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[999] Artist: YourNuubGod | Title: submission | Time: 44 min


[View Animation]
YourNuubGod @ Monday, October 1st 2007, 2:55 PM
Adulted for blood and nudity >.>

I wonder if she'll escape. They say women in prada are the most evil :P

And yes, I haven't drawn here in freaking ages. I decided I might as well post a sketch on here. The time is off. I am trying to scan my computer because it is messed up ;_;

Neko Girl Star @ Friday, October 5th 2007, 1:02 AM
o.o...oooh...blood...oooh..boobs...^^ I like

Prismatic @ Saturday, November 17th 2007, 12:46 AM
This is an interesting pose. Is she chained at the wrists? Like the shadowing, especially in the torso where it looks like you can kinda see the outline of her ribs. Sad about the wings. Poor thing.

KHatch @ Tuesday, January 15th 2008, 1:51 AM
Absolutely awesome shading esp. on the ribs and breast area.

[285] Artist: YourNuubGod | Title: I'm not dead after all. >_> | Time: 21 min


YourNuubGod @ Wednesday, March 30th 2005, 12:36 PM
I havn't been on in forever, mainly due to lack of free time. x.x I did this at school. *cough*

Neko Girl Star @ Thursday, March 31st 2005, 10:47 AM
this is cute...though you should have just drawn when you did have time...I like the eyes and the coloring is good...

mazilwolf @ Thursday, April 7th 2005, 3:30 AM
yeah, i do pictures at school too! lol, it is soo boring! your shading is loverly. and the lil clouds in the bg. is very nice yes.

[40] Artist: YourNuubGod | Title: Majorly unfinished | Time: 47 min


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YourNuubGod @ Sunday, December 26th 2004, 4:56 AM
*Sighs* My mom kicked me out of the house. It isn't the first time. This time she kicked me out because I told her she never gives thanks to all the things I do around the house, but instead nitpicks and complains. Mainly it was about me not finishing all my laundry. ._. I. Dont. Like. My. Mom. u.u

So I can't finish this yet. I'm really sorry... -Glum face- I am currently at my towns library. Their mouses suck. Then I'm finally going home(I have a friend nice enough to let me stay the night last night, but not tonight. My mom will kill me. e.e)

Be back later...

Sorry I cant finish right now. ><

(Edited on December 28, 2004, 2:01 am)

Rigga Mortis @ Sunday, December 26th 2004, 5:31 AM
Not horrid, the hair is very pretty so far. The colour pallette is quite nice, too, and your mention of the wings is intriguing. I hope to see this finished soon!

TigerHawk @ Monday, December 27th 2004, 1:35 AM
His hair is looking really cool. I like his eyes. Finish!!!

Sumi @ Monday, December 27th 2004, 4:54 PM
Ah, I bet it'll look fine. XD It looks nice so far.

AnimeCanuck @ Monday, December 27th 2004, 8:12 PM
All the detail in the hair really shows, and it's interesting to see how people go about choosing colours. Don't worry, I'm sure it'll look great when you finish it! ^^

Darkrose @ Monday, December 27th 2004, 11:48 PM
Well aren't you going to finish? <{^.^}> I really like it so far, the colors look good and the hair is excellently started and the expression is already pretty cool, so please please I wanna see it already!

Carbuncle @ Tuesday, January 4th 2005, 3:29 AM
ohh I love the hair so far I really hope you finish this soon I have seen this picture before but I don't remember where... ohh well it will look awesome when you are done!!

kyokurrychan @ Sunday, January 30th 2005, 6:50 AM

[16] Artist: YourNuubGod | Title: Hello, yall | Time: 21 min


YourNuubGod @ Wednesday, December 22nd 2004, 8:35 AM
Meet my dillusional panda bear balloon of duum?

Kern @ Wednesday, December 22nd 2004, 8:38 AM
Hm it seem you are new to this board. Sorry but i must ask you go to read the rules section. One very important rule is that you need to spend a minimum of 30 minutes on a pic. This rule exist for the sake of getting a minimum of efforts on the artworks.

