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[1090] Artist: KiyomiChan | Title: My character "Andul" | Time: 147 min

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KiyomiChan @ Thursday, October 30th 2008, 4:36 AM
I'm new here, decided to draw something but dont have the time to finish it right away so safety saving it (Hoping theres a re-touch button here)

this is just a character I made up over a year ago, named Andul (Pronounced "Andool") made the name up too. so I hope it doesnt mean anything in some language... lol

but yeah, basicly hes some sort of humanoid deer/ram thing. evolving from what we know nowadays as a Buck, some sort of deer or ram. but evolved into some sort of creature standing upright like a human and can speak and has intelligence like a human being. like with law and stuff like that.

anyways. I'll finish this probably tomorrow or someting. hope this place isnt too dead.. lol

Neko Girl Star @ Friday, October 31st 2008, 8:30 AM
this looks awsome! I think I'm the only one that checks in daily...heh...he looks so neat

KiyomiChan @ Saturday, November 1st 2008, 1:42 AM
Thanks, I have completed this drawing, but for some reason the site was bugging out and wouldnt let me send the update.. I have saved the full version by hitting the "prtsc" key and pasting it into something and saving it that way.
Heres a link if anyone wants to see the finished version
my deviant


Anna Sophia @ Sunday, November 2nd 2008, 10:34 AM
Another pic with an awesome bg! I love the details in this. His horns are beautiful, and that grass in the bg... -sigh- You just made my day! (I want a tail like his!) XD
Excellent shading, but I'm sure you already knew that! X3 DRAW MORE, I COMMAND YOU!!! o_o

KiyomiChan @ Monday, November 3rd 2008, 2:27 AM
Thank you ^^ and I'll try to draw more, I miss drawing on oekaki's. its much easier to use than photoshop programs

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