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[437] Artist: Carbuncle | Title: Happy Birfday Kern | Time: 361 min


[View Animation]
Carbuncle @ Friday, July 22nd 2005, 11:15 AM
okay so this is like the 3 time I have re-done this pic so I thought I would safety save so i don't lose it again :"D I'm still working on it...

So-chan @ Friday, July 22nd 2005, 4:47 PM
Wow! That's so cute! And the art is uber spiffy too. Love the idea and the use of lineart!

Carbuncle @ Friday, July 22nd 2005, 7:55 PM
okay so I haven't really spent that much time on it ^_^; I left it on for a looong time...I'll finnish later

Carbuncle @ Friday, July 22nd 2005, 11:28 PM
Okay so Happy Birthday Kern!! (like really late birthday ^_~) I tried to do this like way earlier but our funky Brazilian connection kept kicking me off...but I managed to finnish it ^_^ I hope you like!

Tigerhawk @ Saturday, July 23rd 2005, 2:33 AM
You get me the weapons and I'll take care of the rest >:) Those Brazillians are going down. I like the funky background, very original =D and you look cute as ever.

Chinh @ Saturday, July 23rd 2005, 3:32 PM
aawww...so cute!! hahaha the expressions!!! nya!!! XD hahaha
the bg looks really cool =D

Kern @ Wednesday, July 27th 2005, 1:09 AM
Thank you. Another poor cat snuggled up to death ;o;. Cute character.

diamand32 @ Friday, July 29th 2005, 1:30 PM
^w^ so cute! her tail intergues me :>

mazilwolf @ Sunday, July 31st 2005, 2:08 PM
aww woot this is cute. a green and blue tail... i like that. and this the bg is vereh... addictive !!!!!?????? 8.8

[388] Artist: Carbuncle | Title: Why must we? | Time: 893 min


[View Animation]
Carbuncle @ Saturday, June 18th 2005, 9:26 PM
yay I'm back!! Okay sorry I haven't been here in awhile! It took us a looong time to get a good connection here in Brazil....anyways...these are to of my characters in one of my (many) manga's this is in the last few chapters. The Girl with horns is a dragon knight named Cecil (she is really important to the story) and the one behind her is the dragon queen or regent Marcae. Cecil is kidnapping the queen to help start a war I can't elaborate now I would give to much away okay so anyways I'll finnish later

P.S. My siren pic is like jacked up it won't let me access it :( so I couldn't finnish it

mazilwolf @ Sunday, June 19th 2005, 12:59 AM
i think somthing is really wrong here... the bord i mean. its not letting us re-touch our pictures properly. =( but anyway, i really like this because the anatomy is so accurate and i really love the poses, and the concept. but i'll comment more when this is finished

Totenmaske @ Monday, June 20th 2005, 12:35 AM
I agree, I really like the line art so far, keep up the good work! I really want to see this coloured, the fine details may be a little pesky when you get to it, but I'm sure this will be very impressive when you finish! Now if you have any trouble retouching this image please inform Kern or myself right away, I looked at the animation of your previous image and I don't remember the image being so constricted so we are also looking into this matter as well - this may result in a change in the way the board is operated, so please be patient.

Carbuncle @ Tuesday, June 21st 2005, 6:04 AM
Thanks Toten! The problem was fixed!! I also deleted my cookies so that might have something to do with it... any ways I'll try to finnish this soon but I still have school O_o so it might take awhile

Arisu @ Tuesday, June 21st 2005, 9:51 PM
Wow, I'm amazed at all the watercolor lining you have here. I love it all especially the boots and the braids! I can't wait to see it colored, I'll edit my comment again when it is.
I first read your comment as 'potty breaks are hot.' har har.

(Edited on June 21, 2005, 9:52 pm)

LunarMnM2004 @ Wednesday, June 22nd 2005, 7:09 PM
Wow I am really liking this submission, the details really good. I like the pants she has on, you did a wonderful job... thumbs up and keep up the great work.

Renmazuo @ Thursday, June 23rd 2005, 9:15 PM
I love Cecil's lips, i really do:3(i hope i got the right name)
Now now, this is something i must see finished, your style is lovely!

olsie @ Saturday, June 25th 2005, 10:08 AM
Aww poot, I wanted to comment on this when finished..... I hope you can retouch this picture somehow in another program, they are so cool looking! >_<

Edit: I should read more :B; I'll definately comment after you're done!

