Drowkaki was finally upgraded to Poteto 5.1 then to Wax Poteto. A much needed upgrade after so many years without change and with all these bugs plaguing us. We had to trash our custom MODS but it seem that wax poteto include some of the stuff we had. Avatar(go in your profile) and picture uploading. It also come with some new features as well. The most important one is to be able to re-touch everything, including SHI-PAINTER pictures , non animated oekaki and uploaded stuff. I'm sorry we didn't do this upgrade sooner. Now the board is pretty much lifeless, but i hope now that approving new accountsl became optional, that some life will return around here on this fantasy-only oekaki board.

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[442] Artist: Chinh | Title: Yay!! finished!!! | Time: 176 min


[View Animation]
Chinh @ Saturday, July 23rd 2005, 4:23 PM
aaahhh..!! so sorry, my internet connection got cut off, and got it back today, but I have to make laundry today, gonna finish the pic ASAP.
and thank you guyz so much for you comments!!! *hugs*

(Edited on August 4, 2005, 11:10 am)
Edit: thank you guyz very much!! turned out a lot better then how it would be without you guyz commenting =D

(Edited on August 4, 2005, 6:13 pm)

Tigerhawk @ Monday, July 25th 2005, 1:21 AM
I love the shape of the eyes. The colors for the outfit are very nice indeed. I like the design for her necklace as well =D

diamand32 @ Saturday, July 30th 2005, 3:15 PM
^_^ well for some c+c i think the only thing wrong with it is that her nose looks a little offplace like it a little to the side? i onno i bad at c+c. Anywayssss i cant wait to see this done ^_^

mazilwolf @ Sunday, July 31st 2005, 2:06 PM
um c&c, bad stuff first.
her face nose and neck/shloders are a lil bit wobkey and her arms arnt quite rifht, there too thin and shapeless.
however, the things i like bout this are:
her necklace, its awesome and i want it. also the movement oyu put into her hair is reall nice!. so i want oyu to finish this. pretty plese *cute puppy eyes*

mazilwolf @ Tuesday, August 9th 2005, 4:28 PM
hey whehey! shes fiddling with her ear! >.< i really like her hair... so pretty... and the outfit. >.> *steals* *gives towl to hide naught parts* oopsey, sorry!

KHatch @ Saturday, August 13th 2005, 5:36 PM
It's all about that BG.

I LOVE that BG. I don't know what exactly about it, but it's really cool. I like the eyes on her too, but the BG is the best part. =)

[426] Artist: Chinh | Title: b-day Chibi for kern! | Time: 117 min


[View Animation]
Chinh @ Thursday, July 14th 2005, 1:04 PM
finshed!! XD hehehe..happy birthday Kern \\(^__^)/
Vixen: ahaa...okey, hehehe, the torso is suppose to be so short since it\'s a chibi. =)
and thanks for comenting =D

*Chibi:- what do you mean late?? I'm never late! rrr....
hehehe =p

(Edited on July 18, 2005, 3:25 pm)

Vixen @ Friday, July 15th 2005, 9:04 AM
ooh, that's cute <3 her torso looks a little short, tho, but I'm loving the hair so far

Chinh @ Sunday, July 17th 2005, 6:29 PM
what does torso mean? >_< sorry.. heh..

Vixen @ Sunday, July 17th 2005, 7:34 PM
a person's torso is from their chest to their waist o.o

Mk @ Sunday, July 17th 2005, 11:30 PM
XD I like her dress! it's so cute! and the paws! Ahaha, looks like she's about to pounce ^^

Ashi @ Monday, July 18th 2005, 10:04 PM
This is just adorable. :) The kitty paws, and eyes... everything. Love it!

Kern @ Tuesday, July 19th 2005, 6:39 PM
Thank you!

mazilwolf @ Thursday, July 21st 2005, 1:29 PM
wow chinh, this is super-duper doublecuuuuuuutttte! (sorry, hyper from winning sprotsday) but this is soso cute, i love her expression, and tell her its okay, she FASIONABLY late! XD i do that all the time!

[324] Artist: Chinh | Title: (^___^)/ | Time: 160 min


[View Animation]
Chinh @ Friday, May 6th 2005, 6:24 PM
I truely do love Drowkaki...and I like the art in here <3

(Edited on May 12, 2005, 5:10 pm)

Segzhan @ Friday, May 6th 2005, 6:47 PM
Really pretty! I can't wait to see it finished!

darkrose @ Thursday, May 12th 2005, 5:41 PM
such a beautiful picture for so few comments... (and I really shouldn't be commenting now, am massively busy, but it was just too pretty to pass up <{^.-}>) So the flow of the hair is really lovely, the sense of movement is really good. You've done so much with so little here, it is truly amazing, the color scheme lends itself well to the picture, the outfit design is fantastic (mind if I borrow? hehee) and her expression is calm but content. I just love all the little details you've put in here... I always say that if you're worried about how something will turn out just do a lot of detail work and it is automatically improved. Her hands seem a little too small, but their structure is nice and believeable, particularly her left hand holding her hair. Anyways, really excellent work, and now I slink back to my hole to continue the relentless packing of the movingness...

Tigerhawk @ Friday, May 13th 2005, 12:25 AM
Kawaii! Love the color tempo here in this picture and the hair is super spiffy! I really like the outfit design. Very creative and new. Her eyes are absolutly gorgous and how you placed her hands gives the picture a really pleasent feeling.

