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[35] Artist: Shamdu | Title: Jojo | Time: 83 min


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Shamdu @ Friday, December 24th 2004, 5:25 PM
Or, as she proclaims herself, "the cutest assasin ever!"
She's a character from a comic idea. :X
I wanted to draw her with a weapon or something.... But I couldn't think of anything. ^-^;

LunarMnM2004 @ Friday, December 24th 2004, 5:34 PM
How about gloves with spikes on them... or.. miniture sythes between each finger and stuff lol. or a thing that goes over her full arm with spikes. <ignore her rambling> ^_^ I like the smirk .... it actaully kinda scares me... ^_^

AnimeCanuck @ Friday, December 24th 2004, 6:14 PM
Hehe. Pretty sweet. It looks like she's just about ready to karate-chop someone to death. What about shurikens? A traditional ninja/assasin favourite. Plus, if she wasn't karate-chopping someone, I'd say she was throwing something.

Rigga Mortis @ Friday, December 24th 2004, 7:02 PM
Neat character design. The eyes are quite expressive, and that grin is almost maniacal. The watercolours on the hair is pretty. :D The line-art could be a little cleaner on the hand, but otherwise this looks very nice.

HuntressD @ Friday, December 24th 2004, 8:08 PM
Aw shamdu! This rocks! But wouldn't the cutest assassin be in a frilly pink dress and steal pocky? >_> Yeah, like she needs a sugar overdose, she's scary enough like that. :D (scary smile. o.o)

Rasen @ Friday, December 24th 2004, 9:01 PM
Heheh, she definitely looks sneaky, with that little smirk on her face. ^^;; Lovely hair, and nice folds on her hood. I also really like the perspective. Even though only her top is showing, I get the image of her crouched on some tree-branch, looking down at some potential victim. Very nice. ^_^

Darkrose @ Friday, December 24th 2004, 9:09 PM
That's pretty darn cool.. I love the blue paint on her face, it's very Celtic and I like it <{^ ^}>. Beautiful shading on her face and in the background, it really feels like a sunny forest on a warm day... alas for sun, for warmth! I miss it so! Anyway, I love her design and the mischeivious grin, and the hand is really well done. Her head seemes a bit squashed to me, I think she needs more hair or something to show the roundness of it (assuming, of course, that she's human and not halfling). Still beautiful work though, congrats.

catboi incubus mishi @ Friday, December 24th 2004, 11:01 PM
She needs those ninja throwing stars! Although, her face paint reminds me of Mexican pro wrestlers. XD; Her smile scares me - I always thought that Yuffie was the cutest ninja ever. XD I love Jojo's hairstyle and the shinies. X)

Jennifer @ Saturday, December 25th 2004, 12:25 AM
She looks so cute. Her hair is very nice and looks so fluffy. I like her wicked grin. I think her weapon would be a poison blow dart.

Skittles-chan @ Saturday, December 25th 2004, 5:35 AM
Very nice character ^^ I really like how you exaggerated certain details, like her smirk and her eyes. She is cute, but she still has that kind of scary assassin thing going for her too ^^; The only critique I have is with the way you drew the line of the hoodie around her arm. It makes it looka little too small, and too low.

celestial crou @ Saturday, December 25th 2004, 7:01 AM
Ohhh....evil grin! Hes all "wacha!" The amount of detail in the hair is ...wow. YOu have highlights shading and a circle of highlight on top of that. The BG really brings the sweater and character forward. very nice. MY only prob is the sketchyness of some of your lineart. mainly around the hand.

TigerHawk @ Monday, December 27th 2004, 1:40 AM
I love that grin. So mischief. I'm compelled to her hand. It's drawn superb. Craziness.

Sumi @ Monday, December 27th 2004, 5:57 PM
Well... I think she looks like should have something to knock people over the heads with. XD I dunno, something in tha smirk just says it. Very good shading and expression.

Ikena @ Monday, December 27th 2004, 10:29 PM
I love her expression, thi her head looks kinda weird.. like she is missing half her head.. =P but thats just cause of the way you drew her hair.. =P
other than that is pretty I like the coloring too!

kyokurrychan @ Sunday, January 30th 2005, 6:47 AM
kinda evil lookin

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