(Edited on June 25, 2005, 10:10 am)

christabel @ Saturday, July 2nd 2005, 3:23 PM
SO pretty! o.o Wow <- at teh costumes. I love the black an' white contrast, I do. ^^

[113] Artist: Carbuncle | Title: Siren Song | Time: 1093 min


[View Animation]
Carbuncle @ Wednesday, January 12th 2005, 12:38 AM
why a siren? I dunno why I guess I feel like singing... well it's not finnished so it looks iffy!!

Carbuncle @ Wednesday, January 12th 2005, 1:04 AM
okay well the site is being weird so I'll have to work on it later...

darkrose @ Wednesday, January 12th 2005, 10:54 PM
ooh... shiny hair... *so pretty* finish soon!

catboi incubus mishi @ Thursday, January 13th 2005, 2:35 PM
This is very pretty so far! I just love the shading on her hair, but what bothers me is her lips - they seem a little too big and her mouth seems almost .. off from them. I don't know if that makes much sense, but I hope it does. ^_^;; Do finish soon!

Starisan @ Sunday, January 16th 2005, 8:41 PM
THis hair is wonderful. This picture has a lot going for it and I can't wait till it's done. Sorry, I have to agree that the mouth seems a little awkward but I really like everything else! Yeah! keep going, keep going!

Prismatic @ Thursday, February 17th 2005, 11:04 PM
Wow, I really do hope you come back and finish this someday. Seriously, the hair is soooo pretty! It shines and sparkels and I love it. Her pose is pretty good too.
Please come back?

Carbuncle @ Friday, May 6th 2005, 8:29 AM
arghh!! I think Ima have to lose alotta work on this one because my connection is being gay and wont send it....ughh I think I might be sick..:(

[102] Artist: Carbuncle | Title: erm.. ring? | Time: 48 min


[View Animation]
Carbuncle @ Monday, January 10th 2005, 4:15 AM
ehhhehehe well meh friend Chloe is doing a report on the Lord of the Rings so I drew this for her visuals... so don't kill me...*^_^*

darkrose @ Monday, January 10th 2005, 7:09 AM
who'd kill you? I likes it. Good job with the script... and you definitely tried to get a good shine on it. I think you might work some more on the lighting of metal, which is tricky and it behaves in a very wierd way. Still, beautiful detail in the writing and the little red shine across the front...

Starisan @ Monday, January 10th 2005, 1:01 PM
Hey that's cool. I like the evil aura resonating from it. The coloring is good to, I think that the softer lines give it more depth then harder ones would.

Verna_Venisa @ Tuesday, January 11th 2005, 12:42 AM
*o* shiny....... *reaches for ring* this is really nice, i like the swirly-aura effect, the only thing i have to say bad about it is that you may want to be a little neater with your coloring (well, unless you were going for that effect) ^_^. Very pretty

KHatch @ Tuesday, January 11th 2005, 6:40 AM
Nice job, I think. The writing is very pretty. I also like how it seems to be glowing. Yay for LotR!

Kage Kitsune @ Wednesday, January 12th 2005, 1:57 AM
This is kind of messy but aside from that the writing on it is great! odd but great ^_^ I like the kind of glowy affect.

Kaede @ Thursday, January 13th 2005, 8:01 PM
Wow really good job on the writing. It looks grand. =D

catboi incubus mishi @ Saturday, January 15th 2005, 4:16 PM
The One Ring. O: I like the slight glow coming off of it, and how it's a dull gold, almost like it's a little tarnished.

[96] Artist: Carbuncle | Title: Lets have coffee... | Time: 190 min


[View Animation]
Carbuncle @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 9:10 AM
This is for a friend ! Well... its not finnished BUT it will be okay ?okay well the one on the left is me the one in the middle is Chloe (the one this is for) and the other one is my big sis Amber! (jus' in case you were wonderin *^_^* )

Starisan @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 4:20 PM
hehe, caffine time! Good start, there is definately a friendship that is obvious between these characters. Reminds me of ood school days, although I don't have a tail (wish I did sometimes). I like the unique style that each one has. I think the gesturness of the start gives it a movement which is always cool. So far the perspective looks right on every thing. Can't wait to see it go further.

