Drowkaki was finally upgraded to Poteto 5.1 then to Wax Poteto. A much needed upgrade after so many years without change and with all these bugs plaguing us. We had to trash our custom MODS but it seem that wax poteto include some of the stuff we had. Avatar(go in your profile) and picture uploading. It also come with some new features as well. The most important one is to be able to re-touch everything, including SHI-PAINTER pictures , non animated oekaki and uploaded stuff. I'm sorry we didn't do this upgrade sooner. Now the board is pretty much lifeless, but i hope now that approving new accountsl became optional, that some life will return around here on this fantasy-only oekaki board.

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[647] Artist: Mouse | Title: You May Need to Change Your Medication | Time: 632 min


Mouse @ Wednesday, March 22nd 2006, 3:33 AM
I thought I'd give the theme a try. Yes, that's a chicken growing off a tree.

Theron @ Wednesday, March 22nd 2006, 7:45 AM
I wish chickens grew on trees here XD
Awesome solids and that is a delightfully bizarre creature!

The_Infamous_Pumpkin @ Wednesday, March 22nd 2006, 6:38 PM
I wish chickens grew from trees as well. :D It would be great fun having them run all over your lawn. I want chicken to be blue as well. O_O Blue chicks. Aww. Very good job. The solid shading is awesome~

mark @ Thursday, March 23rd 2006, 4:01 AM
Nice use of colours to create those `creepy` textures!
[code](btw, which came first... the chicken or the tree? XD)[/code]

Sumi @ Thursday, March 23rd 2006, 7:18 PM
Oh my, what awesome solids. O.o Personally I don't think I'd like chickens growing out of trees to be naturally occuring. I try to avoid splinters in my mouth. =D

Kia @ Wednesday, April 5th 2006, 4:06 PM
haha wow. THis is creeeeeepy. Chickens growing on trees. Real nice. Is that like a chicken berry growing from the branch in the corner? Hhahaha. Wow. This si definately neat. I love the background too. And the coloring must of took forever. Very interesting concept. :D

mazilwolf @ Thursday, April 13th 2006, 6:11 AM
haha, dude i with my imagination was like this.

i only get stupid autopsty men with grinning white foxes as pets.
and thats only from fumes apparently.
the shading here is really awesome. its very detailed and purty!

tori_yuugi @ Saturday, April 22nd 2006, 9:54 AM
i like the texture on the blue is it realy neat

[254] Artist: Mouse | Title: Murder Concept #2 | Time: 307 min


[View Animation]
Mouse @ Wednesday, March 9th 2005, 8:35 PM
Blah. This was too big to take a screenshot of, so'll keep it up a while.

A murder is a crime of killing. A murder, however, also refers to a flock of crows. That is where he gets his name from. In many places, people use carrier birds to deliver messages, yet don't have proper protection for their landings. Thus the long gloves. If you look closely, between the mountain slopes is a crow flying with something barely visible clutched in its' talons.
Critisism is heartily welcome. I look to improve. Also, question: did I overdue the lighting? Does he look like he's purple rather than pale in somewhat reflective clothing?

bakabaka @ Friday, March 11th 2005, 1:34 PM
Lovely watercolor usage. ^_^ The entire concept with the crow is especially interesting as well. *nodnods* I didn\'t know a group of them were called a \"murder\". =3 Learn something new everyday.

Like I said, the watercolors totally rawk. You really know what colors compliment what colors. \'specially on the d00d\'s face. And speaking of, I really like the shape of his face. It\'s different. ^_^ *honks his nose*

Nice details on the bird too. =3 Amazing that you actually managed to get that message it\'s clutching in its talons to actually show from that distance.

<3 Great work.

(Edited on March 11, 2005, 6:35 pm)

Neko Girl Star @ Sunday, March 13th 2005, 4:21 AM
wow this is big...hehe...anyway, he looks cool...I love the bg, and the watercolors are AWSOME...I can't use them that well...I like the dark coloring...hehe

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