Kamourian King @ Wednesday, December 22nd 2004, 11:05 AM
i really like the hair.... how it was colored..... ^^

YourNuubGod @ Wednesday, December 22nd 2004, 12:42 PM
Thanks for reminding me, Kern. I'll keep that in mind with my next drawing which my friend is making me do. :)

christabel @ Wednesday, December 22nd 2004, 3:35 PM
Ha! I love the li'l tooth! ^^ and the stick figures are pretty cool too, nyes nyes!

Purple is such a great colour o.o I love how her hair looks like a cloud ^^
and that background is really awesome-- looks very prismatic-like.

LunarMnM2004 @ Wednesday, December 22nd 2004, 6:34 PM
I like the way you did the hair it kinda looks all spacy but its cool! I like the background too!

Rigga Mortis @ Wednesday, December 22nd 2004, 7:47 PM
Neat texturing on her hair! Aaah, balloons. :3 What stands out to me, next to her hair, is her cute lower lip and the blush on her cheek. The background is captivating, too.

HuntressD @ Wednesday, December 22nd 2004, 9:58 PM
aw. this is adorable. nice use of texture in her hair, except that it would need just a teensy bit of shading. :D wee!

catboi incubus mishi @ Wednesday, December 22nd 2004, 11:10 PM
You're breaking the rules. You have to spend at LEAST 30 minutes on an image. I cannot stress enough how important it is to follow this rule in particular. People who have worked much longer on their images will be unhappy because their work will be pushed down. :\

freakymary @ Thursday, December 23rd 2004, 2:02 AM
now this is different 0_o never seen a head balloon... thing.
good job with the lip and tooth though :) it seems you did rush this.. hopfully your next post will be better.

AnimeCanuck @ Thursday, December 23rd 2004, 2:10 AM
Yeah... this is really weird. Nice eye, though.

Totenmaske @ Thursday, December 23rd 2004, 3:09 AM
Even though this is rather under the time limit YourNuubGod (which you have been properly reprimanded by Kern), I must admit I like the overall aspect. Mainly because this reminds me of a *sad panda* that I talk to occasionally? You seemed to concentrate upon the use of thick line art that really gives the impression of a quickly rendered image ? which in the long run hurts the overall look. The idea of a ballooned head character is interesting though, and very pleasing to the eye ? especially that exposed tooth that everyone seems to point out.

The mixture of colours is pleasing, personally, simply because it seems to add more depth to the image than what is truly present. That is another issue about using thick line art ? it hurts the sense of depth if you don?t concentrate on refining the colouring. The little stick figure in the corner is extremely flat as well, but its sole purpose in the canvas seems to be added effect of the balloon head.

Overall a rather cute first post on the board, but one that could have benefited from some more time spent. I do like the colouring and the whole facial expression, overall a very pleasing image ? even though it comes across rushed.

celestial crou @ Thursday, December 23rd 2004, 4:06 AM
wow. This is something i havnt seen before... 0-o a face balloon. Nice eye. and a very interesting hair coloring style. its like water.

Darkrose @ Thursday, December 23rd 2004, 4:22 AM
Welcome to the board! Well, aside from it being below the time limit (which you've already been informed of so I'm not going to harp on about) this is a really nifty picture. So many lovely textures! I particularly like how the eye and the area directly surrounding it is shaded. The stick figures, I think, really don't help the image, and the words could be cool if they were a little bit neater. Anyway, welcome to the board, I'm sure you'll be much better next time!

Ikena @ Thursday, December 23rd 2004, 9:41 PM
panda balloon!
Hiya there! =3

celestial crou @ Saturday, December 25th 2004, 7:09 AM
Toten- OH ! i think i know this *sad panda* of which you speak....

Basil @ Thursday, December 30th 2004, 8:18 PM
I like her hair- All mottled and such! Very nice! And the way its colored around her eye is very neat! I like this! Bravo!

kyokurrychan @ Sunday, January 30th 2005, 6:31 AM
@_@ scary. cute. SCARY. under the timelimit a bit but. whatever. <3

Prismatic @ Friday, February 4th 2005, 4:26 AM
Wow, balloons. I love them.. and I want one.
I like the hair in this piece in particular. It really is reminsicent of a balloon.. like those neato metallicy ones you can get.
The eye is really pretty as well..
~And the lil x eyed balloon in the background! Yaay.

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