Carbuncle @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 10:33 PM
okay it's now finnished well sorta I still need a BG but I'm not on my computernow so you'll have to wait... I need tips for it too!! (Because I'm like BG defisiant) *^_^*

darkrose @ Sunday, January 9th 2005, 6:06 AM
I like it. From the different styles in clothing and color choice to the different animals to the scrawlings on the coffee cups, you can really feel the different personalities of these three girls. The leneart is pretty good and the shading is well done. I think you have good talent, I'd love to see something with more time spent on it. Not that there's anything wrong with this piece, as I said I like it a lot. I just want to see more <{^.^}>

KHatch @ Tuesday, January 11th 2005, 6:44 AM
OMG this is too cute. The uniqueness of each character is very nice and creative. I particualrly like your own character, since I love Carbuncle. Well, actually, in my comic book Carbuncle gets eaten by a dragon, and well, in my short stories he always dies, but hey I still like him! ^_^;;
Very good job on the shiny in the hair.

Carbuncle @ Wednesday, January 12th 2005, 6:36 PM
well the carbuncle race is kinda facinated by death so they tend to die alot... but not me no!! Thanx for the comments *^_^*

catboi incubus mishi @ Saturday, January 15th 2005, 4:32 PM
Oh, Carbuncle, this is just adorable! XD All the characters are so cute and their poses and expressions are just, well, adorable. I especially like the girl on the far left, with her neat hair and sea green ears and tail. ^^

[72] Artist: Carbuncle | Title: opposites | Time: 275 min


[View Animation]
Carbuncle @ Monday, January 3rd 2005, 2:51 AM
ohh I love doing things like this (opposites I mean) well for the longest time I had to wait for a connection so if you watch the animation It is really long at the end!! Hope you enjoy!!

ChronosKit @ Monday, January 3rd 2005, 3:29 AM
omg! I love this, the hair is so well done, and I love how you did opposite sides((looks like light and dark to me...)) Nice shading!

Darkrose @ Monday, January 3rd 2005, 5:59 AM
ooh, too cool. I really love the concept of this picture, and the black dress/white hair is strikingly beautiful, as well as the white dress/black hair. Also the use of differing skin tones was a nice touch. The poses are lovely and the expressions (calm, serene) are good too.

Kamourian King @ Monday, January 3rd 2005, 11:51 AM
the hair is really well drawen and i love the dresses... ^^

Kaiera @ Monday, January 3rd 2005, 10:24 PM
"Opposite" pics always interested me quite a bit :) I like how even their skin tones are contrasted....really gives that opposite feel. The bg seems a bit rushed though o.o Maybe using different colors for each side, such as light blue for the "light" and purple for the "dark, would make it a little less bland. Personally, I like color in the bg :D Aside from that though, I like this image alot ^_^

KHatch @ Tuesday, January 4th 2005, 8:07 PM
This is nice. I like the dress design, and the colour scheme. I tried this idea once, but did not pull it off as well as you. The grey background is like a blending of the stark opposites. It brings the piece together well. Nice job!

celestial crou @ Wednesday, January 5th 2005, 4:39 AM
Wow. i enjoy looking at opposites. so all is well. I the black dress woman has a sephy hairstyle. the shading and highlighting are added with a light touch. The dresses are very creative. One sleve skin tight and has fasionable holes and the other is like most of the stuf i wear. Long open and bell shaped. The skin colors of the woman are unique in the way that i dont see many opp pics go as far as opp skin color. A very nice touch. my onely prob is the BG. I dont like the face that the women have "auras". Though for this pic perhaps it was ment to be that way?

AnimeCanuck @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 6:56 PM
I love the simple, elegant gowns. Everything about these two is elegant! I love the skin tone of the elf on the right contrasting with her beautiful black hair.

An amazing piece! ^_^

AnimeCanuck @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 7:04 PM
That was so neat to see how you did this! A few questions for you though:

1) How do you colour like that? You used solids over the lines, and then erased... at least that's how it appeared in the annimation. How did you know where to erase? Really neat way of colouring, by the way.

2) How did you blur things? I've never seen anything like a blur tool with the oekaki program I've been using (the middle one).

