Overall the image is a very stylized piece ? it doesn?t have the look of oh I don?t know another oekakibbs image I saw by you entitled Diamand, but it has a playfulness of the sharp style that I really like and the sense of well shine to the skin is always a nice touch with this style. Some people may not like the sharp colouring ? but I think it looks fantastic. The hair is nicely shaded as well, the little light shimmer effect is interesting ? which kind of brings up the whole issue of lighting in the image. Which is played rather well in the character, though I think it could have been toned down a little, since it is night. The only thing that can hurt the image ? which a few have pointed out is the lack of detail in the background ? mainly the grass, but I think you were focusing on the character and their ears? those ears are awesome. For some reason I am thinking of transformation into a donkey (nothing like making an odd fairytale/movie reference).

Hope to see more of your stuff diamand, just remember to comment as fully as you can (5 comments every image you post) <- little Moderator nitpick. Excellent first post on the board.

KHatch @ Saturday, August 13th 2005, 5:31 PM
Hey I like his ears too. They're very detailed and add a lot to the piece.
The face is good, the expression well done so that he's either lamenting something or just being so very emo.
The scruffy hair is cute, too. =)

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