Little Elf @ Friday, May 13th 2005, 7:20 AM
Wow...she had a LOT of hair. That said, I really like this. The dress is very pretty. The braided(?) strands of her sleevs are very nice, and look really neat. Those earrings are super cute, and the ribbon i her hair looks like, as does that little ribbon choker. I love her eyes, they're such a pretty brown. I think her dress could use some more folds, so we'd be able to tell it was moving, unless it's form fitting, then nevermind. XD Her hair is really nice. The independent strands, and just they way it's drawn is really good. I luv Drowkaki too! =D

Chinh @ Friday, May 13th 2005, 9:27 AM
thanks for your commnts! (^__^)/ and yes I'll try to draw the hands bigger next time =D hehehe she does have lotz of hair LOL
Darkrose: yes you can use the outfit design =D *feels honored* weeee!!! LOL
I was mainly practising on being more detailed....but my art teacher told my yesterday I should be less detailed...O__o but I like detailed piccies (^__^)/

mazilwolf @ Friday, May 13th 2005, 3:24 PM
is beautiful chin-chan! *hugs* ur so great! >.< her eyes are preeety yes. =p i luff 'er hair tooo!

Segzhan @ Monday, May 16th 2005, 7:34 PM
YAY! It's finished!

Such a beautiful pic.. *__*

Ashi @ Thursday, May 19th 2005, 2:01 AM
Has to comment on this because.. such pretty detail! I really want to get back into pixelated-style oekakis, because the detail you can put into them way exceeds the soft-cel style. Anyways, you did great here. I love the little stuff like the rope-braid sleeve and the flower earrings. And the hair... wow!

Prismatic @ Saturday, June 11th 2005, 2:30 PM
Aww~ She's so pretty. I really love her clothes.. seriously I want them! All the details you put into this is very nice. The purple color scheme works so well.. even in her hair. Nice job on the pose, and with the movement of her hair. I really like her earrings too~

[310] Artist: Chinh | Title: happy b-day Drowtales!!! | Time: 102 min


[View Animation]
Chinh @ Thursday, April 21st 2005, 12:43 PM
I'm so sorry I'm late....=(
I thought my tablet was broken and I've been really busy...so that's why I haven't come by for so long....but smart as I am...I found the manual...and.....my tablet was just to close to the monitor...XD
anyway!! Happy Birthday Drowtales!!!
and Kern....you get to keep the plushie!!! *points*

mazilwolf @ Thursday, April 21st 2005, 2:50 PM
kool! plushies! hee, how cute! i like the hair and shading on the metal. yup.
yar happy b-day drowtales! 0.0 yar....

(Edited on April 21, 2005, 2:50 pm)

Chinh @ Thursday, April 21st 2005, 5:19 PM
her hands look a "lil" swollen..O__o I'll try to fix that some other day....XD so sorry...hehehe

Kern @ Thursday, April 21st 2005, 7:11 PM
Thank you very much! X3
*take plushie and give it to Ariel*

Prismatic @ Monday, April 25th 2005, 8:08 PM
Glad you figured out what was wrong with your tablet, otherwise wouldn't haev this great picture! I like the shineys in her dress and hair! And the lil spikes coming from her body.. heh.. the hairstyle is awesome as well. I like spikey shortish hair.
The plushie is so adorable! Then again most plushies are, but yeah.. I love the colors on it.~

christabel @ Thursday, April 28th 2005, 6:08 PM
EEEEEEe! I love the reds. :3 They are so stylish. She has a really loverly face. *nodnod* and I dig all the li'l outfit-details *pointsit the headpiece*

Huzzah for the Drowtales Birthday! ^__^

kestrelmas @ Wednesday, May 4th 2005, 12:35 PM
I love the bright red tones! ^^

Segzhan @ Friday, May 20th 2005, 10:23 PM
Hehe. This pic is so full of happiness. ^__^

[138] Artist: Chinh | Title: no title...^__^; | Time: 167 min


[View Animation]
Chinh @ Saturday, January 22nd 2005, 4:15 PM
*sigh* suck at making titles...sorry...
anyway...T__T my tablet gave up...I had to finish it with my mouse...*cries* anyway..I tried to make my outlines smoother, therfor I used watercolor afterwards.... I've done that on two other piccies before...much prettier ^____^ is the hand ok?? me no good with hands...=X hope you guyz like it anyway...=P

(Edited on January 27, 2005, 12:14 am)

Starisan @ Saturday, January 22nd 2005, 6:07 PM
I like the smooth ribbon like feel that this gives me at present. My only question might be that I think the hand plane is a little too long. Otherwise, it's a great start and I love her eyes! Great outfit too, very cool!

catboi incubus mishi @ Sunday, January 23rd 2005, 4:38 PM
Wow, Chinh, this looks beautiful so far! I love seeing your art, I look forward to it being finished. ^__^

Crest @ Friday, January 28th 2005, 6:05 AM
Love the costume and the skin tone. Pretty lady. :3 I like how you drew out the hair and the shine of the clothes and hair. Very nice...like the vines on top of the picture. :D

Jennifer @ Sunday, January 30th 2005, 12:35 PM
She's very pretty. Her dress is absolutely gorgeous. I'm definitely not an expert on hands, but I like hers. The fingers are long and elegant-looking. She looks like she might play the piano in her spare time. Lovely work.

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