Again, a very lovely picture!

Kaede @ Saturday, January 8th 2005, 10:44 PM
I really love the concept and the hair. The profiles are cute too, and I like the shading on the black dress.

[65] Artist: Carbuncle | Title: Merry X-mas Windblade | Time: 362 min


[View Animation]
Carbuncle @ Saturday, January 1st 2005, 3:47 AM
Merry X-mas Windblade!! I hope you like this is really a safety save and I really need help with the BG (I have problems with those...) Well if Dhell is wrong I'm sorry! *^_^* I saw like2 or3 pic before the worm came through...

Kari Maxwell @ Saturday, January 1st 2005, 4:31 AM
Aww.. 'Tis Dhell. ^^ The galleries still work, and I'm sure Windy saved the pictures of him in there. He's so cute. lol I love Dhell. ^^

Darkrose @ Saturday, January 1st 2005, 9:24 AM
Cute! I espeically love the overlong sleeves... his eyes seem just a tad too low, although that's easily enough fixed, and they're well drawn. It's also beautifully shaded, although the hair might use a little more blending, but other than that... beautiful work. Keep going!

Kamourian King @ Saturday, January 1st 2005, 4:46 PM
awwww Dhell ^^ how cute, and that green animal, thing ::huggles::: it is so cute, Windy will love this ^^

Carbuncle @ Saturday, January 1st 2005, 5:41 PM
okay it still isn't done but I gotta get to school...O_o! (yeah on a saturday) any ways any tips on the background are heartily welcome!!

oni shi @ Sunday, January 2nd 2005, 12:48 AM
wow i love his shirt and pants, the shadeing is messy yet pleasing to my eyes and i like the soft light colors in contrast with the darkness of dhell.

Kari Maxwell @ Sunday, January 2nd 2005, 2:53 AM
Kamourian, the "green animal thing" is a Carbuncle... it's a Guardian Force from the Final Fantasy games. Mostly known from Final Fantasy VIII.

windblade @ Sunday, January 2nd 2005, 3:51 PM
*takes a deep breath* Ieeeeee, Dhell! Poor dearie, he looks so confused! But at least he's not bleeding =3 Thanks a lot, Carbuncle!
heh... everyone draws the forehead-thingie like a gem. Weird!

AnimeCanuck @ Sunday, January 2nd 2005, 4:33 PM
The folds of Dhell's tight black shirt are perfect! So are his proportions! Excellent and cute. ^^

Lady_Sea @ Sunday, January 2nd 2005, 9:44 PM
Aww, this is really cute! The expressions is really cute too. You did a nice job on drawing carbuncle ^_^ ( that's the cutest summon!). The only thing that bothers me is the slightly messy linework. Other than that, the coloring is fine. Good job ^_^

Darkrose @ Sunday, January 2nd 2005, 10:24 PM
Hmm... nice background. It looks a tad sloppy, but that's ok. You can still clean up some edges and things, just fix the bleeding against the wall with the scarf and the wardrobe and pay the same attention to shading on the background as you did with the figure, because that's still fantastic. And he has no feet! <{0.0}>

Carbuncle @ Tuesday, January 4th 2005, 10:27 PM
Although Carbuncle is in the Final Fantasy series a carbucle is also in dungeons and Dragons! (although I don't like the armadillo style portrayed there...) *just a tidbit*

celestial crou @ Wednesday, January 5th 2005, 5:14 AM
BG looks fine to me so i can only assume you got your advise. The figures are correct and all. Though Dhell?'s face is a little low. other then that nice! A very interesting pretty kitty thing.

Harlequin @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 6:06 AM

So...obviously I like the whole Carbuncle idea...now if only it where Cerberus...XD!! You know...I have an idea from this piece...SUCH AN IDEA!!! lol It has to do with Dhell though...maybe I'll draw that...doesn't fit with his character at all...but still...I love the idea...yes. So...I like Dhell's clothing, his pants make me think of him as a raver. lol Or at the very least one of those depressed coffee shop poets.

Basil @ Thursday, January 6th 2005, 11:47 PM
I wish I had gotten a carbuncle for Christmas...! <3 Too cute!I really like his torso and arms, especially his right hand and wrist. Poor guy's so confused. Adorable!

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