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[804] Artist: Cynezero | Title: Blaaaaaaam | Time: 228 min


Cynezero @ Thursday, August 24th 2006, 10:25 PM
Hello, again. :>

Just started sketching to get my mind off how long of a day I have tomorrow... now I have to try and get some sleeep, so I don't end up having a horrible day. D:

If I can retouch, I might add/mesh better detail into this, my time is running out for the night. I got a little too into this, then I intended that is. ^^;


Tenshi @ Friday, August 25th 2006, 3:54 AM
Oh my!
He certainly is lovely :D

I love the "Imma gunna eatchoo" look :D

Pooky @ Friday, August 25th 2006, 1:33 PM
Oooh, there's a lot of electricity in the air. o.o
I really like the bright colors you used, and they stand out quite well on the black background. The look on its face is awesome. And I adore the tail. =3

Kia @ Saturday, August 26th 2006, 9:40 AM
There is already so much pretty detail!
I adore the eye and the eaaars to bits and peices! The colors in the tail are just awesome. Infact I love his whole color skeep. I also have a thing for his stomach. o_O; ...Hm. I like the way it curves it so much. I kinda just wanna hug him by his stomach, lift him off his paws, and get shocked. :D

dorothyblueeyes @ Tuesday, August 29th 2006, 7:23 AM
Another beautiful picture;wow,what is with this site,anyhow?I feel inferior,everyone is so good. Wonderful wolf,lovely coloring.

Starlitdragon @ Tuesday, August 29th 2006, 10:15 AM
I really like the details around the head, and the bright blues you've mixed into the fur. Snap, crackle, pop! Awesome set of chompers, too, I wouldn't want to be a steak around this fellow.

[593] Artist: Cynezero | Title: Hell Hound of the Coast? | Time: 314 min


Cynezero @ Monday, February 13th 2006, 2:43 AM
Hello, I\'m a newb to this board.

This did not take as long as it says, I can\'t ever sit still so I was wondering aimlessly around the house then coming back to this. So all in all this took 1 ina half or more.

Rushed the coloring, cause it\'s late. Otherwise, hope it\'s okay. :3
>Thank you guys for the comments, and the greetings! Definately will draw here more often, I like it here, everyone is so nice, and the feedback is very detailed!!! Thankies for that! :D

>>freakymary- Thanks! I hope to have the time to shade normally someday!!! I get so impatient!

You may have seen me from Oekaki Central? I go as Cynezero there, and on Loppiart I go as Cyne.

(Edited on February 14, 2006, 3:42 am)

Sumi @ Monday, February 13th 2006, 6:58 AM
Wowies, where do I start? =o Well, welcome to the board!
I think I've fallen in love with the purple and orange sea in the background, which perfectly compliment your puppy's eye - and what an eye it is. <3 With your shading you've given wonderful textures to the fur around its face (especially behind its eye) and the ruff on its neck. A bit of saliva dripping from the tongue was all you needed to pull this one together. =3
I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful arts here!

freakymary @ Monday, February 13th 2006, 11:30 AM
scary enough i know you from somewere 0_o the name ive seen before and the art style i reconize too.

either way welcome ^_^ love the style though, the face expression is cute yet evil too. the shading is exellent, love to see how good you are when you shade normally ^_^

Annie Felis @ Monday, February 13th 2006, 4:27 PM
Ooo, I like him. Kind of reminds me of RedXIII a little bit. The colors on this are just wonderful, as are the textures of the clouds and fur.

Arisu @ Monday, February 13th 2006, 7:20 PM
I love the way you mix purples and oranges in the background- beautiful background by the way. This picture has depth! And still so much detail everywhere else. The eye and the shading on the bridge of the nose especially. Nice lineart too. :D

Tigerhawk @ Monday, February 13th 2006, 8:12 PM
Love the red Canine and his/her dappled fur! The detail is very nice. the sea is very cool as well with the change of hue. I like how you have the sun's rays blasting out too. Awesome clouds look very realistic.

Starlitdragon @ Monday, February 13th 2006, 10:39 PM
That eye just grabbed my attention. It's so beautiful, along with the rest of the subject. Those patterns are a really nice touch- and the expression rocks! Hehe, kudos on the background work. Mmm, cotton-candy clouds. Fantastic. Welcome to the boards, I hope to see more of your work! :)

Jennifer, The Blue Narian @ Thursday, February 16th 2006, 2:32 AM
That is nicely done! Very nice line art and texture.

Welcome and hope to see more of your work!

mazilwolf @ Thursday, February 16th 2006, 4:19 AM
wow, love the fur! the shading, its pretty damn cool!
the eyes looks ver shiney, and i love its screwed up expression, the tounge out, teeth beared, like its hissing, protecting sopmthing prahaps...

Pooky @ Thursday, February 16th 2006, 5:35 PM
Now, that's a cool beastie! It looks kinda stupid tho, with that doggy pose. XD
The textures are really nice. The mouth of the creature is pretty well done, and the drool on its tongue is hilarious. XD
The eye looks great. I ADORE your background. The light almost looks real, and I love how it reflects on the clouds and landscape.
There's only one simple thing botehring me: there's color getting out of the lineart. XP

Chime @ Saturday, February 18th 2006, 9:41 PM
Whatever it is...I want to eat it O:

My favorite part is that background. Its almost like a photo :O

tori_yuugi @ Monday, April 3rd 2006, 3:47 PM
I TOTALY LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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