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Our goal
We have the passion for our work To create ever better arts in an always growing world setting for an ever improving web site. In hope that you, the reader will enjoy it more and more! From the small startup webcomic of 2001 , meant solely to meet other artists and to give a training ground for arts, to the company it became in 2006 with dozen people working together on a massive web site. We went from simple to complex, to provide all sort of entertainment to go along with the main story, to enrich it, make it more enjoyable to the readers and invite them to return often. We always plan for more, some projects possible, some hypothetical. Some projects will even fail from time to time, things will be rewritten, trashed, corrected. But no matter what happen, we swear to progress forward with Drowtales. For we do not do this for money, we do it because we like it. Countless hours was given, countless nights skipped... and countless more to come! All to create the best of the best eventually.
Kern - by Shawn the Touched

Kern - Founder of Drowtales
(Founded 2001)

Artist, writer, programmer, and administrator: Kern has maintained everything from the manga creation to the publishing on the web site for years, untill it became too much for a single person to handle. Now he manage all the human and technical resources of the studio. Contributing everywhere he can with the time left after creating the Moonless age manga pages.

Kite - by Shawn the Touched

Kite - Colorist
(Drowtales Moonless age; 2005)

Kite contributes to maintain the web site and the sanity of her love, Kern. Everytime a decision is taken, she is involved. Her opinion and insight is a great contribution to view Drowtales world setting in new angles, to make it better than ever.

Current Artists & Contributers
Current Drowtales artists:
-Tranquil: USA
Daydream, Mel knighthood, Breach of faith

-Blackmyst: Netherland
Longuest wait, Daydream

-Jos: Phillipines
Daydream, Mel knighthood

-Donny: Indonesia
Daydream, Mel knighthood

-Kaitbu: Poland
Demonic Courtship

Current Drowtales helpers:
-Nekomartin : USA
Linux server administrator, programmer

-Xian : Canada
FFRPG administrator

-Suntiger : Sweden
Proof reader, Fantasy exchange / toplist administrator
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The Studio
Studio Drowtales inc. / Drowtales Studio inc. ; Incorporated in Canada in November 2005.

We had many artists and contributor in the past but unfortunately on the internet, as time pass, people come and go. Many faces now half forgotten has contributed to the site. You may see a lot of arts style, old closed section and webcomics that were never completed as you browse the web site. Along with the names of those who created these. Though, with the creation of the company, the Studio Drowtales, we shall build a group of select few that will work full time with us, to dedicate themselves fully. These shall not disappear, these shall be recognized for their work as essential parts of the Studio. To join the studio, you have to work online on Drowtales for a while and you may be given the chance to join.
For more information about our company or to offer business deal, contact the administrator Kern. View our contact list

Drowtales Policy

-You are given the authorization to draw, write and contribute to Drowtales in a way or another but by using our material, you give us in return the authorization to display your fan work on the web site.
-You may use Drowtales material for personal use only. Commercial use and distribution of our content is not allowed without authorization.
-We keep the right to terminate your account(s) at any time if you violate the peace and order of the web site. Be forum, shoutbox, or any other place on the web site.
-We are not a fast food restaurant. Be harsh and displeasant and we shall react the same. There is no such thing as "Customer is king and always right" when dealing with us. We are few, we are human, and we are artists.

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